10 Real Kids Who Are ONLY 1% In The World

  • Published on Aug 27, 2017
  • AMAZING Kids You've NEVER Seen Until Now
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    Most of us have been raised to believe that we’re special, unique, and that there is no one else like us. We’re one in a million in a sea of people who look and act just like us. But thanks to our parents, friends, and family, we believe that we’re individuals. Every parent wants to think that their kid is special and unique from the rest of the world. Of course, every person is unique, but it takes something special to make them stand out from billions of people. But, not every kid gets to have a normal childhood and live an average life. Sometimes, Mother Nature has something different up her sleeve for some really special kids and puts a wrench into the system. Not only are these kids unique and such, but their families are as well. It can be difficult to adjust and make sense with a different life for these families. However, these kids end up becoming inspirations all their own. For example, Angus Palmes is 13 years old, but is trapped in a toddler’s body. Ramses Sanguino is just a little kid but knows more about the world than most adults thanks to his genius mind.
    In this video, you’re going to meet 10 real kids who are one in a million. From being born with a unique condition or possessing some sort of incredible ability, these kids certainly stand out while swimming in a sea of average people. Because they are so unique, they are often getting media coverage, and the world is amazed once they learn the story of these amazing kids.
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    Now That I have watched this video I am so grateful for what I have

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    Angus is not only one since there is a famous sportsman who has also got dwarfisom

    By the way that condition is called dwarfisom

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    Geez everybody is special and everybody is unique and not just these people beacause were ''average''. Everybody is amazing no matter the color of their skin or the way they look. Everybody is special and that is how God made us.

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      you needed to bring religion into the comment? i agree completely except that bit

  • Hugs not Drugs
    Hugs not Drugs 17 days ago +1

    It is very kind to feel empathic for these kids. It is no doubt that these conditions are hard to deal with. But these kids have learned to deal with it and are happy. Instead of calling them "poor children" or saying how sad we are, I think they'd much prefer us be respectfully inspired. Much love xo

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    That title is a disaster lol

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    I don’t agree with the title, every kid is unique in their own way so...
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    If you are bullying someone stop it if you are out your hands on something stop it they are who they are and it's not their fault they are deformed disabled they are like you different unique everyone of you are unique different like if you are dealing with bullied remember these words no one deserves to be bullied and all you bullies out there the person who you are bullying they don't deserve it no one does even if you are deformed you don't deserve it even if they want revenge on what you have done to them you still don't deserve it you are special in your own way I am a school counselor at a middle school and there is so much bulling right now what I always say is you don't deserve to be bullied no one does

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    Anges is not the only one who has that condition my brother's friend is a 15 year old and and she has a body of a toddler BTW I need likes

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