• Published on Aug 17, 2019
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    UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. We're not interested in eco & green (unless it's like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo's is what we want to hear! We review all sorts of performance cars. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0-100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans. We have it all!
    DE: Wir nehmen alle möglichen leistungsstarken Autos unter die Lupe. In den verschiedenen Playlists könnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genießen, Beschleunigungstests (0-100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos. Exotische Autos, sportliche Kompaktwagen und kraftvolle Limousinen. Wir haben sie alle!
    FR: A travers les différentes playlists, vous pourrez apprécier des bruits d’échappements, des tests d’accélérations (0- 100, 0-200), des caméras embarquées ainsi que le son à l’accélération des voitures. Des voitures de rallyes aux berlines surpuissantes en passant par des bolides hors-norme...nous avons tout ce qu’il vous faut !
    PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy
    przyspieszenia (0-100, 0-200) z launch control, kamerami wewnątrz kabiny i wibrującym dźwiękiem każdego
    samochodu. Egzotyczne auta, hothatch, sportowe sedany - znajdziesz je wszystkie tutaj!
    IT: Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto da performance. Nelle nostre diverse playlist troverai suoni di marmitte, test di accelerazione (0-100, 0-200) con controllo di lancio, camere onboard e il suono unico di ogni auto. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans.. Ce le abbiamo tutte!
    ES: Auto-Top es una empresa de pruebas y grabación de coches sincera. No estamos interesados en la ecología. Tubos de escape rugiendo y motores echando humo, es todo lo que nos interesa oir! Hacemos reviews de todo tipo de coches. En las listas de reproducción podéis encontrar desde sonidos del ultramundo hasta tests de aceleración (0-100, 0-200), cámaras a bordo de los coches, hasta el sonido de aceleración de cada coche. Coches exóticos, coches compactos, deportivos. Lo tenemos todo!
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Comments • 288

  • SlvrWlf88
    SlvrWlf88 2 days ago

    I haven't seen one broke. Down car on the side of the road in any of these videos

  • Jessy H
    Jessy H 6 days ago

    You claim you are experienced driver. Really? People that know how to drive stay in the right lane unless passing another vehicle. Especially when there are actual fast cars on the same road. What do you think someone in an AMG is going to think when he has to hit the brakes because you're dumbass is driving in the passing lane in you're little Yaris. Don't be a douchebag and move over! If you are going to pass, then PASS and then get out of the way. I knew that after one week of driving. You have more to learn before you are "experienced".

  • fouad mca
    fouad mca 8 days ago

    The Clio 4 rs is best than the yaris

  • hakan kar
    hakan kar 11 days ago

    Toyota corolla hız testi yapar misin

  • LeCoureurDesBois
    LeCoureurDesBois 12 days ago +1

    I want that engine in the Corolla Hatch please

  • Antonis Drummer
    Antonis Drummer 13 days ago +2

    Call me boring and stupid but i love yaris as much as some people love the golf

  • Dual Sport Numbskullz
    Dual Sport Numbskullz 14 days ago +1

    My 09 Yaris with a 106 hp 1.5 liter tops out at 122 mph

  • Ahmed cars
    Ahmed cars 15 days ago

    Great cars

  • TechnoCody
    TechnoCody 20 days ago

    Turned off traction control = disliked.
    Totally stupid on public road. I would like if it was traction control. I'm glad I didn't subscribed.

    • TechnoCody
      TechnoCody 17 days ago

      Even speeding with traction control on will ensure their stability in the control. Toyota known to saving many drivers from lose control. As such if Toyota vehicle is going to sideway in corner. Stability will attempts to stabilize. All Toyota safety feature been standard after around 2008.
      I have Toyota as well and I tested my traction control by taking hard corner with overturned steering on purpose. I had hard time to spin out, when I disabled traction control by press button hold for 5 secs. Or, pulling fuse that disable entire safety feature including ABS. I successful spun out with first try then second try.
      When I was driving to work during icy storm in 55 mph. I took the exit ramp then my rear started slide sightly to left then I felt something gripped then my rear went back into normal position. Light was flashing on my dashboard too. If I disabled traction control during icy storm. I would have smashed into barrier or in ditch because TRACTION PREVENT STOP VEHICLE FROM FISHTAIL.
      Stick with traction control even if you are going to speed. Sideway while speeding without traction control may been devastated.
      I'm pretty sure many modern automaker's as such VW, GM, etc traction control will keep remain in the control during speeding and handling. It been studied very beneficial to track use too. Automaker been known to pushing the limits by taking early production to track.
      Automaker been spending thousand dollars to making vehicle safer. Don't be fooled from other people saying that traction control can make it worse during speed. Absolutely incorrect, except some older vehicles when traction control wasn't advanced like 1980.
      If you don't believe me, go search 'New Honda Civic Type R crashed in track' where corner that made Civic begin sideway. Now, what if he have traction control, then it would save him from crash and totaled his Civic. Camera showed that he have traction control off. So, anyone thinks traction control off is cool. No, it's not cool, you making it more risky where unexceptional can always happens.

    • Crazy Cupckake
      Crazy Cupckake 18 days ago


  • Wolf Bleue49
    Wolf Bleue49 25 days ago

    Dommage qu'elle avance pas.. 230kmh c'est trop faible.

  • Porsche 911
    Porsche 911 25 days ago

    This guy don’t no how to drive..his lanky arse is to big for this car....

  • nomon95
    nomon95 25 days ago

    It has 5 step gears,need a sixth,for less fuel consumption, and less rpm

  • hendra
    hendra 26 days ago


  • BesiBuruk Official
    BesiBuruk Official 26 days ago

    its need more hp

  • hil 2
    hil 2 26 days ago

    Oughh.. , said the shifting knob.

  • Don Hermy
    Don Hermy 26 days ago

    I have a Toyota Yaris S cvt hatchback 2019 , 🤔 i wondering if can i do this?

  • Jell Jell
    Jell Jell 27 days ago

    Poor yaris, do u see how it shakes on highy speed

  • Жеткизген Нурбергенов


  • lah yessam
    lah yessam 27 days ago

    Well the rally version of the Yaris has 380 hp out of a 1.6 liter engine but I am not sure if it is street legal...both of these cars put my 2009 Yaris to shame as it had barely 108 hp

  • Tim
    Tim 28 days ago

    Its dead in 6th gear. Nice car anyway.

  • Navy Guy
    Navy Guy 28 days ago

    Lotta road / engine noise. Besides lot of driver fatigue with the manual. Love the CVT in my Honda.

  • Tim Rus
    Tim Rus 28 days ago

    That's what my 2004 2400ccm volvo v70 can do hahah

  • ohZyki
    ohZyki 28 days ago +1

    change back to pov angle please

  • Sawier
    Sawier 28 days ago

    limited to 230?

  • Al Nasser
    Al Nasser 28 days ago

    عزز ياليارس😂😂😂😂

  • mysock351C
    mysock351C 28 days ago

    Its as aerodynamic as a brick stood on-end, but this would surprise a lot of cars from a dig. A little rice-box that's as fast as my Impala LT. Be nice if they had an incognito version. Be a neat little sleeper for the city commute.

  • Al J
    Al J 28 days ago

    God damn this thing is quick!

  • Mario Pasai
    Mario Pasai 28 days ago

    Learn how to change shifts gently

  • DTWD 904
    DTWD 904 28 days ago

    Time of video makes sense...takes about 11 minutes for a Yaris to get to full speed 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

  • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

    230 in a yaris ?! Really ?

  • **Mahina808**
    **Mahina808** 29 days ago

    Color me impressed. Not bad at all.

  • G G
    G G 29 days ago

    Fiche technique ?

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 29 days ago

    I’m actually shocked at how well that thing accelerates

  • Wei-Wen Sue
    Wei-Wen Sue 29 days ago


  • DividedByGreed
    DividedByGreed 29 days ago

    So basically this is the equivalent of a 2008 civic si 😂

  • Jean V
    Jean V 29 days ago

    Looks like tons of fun 😄 I'd take it any day

  • Yasser Balushi
    Yasser Balushi 29 days ago

    I didn't know yaris can go that fast ..

  • Pablo López
    Pablo López 29 days ago

    Haha Yaris

  • Gary Mac
    Gary Mac 29 days ago

    Well that looked fucking fun 😁

  • Vasco Da Gama
    Vasco Da Gama 29 days ago +1

    She can fly 😁

    ALLAH DIYEN DEADPOOL 29 days ago

    Better than new supra

  • bram turismo
    bram turismo 29 days ago

    Seems like the Yaris is the faster car to 160km/h but after that the GT86 pulls better. I did 247km/h in mine with a passenger and the trunk loaded with stuff when on the way back from holiday. Might add mine has a custom header and a tune, though, but still produces less power than the Yaris.

    • bram turismo
      bram turismo 28 days ago

      @Daniel Trajano Very true!

    • Daniel Trajano
      Daniel Trajano 29 days ago +1

      bram turismo also try to remember you have Shorter ratio gears

  • Erik Bakker
    Erik Bakker 29 days ago +4

    0-100, all nice and well.
    But I was pretty surprised how relatively easy it climbed to 170/180 and then through to 200.
    And the ride looked pretty smooth as well, even at top speed.
    Very pleasantly surprised by this little beast.

  • 0141karaage
    0141karaage Month ago

    2:14 EK9?

  • レンタカーフリークkoto_chan my carshare & rentacar life


  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank Month ago

    Toyota Number 1 💪💪💪👍👍👍240 kilómetro 💪💪💪😳

  • pixo 23
    pixo 23 Month ago

    James may ???

  • razvan7
    razvan7 Month ago

    pov angle .

  • Not Nightcore
    Not Nightcore Month ago

    Isnt Yaris is that little car???
    What in the god name has happen in this worls

  • vraatzucht
    vraatzucht Month ago

    Let me know if you also own a Yaris GRMN! We have one and still love it! Would be nice to see more people who chose this nice little hidden gem.

  • 강약중강약
    강약중강약 Month ago

    tachometer ... WOW...

  • Mika Einhannen
    Mika Einhannen Month ago +2

    6th gear should be a lot shorter... Who needs a "fuel saver" gear on a hot hatch called GRRRRRENENENUMMMM

  • Maksim Ostanin
    Maksim Ostanin Month ago

    Motor is blow🤣

  • higurro
    higurro Month ago

    I'd love to know what the other drivers thought when a Yaris went past them at 230kph

    • Ali
      Ali 29 days ago

      Must be like WTF

  • R
    R Month ago +1

    Crashing in this will send you into another dimension

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    Recklessly wheelspin out of a lay-by onto the autobahn ✅ Forced a car to change lanes ✅ Must be AutoTopNL

    • S. -
      S. - Month ago

      Fuck off

  • Tony Pasby
    Tony Pasby Month ago

    That things rapid!!! For a Toyota Yaris!!!

  • Lighting Gamer
    Lighting Gamer Month ago

    POV is still better

  • African Q_AB
    African Q_AB Month ago +1

    tf is under that hood, damn that thing is fast

  • So Happy
    So Happy Month ago

    Also zu erst Kupplung dann der Gang und nicht umgekehrt.