Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Speed Test !!!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Speed Test. Can the Mate 20 Pro Will slay the beast? Let's find out.
    Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Huawei mate 20 Pro Speed Test. A full speed comparison between Snapdragon 855 Chipset (8GB RAM) Vs Kirin 980 Chipset (6GB RAM) including apps opening, RAM Management, browsing, boot up, & geek bench 4 score (2019 vs 2018). Which is faster?
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Comments • 64

  • Lorincz Ervin
    Lorincz Ervin 24 days ago

    to be honest both of them is ugly

    HASAN КเLLЄГ Month ago

    Fuck my life i have exynose variant

  • Огнян Йордaнов

    Hello King, nice video! I am about to buy one of these and I am not sure which one. Coming from s9+ I think that the Huawei will be more interesting to me. My main thoughts are about the camera, battery and performance. What will you reccomend me? Thank you in advance!

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago

      Camera. Your preference. Battery. Mate 20 pro
      Performance: mate 20 pro if s10 with exynos. If with snapdragon. S10 wins

  • nikolas adm
    nikolas adm 5 months ago

    you claim this is a speed test and you oly talk about colors of screens when the s10 gets its ass kick t thumbs down

  • VacancyJB
    VacancyJB 5 months ago

    i used few samsung phones before, i will choose Huawei, i will never get back to samsung anytime soon as it's really bad to use, alot of bloatware and laggy.

  • Vincent Mallari
    Vincent Mallari 5 months ago

    Samsung fans has tons of excuse stop criticism and just buy both phone i sold may s10 plus which is really slow rather than my p30 pro

    • Chris Lucero
      Chris Lucero 5 months ago

      So you switched because of speed lmao? The S10 is better in every way except for the night shots and the zoom. The Mate20 pro is better then the p30 pro with it's 1080p resolution, the s10 isn't slow. You can speed up the animations

  • SamaritaN
    SamaritaN 5 months ago +1

    kirin 980 7nm or exynox 9820 8nm ??

  • SamaritaN
    SamaritaN 5 months ago +2

    so what do you think about i see mate 20 pro has better colours.

  • Essa Jalood
    Essa Jalood 5 months ago +7

    S10 best

  • Joey Ho
    Joey Ho 6 months ago

    Hey king, how is the battery life between these 2? I'm kind of in the middle right now, want to know which one will last me longest

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago

      Mate 20 pro with a maybe a 10 15 minute difference. Plus mate 20 pro comes with a 40w charger

    • ツOhSlothz
      ツOhSlothz 5 months ago

      @Joey Ho s10 is worse than the s10+ by a considerable margin

    • Joey Ho
      Joey Ho 5 months ago

      @kavisha dilshan much longer or?

    • kavisha dilshan
      kavisha dilshan 5 months ago

      mate 20 pro

  • haider mirza
    haider mirza 6 months ago

    bro..are u a hillbilly??u sound like a butt hole dude..stop making videos or stop talking like handicapped guy!

  • Krish Hari
    Krish Hari 6 months ago +8

    The mate 20 pro is beast ✌️ ❤️

    • Mihai Maxim
      Mihai Maxim 2 months ago

      @Steven Jonh 'the copy" that are u talking about is better than "the original".

    • 鲍泽逸之
      鲍泽逸之 5 months ago +3

      @Steven Jonh Samsung does not even have a safe facial unlock system. How do you choose that garbage over a beast

    • Steven Jonh
      Steven Jonh 6 months ago

      Copy the notch from Iphone X? How u call a copy cat as a beast?

  • кто то там где то там

    I like mate 20 pro display more on this video

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago

      @Jeevan Kachana Actually It's resolution and pixel density is better than note 9 which is a great display. The only down is that it doesn't have super amoled

    • Jeevan Kachana
      Jeevan Kachana 6 months ago +2

      It's just a video. In real life mate20 is trash

  • Patrick Tv
    Patrick Tv 6 months ago +1

    Why s10? Why not s10+ to see the beasttt bruh?

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago +1

      S10 and mate 20 pro are close at the price point. Damn s10 is more expensive

    • Jerry Huang
      Jerry Huang 6 months ago +1

      They have the same internal spec except for the highest spec with 12GB of ram

  • bicycleisgood
    bicycleisgood 6 months ago +1

    I will choose neither. My Huawei mate 10 pro is good enough for me.

    JAGUAR VLOGS 6 months ago +3

    you are not king tech you are worst tech

    JAGUAR VLOGS 6 months ago

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking man our samsung is more more faster than mate 20 buyed our samsung s10 from t mobiles so there is another animation of t mobiles.think rascal,uselessss,you bitch

      JAGUAR VLOGS 5 months ago

      iam not a fan.i dont like to be a fan we wants to be ourself as a is my heart of technology in electronics as well as future products.IAM NEVER GOING TO LOVE APPLE.WE ARE SAMSUNG.WE HAVE BRAVE AND WELL EXPERIENCED ENGINEERS.THANK YOU FOR LOVING OUR SAMSUNG.

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago

      Aaaaaand another samsung fan

  • Mike Rid
    Mike Rid 6 months ago +2

    Why didnt you use S10+

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago +2

      S10 and mate 20 pro are at a close price point

  • Tobias Föckeler
    Tobias Föckeler 6 months ago +1

    as i know the 973u is exynos

  • Batuhan
    Batuhan 6 months ago +2

    Samsung has better screen and phone design but mate 20 pro has better camera and processor

    • Boem Boem
      Boem Boem 6 months ago

      He speed that up mate. He did it with the mate 20 pro, i did it now with my s10, is fast like hell my s10 now :).

  • Kevin Ryusan
    Kevin Ryusan 6 months ago +4

    Huawei looks like Jesus Christ current smart phone. Old tech. Huge notch.

  • Sraboni Gangopadhyay
    Sraboni Gangopadhyay 6 months ago +2


  • Javier Juárez
    Javier Juárez 6 months ago +2

    It's a draw nice video

  • chicho
    chicho 6 months ago +5

    Oh god that notch...

  • Marcel Okon
    Marcel Okon 6 months ago +10

    The animation's on the Mate 20 are faster.

    • MW2 4lyfe
      MW2 4lyfe 5 months ago

      @鲍泽逸之 Longer animations do affect loading time, the shorter animations just make us perceive the Huawei to be faster, watch other speed tests from
      Reliable people and you will see the s10 wins

    • 鲍泽逸之
      鲍泽逸之 5 months ago

      @MW2 4lyfe It's so funny and ironic to see people blame on something nonrelevant when things didn't obey what they expected. Animation won't affect loading time. Animation on oneplue 6t is the fastest but it still has the longest loading time. All apps start loading in the back as soon as you hit the icon.

    • Boem Boem
      Boem Boem 6 months ago

      Not if they do what i have posted.

    • mister bin
      mister bin 6 months ago +2

      Everything is faster on Huawei

    • Boem Boem
      Boem Boem 6 months ago

      Reduce animation in settings by samsung s8/s9/s10 + do this, see link; it is so much faster. But , some people have problems if they do that, for example few apps does not work properly or other things, but with my s10, for the moment no problems.

  • Seketul Hafiz
    Seketul Hafiz 6 months ago +10

    I will choose Mate 20 Pro

    • Itabi Mazake
      Itabi Mazake 5 months ago

      @Cristian Babencu s10 fingerprint has its limitations.

    • 鲍泽逸之
      鲍泽逸之 5 months ago

      @Cristian Babencu Samsung fingerprint sensor has been proved no secure

    • Destroyer007
      Destroyer007 6 months ago

      @Stanislav Stani Bafia you're not Obama or Schwarzenegger wtf you had me fooled

    • Stanislav Stani Bafia
      Stanislav Stani Bafia 6 months ago +4

      @Cristian Babencu oh comon iam Not Obama or Schwarzenegger. I dont need security level insane.
      For me is 3d face unlock way more better Like fingerprint sensor. But its ôk when you have too múch money then buy new Phone every week

    • Stanislav Stani Bafia
      Stanislav Stani Bafia 6 months ago +1

      @Cristian Babencu you have 3d face unlock Like on iPhone mutch faster als fingerprint sensor and is good secured

  • Hedgehog Devil
    Hedgehog Devil 6 months ago +1


  • Rufino Santana
    Rufino Santana 6 months ago +7

    Mate 20 pro rocks! Watching on it

    • jesus francisco perez
      jesus francisco perez 5 months ago

      @Rufino Santana oh lol well honestly i don't like it if i turn it off does it still take selfies at dark places? Probably with a led?

    • Rufino Santana
      Rufino Santana 5 months ago

      @jesus francisco perez Yes it does only if you want to.

    • jesus francisco perez
      jesus francisco perez 6 months ago +1

      When you take a selfie does it have to put the white screen like if it was a led?

  • Darshan Sharma
    Darshan Sharma 6 months ago +7

    please enable performance mode on mate 20 pro

    • Kevin Ryusan
      Kevin Ryusan 6 months ago

      Then he should do the same on the S10 . Cause the s 10 is on optimized but also has a high performance mode also