FOOD SLIME - Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation - ASMR, Slime Pressing and more!

  • Опубликовано: 15 фев 2019
  • FOOD SLIME - Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation - ASMR, Slime Pressing and more!
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to FOOD SLIME - Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation - ASMR, Slime Pressing and more!

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  • Rebekah Cross
    Rebekah Cross 2 часа назад


  • Veronica Aqua
    Veronica Aqua 3 часа назад


  • Diana Setiawan
    Diana Setiawan 4 часа назад

    This video makes me want to eat baked goods now...🍩🍪🥧🧁🍰🥞🍞🥨🥖🥐

  • Blink Lover
    Blink Lover 5 часов назад


  • Candy Girl
    Candy Girl 6 часов назад

    why do you have to be a unicorn or my precious I sad that the avocado died and got eaten 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧😭😭😭🤧🤧😢😩😖😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧😭😭😭

  • Evelyn Muir
    Evelyn Muir 6 часов назад

    Oof I'm hungry now 😩

  • Jake Petzold
    Jake Petzold 8 часов назад

    I don't think that people eat bagels like that.🤨

  • Quela Lucero
    Quela Lucero 8 часов назад

    Who puts air pods in slime

  • Litzi Gonzalez
    Litzi Gonzalez 10 часов назад

    Hi you are my favorite RU-clipr

  • esther perez
    esther perez 10 часов назад

    Have you ever made slime

  • Leah overton
    Leah overton 10 часов назад

    Azzy:waffles over boys am i right

    Idk how to spell his name but azzys bf:ohh its sooooo sad

  • Ashleigh's Councillor
    Ashleigh's Councillor 10 часов назад

    Read a 3rfxfvg8review and learn

  • Alissa Shaw
    Alissa Shaw 11 часов назад

    I would be so sad to bit into the doughtnuts and SLIME!?!??!

  • Alissa Shaw
    Alissa Shaw 11 часов назад

    My love for food (laughs) than (sighs) than (laughs) again that oreo slime though also that airbuds slime is like kinda offensive for the people that dont have that much money i love unicorns

  • Amiral Vasquez
    Amiral Vasquez 11 часов назад +1

    That is so funny😂😂

  • Asnate Pekulesa
    Asnate Pekulesa 11 часов назад


  • Alissa Shaw
    Alissa Shaw 12 часов назад

    pls make more slime vids ily

  • CallieFan5
    CallieFan5 13 часов назад

    Azzy: NO MY AVOCADO me: dieing of laughter

  • Emma Tarrant
    Emma Tarrant 14 часов назад

    Slime + food = edible slime

    LFRESH E 14 часов назад

    Stop talking and let me hear azzy

  • Purple Dragon 9
    Purple Dragon 9 15 часов назад

    Azzy should make slime

  • Joana Mbeya
    Joana Mbeya 15 часов назад

    Why do you like saying OOF! All the time?? Its kinda........... Well, I'll stop but i still love you!!

  • Alyssa Kieboom
    Alyssa Kieboom 17 часов назад

    yes of corse the put cream cheeze in a cream cheeze container

  • Roberto Condeza
    Roberto Condeza 17 часов назад

    Whats your favrite slime azzy:Fluffy slime

  • josh black
    josh black 17 часов назад

    Stay awesome
    Stay sweet and always love azzy ❤️

  • josh black
    josh black 17 часов назад

    Love your videos azzy ❤️❤️

  • Jeannea Beaumont
    Jeannea Beaumont 19 часов назад

    Fat food it can make you sick

  • Savannah Littlejohn
    Savannah Littlejohn 19 часов назад

    Yo a cannel makes mini stof so ya you have to make it

  • SnowyLoves Gachalife
    SnowyLoves Gachalife 20 часов назад

    UwU chick-fil-A

  • suzanne chatterjee
    suzanne chatterjee 23 часа назад

    I saw the unicorn video before

  • suzanne chatterjee
    suzanne chatterjee 23 часа назад

    You saw one video from talisa tosell

  • Lea Marie
    Lea Marie День назад

    Dude alyandra is my lil sister’s name lol

  • Alice Stevens
    Alice Stevens День назад


  • Alice Stevens
    Alice Stevens День назад

    Food+ slime= my too favorite things

  • Maria Clarisse
    Maria Clarisse День назад

    Can you please watch this @TalisaTosell

  • Roberto Condeza
    Roberto Condeza День назад

    If you eat srimps so many of them your skin will tourn PINK

  • gummybear2660 forever
    gummybear2660 forever День назад +1

    RIP Alejandro.

  • Izzy Denise
    Izzy Denise День назад

    Azzy: NO ALEJANDRO!!! ~ Azzyland 2019

  • Amy Mitcham
    Amy Mitcham День назад


  • Zoya Ali
    Zoya Ali День назад

    Azzy: I didn’t know clear slime was satisfying!

  • Vita Nemirovsky
    Vita Nemirovsky День назад

    I need more vids like this. It’s to good

  • Heather Blackwell
    Heather Blackwell День назад


  • Bailey Cini
    Bailey Cini День назад +1

    Pwease pin my comment #Azzy or can I get 2 likes pwease :'(

  • Ruby Is A Doggo
    Ruby Is A Doggo День назад +1

    My name is Dog 🐕

  • Ruby Is A Doggo
    Ruby Is A Doggo День назад +1

    Food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food food,!?

  • Tara Mitts
    Tara Mitts День назад

    could i eat slime

  • Cheryl Drury
    Cheryl Drury День назад

    Coke makes the best slime what is your fav ice cream

  • Linda Dunne
    Linda Dunne День назад

    Where did the eggplant go. 🍆🍆

  • Eshaal Islam
    Eshaal Islam День назад

    You are amazing 😍😍

  • Peri Sirbaugh
    Peri Sirbaugh День назад

    Do try not to say arm me

  • Comfy Girly 101
    Comfy Girly 101 День назад

    This is cassy
    👱‍♀️ she has cancer
    👕 she is poor
    👖she is dieing this week
    👟one like to make her be alive and make her rich.

  • wolfy and the krew
    wolfy and the krew День назад

    Rip reong

  • Unicorn Gacha xx
    Unicorn Gacha xx День назад

    Who else wants Azzy to make slime :)

  • Siofra Marley
    Siofra Marley День назад


  • bshdyd ge
    bshdyd ge День назад

    azzy 24 hours in the car

  • Vanya Agarwal
    Vanya Agarwal День назад

    0:14× edible slime

  • Siska. Quirke
    Siska. Quirke День назад


  • TRUEracker3
    TRUEracker3 День назад

    i love you and i like slime

  • Melanie Janice Crasto
    Melanie Janice Crasto 2 дня назад

    I love slime as much i like ur vid 1 like and u love Azzy

  • Evie Gacha
    Evie Gacha 2 дня назад

    Azzy:I don't know why I need it, but I need it
    Me: heck yea that's me for everything

  • This is very good Rascon
    This is very good Rascon 2 дня назад

    Azzy you are amazing and awesome you are the best person in the world whenever i am sad i watch u cause you make my day

  • Roberto Briones
    Roberto Briones 2 дня назад

    omg food AzzyLand

  • Carolina Pavon
    Carolina Pavon 2 дня назад


  • Evelyn Netzer-Gomez
    Evelyn Netzer-Gomez 2 дня назад

    RIP Alexandro 😵😵😵😇🥑🥑

  • Hitmonlee 20092
    Hitmonlee 20092 2 дня назад

    I LOVE FOODDDDDDDDDDDD🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌭🌭🌭🌭

  • Jeanette Wixted
    Jeanette Wixted 2 дня назад


  • miranda foreman
    miranda foreman 2 дня назад


  • Angie Loyo
    Angie Loyo 2 дня назад

    Omg i love your videos

  • rianna haymes
    rianna haymes 2 дня назад

    Thx for the like, oh wait.. that was me :P

  • rianna haymes
    rianna haymes 2 дня назад +2

    Azzy, I see you with makeup every vid, you should take it off because your beautiful just the way you are. One like = one Azzy without makeup. ;)

  • austin butler
    austin butler 2 дня назад

    Aztec love you keep doing you girl

  • Erika Dickinson
    Erika Dickinson 2 дня назад

    I'm with ya with the very nice sounds 😇😇😇

  • christine sabater
    christine sabater 2 дня назад

    Food Food can you make a nother slime Food video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Adrianna Rebish
    Adrianna Rebish 2 дня назад +1

    I LOVE slime

  • Hailey The Gacha Dog
    Hailey The Gacha Dog 2 дня назад

    (• .• ) this is penny. She needs lettuce.
    1 like = 1 piece of lettuce
    She loves lettuce

  • Patience Long
    Patience Long 2 дня назад

    From Faith in language that the

  • Patience Long
    Patience Long 2 дня назад

    You are dumu😈🏥:-$ 👪

  • daisy86ful
    daisy86ful 2 дня назад

    Azzy: ahhhh yes it’s so good yes give it all to me. ME: .........

  • Jennifer Warrick
    Jennifer Warrick 2 дня назад

    Oh i love ittttt

  • David Yerby
    David Yerby 2 дня назад


  • Christina the unicorn
    Christina the unicorn 2 дня назад +3

    This is how many *HEARTS* *AZZY*

  • Isabelle Cooper
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  • Amber Bokon
    Amber Bokon 2 дня назад

    Yummy food 😍

  • Kbevs Evans
    Kbevs Evans 2 дня назад +2

    Hi azzy I love your videos but mostly you!!

  • No Scope
    No Scope 2 дня назад

    Make slime make slime pretty please which your friend and have the boys judge your slime please please read this right now

  • Mornie Montilla
    Mornie Montilla 2 дня назад +1

    Hiiamreu fiona c, montilla

  • Teri O'Reilly
    Teri O'Reilly 2 дня назад

    I love slime

  • Асигүл Нұрданəлі
    Асигүл Нұрданəлі 3 дня назад

    COOI 😍

  • Racheal kani
    Racheal kani 3 дня назад

    0:26 Is it just me or did i hear agnes from despicable me????

  • Haley Nova
    Haley Nova 3 дня назад


  • estelasabeniano5
    estelasabeniano5 3 дня назад +1

    Ur ruing my ASMR with ur talking

  • Blanka Koperska
    Blanka Koperska 3 дня назад

    I cant stop waching this is my twenty fith tome

  • myrick1973
    myrick1973 3 дня назад

    Rip Alijondro

  • sanyo thao
    sanyo thao 3 дня назад

    I. Won't that 😄🙂😍

  • Zameir the GG brow Bryant
    Zameir the GG brow Bryant 3 дня назад +1

    Alejandro will be missed R.IP 😭

  • matt giannini
    matt giannini 3 дня назад +1

    So am I invited to the funeral?

  • matt giannini
    matt giannini 3 дня назад

    Rip Aleandro

  • Kiki gabby
    Kiki gabby 3 дня назад

    I love the little ovacoto😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sophy Candy
    Sophy Candy 3 дня назад

    People are like fast that’s why they do they don’t call them slime or they call them the slime queen