LOT POLISH AIRLINES: Best Airline in Europe? Lviv to Warsaw Trip Report (Embraer E195)

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • I took a flight with LOT Polish Airlines on their Embraer ERJ195 to film this trip report - and had one of the best flights I've ever taken. One of the most comfortable economy class seats I've ever flown on - and free hot drinks/snacks on a 50 minute flight made this a fantastic flight. The wonderful crew were the icing on the cake!
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    Airline: LOT Polish Airlines
    Flight: LO766
    Aircraft: Embraer 195 SP-LNF
    From: Lvov (LWO)
    To: Warsaw (WAW)
    Departure: 15:45
    Arrival: 15:25
    Flight Time: 0:40
    Seat: 25D
    #inflightVideo #FullFlight #FullFlightVideo

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  • Teresa Bak
    Teresa Bak 19 days ago +1

    It sould say Lwów Poland

  • Paul Sz
    Paul Sz 26 days ago +1

    Ha,ha,ha.... (Best airline in Europe?) What’s with the click bait? I’ve flown with Lufthansa & Swiss from Kraków and they both do intra-European flights better than Lot when it comes to In Cabin service.

  • Nordin Mahmood
    Nordin Mahmood Month ago

    Everything is pork in this airline. No alternative like venison or beef or chicken.

  • Open Goal Miss
    Open Goal Miss Month ago

    fly Finnair

  • Approximate
    Approximate Month ago

    12:36 a lot more xddd

  • Zidaru
    Zidaru 3 months ago

    Are you joking? What about, BA, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa?

  • jan bar
    jan bar 3 months ago

    A pleasure to watch. Thanks.

  • przychodzkipl - aviation & travel

    Great video. Liked.

  • Xhurra
    Xhurra 4 months ago +1

    But i had a long haul flight with Polish Airlines in Business and there was the crew very nice

  • Xhurra
    Xhurra 4 months ago

    sorry but this product is real not the best in Europe. It looks you are original Polish. Otherwise you should know that for example Swiss and Austrian also offer the same service with a litlle bit more charme and friendliness as the colleagues from Polish Airlines. And Austrian have the same airplane with the same seats.....

  • Model&Life
    Model&Life 4 months ago

    LOT is the best ❤️

  • FocusMyLove
    FocusMyLove 4 months ago +1

    I like LOT

  • R C
    R C 5 months ago

    Good video! I'm heard too that LOT is a very good airline in Europe. They got a lot of the new airplanes like B787-8, B787-9, B737-MAX. I hope I will use this airline in my future trip to Europe!

  • prezydent pan
    prezydent pan 5 months ago +3


    ZNAMDEMONA1 5 months ago +2

    good kurwa job XD

  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler 5 months ago +2

    Dobre bo polskie 🇵🇱

  • LivePolska
    LivePolska 6 months ago

    Why 360p? :(

  • Gniewko Rozmiarek
    Gniewko Rozmiarek 7 months ago

    Unfrontenettely no :/

  • Piotr Wos
    Piotr Wos 7 months ago


  • W kuchni u Wujka Bagna
    W kuchni u Wujka Bagna 8 months ago +3

    LOT is my #1 choice for flying long-haul from Warsaw to Tokyo (Narita). Also I'm Polish so it feels nice that our national carrier is this good.

  • The Flying Man
    The Flying Man 9 months ago

    you are one at the aboard?

  • ThrillcraftMCG
    ThrillcraftMCG 10 months ago +1

    Can someone tell the name of the background music?

  • Wizardly 9
    Wizardly 9 10 months ago +2

    I have been in the LOT E195 2 times I went from YYZ-WAW-OTP Then OTP-WAW-YYZ I also went with LO45 and LO46

  • N-Word Hamster
    N-Word Hamster 11 months ago +1

    I didn’t know other countries respect us that kindly. :P

  • Esmee de Ruijter
    Esmee de Ruijter 11 months ago

    These reports will be better if you add a voice -over.

  • Jude Moneymaker
    Jude Moneymaker 11 months ago

    Yes, LOT economy class is definitely similar quality as in every other big European line (AF, BA, KLM, SAS, Lufthansa and other poor or average quality lines). Considering quality and customer service all EU lines are much much worse than the best world class carriers. With a few (i know exactly two: Air France and Lufthansa) exclusions but only in first/business class.

  • PvPYoutube
    PvPYoutube 11 months ago

    Nop, not the best!!!

  • BenyCK
    BenyCK 11 months ago

    They improved a LOT but still miles away from likes of Swiss or Lufthansa

  • Lord Jim
    Lord Jim 11 months ago +1

    I liked your video.

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot 11 months ago +4

    I like it a >> LOT >> :o))

  • LiAlH4
    LiAlH4 11 months ago

    I am Polish and I don't really mind flying LOT, although many of my friends complain. The only problem that I have with them is that they are notoriously late. I once missed my flight to Chicago because the domestic flight had no plane available to get us to WAW on time. Another time the flight was totally cancelled. In case I need to be somewhere on time I would go with another airline.

    • ch36799
      ch36799 6 months ago

      Now theres Polska Grupa Lotnicza. That should make punctuality better

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  11 months ago

      Argh that's annoying. Thanks for the heads up, definitely will bear it in mind before I book tight connections with them :)

  • Ta Rick
    Ta Rick 11 months ago +5

    I flew LOT few times. Excellent airline... and their dreamliners.... just the best class...

  • Ricardo sahyoun flores
    Ricardo sahyoun flores 11 months ago +16

    Never flown LOT (yet) but your impression just confirms what i always felt when visiting that beautiful country, is the genuine nice people. In love with the place, cant wait to visit soon again..Regards from Berlin

  • Monika K
    Monika K 11 months ago

    Next time, ask me if i’ve had a first cup of coffe, then record me..

  • Patryk P.
    Patryk P. 11 months ago +1

    Did you asked the cabin crew for permission to record them?

    • Patryk P.
      Patryk P. 11 months ago

      Monika K that’s what I thought...

    • Monika K
      Monika K 11 months ago +1

      Patryk P. Nope! He didnt ask me about..

  • Marcin Gradon
    Marcin Gradon 11 months ago +2

    Bravo PLL LOT IS DE BEST 😊

  • Hambout Uber
    Hambout Uber 11 months ago +2

    The best in my heart love LOT !!

  • Daki Karpow
    Daki Karpow 11 months ago +11

    Respect for poland

  • Patrick Lundström
    Patrick Lundström 11 months ago +1

    I can only agree, now I fly Wizz and they are cheap... Which works until there is trouble. :)

  • Hastller
    Hastller 11 months ago +1

    Polish airlines are very expensive not for my pocket I always choose lufhanza they have better services and 100% cheaper

  • Lavish
    Lavish 11 months ago +18

    LOT is the best airline

    CASPERSKYOT_ 11 months ago

    I think Air France or Lufthansa is way better than LOT.

  • Filipp Matkov
    Filipp Matkov 11 months ago +1

    I was flying from Lviv to Berlin in April 2018, with Wizzair, it was really some good trip !!!!! Lviv Airport looks so new and empty !!!!!

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  11 months ago

      Lviv is a beautiful airport! Just wish I could have had time to leave the airport, I only had a couple of hours between flights!

  • Wojciech Jakubowski
    Wojciech Jakubowski 11 months ago +3

    I used to work as a flight attendant on board of LOT Polish Arlines and I enjoyed the job very much not only because I have kerosin in my veins but also because I got the feeling that allthough not the most modern it is one of the most friendly airlines in Europe

  • sky rat
    sky rat 11 months ago

    That pun tho

  • Sebastian Fischer
    Sebastian Fischer Year ago +6

    I have flown with LOT to Tokyo this year and back and the seat pitch in the Embraer is absolutely fantastic!

    • Model&Life
      Model&Life 4 months ago +1

      Sebastian Fischer I’m not sure but if you flew to Tokyo, you were at Boeing 787 Dreamliner 😊

  • Travel Shows
    Travel Shows Year ago

    LOT is the WORST Airline, always happy if can AVOID. On 90% of local flights in Europe - no food on board even if you wants to buy anything. Cabin crew not smiling and always upset. Very lazy ... Finally they lost my luggage and items, cost me like 1000EURO and they don't wants to pay for it. I moved the case to court. If you wish to fly in europe chnage to lufthansa...

    • Airlinernee
      Airlinernee 8 months ago +1

      I have flown with LOT many times and I was always satisfied with them.

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago

      Ahhh that's a shame, sucks that you had a bad experience with them :(

  • FX
    FX Year ago +6

    great to hear so many complements from yout :) It's interesting thing that most polish people complain the LOT airlines and i don't undestand what for ?? We have great modern airplanes, nice staff, best pilots!

    • Xaariel
      Xaariel 11 months ago

      the price is the prime problem

  • Paweł Wasiak
    Paweł Wasiak Year ago +5

    I love LOT too

  • Blake Edgington - Airborne

    I travelled with LOT recently on the E175 and it was a great experience so have to agree with your thoughts on the airline. Nice video by the way!

  • mark k
    mark k Year ago

    dont have much good to say about the website and the android app... absolutely terrible, you cant even seat reservation and apply api details

  • Tomasz Martyniak
    Tomasz Martyniak Year ago +3

    Very nice! Thank You!

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +2

    Im from Warsaw, capitol of Poland :)

  • Lukasz Kowalski
    Lukasz Kowalski Year ago +4

    Wspaniały film. Proszę o podanie tytułu muzyki! Pozdrawiam

  • marko1clw
    marko1clw Year ago +7

    The City of Lviv - a Polish city. There is not such country like so called "ukraine" It is land of Russia and Poland.

    • Eric Kna
      Eric Kna 11 months ago +1

      You mean a city that has been Polish for more than 700 years and was a center of Polish culture, history and religion? And before you come up with Silesia etc, its cities like Wroclaw were founded by Polish kings, in Polish and Czech hands for nearly the entire time and the first time Silesia even had some kind of self-ruling (and it was under the Polish Piasts obviously) it was due to the feudal split of Poland.
      All those places where in Prussian, Austrian and Russian hands for what, like a glimpse of their history so never come up with that again.

    • Sebastian Fischer
      Sebastian Fischer Year ago +2

      You mean Lemberg? Ideas like these never worked. It is as much a Polish as an Austrian city and none oof these determine the status of today, sorry.

  • .
    . Year ago +18


  • biało czerwony
    biało czerwony Year ago +6

    Gentle landing

  • Józef Adam Baczewski
    Józef Adam Baczewski Year ago +34

    I like it a LOT! 6:34

  • FunnyAviations 333
    FunnyAviations 333 Year ago +11

    wow, what a gentle landing!!!

  • Michael Macluskie

    LOT, Best Airline in Europe??....you mean Best Airline in EASTERN Europe....we in the West of Europe do not want to be associated with the Eastern Europe Gypsies, Jews and Alchoholics.

    • Mark Wawrzyniak
      Mark Wawrzyniak 11 months ago +1

      You are right Western Europe in the near future will be associated with Middle East and Sharia Low.

    • kujawamarcin
      kujawamarcin Year ago +9

      No he - meant all europe - not eastern europe. And buy the way you idiot this is central europe. Eastern is Russia, Ikraine, or Belarus and futher east. What do you mean buy we in western europe? you mean you imigrants?

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver Year ago

    Only Polish think that LOT is Europe's best airline. 😂 They are like the Turks. They honestly think that Turkish is the best worldwide. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Firanka PL
    Firanka PL Year ago +5

    Im going from warsaw to madrid in lot in august

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago +1

    +InFlight hello hi how are you? I know you will need of new Schedule to Flight. Can you try want to your GoPro Hero Video Records ALL ok.
    From London UK Sidewalk go to gates. The Boeing of 777-200 To Atlanta GA , will Change sidewalk go to Rail Metro A,B,C,D,E, F Gates Boeing 737-700 From Atlanta GA to New Orleans Louisiana. Boeing 777-200 your seat 48J OR 45A or 51A Windows to Wings. And Boeing 737-700 your seat 25F or 30F or 27A Windows to wings. I better will take a good your new GoPro Hero Records ALL and new 14 Hours record and 2 Hours 55 Minutes Record ALL ok. Your family go to Vacation Fly Delta Airlines in New Orleans Louisiana Done! ...
    I Like to WRESTLEMANIA, 34 With Raw , Smackdown WWE. Ready go to fly Delta USA in New Orleans Louisiana ok. Be Tomorrow yourself with Family go to New Orleans Louisiana. Thank you :).

  • Jakub Gamez
    Jakub Gamez Year ago +24

    More Poland more likes ;-)

  • DFW Aviation
    DFW Aviation Year ago +2

    Nice video!

  • oblibenec
    oblibenec Year ago +86

    Of course LOT is the best airline

  • OhSN4PitsLOUI3
    OhSN4PitsLOUI3 Year ago

    I really hope you fly from East Midlands airport to Malaga airport on a Ryanair FR4458 one day!!!!! 😁😁

  • Tokario Gaming
    Tokario Gaming Year ago +9

    Good Job. Greetings from Cracovia! !!

  • dudeNigel
    dudeNigel Year ago

    nice music. can you share the source?

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago +2

    I want to ready go to fly full flight record ALL GoPro Hero done.

  • Vienna Plane Spotting

    Nice video mate. Liked for sure

  • Kinga Barbara
    Kinga Barbara Year ago +9

    Great movie and I like LOT too :)

  • LCJ Spotter
    LCJ Spotter Year ago +6

    I love LOT and im from Łódz ,Poland 120 km from WAW

    • Airlinernee
      Airlinernee 8 months ago

      Hej, mam nadzieję, że znowu zaczną latać z zabytkowej, coraz piękniejszej Łodzi, np. do Warszawy...

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago

      Fantastic they are a great airline :)

  • Tomasz Gg
    Tomasz Gg Year ago +14

    Meybe you will review ay LOT's long hauls

    • SKY - TOM
      SKY - TOM Year ago +2

      Tomasz Gg *Maybe

    • Fly Around
      Fly Around Year ago +2

      I reviewed it already. LOT B787 in Premium Economy Class. If you like you can check out the video on my channel :)

  • Robert Slydell
    Robert Slydell Year ago +83

    Lots of pretty ladies in Poland.

  • Nick Clarke
    Nick Clarke Year ago +1

    Would be great if you could do full flight video from VLY to CWL Anglesey Airport (RAF Valley) to Cardiff Airport flying in a Jetstream 41 with Eastern airways. Only takes 50 minutes inflight time from North to South Wales with breathtaking views of the Welsh countryside providing that the weather conditions are kind to you Noel on the day of filming. Something to consider in the summer maybe when it’s less likely to pour down with rain.

    • Nick Clarke
      Nick Clarke Year ago

      Look forward to it when you get the opportunity to visit family. Great shame Citywing Aviation Services Limited went in Liquidation on 10th March 2017! Would have been fantastic filming the Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet. I know how much you enjoy inflight experience in an older aircraft, look into flying with 'VAN AIR Europe' based in the Czech Republic that still has the L410 aircraft in commercial operation.

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago

      Hi Nick, that option is certainly on the cards. We have family who live around a 5 minute drive from VLY airport on Anglesey so there is every chance I will take this flight at some point :)

  • dalecannotuploadanymorebye

    Landed speed seemed really slow, wow!

  • Enoy
    Enoy Year ago

    Full flights with ATV please!

  • GroundPointNiner
    GroundPointNiner Year ago +5

    Awesome! Route suggestions, including Lviv & Warsaw. Also includes LOT's 737 MAX from LHR to WAW.
    Short-haul: London-Heathrow > Warsaw > Krakow > London-Heathrow
    Medium-haul: London-Heathrow > Vienna > Lviv > Istanbul-SAW > London-Heathrow
    Long-haul: London-Heathrow > Warsaw > New York-JFK > Kiev > London-Heathrow

    • Fly Around
      Fly Around Year ago

      I did the JFK flight last December in Premium Economy and it was a fantastic experience! Video is also published about it :)

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago

      Thank you :) . Glad you like it. I have LHR-VIE already, LHR to Istanbul coming soon too. More JFK flights coming this year too :)

  • MrGriser
    MrGriser Year ago +2

    When are you going to do another full flight video may I ask?

    • Da`Man
      Da`Man Year ago +1

      WAW is to small as a airport and thats why it is busy. I believe that flight LVO-WAW was at time when a lots of other flights, especially long hauls ( parked LOT`s 787 ), are being done daily.
      The same situation is in Frankfurt, when you fly with Lufthansa on european route, there is a very big chance that you will have to wait for parking space especially in terminal B :)

    • MrGriser
      MrGriser Year ago

      Oh okay I don't know why you had to wait ages for your parking stand couldn't they just direct your aircraft to an alternative stand.

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago

      Full flight video of this one will be next Friday :)

  • Marta :D
    Marta :D Year ago

    Eyy finally ;D

  • Miles Merkle
    Miles Merkle Year ago

    Great video!! I really enjoyed it!

  • Wujekslender
    Wujekslender Year ago +13

    Świetny materiał ! Great video ! ;)

  • KingRiz
    KingRiz Year ago +6

    Excellent video!

  • UkonOP
    UkonOP Year ago +8

    I’ve done this flight so many times, so imagine my surprise when you uploaded this video of the route. It’s quite a pleasant flight, and LOT is a big favourite. I do love the Lviv airport for its cafe and chocolate shop, even if that is basically all there is to do in the airport. Thanks for the video and keep up the great vids!

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago +2

      That is fantastic! Do you live in Lviv? It's a great little airport, the cafe is exceptional quality for an airport cafe and very nicely priced too. Watch out for the full flight video of this route coming next week :)

  • Gabriel Czopik
    Gabriel Czopik Year ago +12

    Maybe you'll be able to fly a LOT 737 Max or their dreamliners.

    • Friktion
      Friktion Month ago

      not anymore lol, at least not the max

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago +1

      That would be very cool. I've flown the Norwegian MAX before and was pretty underwhelmed. LOT are sending theirs to London though so hopefully soon I can fly on one :)

  • Johnny Bray
    Johnny Bray Year ago +2

    It’s awesome and I look forward to watch the full flight of this. Didn’t you heard about French Bulldog died inside the United Airlines flight 1284’s overhead bin while traveled from HOU to LGA?

  • Adam Wojcinski
    Adam Wojcinski Year ago +49

    I've been waiting for this! Warsaw is my home airport and honestly speaking LOT is my favourite airline. I' m glad you enjoyed flying with LOT and that you'll "fly a LOT more with them" in the near future. Fun fact: LOT is known for serving snacks and some hot beverages even on their domestic flights like 30 minutes long flight from Warsaw to Krakow

    • Paul Sz
      Paul Sz 26 days ago +1

      Das Boot what’s really helped Lot to survive was lower Fuel prices from 2013-2017 and the Combination of flying the more comfortable & fuel efficient B787-9 Dreamliner jets. If they still held onto those old B767’s , they would be knocking on Lufthansa’s door for help.

    • Das Boot
      Das Boot 11 months ago +2

      "Bancrupcy" ,,,, it was an undercover hash-hash procedures performed by the previous government coalition (PO+PSL) to drag our national airline into the buncrupcy. Thanks God, after a free election the corrupted government is gone now, in Poland, and these days >> LOT >> is just booming !!!!

    • Zawaprz
      Zawaprz 11 months ago +2

      Probably 'artificial bankruptcy' due to wrong people (PO's 'leadership').

    • Archi Dembol
      Archi Dembol Year ago +3

      +inflight Video in 2015 was near buncrupcy nowe they are have above income

    • Noel Philips: inflight Video
      Noel Philips: inflight Video  Year ago +11

      LOT are a fantastic airline, really enjoyed flying with them :) You are so lucky to have such a great airline as your national carrier! Dzięki!