Yuumi Support Gameplay - Full Game w/ Graves Bottom Lane

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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Comments • 16

  • fejipe
    fejipe 7 months ago

    I got the feeling all over the game that you didn't want to play... Is really disappointing to watch...

  • Icarus DeOsu
    Icarus DeOsu 7 months ago

    That moment when you pick out the lufthausers soundtrack out of nowhere

  • Fran R
    Fran R 7 months ago

    That graves waas such an asshole, imagine being this tilted on a PBE game

  • Akaki Yohada
    Akaki Yohada 7 months ago

    Her and draven combo would be epic.

  • Linh Đới
    Linh Đới 7 months ago

    Need more yuumi gameplay

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  7 months ago

      There will be more tomorrow morning.

  • Malthe Andersen
    Malthe Andersen 7 months ago

    i remember you being a lot better

    • Andyy Campbell
      Andyy Campbell 7 months ago

      A game can only last so long. He doesn't play it anywhere near as much as he used to

  • Frost Elf
    Frost Elf 7 months ago

    I missed the live gameplay rip but I did get to watch you play Caitlyn.

  • Rob Majito
    Rob Majito 7 months ago

    Gotta love the recall spam. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • GrimO Yo
    GrimO Yo 7 months ago

    I was 100% sure you will get Tsu as adc:)).

  • SpreadNeedle
    SpreadNeedle 7 months ago


    • SpreadNeedle
      SpreadNeedle 7 months ago

      @Pawnce Ah hell yeah. That's from my fave, SaGa Frontier

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  7 months ago +1

      Probably. There's some Romancing Saga in the playlist.