Ash vs. Gladion (Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon) - Alola Battle of Rivals

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    QUEEN OF THE SKIES by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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Comments • 211

  • Ice B
    Ice B 7 days ago

    This was just silly

  • Família Shimabukuro
    Família Shimabukuro 15 days ago

    É muito legal gente eu gostei e vc támbem

  • Geejay Gomez
    Geejay Gomez 24 days ago

    Ash won the league

  • Itz_Agnes. Wst
    Itz_Agnes. Wst 27 days ago +1

    Is that true that Porygon-Z can have its health back to healthy again when it came back to its pokeball? 5:45

  • Abdul Wadud Khan
    Abdul Wadud Khan 28 days ago

    Poor reptile did not get chance to attack

  • Orathai Hinz
    Orathai Hinz Month ago +1

    Pokemon zint Nitlich

  • leandra carla
    leandra carla Month ago


  • leandra carla
    leandra carla Month ago


  • leandra carla
    leandra carla Month ago


  • leandra carla
    leandra carla Month ago

    /KIL @E

  • Pradeep Sah
    Pradeep Sah Month ago +1

    Aaba no koru

  • Lucas Valenzuela Peréz

    puto queria que ganara gladion

  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino 2 months ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino 2 months ago +1


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino 2 months ago


  • Sohail Saiqa
    Sohail Saiqa 3 months ago

    Where is ash charizard

  • Kris Hall
    Kris Hall 3 months ago +5

    You shouldve added charizard

  • Kris Hall
    Kris Hall 3 months ago +4

    Instead of snorlax how about krookodile. Who agrees with me?

    • VS Network
      VS Network  3 months ago

      I switch Pokémon in all battles and try to give every trainer some new Pokémon :)

  • crystalle marks
    crystalle marks 3 months ago +3

    I love umbreaon

    • VS Network
      VS Network  3 months ago +1

      Thank you so much for your support!

  • Mankala Saipavan
    Mankala Saipavan 3 months ago +1

    Epic infernape sweep

  • stephane mcdonald
    stephane mcdonald 3 months ago

    best team : greninja - infernape - sceptile - charizard - snorlax - incineroar

    BUNHENG HW 3 months ago +2

    Ash vs guzma pls

  • Teddy Borg
    Teddy Borg 4 months ago

    He is not allowed to have greninja he released him

  • Thi Luu
    Thi Luu 4 months ago +1

    And a noooo

  • Thi Luu
    Thi Luu 4 months ago

    It is a big fat booooooo

  • Arun Aich
    Arun Aich 4 months ago +1

    I like greninja

  • Anh Tuấn
    Anh Tuấn 4 months ago


  • Xx-Ruben gacha-xX
    Xx-Ruben gacha-xX 4 months ago

    How did you get a greninja in alola

    • Kiyanyac 0576
      Kiyanyac 0576 Month ago

      gaming with Big_Blaack *cringe warning* it’s literally give to you..l

  • Xx-Ruben gacha-xX
    Xx-Ruben gacha-xX 4 months ago +2

    Comparing ashes team to gladions its a big. *OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF*

  • Sk.peddasadik Sk.peddasadik

    Lycanroc is top 10 pokemon in ahs yeam

  • Anderson Weir
    Anderson Weir 5 months ago +1

    Internape sweeps with thunder punch and brickbreak.earquake

  • Sayuri Takeuchi
    Sayuri Takeuchi 5 months ago


  • varsha varshney
    varsha varshney 5 months ago +5

    Wow infinite you are very strongest Pokemon of Ash in the team Charizard is the best Pokemon of Ash

  • Cato Nordlien
    Cato Nordlien 5 months ago +5

    Can you leave a like please😇

    • VS Network
      VS Network  5 months ago

      Sure thing! Thanks for your support!

  • Ana J
    Ana J 5 months ago

    Es ist gemein dass Gladiolen nie gewinnt

  • Luvy Navarro
    Luvy Navarro 5 months ago

    Pero falta charizard es mejor pokemon de ash

  • anuj chidar
    anuj chidar 5 months ago

    Bhai jo aapne video banai h vo game keshe download kre iski video bna dijia

  • Rosemary Zurita
    Rosemary Zurita 5 months ago


  • Estrella Guadiana
    Estrella Guadiana 5 months ago +1

    Cool ash won

  • Lachlan Hogan
    Lachlan Hogan 5 months ago +1

    No charizard :O

  • Max Lindqvist
    Max Lindqvist 5 months ago

    Ash have not snorlax in this season!

  • MandJTV
    MandJTV 6 months ago +2

    Every time Sceptile is usex in the wrong moment in almost every video.

  • zNatsuki__
    zNatsuki__ 6 months ago

    U forgot charizard

  • Laura Arias
    Laura Arias 6 months ago

    Team gladio

  • Đat Nguyen
    Đat Nguyen 7 months ago +1

    thank you very good agnaidfi

  • Moter Ete
    Moter Ete 7 months ago +3

    Porygon z is too strong

  • Constantin Saft
    Constantin Saft 7 months ago

    Ein paar gravierende fehler

    • Constantin Saft
      Constantin Saft 7 months ago

      @VS Network das opfern von amigento war etwas voreilig es hätte noch gegen das pikatchu helfen können. Das nachtara hätte ich nicht in das quajutzu geschickt sondern gleich das porygon z. Ich hätte mit dem iksbat das pikatchu gleich mit sturzflug besiegt, dann hätte man nich eventuell das iksbat für das panferno gehabt was zur niederlage verholfen hat

    • VS Network
      VS Network  7 months ago

      Dann schieß los

  • Anthony Velez
    Anthony Velez 8 months ago +3

    The move charge can double the z move??

  • Rem San
    Rem San 8 months ago

    Why don't you put charzarid n istant of sornlax

  • Haize B.
    Haize B. 8 months ago


  • Gouttam Mallick
    Gouttam Mallick 8 months ago

    Your video is wrong

  • Inoccentfox 186
    Inoccentfox 186 8 months ago

    Why does ash win every battle

  • Stephanie Cheong
    Stephanie Cheong 8 months ago

    How did porygon z recovered

  • Selva Nathan
    Selva Nathan 8 months ago +2

    Put ash vs brock in kalos

  • Labo Star
    Labo Star 8 months ago

    This is bad

  • Ananay Chhabra
    Ananay Chhabra 8 months ago +1

    Snorlax best fighting

  • KenDaKingArrives
    KenDaKingArrives 8 months ago +1

    I get sooooooo irritated when I see Charizard omitted from the lineup in favor of Infernape, that I actually have to remind myself that Infernape IS much better in the metagame therefore you use it to MVP-perfection, while in the Anime Ash's Charizard is way stronger and is canonically his 2nd strongest pokemon (Ash-Greninja being 1st).

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives 8 months ago

      @VS Network Thanks for replying, and it's OK, I was just saying. I recognize Infernape is better in the games, and we're using the game. If using infernape on his Ultimate teams means Ash wins more matches than I'm all for it, this isn't just an anime best team. I'm just happy to see Charizard represented where ever it won't cost Ash a match, like his Gen 1 & 2 teams

    • VS Network
      VS Network  8 months ago +1

      That is always difficult to decide, actually both could be in a best of Team, but two fire types? When I have choosen Charizard over Infernape in some Videos all Infernape fans were angry:D I think that is a discussion with no right or wrong answer:)

  • Ashesh Sharma
    Ashesh Sharma 9 months ago

    Where is charizard

  • hyuga #MCR play
    hyuga #MCR play 9 months ago

    Gladion wins

  • John Harchalk
    John Harchalk 9 months ago

    I love pokemon but I don't really like it