$100 MONSTER Korean Grilled Fish in Jeju Island South Korea

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • Jeju is home to the monster Korean grilled hairtail fish. I enjoyed it so much in Seoul, can't wait to try it from the source(:
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  • HanSoloxcs
    HanSoloxcs 2 months ago

    What is this intro song!???

  • Peace Chafah
    Peace Chafah 2 months ago

    Hi! Mickey

  • andrew tube maksimov
    andrew tube maksimov 3 months ago

    Do not tell me that is not good

  • Kerygma of Live
    Kerygma of Live 3 months ago

    How much in won korea?

  • Nym Alous
    Nym Alous 4 months ago

    My favorite part is where you talk about your grandmother and how the fish you were eating brings back memories. That's just nice. ...but that fish looked mean!

  • Jagriti Mandal
    Jagriti Mandal 5 months ago

    Blackpink in Mike Chan's area!!

  • Donna Chiang
    Donna Chiang 6 months ago

    The location link doesn't work for me, can someone help with locating this restaurant please? :)

  • N Z
    N Z 6 months ago

    I just realized that blackpink is playing in the background. Lmao

  • Levi V
    Levi V 6 months ago

    Dude .. my next stop Jeju!!

  • katelynn Byrum
    katelynn Byrum 6 months ago

    The blackpink playing in the background lmao

  • Azmi
    Azmi 6 months ago

    blackpink in your area

  • kimura kano
    kimura kano 6 months ago

    That fish looked like it was on a diet. No meat!

  • calvin lim
    calvin lim 7 months ago

    babacuda yuk, flash full of worms.

  • Linna Keo
    Linna Keo 7 months ago

    go to cambodia one day!!!

  • sashimimann
    sashimimann 7 months ago


  • Soo Young Choi
    Soo Young Choi 7 months ago

    This dude knows how to eat fish legitimately.
    I moved to US 2 years ago and I watch his video of Korea a lot cuz that is the only way to console my longing of Korea :(

  • Kelvin Flores
    Kelvin Flores 7 months ago

    I wasn’t even Hungy when I came To this video
    I WASNT....

  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 7 months ago

    I'm so hungry!

  • Crystal Nguyen
    Crystal Nguyen 7 months ago

    I also grew up eating this, but my grandma cuts it up and deep fry it, so the side bones are edible XD still my favorite way to eat it

  • choppa gunna
    choppa gunna 7 months ago

    Jackie chan you always eating good and that's good my boy !!!

  • Savage Truth
    Savage Truth 7 months ago

    On* Jeju island

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    Jedi G4mer 7 months ago

    Have you ever said something isn’t good!?

  • The Great Eldian Empire

    And they say money can't buy happiness .....

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    arianne aquino 7 months ago

    black pink in the background

  • Harrison Duncan
    Harrison Duncan 7 months ago


  • Isolator I am
    Isolator I am 7 months ago

    this cost nothing in Asia places, Overpriced for sure, just something to kill tourist

  • Dallas Nateweyes
    Dallas Nateweyes 7 months ago

    Nice food lide

  • Levis Kim
    Levis Kim 7 months ago

    When I was young, the Korean sea was cold. So the hairtail fish was very cheap. very common fool in a family table. I didn`t know at that time it was really delicious.

  • HyFlexx
    HyFlexx 7 months ago

    his appetite is insane, i love it

  • Arcane NDS
    Arcane NDS 7 months ago

    At Yogyakarta Indonesia you can have same fish with same size for around 17usd and smaller fish for 8usd served with all you can eat rice ang vegie, free tea and lime juice till you throwup

  • 정상훈
    정상훈 7 months ago


    SHIN KETO 7 months ago

    My mouth watering

    JOJI KIM 7 months ago


  • Brandon Yoon
    Brandon Yoon 7 months ago

    Omg he know how to enjoy Korean local food better than me 😂
    배고파 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • straden79
    straden79 7 months ago

    This guy knows how to eat in korean way and other ways.. one package, so entertaining to watch him eat. kudos!

  • Putrisa Mutiara Dewi
    Putrisa Mutiara Dewi 7 months ago

    name in indonesia is fish layur
    very many MR. comeback to indonesia againt MR

  • Brown Dog
    Brown Dog 7 months ago

    I was eating a chocolate cream filled eclair while watching this hoping it would turn into that fish at some point, OWELL was still delish.

  • O Brownie
    O Brownie 7 months ago

    I would love to visit South Korea

  • Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit 7 months ago +2

    Beautiful Culture Beautiful Food!

  • Saber Wing21
    Saber Wing21 7 months ago

    Thats a scary but delicious looking fish. Yum! 🐟🥢🍶

  • Mi_SeñorSatanas Satanas


  • Jake Rios
    Jake Rios 7 months ago

    I swear I thought he did this same video but it was year ago same size fish lol

  • Munira Shabbir
    Munira Shabbir 7 months ago

    Hey you should try fish in Iraq

  • malleysmama
    malleysmama 7 months ago

    My oh my both versions made me salivate great job in making us drool Mike😋

  • Jemil Manalili
    Jemil Manalili 7 months ago

    Here in the Philippines we call it Espada or Sword Fish

  • Trude
    Trude 7 months ago

    Is it somehow like a mackerel? The meat looks kinda similar. Mackerel is my favourite fish ever.

  • John Michael Fajardo
    John Michael Fajardo 7 months ago

    BLACKPINK in your area!!

  • Flyoski
    Flyoski 7 months ago

    i dont eat fish but this made me hungry af

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    Sarah Marie Sarmiento 7 months ago

    Gay af

  • ppp ppplll
    ppp ppplll 7 months ago

    In the ph its calles liwit. I can get 2 dollars for the same size as the one your eating

  • lucydoe
    lucydoe 7 months ago

    This man knows how to eat Korean!

  • Andrea Kirisa
    Andrea Kirisa 7 months ago

    Are you Jackie Chan son? You look like him lot, even your voice too.

  • Robert FancyPants Motorcycle Mcgee

    you're the most asian of all asians. Asia.

  • Selena Cole
    Selena Cole 7 months ago

    I must admit, I would not want to share this fish😎 It looks so tasty!

  • shorty low
    shorty low 7 months ago

    Ok looks good!

  • Real
    Real 7 months ago

    Please I want it

  • Just Skye
    Just Skye 7 months ago

    I can hear BlackPink - As if it’s your last playing

  • SπdR
    SπdR 7 months ago

    I need to stop watching these or my stomach will melt from the acid that is just pouring out from the hunger.

  • 514출구는 없어
    514출구는 없어 7 months ago

    mikey, you stay in good shape despite repeated nice feast.

  • Robert Chavez
    Robert Chavez 7 months ago

    Hey Mike I have been bingeing your videos and my wife loves when you say eat because of your accent. Because it sounds like yeet. Thank you for the good times!

  • Rayvon OddBoy
    Rayvon OddBoy 7 months ago

    Just Beautiful

  • Paola Ochoa Pinzón
    Paola Ochoa Pinzón 7 months ago

    I heard 'Lo Siento' on the background at the end!!♡♡

  • BoussoleFire
    BoussoleFire 7 months ago

    Watching him fillet the fish was very satisfying

  • Sheila McDaniel
    Sheila McDaniel 7 months ago

    Thank you for vlogging.

  • Brigid I guess
    Brigid I guess 7 months ago

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  • Backpacking Villager
    Backpacking Villager 7 months ago

    U people like watching fake Chan eating a fish? What in the world these days...Million people watching, smiling and even clapping on vids where a stranger is eating. (This vid was clicked when i was trying to click real meaningful vid)

  • cKBz585 B
    cKBz585 B 7 months ago

    I want grilled fish now thanks lol

  • Harvey Lacaba
    Harvey Lacaba 7 months ago

    Is the whole meal $100? Or just the fish? Because we have that fish back here at home, whole fish wouldn't even probably cost you $15, other than that, that whole set looks gooooood!!!!!!

  • Tanya Le
    Tanya Le 7 months ago

    Do you have two accounts? The other one under Mickey C.

  • Jared Tan
    Jared Tan 7 months ago


  • Cryptic Slice Of Bread
    Cryptic Slice Of Bread 7 months ago

    Ok now I want to eat that

  • preachffxi
    preachffxi 8 months ago

    Where is jasmin

  • Forbidden Questions
    Forbidden Questions 8 months ago

    Who else heard Lo Siento at 9:05?

  • Renzo Martinez
    Renzo Martinez 8 months ago

    I like to see Mikey eats at Jeju, Korea.

  • Marie's Kawaii World
    Marie's Kawaii World 8 months ago

    We were just there last week! This restaurant is well known, but personally, I prefer 운정이네 (Unjeong-i-ne) set menu. Thanks for the great video Mikey!

  • Umair Saeed
    Umair Saeed 8 months ago

    He makes out with his food as if it’s his long lost lover

  • John Ellis
    John Ellis 8 months ago

    He has 1 of my dream jobs...which is traveling the world and eating great food...I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!

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    ya yeet 8 months ago

    He looks like jackie chan

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    fragrant worship 8 months ago

    Bro your videos are not showing up on my feed and I have clicked the bell. For some reason the bell is not ringing letting me know of new videos.

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    Pixie Love25 8 months ago

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    Tharindu Rajapaksha 8 months ago

    The way he saying this is amazing is like this is very disgusting

  • Helcat24
    Helcat24 8 months ago

    asian food is the best in the world, nothing can compare

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey 8 months ago

    Mikey turning into Chris Stuckman. I grew up eating this fish

  • CratesOfPlates
    CratesOfPlates 8 months ago

    Dude I was in Jeju yesterday!!!

  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen 8 months ago

    They cost around 5usd 1kg in Vietnam's Central's market (Nha Trang) ^^

  • Gab Formoso
    Gab Formoso 8 months ago

    I’m allergic to seafood but good thing excluding fish. This looks really delicious!

  • N.Thao. Eat
    N.Thao. Eat 8 months ago

    Great video 👍

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    Jesus Lovesme 8 months ago

    I've always seen you eat at restaurants but never seen you make food then eat it. Can you cook a ramen dish in a video whenever you can Strictly Dumpling?

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy
    Franklin MacGillacuddy 8 months ago

    WOW that looks amazing!! I'm gonna go catch some shorefish and broil them like that. Looks great, good work Mike.

  • Jason Park
    Jason Park 8 months ago

    Random Korean passing by.... who'd never been to Jeju in like 10 years..lol

  • Lenka Kitty
    Lenka Kitty 8 months ago

    I don't know why this guy annoys me so much!))(Maybe I envy him for all the tasty food he is eating all the time). I hate when I see his face in the video (it's better to watch just food and his voice), but he has a very good content and food choices))

  • nahee yoola
    nahee yoola 8 months ago

    Love your vdo😍😍

  • Johnlocked the impala
    Johnlocked the impala 8 months ago +1

    I just want to say thank you so much for making these videos. 6 years ago I had to get a lot of my stomach/intestines and even part of my esophagus removed and since then eating and drinking have been very difficult and painful for me. Growing up I loved everything about cooking and eating especially the way food brings people together. Dealing with so much pain and being unable to eat most things, watching your videos and being able to just eat vicariously through you and see how much you love and truly enjoy new food and culture has helped me so much. When ever I'm having a particularly bad day I always turn on your videos and without fail you alway's bring a smile to my face and help me through it. Please keep doing what you're doing, you're fantastic at it! With love and much appreciation, cheers from Texas. 💖💖

  • pankaj bansod
    pankaj bansod 8 months ago

    Everything for money,,,,, if ur grandmother used to cook it every single day than how did u eat its bitter part before...... Lier

  • jujube_jewelry
    jujube_jewelry 8 months ago

    Hi Mikey! Thanks for showing that eating a whole grilled fish is not scary. I’m from the US so a lot of westerners are anti-fish. (Oh well more for us!) One of my coworkers became a convert once she saw me order a whole fish, filet and eat the entire thing. I realize exposure to different cuisines is so important to break down fears. Thanks for doing what you do and featuring Asian cuisines as accessible, totally NOT from outer space, and something yummy worth trying!

    • jujube_jewelry
      jujube_jewelry 8 months ago

      P.S. sorry I’m gonna be one of THOSE people. “Jorim” is pronounced Jo-reem like “dream”, not “rim” like “Jim”. Accent should be emphasized on first syllable like words like pouring, yoga, mister, otherwise emphasizing second syllable will change the words to po-RING, yo-GAH, or miss-TUR. When in doubt Korean words should be accented on the first syllable.
      No matter what just the fact that you featured jorim and how much you love that radish is a million kudos from me to you.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 8 months ago

    We call these fried fishes with salt a “rice killer” cuz those bit of saltiness goes perfect with rice.

  • Lar Caballes
    Lar Caballes 8 months ago

    Plus, love your videos!!

  • Siddhesh Tulaskar
    Siddhesh Tulaskar 8 months ago

    Hi There, you can visit Gangtok (Sikkim in India). Pakyong Airport is fully operational