How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU

  • Published on Mar 16, 2014
  • After breaking his leg, undergraduate student Luke Durward used his time to return home and mentor his little brother on healthy eating. While illustrating his brother's dramatic transformation, Durward shares the obvious secret that is repeatedly overlooked by unsuccessful dieters.
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  • Sandy Heesom
    Sandy Heesom Day ago +2

    I am a plant based health food reformer, we "veganize" all the old unhealthy American foods we used to love. I make most everything from scratch, soy sauce, butter, plant based ranch salad dressing ect ...make other "vegan meals" as well. It takes time to adjust the tastebuds but it is well worth it. In just 2 yrs, at 50 yrs old, I feel much better than ever and with a low thyroid. Am NOT taking the pharmacy junk med for low thyroid anymore but all natural medicines and feel so much better than when on the pharmacy chemical junk with a junk food diet.
    Now I do not have to worry about clogged arteries from meat and cheese....
    In time we will enjoy the healthy foods more and more and add to the list more of our favorite very tasty meals that we love!!
    No animals were tortured for our tastebuds and plates of food.
    It is a WIN WIN!!!

  • Will Alexander
    Will Alexander 7 days ago

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  • Daisy Hendriks
    Daisy Hendriks 7 days ago

    Great talk. To everyone crapping on this guy, get lost. I'd like to see y'all up there making a speech.

  • Sandy Hill
    Sandy Hill 14 days ago

    Good message, now let's work on delivery

  • Vasanth C
    Vasanth C 14 days ago

    is he really a human looks like cgi

  • Mareike M. Hansen
    Mareike M. Hansen 20 days ago


  • Amit pathak
    Amit pathak 21 day ago

    such a common information... wasted 9mins!!

  • Nini K
    Nini K 21 day ago

    I get wholesome food when a was young and not much in the house. Ihate the taste of vegetebles I eat it but it load the taste.

  • Manjunath K
    Manjunath K 22 days ago

    I wish I had a brother like u.

  • Nimo Ali
    Nimo Ali 25 days ago

    God bless him what a lovely brother!

  • Velo-Pro International

    I know young people know a lot because they have Google but juicing machines have been around over a hundred years. Some fresh vegetables and fruit juices date back to the Egyptians. Considering beer is 13000 years old I'm not surprised.

  • Oleg Perchyk
    Oleg Perchyk Month ago

    “increase your barrier to entry for bad habits”
    In this case eating junk food.
    It’s great advice with many applications, great job!

  • Anto Beny
    Anto Beny Month ago

    cute and caring, rare qualities

  • Get_Shanked
    Get_Shanked Month ago

    Simply learning how to cook will help tons with healthy eating

  • llamadog killsu
    llamadog killsu Month ago

    So this supposed to be a good speech because it was in front of lots of people? The message was very basic, not much learned here. Took a long time to say nothing so he could show off helping his brother lose 20 lbs. This is high school worthy.

  • fatma alajmi
    fatma alajmi Month ago

    Thank you for ur speech
    What u have done with ur brother is great
    It is simple but I dont know why I can’t stick to it 💔

  • The Left Needs Jim Jones' Flavor-Aid

    By doing so, it's that easy. You either love yourself enough to do it or you don't!!

  • Stanley Slawski
    Stanley Slawski Month ago

    Ted Talks is going to kill their brand with presentations like this. The most obvious advice, presented in the most boring, drone-like voice possible. NOT GOOD, PEOPLE!

  • Moms Food Rocks
    Moms Food Rocks Month ago +3

    Thanks for useful tips 👍

  • pb qd
    pb qd Month ago

    good talk and message, he just needed some stage practice. at least he is hot and smart

  • Elif Camila
    Elif Camila Month ago

    My neighbor is on diet and I use that strategy too xD She does the same lol 🤣🤣

  • André Lima
    André Lima 2 months ago

    Damn, it looks like virtual reallity

  • 松萧劲
    松萧劲 2 months ago

    or just order take out

    JOHN ANDERSON 2 months ago

    OMG! this got 4,716,000 views!

  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 2 months ago

    Way to help out your brother 👍👍

  • Marli Okono
    Marli Okono 2 months ago

    The power of influence and inspiration, for his little brother

  • Marli Okono
    Marli Okono 2 months ago

    I would have loved to have heard what kind of meals and snacks he prepared and taught his little brother. 18 lbs is a great accomplishment in a few weeks!!

  • Jason W
    Jason W 2 months ago

    Vote for Pedro

  • JMVM V
    JMVM V 2 months ago

    Progress not perfection.

  • JMVM V
    JMVM V 2 months ago


  • Matthew Casilli
    Matthew Casilli 2 months ago

    very nice talk. Well done mate

  • Mendus Flare
    Mendus Flare 2 months ago

    What did you feed him?

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps 2 months ago

    i have zero will power so i agree with him. im changing my eating habits and i have also changed foods that i have home. no chips or candies etc, only healthy snacks. and also portion sizes. i eat everything, but not so healthy foods not so often. it has to be balanced. oll obese ppl should go to learn to eat and move camps for couple of weeks. introduce healthy foods and choices to their life

  • Samarpan02
    Samarpan02 2 months ago

    Good motivation . Not sure why that "Red Carpet'? Looked like a Bath room rug ! so worried that he was going o trip and fall again ! Can the YORKU have a decent carpet please?

  • Saphire
    Saphire 3 months ago

    Why does he look like a CGI character?

  • Hao Qi Liu
    Hao Qi Liu 3 months ago

    I’m a simple person, I saw a hunky guy, I clicked into here

  • Imran H
    Imran H 3 months ago

    Thank you, Luke. A brave young man and one heck of a good brother 👏🏻

  • acan thus
    acan thus 3 months ago

    Are you saying that people who don’t see chips and chocolate all day at work won’t start crawling these by 4 pm on too many days ?? This young man should read a few more books and listen to more case studies

  • p o r t i a !
    p o r t i a ! 3 months ago

    its a bit hard when your parents buy oven food -_- but ill try!

  • Zeli Ce
    Zeli Ce 3 months ago

    So true ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will definitely try it!

  • JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior

    💚Love ALL A+!‼️FOOD Cleanliness and More!❗️

  • Leshreddur Mitchell
    Leshreddur Mitchell 3 months ago

    Great wisdom in this idea. However, it was possible because the little brother didn't have the money and transportation, and probably permission to go to the store to get them junkfoods. Strength of will, you might have taught him on accident as well as the idea of, create a healthy atmosphere, become healthy. But with all strengths, you must practice and exercise, a true master never acts like he is the master and doesn't need to practice, a true master, makes the practice enjoyable, and ever tries to do better, or something new. Good man for turning a disadvantage of a broken leg, into an advantage for your brother. Heart warmed. Great story.

  • parsimony
    parsimony 3 months ago

    Why are we listening to this moron

  • rikid fr
    rikid fr 4 months ago

    look at his shoulder xd

  • Azra Firat
    Azra Firat 4 months ago

    7:02 ur welcome

  • roger m
    roger m 4 months ago

    He looks CGI.

  • Hunter Winslow
    Hunter Winslow 4 months ago

    Yeah but what if you have money and drive to work and you are forced to enter environments that don’t work for you. Ugh.

  • Fiona
    Fiona 4 months ago

    I think Tedx is not the same as TED talk. But this really makes me thinking, maybe I will also go on Tedx talk one day, and TED talk eventually. I love public speaking LOL I know I am weird hahah

  • Katie Motter
    Katie Motter 4 months ago

    He is 100% right. I purged as much unhealthy food all at once that I could and slowly but surely replaced things I used up with the organic /whole food replacement. I started with just buying a fluoride free / organic toothpaste instead of my normal crest brand. Then I replaced all my seasonings, condiments and now everything I have is organic / whole.

  • Mohammed Shadab
    Mohammed Shadab 4 months ago

    He looks like a cartoon on thumbnail

  • Otto Green, Jr.
    Otto Green, Jr. 4 months ago

    Great work!!!

  • Chris martin
    Chris martin 4 months ago

    Their team was quiet, professional and most helpful.

  • Astrea Kaito
    Astrea Kaito 4 months ago

    And then you starve.
    I lost 15 kg without meaning to, or needing to. You can't just buy healthy food in stores, that basically doesn't exist. You have to do everything yourself from scratch. This is worth it but it ain't "easy".

  • Sean McEuen
    Sean McEuen 5 months ago

    Yea but that Popeyes keep CALLIN ME

  • Zahid H Khan
    Zahid H Khan 5 months ago

    thank you.

    RAMIRO MUNROE 5 months ago

    What a lost of my time this video

  • Nasseh93
    Nasseh93 5 months ago

    Thanks for the message!

  • Fernwood Farm
    Fernwood Farm 5 months ago

    Good lad!

  • Tarryn Lael Simmons
    Tarryn Lael Simmons 5 months ago

    The picture of his little brother at the end just touched my heart.

  • Sandra Parker
    Sandra Parker 5 months ago

    This guy is fine af.

  • Purple Noodles
    Purple Noodles 5 months ago

    I love the comment section

  • Philip Schroeder
    Philip Schroeder 6 months ago

    After almost 6 minutes all he said was, don't buy unhealthy food, that is exactly why I hate video tutorials, that and people who need to prepare stuff on the video, because they couldn't set the stuff up before, and those people who think their annoying useless introductions, logos and AMVs are an upgrade to your life.

  • slash2jimi
    slash2jimi 6 months ago

    The most boring speech giver I've ever herd.

  • Molly Mae
    Molly Mae 6 months ago

    Okay but what happens when you drive past your favorite fast food place? Or you aren't in the mood to cook? Or you don't have someone to sit there and do it for you... My boyfriend has been eating awful food for 28 years now. We don't have ANY unhealthy food in our house. I cook for him when I can, but if I am not there, he doesn't like to cook.

  • Michael Alba
    Michael Alba 6 months ago

    What do i do if i got a parent who WON'T STOP BUYING DAMN JUNK FOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Etency
    Etency 6 months ago

    This must be one of THE MOST BORING Ted talks I ever seen.

  • August 94
    August 94 6 months ago

    He is handsome, but the speech has not much to say😁

  • Lance McGrew
    Lance McGrew 6 months ago

    Like my mom always said "just don't eat anything that tastes good".

  • Damo Roden
    Damo Roden 6 months ago

    A wonderful example that the future is in good hands . A very brave young man to stand up and talk in front of all those people. And obviously a truly good natured individual to share his story .

  • *Theresia *
    *Theresia * 6 months ago

    Even when eating healthy, i still overeat.

  • Momma O
    Momma O 6 months ago +1

    yep don't let your tongue be the boss

  • JONminiminiME
    JONminiminiME 6 months ago

    I just saw a hot guy in the thumbnail and clicked. I was hoping he'd take off his clothes to show his healthy eating but I now see another hot guy in another related video thumbnail which I'm about to click. TTYL

  • milford halligan
    milford halligan 6 months ago

    8:08 his irish accent came

  • Jose Rosales
    Jose Rosales 7 months ago

    Not very informative lol

  • Stam D
    Stam D 7 months ago


  • holyddogg7
    holyddogg7 7 months ago

    Awesome how many people/parents just let their kids continue eating whatever they want and however much breaks my heart to see 10yr closing in on 209 pounds yes average height just terrible

    • Phitzee
      Phitzee 7 months ago

      This is something that truly breaks my heart too! No child should ever go through that...

  • mere baap
    mere baap 7 months ago

    In thumbnail looked like animation

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 7 months ago

    He looks like he is holding in Pee.

  • Heartland Light
    Heartland Light 7 months ago

    An added inducement to eat more healthfully. And a clearer path. Thank you.

  • dc9999
    dc9999 7 months ago

    I love the comment section giving him praise for standing in front of a crowd even though there was no actual decent advice given.
    Give him another participation trophy, what a true hero he is.

  • Zoya Sajid
    Zoya Sajid 7 months ago

    I need that kind of an elder brother

  • Suki Lee
    Suki Lee 7 months ago

    I came for the hot bod

  • Daniel Oman
    Daniel Oman 7 months ago

    I love it! It's true that removing the temptations (barriers to success) from your environment sounds pretty straightforward, but I love how he speaks from personal experience in seeing it work for him and his family. Thank you for the inspiring, motivational message! I also dig the Canadian accent!

  • Bammer86
    Bammer86 7 months ago

    By far the worst Ted talk I have ever seen. Terrible presentation and very little content. "Don't buy unhealthy food" - WOW thank you...

    • Phitzee
      Phitzee 7 months ago

      ahaha not enough solid advice right!? XD

  • Tigerlist’s Videos
    Tigerlist’s Videos 7 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that thinks that the man is speaking in chinese when it is at ×2 speed???
    Just me?

  • virtualblms
    virtualblms 7 months ago

    Very simple, practical, and effective.

  • Babala Habala
    Babala Habala 7 months ago

    Ohh my god! TED is just going down lower and lower on the level of education purposes. This young guy must be a family member of a prominent person at TED's leadership... :)

  • Kayyyn
    Kayyyn 7 months ago

    What if u don't have a way to get healthy food?

  • Andrea Cook
    Andrea Cook 7 months ago

    Really slow.

  • Cole Dalton
    Cole Dalton 7 months ago

    I'm sorry but you're too beautiful to be that smart

  • Valentina Enciso
    Valentina Enciso 7 months ago

    i buy my own food and the supermarket is a block away if i dont have chips i go out and buy chips

  • Lynda Pilgreen
    Lynda Pilgreen 7 months ago

    I guess the little brother didn't have a car!

  • RepublicanMug
    RepublicanMug 7 months ago

    ITT: people who keep junk food around. Lmao.

  • joym824
    joym824 8 months ago

    I wonder if his little brother was thankful? Was he offended at first?

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green 8 months ago

    There was nothing learned from this.

  • Kaque Burlington
    Kaque Burlington 8 months ago

    Those pants look expensive

  • Danielle C
    Danielle C 8 months ago

    The problem with this strategy is Domino's

  • Giradox
    Giradox 8 months ago

    I'm just staring at his shoulders.

  • Melvin
    Melvin 8 months ago

    Nice clickbait lmao. 0 useful information in this video.

  • yesiownfrodo
    yesiownfrodo 8 months ago

    I suggest that the Ted Talks people go back and edit this. Start the program at 5:46 and just call it a Mini Ted or something like that. Yes, he has bad habits like pacing the floor. And it's painful to watch, but what he has to say is practical. I suggest that this be redone perhaps as an interview with him and his brother. A skilled professional speaker could help make it easier for him to share his story. It's valuable because it worked for his brother, it just needs some fine tuning.