A Look At The PEAK DESIGN Everyday Backpack 30L

  • Published on Jul 23, 2017
  • The folks at Peak Design sent me the Everyday Backpack (30L). I appreciate them sponsoring this video. Be sure to check out the bag via my affiliate link. Thanks!

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Comments • 8

  • Kimberly Ann Graham
    Kimberly Ann Graham Year ago +1

    I own 4 of Peak Designs bags. I love them all for various use cases and this one is the one I opt for when I travel. If I were able to pack lighter, I think this would work well for a weekend bag. I love the organizational aspects of it. Those side zips! :D Great review Ant! :D

    • Ant Pruitt
      Ant Pruitt  Year ago +1

      Kimberly Ann Graham hey thanks for the support, lady! This bag is badass!

  • zZLiana Lehua
    zZLiana Lehua Year ago +1

    Great review! Thanks.
    I have the 20L and love everything about this bag for carrying just my photography gear. I love the full zip open access on either side, along with the small pockets in the side zipper area. The dividers are cool, too. However, I've decided it's not an everyday carry solution for me for 3 reasons.
    1. I don't like that there is nothing but the magnetic closure on top. I'd feel better if there was a drawstring closure or something to keep things from creeping out the top.
    2. I carry a 15" laptop and 12.9" iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover. It's so tight that I can't easily remove either device when my kit is loaded into the bag.
    3. Weak waist belt. Because I'm small, I rely on a good hip support if my bag gets heavy (and it does).
    Thanks for sharing your review.

    • Ant Pruitt
      Ant Pruitt  Year ago

      lol! I get that a lot, actually. Thanks for watching my video and your comment!

    • N3WBIESKI11Z
      N3WBIESKI11Z Year ago +1

      +Ant Pruitt From your profile picture you look like Elam Ferguson from the T.V. show "Hell On Wheels".

    • Ant Pruitt
      Ant Pruitt  Year ago

      zZLiana Lehua great points and THANKS for watching! Yeah depending on what I carry, the laptop is tight inside, but most days it works. I was skeptical about leakage from the top at the beach, but I managed to keep it tidy (somehow). Lol! I've not used the torso strap or waist strap just yet. I forgot to mention the key latch. CONVENIENT depending on placement.

  • crizzonet
    crizzonet Year ago +1

    Dope bag! I sort of prefer the drone on the outside, makes it easier to get to the drone quickly.

    • Ant Pruitt
      Ant Pruitt  Year ago +1

      I'm about 50/50 on it because of the protection. For me, I struggle just walking through a door without beating up the door frame. Having a bag on my back always means I'm dinging the door, let alone with the drone attached. I have to be REALLY CAREFUL. Otherwise, this bag is BADASS. The design is brilliant and convenient. It has taken a beating from me and it's still kickin'. THANK YOU for watching and your comment, bro!