33 Decor ideas with Spray Paint

  • Published on Nov 2, 2015
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    1.►0:29|Gold spray painted magnetic alphabet letters.
    2.►0:47|Give dead branches new life with gold spraypaint.
    3.►0:56|Save tons of money on a new faucet by just spray painting the one that you have.
    4.►1:25|Do the same to your door knobs.

    5.►1:51|String lights don’t have to be relegated to the holidays if you paint them gold.
    6.►2:01|Take those orange teracotta pots to the next level.
    7.►2:06|Cover up that gross patio furniture mildew by spray painting DIRECTLY ONTO THE FABRIC.
    Works for sun-faded cushions as well. Get the directions here.
    8.►3:13|DIY your own curtain rods by spray painting electrical conduit from the hardware store.
    9.►3:49|Or spray paint PVC pipe to create a seamless, custom curtain rod system.
    Baby’s breath doesn’t have to look like the cheapest flower option.
    11.►4:14|Turn dollar store pails into metal-look tubs.
    12.►4:20|Tape up that boring white fridge and paint it gold.
    Ruth Eileen Photography @theeverygirl
    13.►4:26|Make those old vents decoration and floor registers look like new again.
    14.►5:04|Give your winter galoshes an update.
    Or just go for an all-over color swap.
    15.►5:25|Gold spray paint + straws + string = easiest party bunting.
    16.►6:24|Make mirror orbs for your yard by spraying them with looking glass paint.
    17.►6:46|Create large, lovely planters by spray painting cheap plastic garbage cans.
    18.►7:35|Make your patio furniture less boring by spraying it any color you want.
    19.►8:16|Turn dollar store locker baskets into Restoration Hardware-esque industrial baskets.
    Get the directions and spray paint brand here.
    20.►8:51|Cheap rubber mats can look downright joyful
    Spray paint measuring tape and use it instead as a growth chart for the kids.
    22.►9:17|Rustoleum makes your outlets look less plastic-y.
    23.►9:28|Make any cheap-looking brass fixtures look like oil rubbed bronze.
    24.►10:04|Make your vases and lamps look like mercury glass using Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.
    Or this Awesome Gold dipped ceramics by Anjelika temple
    25.►10:50|The ultimate IKEA hack: Turning the Vittsjo shelf gold.

    26.►10:57|Makeover your dresser and cabinet hardware.
    Make your wicker basket a little less traditional with metal spray paint.
    28.►11:30|Do the same with one of those cheap IKEA trash bins.
    29.►11:39|Spray paint DIRECTLY ONTO LEATHER.
    30.►12:15|Transform an ENTIRE dresser.
    31.►12:22|Make wind stakes to pretty up the garden.
    32.►12:32|Spray paint a plant hanger, and use it as a curtain hook.
    33.►12:41|Fake a mirrored top.
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    What about a couch and love seat with leather sides.

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    Michelle Chini 4 days ago

    Brilliant Ive been having an anxiety attack about my tacky coloured outdoor chair pads, I didn't know about fabric spray paint!

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    Welche Farbe benutzt du für die Matratze? :)

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    I did belly dancing at the YWCA !!!! it toned all my body as I also dieted ...

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    Greg Benwell 13 days ago

    I think too many people in here have been snorting spray fumes!! One person wants to spray paint peoples brains another woman wants to love her husband again by spray painting him!! Trust me if you are that unhappy with people MAYBE the problem is NOT "other people" but the problem is with yourself!!!!! I know it is a hard pill to swallow but trust me most people I know are NOT the easiest people to "get along with" even when they think they have "done nothing wrong"!!! And a lot of people think that their poop don't stink even when they are so self absorbed in their own waste to see the truth or the light of day for that matter!!! Personally I try to be on an "even keel" with people, but most of the time people tell me "how to think" or believe that they can "change me" most so from the number of ex girl friends and ex wives I have had!!! Sadly the thing is I am still the person I WANT TO BE, I love old cars, rock music, camping and making people laugh, but too many folks in my life can't stand to just let me BE the person I am!! Further I am a simple man, I have simple needs and simple desires, and yet too many other people seems to LOVE to tell me all the time that I am stupid or crazy!! Just remember every time you point a finger there are three more pointed back at you!! And with that said don't label people either, less you want to be labeled yourself just has harshly, just because you do not agree with a person doesn't always mean you are "smart" or that that person is wrong!!!!!

  • Gladys Wallace
    Gladys Wallace 13 days ago

    Awesome ideas!

  • Diedra Payne
    Diedra Payne 16 days ago +1

    I have been wielding spray paint cans for years and love it. Usually someone wants a variegated look but these new paints are amazing, especially for fabric. Thank you so much!!!

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    Awesome ideas and I have just made a list for the store for 6 projects needed to make my 4th end in a BANG! I so ty for sharing & God bless....

  • musickpsmesane
    musickpsmesane 20 days ago

    I tried the magnets a few years ago. The silver spray paint rubbed off my black refrigerator. Maybe I should have put a clear coat/sealant on them. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • StellaR
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    Spray paint is my #1 method to paint anything

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    Bravooooooooo :) I was thinking of spraying my black IKEA black metal selves, GOLD and there you go. Thank you so much.

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    cat sniffer 27 days ago

    If you plan on keeping the faucet long term, learn to change the gaskets.

  • Sheila Bennett
    Sheila Bennett 29 days ago

    Great video ! I have done a lot of these out of pure desperation for new look and no money ! AND, I used the rubbed bronze ! I've used the looking glass spray also ! SO glad you shared with everybody !

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    you dont want to sit on spray painted items....Xylene.....mess up your system ..........you can get sick ...very sick

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    I had to stay until the end to see if the creator has discovered color-shifting paint yet. (It's pricey, but awesome.

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    BUT Spray paint just stays for 2 to 3 months ONLY!!!!!!!

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      Sana Wajahat it all depends on the kind of spray pain and the weather you have your item that you sprayed in.

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    Lots of great ideas but it has always been my experience that spray paint does not last and scratches so easily.

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      And those very reflective chrome/gold paints will only remain shiny for a couple of months. Even in the can they warn about the effect fading away with time.

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    This is one of the best DIY videos on You Tube.

  • Della Hicks
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    Some cool ideas! Be careful painting terracotta pots, if you are planting live plants in them.
    Terracotta is porous so 'breathes', if you paint the pots, sometimes the pots do not aerate properly.

  • B. Walker
    B. Walker 2 months ago

    Loved it! Got a question...when you sprayed the old brown vinyl office chair black and white stripe, how did you manipulate the spray to reach the piping crevasses? After that experience would you recommend not to attempt pieces with piping? If the seams are open stitched like say a baseball I can see how that would be easier. Would love to hear your insight. Thanks!

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  • Janet Caterina
    Janet Caterina 2 months ago

    Spray painting is addictive. Once you get a can of silver plus primer, all of a sudden you will find a hundred uses for it. I spray painted an Ikea Kallax cube shelf with drawers because I didn't like it black. Now I have a silver shelf! Also gold end tables are better than old bamboo. I think that the laundry basket is next, and that mirror frame....

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    on your letter ho do you keep from having a mess with the sharp edges. I spray painted a lamp base that looked like a clay terra cotta planter. It afterward look like an expensise brass piece. Loved you tips.

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    I used spray paint on my door knob and it was always rubbing off. Once you do it, you will have to keep doing it.

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    I have always sprayed everything since I was 16, when u have no money to decorate that’s what u do.
    Dying clothes is another great idea, no one will no it was denim, then bleach , then pink.....everyone in school thought I had
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    Wonderfully informative and inspiring! BUT you need to tell people, preferably more than once, to "refer to the wonderful source instructions, linked below". Those folks deserve credit and eyeballs. And you need to refer to them, too. The comments show you misunderstand what looking glass paint is and some viewers have had spoiled projects because they just took you at your word and sprayed it on things. It makes GLASS into mirrors when sprayed onto the BACK. To make things reflective by spraying on the outside, like the garden balls, the instructions say to use chrome.

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  • Elm TreeABC
    Elm TreeABC 5 months ago +12

    I am the queen of spray paint. We moved into a home and the washer was one color and the dryer another. Also the dishwasher and stove were black and my frig was older and tan.
    My husband moved the dryer outside and I lightly sanded it with a fine grit. I did a major tape job around the control but first took a picture of the words and got the measurements of the written stuff on the dial area. I spray painted it until it looked great then polyurethaned it a couple times. I order the new words on line and replaced everything. We even sold it and the couple couldn't believe it was spray painted.
    For our frig. We didn't have the money to redo the kitchen so again, hubby hauled it outside. I lightly sanded it. Being very careful to tape off the door hand the frig name and the plastic on the side. Also taped the metal hinges. The back of the frig was metal so I used regular spray paint and the front was that plastic texture (which I cleaned, then deglossed with stuff from the hardware store) and I spray painted that with the newer plastic spray paint. It last until we could afford to redo the kitchen and again, people couldn't be believe that it was spray painted. (On the back metal part of the frig, I also used polyurethane but not on the front doors.

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