The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Everyone gets burnout, even RU-cliprs. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health and learn all about the importance of achieving a more fulfilling work-life balance. Will they be able to go two weeks without working?
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  • Rl J
    Rl J 2 days ago

    God I love Rammstein.

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 2 days ago +1

    Eugene: Keith .... I'm kidding it's a Giraffeeeee 🦒😂

  • Naomi Wark
    Naomi Wark 3 days ago

    Ned turned into David dobrik?

  • JiminYaGotNoJams
    JiminYaGotNoJams 3 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Keith and his brothers bad shit crazy Christmas idea. A brown recluse playing Christmas music

  • Hail_Void
    Hail_Void 3 days ago

    Blacksmith: “This sword was quenched in oil during the totality of the solar eclipse and is made out of Damascus and wrought iron!”
    Keith: “BUTTERKNIFE.”

  • Wait for It
    Wait for It 4 days ago

    Yes! Rammstein! Yes, german! Yessss

  • rollership
    rollership 4 days ago

    "im really just tryin not to vlog" whilst vloggin ... commitment

  • Logan Scholtz
    Logan Scholtz 4 days ago

    15:30 is such a good band😍

  • Aleena Michaels
    Aleena Michaels 5 days ago +1

    Eugene’s voice when he’s naming the animals is low-key asmr

  • Skylar Schilffarth
    Skylar Schilffarth 5 days ago

    Ned completely fan girling over Lady Gaga

  • DoggyKiKi YT
    DoggyKiKi YT 7 days ago

    Damn...I also work.... I’m a teen......I kinda hate what I do....and I never get vacation. I have school and I have to work.... everyday I am slowly losing at least a week or 2

  • mir_ka
    mir_ka 8 days ago

    I truly believe that this video should just be "hi guys we are really stressed and burned out so sorry but no video this weak" and just let them relax a little without cameras

  • David
    David 8 days ago +1

    I'm kidding it's a Giraffe!!

  • Avis Ganis
    Avis Ganis 8 days ago

    TTG has been making us laugh, engaging us in our own created atmosphere. They deserved a friggin break. Even though we (you dicks, the internet) feel like they did not. They have released their lives to you, and to all of you who try to shame. These are people, those who have striven and designed, and took on the task of your judgments. To make you laugh and connect. Think about that.

  • QforzFovfi
    QforzFovfi 10 days ago +1


  • YoungGatz 99
    YoungGatz 99 10 days ago

    Eugene is Smexy😍

  • Cora Johnson
    Cora Johnson 12 days ago +2


  • Sammy Wong
    Sammy Wong 14 days ago


  • black roses
    black roses 14 days ago

    "called out some bullshit on twitter, which i loved"
    honestly me

  • Khady Fall
    Khady Fall 14 days ago

    What’s with that blonde woman she was also in Shane’s jake Paul series she creepy

  • Karen Chaney
    Karen Chaney 15 days ago

    I could watch baby Wes staring at a ceiling fan for hours and be entertained lmao

  • MissChikaRoRo
    MissChikaRoRo 20 days ago +1

    Can we talk about the fact the the presents Ned took to his family was his own merch...... .... That's super funny to me 🤣

  • GayDreamland 19
    GayDreamland 19 20 days ago

    Nobody is discussing the fact that Zach pronounced Rammstein wrong

    • Faeyable
      Faeyable 16 days ago

      GayDreamland 19 he didn’t though? I mean for a foreign dude it sounded pretty close to the German pronunciation

  • Keisha Walter
    Keisha Walter 20 days ago

    16:27 ...... *there* 😣

  • Walquiria B C L Garcia

    Is this the same therapist from the Shane series on Jake Paul?

  • Mila Fraser
    Mila Fraser 23 days ago

    I need that Master of the Night comic.

  • XoXBrooklynXoX
    XoXBrooklynXoX 25 days ago +1

    Your brain only focuses for 30-45 minutes
    Take note of that, school

  • LilacShine xox
    LilacShine xox 28 days ago

    I'm confused bcuz Zack's called the "singlest guy" but Eugene is the only single one

  • System Solar
    System Solar 28 days ago

    That awkward moment when you though Dan and Phil’s hiatus would be like this

  • Jimena Aragón
    Jimena Aragón 28 days ago


  • Krystle Brooks
    Krystle Brooks 28 days ago

    Eugene could seriously cosplay a sexy Mulan!!😁

  • Miss.Phoenixx
    Miss.Phoenixx 29 days ago

    I’ve never seen a red panda before so that was cool lol. I love watching you guys but I’m glad you got to relax in the place of your choice.

  • Ginger Burton
    Ginger Burton Month ago

    Adorable Wesley from 9:41 onwards

  • The Fry
    The Fry Month ago

    They dont have mental health. When I see Zach banging his head on a desk. Well then

  • Ornella Philys
    Ornella Philys Month ago

    That blacksmith was awesome👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Charlie Parrella Savage

    Eugene 2018/2019:I don't work at Buzzfeed anymore I don't have to be nice.


  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Month ago +1

    3:00 Did anyone else notice that it was spelled “irritibility” instead of irritability?

  • strawberry waffles
    strawberry waffles Month ago

    Ariel's new car is my mom's new car

  • Celine
    Celine Month ago +2

    Did eugene just go to the same zoo for all the days they had a mental health break?

    Nvm he also called out some bs

  • Crystal Tuu
    Crystal Tuu Month ago

    Eugene is me in a male body like holy shit😂😂💯

  • My cat butters my nuggets

    Oh God not this bitch, she’s not a therapist, in Shane Dawson’s series she was calling mental health disorders disgusting and creepy, I really am not a fan on her

  • ZenoX
    ZenoX Month ago +1

    *”I don’t Work at BuzzFeed any more! I don’t have to be nice”*
    -Eugene Lee Yang

  • Shelia Clay
    Shelia Clay Month ago

    Um Eugene, that elephant was an African elephant sweetie, lol.

  • Betsy Mills
    Betsy Mills Month ago

    We can only focus for 45 mins? The why is class 1 hour per period??

    • Betsy Mills
      Betsy Mills Month ago

      @Kesha Artis Yeah but at my school we have 3 hours of class, then lunch for 45 mins and then another 2 hours 15 mins of class

    • Kesha Artis
      Kesha Artis Month ago

      Because the first and last few minutes everybody's getting stuff out or put away, attendance is being taken, that kind of stuff so that one hour period is actually only about 40 mins of "learning" time.

  • Narelle Bullock
    Narelle Bullock Month ago

    Isn’t Mexico drug and crime city?

  • Fanny
    Fanny Month ago

    Can’t you never stop making videos of everything you do?? Stop that

  • Sauce
    Sauce Month ago +1

    Ariel: "What! It's here!!"
    me: Did she...know?

  • dakota youngblood
    dakota youngblood Month ago

    wait that’s the same girl who was a kind of uneducated psychologist about people who are sociopathic in shane’s series. glad to see she’s in her zone here.

  • Izay Seco
    Izay Seco Month ago +1


  • Goldu Negi
    Goldu Negi Month ago +2

    Ned: what about you Eugene?
    Eugene:...i like animals.

  • SchitzoFranic
    SchitzoFranic Month ago

    I'm so mad that I wasn't a fan while Eugene was clapping back at people CAUSE BOY WOULD I BE ALL FOR IT

  • Marla Tarrosa
    Marla Tarrosa Month ago

    dammit im late i just came from vacation!

  • K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz

    Eugene is me.. minus the alcohol

  • JD F
    JD F Month ago

    Pls make Ned's thing at the end a full song and sell it to me on iTunes. Thanks!

  • jlee1522
    jlee1522 Month ago

    ...instead of a master of the night? haha

  • rochelle mendonca
    rochelle mendonca Month ago

    I feel for Eugene...i love animals...and my mental break would be a trip to the zoo....but damn.. Eugene is lonely....😭

  • Trinity Curran
    Trinity Curran Month ago

    Yo so I would be hyped for a try guys graphic novel !!! I love art and am artist myself and would love to see your guys comedy turned into a graphic novel I’d buy that shit man
    Ps truly love you guys I think you do amazing work and I hope you read this cuase y’all always make me laugh and brighten my day

  • Dr. Kail
    Dr. Kail Month ago +1

    10:12 describes my Christmas

  • Willow Min
    Willow Min Month ago

    I can't be the only one who saw blackpink aiiyl on eugenes time line @ 16:35

  • coolkid06
    coolkid06 Month ago +1

    Eugene is...

    1.likes animals
    2. has an alcohol problem
    3. hes gay

  • Haris boi
    Haris boi Month ago

    Guys... Like 90% of their time making videos is just editing and all that other stuff... Not being in the actual video.

  • Giada Gambatese
    Giada Gambatese Month ago

    5 million in two months never done before past all the competition man, pwedepie is next! Lol.

  • Petrol_ Sniffer
    Petrol_ Sniffer Month ago +1

    Anyone else love watch him stare up at the fan with his little mouth open 9:48

  • Fernanda Moreno
    Fernanda Moreno Month ago

    OMG, zach was in Puerto vallarta!!!

  • Mary Chheng
    Mary Chheng Month ago

    i like animals...

  • Ok Bitch
    Ok Bitch Month ago +1

    Ned is probably the coolest dad ever

  • Passa Tempo
    Passa Tempo Month ago


  • Alice Anastasia
    Alice Anastasia Month ago

    I'm Eugene in this video.

  • Kathy Ola
    Kathy Ola Month ago

    OMG the ending

  • Ge_Lic
    Ge_Lic Month ago

    “I’m on vacation, Best dad in the galacy, I’m on vacation bi*ch”

  • Lucie Imlay
    Lucie Imlay Month ago

    Bruce Springsteen top

  • Phoenix Fatu
    Phoenix Fatu Month ago


  • Ryan Hofmann
    Ryan Hofmann Month ago


  • Kaitlyn Shelton
    Kaitlyn Shelton Month ago

    as soon as i started i realized the same lady from the shane dawson jake paul series was on here xD

  • Cassie Simpson
    Cassie Simpson Month ago

    This is a very thoughtful RU-clip video. This is the content I want and need. Glad i stumbled upon this page

  • BeginnerSimmerGuides !
    BeginnerSimmerGuides ! 2 months ago

    Du Hast by Rammstein is 💣

  • HalloweenLeafs
    HalloweenLeafs 2 months ago

    We need a video for the opposite of this because I don’t know what working is if it kicked me in the face

  • M C
    M C 2 months ago

    “I’m on vacation bitch” should be made into a song by the Try Guys

  • What's new
    What's new 2 months ago

    Dude I live in Nashville

  • Pori
    Pori 2 months ago

    (im actually applying for a job there tomorrow!!)

  • si senor
    si senor 2 months ago

    Let me guess Ned is on vacation.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 months ago

    Just a fyi Eugene that's a African Elephant not an Asian!!! Asian elephants have small ears and African's ears look like africa

  • Avocados Are Nice
    Avocados Are Nice 2 months ago +1

    *_-I aM pRoCrAsTiNaTiNg So MuCh By WaTcHiNg ThEsE gOoFbAllS-_*

  • Blue Animul
    Blue Animul 2 months ago +2

    Holy s*** Keith was in my favorite restaurant!!!!!!!!! I go there every friday

  • Helen
    Helen 2 months ago +1

    I could listen to Ned yelling about lady Gaga forever 🤣

  • The Lego Reviewer
    The Lego Reviewer 2 months ago

    For bladesmithing he should have held the hammer closer to the head

  • Mischa M.Vlogs
    Mischa M.Vlogs 2 months ago +1

    BLACKPINK on 16:38

    Wassup blinks out there
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you’re a blink then make this blue

  • Lena Schütte
    Lena Schütte 2 months ago

    No way rammstein plays in the US😂

  • That Dude
    That Dude 2 months ago +2

    can we just take a moment to worship Eugene hair rn like YAS U SEXY BEAST I SEE U!!!!

  • Aj Turner
    Aj Turner 2 months ago

    I would read that comic book 4:44 😆

  • merve havali
    merve havali 2 months ago

    the zoos are the most cruel places for the wild animals. they're really suffering in there, some of the animals kill themselvels. i really love eugene but actually i'm a bit disappointed, he should've known that the zoos are not nice.

  • Nic Tyr
    Nic Tyr 2 months ago +1

    Keith: we put a lot on ourselves
    *Cuts to Eugene sitting on his lap*

  • Drawing with Ada Be
    Drawing with Ada Be 2 months ago

    I loved the panda scene

  • Monique McCallum
    Monique McCallum 2 months ago +1

    Ugean said I LiKE AnAmAIlEs

  • Milena Martins
    Milena Martins 2 months ago +3

    Now I *really* want to know what Eugene pretends not to be good at to be more relatable

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 2 months ago

    I look up to that blacksmith😂

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 2 months ago

    *Eugene, I know you're a She-Ra fan. Please react to the new season 2 NETFLIX SHE-RA trailer.*

  • Ricardo Victor
    Ricardo Victor 2 months ago

    Holy... This was one of the most entertaining videos you guys made so far that i watched, i loved it!

  • looksidewalkpenguin
    looksidewalkpenguin 2 months ago