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Trunks VS Silver (Dragon Ball Heroes VS Archie Sonic) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022
  • Xeno Trunks battles Silver from Archie Comics!
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  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer Month ago +10304

    Imagine Trunks offering Silver a job as a Time Patroller.

    • Oswin Valle
      Oswin Valle 10 days ago

      @Joseph Sharp yes Xeno Trunks And Archie Silver

    • Oswin Valle
      Oswin Valle 10 days ago

      @David Jamesond yes I know

    • Will O
      Will O 13 days ago

      imagine playing XV2 and amongst the characters you can create for your OC a hedgehog is part of the option

    • Lamontae Poke
      Lamontae Poke 25 days ago

      Bro that's what i thought of in my head for a long silver will make a awesome time patroller

    • Sol Bankai
      Sol Bankai Month ago

      @Reiku Yin once again true but that also defeats the purpose of death battle once again

  • Jarf D. Dorkis
    Jarf D. Dorkis Month ago +866

    Fun fact, Silver's win over Trunks puts the Dragon Ball and Sonic universes to even win/loss record of 6-6

    • Forgefather Claw
      Forgefather Claw 15 hours ago

      Fk that! Time Magic is dumb

    • Sam
      Sam Day ago

      Didnt a pokemon beat shadow

    • Ale inkSonic
      Ale inkSonic 5 days ago

      @Seninshi add dk vs Knuckles
      Knuckles would slam the living hell out of the monkey, and they didn't even used super knuckles, wich is canon
      We are at 9 wins

    • PilloTheStar
      PilloTheStar 6 days ago +1

      Sonic canon is so inconsistent that trying to quantify their feats is rather pointless.

    • Empress Yaddigg, The Amazoness Queen
      Empress Yaddigg, The Amazoness Queen 10 days ago

      The "Sonic" universe? Or ARCHIE Sonic universe? Because I'm pretty the Archie universe will forever be undefeated except by other Archie universe characters (see: Archie Flash vs Archie Sonic).
      I grew up on Archie Comics! That was some of the craziest art that has ever existed. The mind behind it even crazier, albeit perhaps oversimplified at times but then how do you explain something when the words to explain it don't exist in the first place, and now you've found Archie universe.
      As any armchair philosopher on the subject of hypothetical battles between fictional concepts will tell you, at the end of the day, there seems to be nothing that can topple the sheer power, magnitude and scale of toon force power, and Archie universe is toon force on steroids with a directed focus.
      I don't think we'll ever see anything beat the absurdity of Archie, Tex Avery, old school Popeye, etc. All of those classics where imagination took priority over premise or feasibility have the most ridiculous pinnacles of power just readily laying about for some random meta-character to trip up stairs on bc thats how toon force dictated the reality of that particular moment.
      That's also why SpongeBob is now in the "God tier" category, though I know full well the Mask would obliterate his spongey yellow ass. Same powers, different tiers and different executions. Of course it's just as likely Pinkey Pie shows up and they have another party for Deadpool in that level of cthonic writing madness so...meh.
      People just gotta broaden their horizons. A lot of people grew up with Superman and Goku as their heroes...but characters like Spawn and Archie Universe exist. Lol.
      Different stories. Different purposes. All good. But not all of them are gonna always win in a death battle where their stats and feats matter.

  • Superior S
    Superior S Month ago +687

    Silver is underrated and its nice to see him finally getting some positive attention

    • Kyle Slavik
      Kyle Slavik 5 days ago

      @Adventurer Retro I subscribed to your channel you have a friendly attitude and your a nice conservationist your awesome.

    • Adventurer Retro
      Adventurer Retro 5 days ago +1

      @Kyle Slavik And to you and your family. ✌ (and anyone else who reads this and your families too.)

    • Kyle Slavik
      Kyle Slavik 5 days ago +1

      @Adventurer Retro Happy Thanksgiving man to you and your family.

    • Adventurer Retro
      Adventurer Retro 5 days ago +1

      @Kyle Slavik Yeah. 😁

    • Kyle Slavik
      Kyle Slavik 5 days ago +1

      @Adventurer Retro yeah putting Silver against Trunks from dragon ball is unexpected knowing that the Saiyan's have insane durability but Silver's psychic powers mostly seal a victory since most ki attacks are energy based and Silver could fling it back at him via psychokinesis and disable Trunks technology honestly Silver already won considering what he has at his disposal Silver does get underestimated he is powerful in his own right.

  • PK What?
    PK What? Month ago +234

    I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from the past three Dragon Ball deaths:
    Watch your back.

    • SaltyFishFace
      SaltyFishFace 6 hours ago

      @Rampo Dratto it was a frontal attack though, not from behind

    • Rampo Dratto
      Rampo Dratto 9 days ago +2

      @Ángel Aguilar Goku head fried by the limitless superman

    • Mando
      Mando 11 days ago +3

      Well technically Thor's hammer was actually under Vegeta

    • Ángel Aguilar
      Ángel Aguilar 26 days ago +34

      @Patrick Beer Yes. GB got impaled through the back, Vegeta got literally hammered in the back of the head, and now Trunks almost got backstabbed, also literally.

    • Patrick Beer
      Patrick Beer Month ago +14

      Trunks, vegeta… and Goku black?

  • Rodrick Goldberg
    Rodrick Goldberg Month ago +524

    They all mocked him. The whole world mocked Silver and treated him like a joke.
    But I knew. I KNEW that psychic bastard had talent. And now Silver is finally getting the respect he deserves!

    • VRGL
      VRGL 10 hours ago

      @End Chinese Genocide W

    • VRGL
      VRGL 10 hours ago

      no silver is a JOKE

    • Elmiguelitobr
      Elmiguelitobr 16 hours ago

      @End Chinese Genocide exactly

    • marco rodriguez
      marco rodriguez Day ago +1


    • MegaFox
      MegaFox 8 days ago +1

      Silver’s cool as hell

  • waseyute
    waseyute Month ago +3481

    Honestly hearing the dbza cast reprise their roles any chance they get is worth everything.

    • Trong Tran
      Trong Tran 10 hours ago

      Funny how everytime tfs casts are reprised their roles, their characters lost.

    • J.J.
      J.J. 10 days ago

      I should probably have realized it sooner, but I only realized it was Scott with the line "crap baskets" 😆.

    • LavenderBlitz Gold
      LavenderBlitz Gold 16 days ago

      @Roxtechs Abridged Android 18 looking down at the rest of the cast: Pathetic.

    • Roxtechs
      Roxtechs 22 days ago

      They all been getting folded.

    • Armando Borrero
      Armando Borrero 27 days ago +1

      That "Crapbaskets" was pure gold

  • Sibuna Raleigh
    Sibuna Raleigh Month ago +354

    You have officially made Silver badass, and I love it!! Now, I kinda wanna see Mighty the Armadillo go against someone

    • Adventurer Retro
      Adventurer Retro 20 days ago +2

      Yes, I hope this helps people see Silver The Hedgehog on a more positive way. (Hopefully)

    • EliteSaiyan01
      EliteSaiyan01 Month ago +1

      Silver was always mediocre to me me smh

    • S D
      S D Month ago +21

      Cap he was always badass

  • Quantum OFZENTRIX
    Quantum OFZENTRIX Month ago +352

    The irony of the phrase "it's hard to imagine Trunks losing to anyone," literally the only reason we know about him was because he lost to the androids, and most of the fights in his life he losses a lot- present 17 and 18, perfect cell, goku black etc.

    • DevilJin
      DevilJin 18 days ago

      can you really blame the kid, he's on his own as we have seen that even training alone will only get you so far, even Vegeta had to suck it up and be trained by some one. he's got no real help in his timeline.

    •  21 day ago

      @Kugrox Dude they already explained it won't matter SILVER

    • YuhJeice
      YuhJeice 23 days ago +1

      @gantz22ify a game is different from the actual anime

    • gantz22ify
      gantz22ify 23 days ago

      Not to mention this is Xenoverse Trunks. He was a loser all through his original games.

    • Vyserial
      Vyserial 24 days ago

      @YuhJeice oh really. Care to explain your argument or... do you got nothing and just don't want to acknowledge it

  • redviper57
    redviper57 22 days ago +76

    The way the VA for silver yelled chronos control was probably the greatest thing ive heard in term of VAs in DB

    • Kaihedgie
      Kaihedgie 22 days ago +24

      Well seeing as it's the actual official voice actor, that's no surprise

  • PlatinumKU
    PlatinumKU Month ago +234

    Why is the music they create for these Death Battles so god damn amazing!?

    • JollyJadenTNT
      JollyJadenTNT 2 days ago

      Honestly, I think death battle music would be more appreciated if the official channel posted them.

    • Adventurer Retro
      Adventurer Retro 20 days ago +5

      I know right? This might be favourite music they have made so far!

    • NotWesley
      NotWesley Month ago +10

      @PlatinumKU yeah brandon simply does not miss. It's not a db song, but if you haven't already, check out will of the drill.

    • PlatinumKU
      PlatinumKU Month ago +23

      @MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 I didn’t even listen to the Death Battle music by itself before, until o listened to the “Princes of Pride” from Vegeta vs Thor. I’ve been missing out.

      MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 Month ago +26

      cause Brandon Yates knows how to make good music

  • Timothy Chang
    Timothy Chang Month ago +2095

    Trunks saying "c'mon give me a good pull." is a mood every dokkan player feels in their soul.

    • RareRex27
      RareRex27 9 days ago


    • Hilly *
      Hilly * 13 days ago


    • Willie Steele
      Willie Steele 22 days ago

      Ugh, good enough.

    • Rodrick Goldberg
      Rodrick Goldberg 25 days ago

      It’s a mood that all people with gacha experience have had.

    • Soul Food Gaming
      Soul Food Gaming 28 days ago

      I think that's just any Gatcha game player, or anybody who plays card games...but all the same, relatable. 😂

  • Gaming with Lucid
    Gaming with Lucid Month ago +84

    16:40 when Silver said that, I knew this would be added to my favorites Death Battle list. That delivery was pitch perfect

    • Gaming with Lucid
      Gaming with Lucid Month ago +4

      @PYRZQXGL Exactly. With the animation and music, it all tied in perfectly

      PYRZQXGL Month ago +5

      the delivery of that line was so perfect

  • Mythicalthings
    Mythicalthings Month ago +19

    Here's what I *think* their logic behind Silver resisting the Keysword is.
    The argument is that their powers SHOULD have been nullified when the Super Genesis Wave deleted their power source from existence.
    Makes sense right? No power source to pull from, no powers. Your powers were nullified by deactivating the source of it, right? That didn't work though. The SGW erased the very power source SS and SM were pulling from and yet they kept their powers, the Chaos Force within their super forms simply. Didn't go away. It wasn't erased or wiped out until they powered down. So the argument boils down to this.
    If you remove something's power source via erasure, nullifying what makes it powerful but that power keeps going, how do you nullfiy it? What does power nullifying do if not remove the source of someone's power from the equation?

  • David Milton
    David Milton Month ago +91

    The ending scene is awesome in a lot of ways. The amazing setting, the fact that they made it’s mo use sound cool. And i thought that making believe it sounding cool was impressive that was in another league, they showed off trunk’s power by catching the ki sword,and my favorite” this is it time hog…the end of your future.” Probably the second best ending in f the season. Only being beat by Thor vs vegeta

  • Foxfeathers
    Foxfeathers Month ago +135

    The battle theme of this one, "Hedge of Tomorrow", is amazing. I saw this video when it first came out and was really into it but I don't know why it didn't occur to me to look for it at the time. I guess because I'm used to RU-clip descriptions not giving links to the music the videos use. It's in there, so go check it out!

  • The Notorious
    The Notorious Day ago +2

    fun fact: when Trunks gets a pack mid fight and simply says "Good enough", after throwing the cards and only having two draws of Pan and GT Goku, if you look in the background and see Oolong fly back to earth as an answer to what his third pull was.

  • Your Back Garden
    Your Back Garden Month ago +72

    People always seem to misunderstand hits time stop, I'm glad they explained it.

    • Zion J
      Zion J 17 hours ago +1

      No one ignotes it the prob is they use manga stuff for anime and vice versa which isnt something you can do when it comes to dbs

    • Nathan Evans
      Nathan Evans 14 days ago

      @Baby Rambo What... what do you mean "no", that IS what he meant, he wasn't speaking literally.

    • Baby Rambo
      Baby Rambo 14 days ago

      @Nathan Evans no.

    • Nathan Evans
      Nathan Evans 14 days ago

      @Baby Rambo pretty sure when King Kai said Goku was "forcing himself into the future" he was speaking in a metaphorical sense, basically telling Goku that he was pushing his body way too far when he fought Hit because he was desperate to reach greater heights.

    • Aubrey Seymour
      Aubrey Seymour 15 days ago

      @Baby Rambo I thought in that same episode goku had said he was just predicting where hit was gonna be?

  • Michael Latner
    Michael Latner Month ago +32

    I like how the most replayed moment here isn't the start of the fight, or at the start of a certain character's review, nah, it's the moment silver starts to say "It's no use" for the final time.

  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun 28 days ago +27

    I love how hot blooded Silver sounded when he yelled out "Chronos Control"
    Silver honestly is a really unappreciated do to the game he appeared in. He had so much potential.

  • Ohhhtaco
    Ohhhtaco Month ago +2787

    Imagine how vegeta would be when he finds out his own son couldn’t take down a hedgehog like him

    • GHOSTY
      GHOSTY 5 days ago

      Vegeta:*went to buy the milk*

      VERY ORIGINAL 16 days ago

      @Bob every sonic singke Archie character is essentially boundless

    • Celestial Soldier
      Celestial Soldier 18 days ago

      @Ice Crawl 19 Look up the rogue vs Wonder Woman Death battle. It was one of the first few they ever did.

    • Ice Crawl 19
      Ice Crawl 19 18 days ago

      @Celestial Soldier Wait, what? In what moment Death Battle said that Rouge stomps Wonder Woman?

    • Johndoe.exe.
      Johndoe.exe. Month ago

      @DRIP DAFOE 🥶 but every flash broken as hell

  • Seth Daniels
    Seth Daniels Month ago +38

    Silver did what Shadow couldn’t. He beat his inspiration.

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 5 days ago


    • GHOSTY
      GHOSTY 5 days ago

      Wait a moment...
      Does that means that silver can beat shadow?

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 10 days ago

      @AngryPeanut52 Jeez...

    • AngryPeanut52
      AngryPeanut52 10 days ago

      @Callum Crane the inhibitor rings didn't come off. Not sure it would have made a difference maybe maybe not

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 22 days ago +1

      Vegeta cheated -_- it doesn't count.

  • Adonis D. Prince
    Adonis D. Prince 2 days ago +2

    It's good to hear Scott as Trunks in some new material again! He still got it

  • Giovi04
    Giovi04 24 days ago +11

    Whoever imagined the key sword would be the... key to defeat trunks

  • Anthony Crank
    Anthony Crank 3 days ago +3

    It’s really crazy that our Xenoverse & Heroes CACs are technically canon in Dragon Ball. That’s both cool & insane!😂

    • Mecha Fenix
      Mecha Fenix 3 days ago

      It isn't canon. The whole cosmology of Xenoverse goes completely against how timelines are made in canon dragon ball

    • Sketchy Dude
      Sketchy Dude 3 days ago

      I can't believe my 2ft tall, bald Saiyan with round eyes names grugrug is Canon

  • Ramiro Losada Medina
    Ramiro Losada Medina Month ago +794

    The fact that they managed to make "IT'S NO USE" a bone-chilling line it's nothing short of amazing. Banger episode.

    • MightyTheEpicGuy
      MightyTheEpicGuy Month ago +2

      @Andrew Ace it's true, Archie Silver canonically hates "It's no use"
      look it up, it's real

    • Cameron Owen
      Cameron Owen Month ago

      How about these
      Count dooku vs saruman
      Azog vs general grievous
      Professor Snape vs darth vader
      Osmosis Jones vs white blood cell u1146

    • Andrew Ace
      Andrew Ace Month ago

      @Cameron Owen I like those picks. I always thought of Saruman vs Voldemort or Gandalf vs Dumbledore.
      Or an ironic one would be Dooku vs Saruman.
      But Voldemort vs Palpatine works too. Especially with their extra lives, lmao...
      I think my favorite one on that list tho, is Gru vs Megamind. I wish Megamind had a sequel...

    • Andrew Ace
      Andrew Ace Month ago

      @MightyTheEpicGuy whaaat? 🤣

    • CameronBallZ
      CameronBallZ Month ago +2


  • Ctrl Alt Rmx
    Ctrl Alt Rmx Month ago +13

    Never thought I'd see the day a Sonic character could beat Dragon Ball. Dear god.

    • Hattoripool
      Hattoripool 29 days ago +2

      @MoloTurbo Stop it with the Segata feat seriously. That isn’t even the same version

    • MoloTurbo
      MoloTurbo Month ago +5

      If your referring to the Archie Sonic main cast, then... yeah they pretty much obliterate the verse. It's why Ben chose to have the other continuities fight each other since the game cast doesn't even compare to canon Dragon Ball's insane cosmology even with the Super form Solaris/Time Eater feats.
      The Ken Penders writing of Archie Sonic is so unbelievably wacky and mind blowing to the point where Ian Flynn even has a hard time registering some things from the series. If you want to hear something even crazier than the whole Super Genesis Wave recreation, Archie Sonic one shotted Segata Sanshiro in his BASE form.

  • Rob and the Van
    Rob and the Van 14 days ago +8

    14:56 loved the “aw, crap baskets” line. Makes me wanna watch Team Four Star again.

  • Angry Mushroom
    Angry Mushroom 5 days ago +2

    I'm a little mad that Trunks lost, but not surprised (Silver is seriously OP). Getting Nekokaiser to play Trunks AND having him say "crap baskets" more than made up for it, though.

  • FirstRyft
    FirstRyft 15 days ago +3

    Silver would’ve easily won with stun lock, as he always said back in 06 “It’s no use!”

  • The Kenny Eslick Show
    The Kenny Eslick Show Month ago +1402

    Trunks is the only guy who can have a bowl cut, with his shirt tucked into his pants, and pants into his boots, with a crop top jacket, and be the most badass and awesome character ever

  • John Ktejik
    John Ktejik Month ago +6

    This was some fantastic animation. I scant imagine the time and effort and skill in blending all those animation styles

  • DoofusMcFoodus
    DoofusMcFoodus Month ago +9

    I don't have that much to say other then this was a pretty cool episode. 7/10
    And for the next episode, I can't believe it, SpongeBob is actually coming to death battle. You do not know how excited I am for the next episode!

  • TheOnlyGHOST1015
    TheOnlyGHOST1015 12 days ago +5

    Damn that fight animation was on point effects sound and voice acting 👍

  • Jak O'Hara
    Jak O'Hara Day ago

    14:55 HE SAID THE THING! 🤩🤩
    Also yeah, I'd definitely believe it even without the explanation at the end, man, it's kinda shocking how much more chill I've gotten to these battles victors over the years 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

  • Xander Wardwell-Gaw
    Xander Wardwell-Gaw Month ago +1059

    Hearing Trunks say "Crap baskets." again makes me so happy. Also, Trunks calling Super Silver a rip off is totally a callback to when Vegeta said the same thing about Super Shadow way back when. Change my mind.
    [Edit] Holy crap!! 1K likes!? That was fast. Thanks, guys.

    • Alex abrams
      Alex abrams 24 days ago

      Just wanted to make sure.

    • Son Omni
      Son Omni 24 days ago

      @Alex abrams The “faker” line, genius.

    • Alex abrams
      Alex abrams 24 days ago

      If your talking about the “basket” line, you’re clearly nuts, cause I believe that less than Trunks and Silver combined.

    • Son Omni
      Son Omni 24 days ago

      Reminder that Shadow said the same thing to Ryuko

    • Alex abrams
      Alex abrams Month ago

      At least it doesn’t look like a key

  • HankDeanMan
    HankDeanMan Month ago +9

    Can we a take a moment and recognize that Trunks fought his alternate universe self. Because Future Trunks was the inspiration for Silver the Hedgehog. I love how they keep getting TFS to reprise thier rolls and continue in-jokes

  • magnum opus
    magnum opus Month ago +10

    Makes sense for Archie Silver to win. His control of time is unreal.

    • Ultracosmic
      Ultracosmic 2 days ago

      I mean they also used DBS Trunks feats instead of DBSH Trunks feats, which are way more insane (literally, Xeno Goku almost destroyed time by turning SSJ4 lmao, and is immune to all of Demigra's Haxes in BASE)
      So ofc Archie Silver would win

  • Savie Vere
    Savie Vere Month ago +7

    The, "Tell me about the time Sonic met MF Spawn!" had me in tears

    • Glitcher88
      Glitcher88 14 days ago +1

      Finally found someone who talked about that

  • CrisMegaFan XD
    CrisMegaFan XD 7 days ago +4

    Meanwhile, in the Afterlife
    Trunks: At least my DEATH BATTLE! against Silver was close. Your DEATH BATTLE! against that God of Thunder was totally one-sided on Thor's Favor
    Vegeta: At least I defeats that Black Hedgehog
    Trunks: That's because it was Season 1, and they make you win just because you was you, they even use a Composite version of Shadow, and they use on you only your Z version
    Vegeta: SHUT UP!

  • henri player1804
    henri player1804 Month ago +1313

    Trunks: *calls the super golden hedgehog a ripoff*
    Vegeta:huh...this is a new felling,pride in someone else
    Trunks: *gets killed by the super golden hedgehog*
    Vegeta:unfortunately its overshadowed by all this UNYIELDING RAGE!!!!!

    • Son Omni
      Son Omni 24 days ago +1

      @game universe I think most of even the dbz fans knew how onesided RF vs Goku Black was, at most it’d be a stalemate but of course RF would eventually figure Black’s time ring is what’s making him keep up with him.

      KIXG DAY DAY Month ago +2

      @Ryan Moore well I mean at least broly beat hulk and Vegeta beat shadow ass

    • Oscar Ljungberg
      Oscar Ljungberg Month ago +1

      This discussion is crazy! Isn't it, Blackman?!
      "Yeah! Almost as crazy as what I'm gonna do to you if you call me that again!"

    • Bigman2021
      Bigman2021 Month ago +1

      This comment should get Over 9000 Likes!

    • Mr1991bbk
      Mr1991bbk Month ago +3

      @John-Olivier Lukama all major DBZ characters have lost and half the time they can't even come up with a good reason. Nevertheless, previous matches aren't even needed as it is evident in their reasoning here alone.

  • Mike
    Mike  Month ago +21

    Trunks's last name isn’t Briefs. In fact most Dragon Ball characters including Trunks's family don’t have last names. Brief is Bulma's dad’s first name. Honestly I think Trunks's family should have a last name because of how important his family is to the dragon Ball world and story. The truth is Briefs as a last name was an English dub change.

    • ???
      ??? 14 days ago

      @Aubrey Seymour Saiyans don't have last names, "Son Goku" is a Japanese human name and is the Japanese version of the Chinese myth of Sun Wukong.

    • Aubrey Seymour
      Aubrey Seymour 15 days ago

      @??? then what’s vegeta? And does goku have a Saiyan last name?

    • ???
      ??? 15 days ago

      @Aubrey Seymour Yes, that's actually true. He's Son Goku, his grampa is Son Gohan, and his children are Son Gohan and Son Goten.
      In Asian cultures, you often have the family name first, and then the given name.

    • Aubrey Seymour
      Aubrey Seymour 15 days ago

      @??? someone was trying to tell me that goku last name is son cause when says his name the pronounce Son Goku is that true

    • ???
      ??? 28 days ago +1

      Could be worse. I've seen people being confused by the name Tenshinhan and the Americanised nickname Tien, calling him Tien Shinhan.

  • darby802
    darby802 Month ago +8

    Always nice to see a Dragonball fight start and finish in a single episode👍 nicely done

  • Posterus
    Posterus Month ago +5

    There was a time when I thought Dragonball and other anime universe/multiverses were the most powerful. Then I started watching Death Battle and quickly realizes just how op comic universes like DC, Marvel, and Archie are. I also use to think Warhammer 40K could trounce any other universe, but I very much question that now.

    • hoobadooba master
      hoobadooba master Month ago

      Tbf the dragon ball multiverse does still hold the strongest anime character fighters of all of anime

    • S D
      S D Month ago +3

      @Taurock but with an accent well seeing how death battle is doing more obscure and niche series there’s a chance we’ll see that in the future

    • Taurock but with an accent
      Taurock but with an accent Month ago +2

      Warhammer 40k are just like anime imo. Some are indeed OP but a lot is veeeery overhyped by the community. I honestly would LOVE to see them in DB some day

  • Ashanna Hensley
    Ashanna Hensley Month ago +3

    The second we heard Super Silver moved faster than time itself, both knew he was going to win. As well as wondered why he got hit so often when Trunks can't move faster than time itself.
    Although if this wasn't a Death Battle, but a Who's Cooler Battle, or Who Isn't Dumber Than A Bag of Rocks Battle. Silver would've lost hands down.

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago

      Well, we can _technically_ give Trunks such distinction from scaling to Mechikabura swallowing all of time and DBH characters being able to damage the Crack in Time. There’s also technically applying the Anime’s explanation for the TimeSkip’s ability over the Manga
      But Silver’s was more clear cut, and he had the advantage of being able to move in stopped time with sheer speed with 0 ChaosEnergy boosting him(though it was technically when he was amped). So it wasn’t THAT big of a gap that to a point that Trunks was facing someone infinitely faster than him or something, but it was still a fairly big gap(though we can also technically scale Silver’s speed to the SGW the same way)

  • SMToon World
    SMToon World Month ago +309

    *I like how both Vegeta and Trunks called the super hogs form a "ripoff"*

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 22 days ago

      And yet Dragon Ball is more of a ripoff.

    • Gage is Me333
      Gage is Me333 Month ago

      @Phantom Blue yup many of the weird happenstances in Dragonball, but its just a joke tho

    • Phantom Blue
      Phantom Blue Month ago +2

      The Frieza Sage manga's release never planned on having yellow hair on a super sayian. The illustrator just left the hair blank because it felt like too much work. It wasn't until way later that somebody made the mistake of coloring the hair yellow that it had became a main staple.
      Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Super Sonic was planned before the game's release, and the development team at the time decided to work on it over in Sega of America's Headquarters. (A lot of movement was involved.)
      Also that interview where Yuji Naka said that he was a Dragon Ball fan didn't even take place around when Super Sayain and Super Sonic were released.
      Timing is everything in a story.

    • Gage is Me333
      Gage is Me333 Month ago

      It is

    • HyperSonicXtreme
      HyperSonicXtreme Month ago +4

      What's funny is the Keysword is a ripoff of the Keyblade

  • Ayden Mendez
    Ayden Mendez Month ago +2

    I was upset seeing trunks lose, but at the end of the analysis, it took a couple of words to realize something:
    There are many versions of this battle where trunks can win
    That made me realize that was probably a lie. Think about this: almost every opponent trunks has ever gone up against, he could never win.
    Him vs 17 & 18:loss
    Him vs every cell form:loss
    Him vs base-rosé black:loss
    The only reason he has ever won is because of plot armor. Without it, He's pretty simple to beat. And because they scaled with Archie characters for silver, the match was kind of sealed shut for silvers win.

  • Infinite Naos
    Infinite Naos Month ago +2

    Changes are this Trunks in particular is the original out of all the ones we’ve seen. I know Chronoa wouldn’t just pick a random one out of all the possible time changers.

  • Livie
    Livie Month ago +3

    Animation and music was top quality, I loved it

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer

    Imagine if Xeno Trunks met Golden Frieza. He'd call Frieza a RIP-off as well.

  • Badmunky64
    Badmunky64 Month ago +726

    I like how both Vegeta and Trunks called the super hogs form a "ripoff"

  • Moises Daniel Alvarado
    Moises Daniel Alvarado 9 days ago +2

    Both Trunks and Silver are awesome so this was a really good battle!

  • Krispy Boi916
    Krispy Boi916 Month ago +7

    I mean the second they said Archie Sonic Universe (Silver) I already knew who was gonna win. Trunks stood no chance against the Archie Sonic universe. Maybe if he got an EXTREMELY good pull on his Dragon Ball Heroes cards.

  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton 24 days ago +5

    Anyone else think the way Trunk died was a reference to how he killed Freeza?

  • Soren Daein
    Soren Daein Month ago +3

    Funny one of the items in Silver's arsenal should be a Warp Ring. It's come up not just in the comics that were discussed during Silver's rundown, but also showed up in the two Sonic movies.

    • Али Джураев
      Али Джураев Month ago +5

      But it is.
      In the beginning of the fight Silver used warp ring to transfer in future(i believe)

  • NightShade Rose
    NightShade Rose Month ago +1191

    You did it. You made Silver cool. You made his iconic line badass...

    • Dababy
      Dababy 24 days ago

      @SkullRiider bro if you that salty and crying over trunks losing than watch the dbx of this if you want to feel better

    • YuhJeice
      YuhJeice 25 days ago

      @Dru Goodwin yeah because of bias

    • YuhJeice
      YuhJeice 25 days ago

      @David C. yes he is lol

    • Rex Loves PSVR2
      Rex Loves PSVR2 Month ago

      @Cosmic_Martin He is just a generic emo post apocalyptic hedgehog with psychic powers, get over it sonic kid

    • MEGA Charizard X God
      MEGA Charizard X God Month ago +1

      i guess you can call that their "Silver Lining"

  • Brandon Holder
    Brandon Holder Month ago +7

    I just find it funny that the sonic cast lost to Mario characters before and now they managed to beat a Dragon ball character. Ik they used Archie and Xeno for Trunks and Silver respectively but it's still a funny thought.

  • Turbobist 28
    Turbobist 28 27 days ago +4

    If I had a nickel for everytime a Dragon Ball character called a Super form version of a Sonic character a rip off, I would have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.

  • LazyDays
    LazyDays 27 days ago

    I don't know much about DBZ so my opinion on trunks is open, and even though I don't know the deep lore of sonic, only playing the games, its really cool to see how powerful Silver was in this fight and the lore they described for him.

  • nessdragon
    nessdragon Month ago +1

    Man, I remember reading the Sonic comics back when they were basically just extended gag strips. It's insane how truly, incalculably bonkers that series became since I gave it up.

  • Jaylen (DewMan) Wharton
    Jaylen (DewMan) Wharton Month ago +1322

    Trunks pulling a gacha in the middle of a fight to the death is the funniest concept I've seen in a long time.

    • King Gaming
      King Gaming 12 days ago


    • johnny cake
      johnny cake 12 days ago

      @Jaylen (DewMan) Wharton we all know he would've gotten a mui but garbage tier cause that's how gacha is gacha x gacha

    • Kelvin Wong
      Kelvin Wong 21 day ago +1

      Lol he should pull out mui goku snd and ultra ego vegeta lmou

    • Daniel Eduardo Cotto Santiago
      Daniel Eduardo Cotto Santiago 23 days ago

      @Cynical Robot "Gacha" is an onomatopoeia for the turning ratchet in those vending machines that dispense capsules containing little toys. It refers to games in which, like those vending machines, you have to repeatedly earn a random drop and hope it contains the particular character/item/etc you want (or pay real money for a premium drop that may contain a particular reward, either guaranteed or at a significantly higher probability of success). Several "gacha" games are notorious for the extremely low drop rates (single-digit percentage, or even a fraction of one percent) for the most sought-after unlockables. For example, Fate/Grand Order has a large variety of "Servant" characters with varying abilities and stats, and it can take several weeks'/months'/years' worth of random drops (or sometimes one or a small number of premium purchases bought with real money) to get the franchise's mascot characters or the game's final bosses.

    • Goku Joestar
      Goku Joestar Month ago

      @Shadow Snake xeno goku is stronger than trunks and so is xeno vegeta , xeno goku was forged out of trunks memories as the strongest fighter ever

  • MacíkCZ
    MacíkCZ Month ago

    When you think about, hypothetically, Trunks could have get incredibly powerful character from his pulls.
    Beerus, Whis etc.
    They are much more powerful than Trunks in XenoVerse/DBH Heroes.

  • AshKirby
    AshKirby Month ago

    This Death Battle was awesome!😄🤩😎👌 And it was nice hearing Trunks and Silver hear their lines from their respective franchises! And if they after have a Shadow vs Vegeta rematch or have a fight between Goku vs Sonic, I know that the Sonic characters will win since they have better feats(for both the game universe and the Archie Comics)! And the next death happening, Ima pass and skip cuz of who Aquaman’s opponent is!

  • btpati
    btpati 2 days ago

    The battle between trunks and silver was awesome but I would like to see a rematch between shadow and Vegeta

  • Lightning2153
    Lightning2153 Month ago +1

    The sound design during that battle was amazing!

  • Avon Ace
    Avon Ace Month ago +894

    I love how in the credits, Silver’s voice actor is ‘Esu Onsti’, which when translated backwards reads… ‘It’s no use’ 😂

    • Cunning Smile
      Cunning Smile Month ago +3

      @Christian Zhivago he's dad was a VA to. Good old Rito Revolto

    • JesseTheGod
      JesseTheGod Month ago +3

      Don’t forget he voiced sora in the fight against pit

    • Elijah Walker
      Elijah Walker Month ago +1

      Coincidence? I think NOT!!!

    • Throgg KingofTrolls
      Throgg KingofTrolls Month ago +1

      I hope they do Vecna vs Nagash.

    • I.D.
      I.D. Month ago +2

      They thought it would fool us for long

  • ZezrinaXD
    ZezrinaXD 17 days ago

    It would be really cool if they did death battles with different victors fighting

  • flamedragon07
    flamedragon07 23 days ago +1

    I had a feeling Silver had a better advantage over Trunks. It was a close battle though. :)

  • S D
    S D Month ago +9

    It’s Funny how dragon ball fans are saying death battle is biased against dragon ball despite the fact that dragon ball has a win loss rate of 6-6 and that death battle have treated franchises like Final fantasy, power rangers, bleach, Sonic, Naruto, and Mario far worse than they do with dragon ball. Look at fights like mewtwo vs shadow bowser vs ganon and Yang vs tifa for example. So stop crying about death battle being biased towards Dragon ball because they aren’t

  • Darrion Reed
    Darrion Reed Month ago +9

    I love Trunks intro theme and Silver needs his own video game like Shadow

  • the truth speaker
    the truth speaker Month ago +406

    Trunks: dad? What are you doing here in heaven?
    Vegeta: I fought a guy with a hammer
    Trunks: I fought a hedgehog

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 22 days ago

      @Ryan Bisesti
      Vegeta that fight doesn't count we all know you cheated.

    • Yorec F
      Yorec F Month ago

      @TheBrokenOwl not an Earthling : P

    • SomeRyeBread
      SomeRyeBread Month ago +2

      @Adam Centeno same, it sounds exactly like an episode of Abridged.

    • TheBrokenOwl
      TheBrokenOwl Month ago +1

      @Yorec F Beerus: No. I'm here too

    • JAKE W
      JAKE W Month ago +5

      @Ryan Bisesti Goku:Oh cmon Beerus there’s my son Gohan and my dad who hasn’t been in a actual Death Battle yet.

  • Eric Dalhoff
    Eric Dalhoff Month ago +6

    0:31-Epic stances, bros.
    Enerjak's is actually Knuckles who betrayed Sonic.
    12:21-Well said, Boomstick(Chad).
    14:00-Bryce Papenbrook's back!
    *14:02**-DB Announcer: FIGHT!*
    14:39-Oh, yeah! Super Silver!!
    16:26-That's not good...
    16:40-Silver's not done yet!
    16:58-Trunks' Saiyan God powers are nullified and his own reality distorts as a glitchy explosion occurs.
    *DB Aftermath:*
    **Silver was satisfied of winning despite the apocalyptic city of Mobius.*
    **What was all that was left of Trunks, was his broken Key Sword on the apocalyptic Mobius city ground.*
    *Hedge of Tomorrow by Brandon Yates & Logan Adams... AWESOME TUNEAGE AND LYRICS!
    *20:28**-Congrats, Silver! That slipup Archie Sonic had against Wally West's Flash now means nothing. Not only that, you finally snapped your losing streak!*

  • Yozarian Yozarian
    Yozarian Yozarian Month ago +3

    I’ve never heard of silver or of super megaman lol. I would’ve thought Trunks would win with his sword, but chaos power, infinite realities, technology nullification.. sounds like Silver wins.

    • Uganda Knuckles
      Uganda Knuckles Month ago +1

      Also- Archie has shown Body, Mind and Soul Erasure/Absorption being above even Magic as Robotnik Roboticization is unaffected by Rings. Mammoth Mogul scales even higher as Eggman made better technology to turn characters into fuel (Genocide of Echidnas) but Mammoth Mogul using little limited portion of Chaos Energy remained unaffected while everyone else was melted into energy.

  • yappa08
    yappa08 Month ago +5

    “It’s no use!” Man did that bring me some game grumps memories.

  • mocking cat
    mocking cat 7 days ago

    I honestly did not know silver could do all those things he did well I knew he was kind of powerful but seriously that was insane

  • Logan Adams
    Logan Adams Month ago +458

    Super hyped to have done the vocals for their fight song. As a fan of Deathbattle, dbz, and Sonic this was as fun as it gets. Thanks to the whole DB crew!

    • Logan Adams
      Logan Adams Month ago +3

      @GrimScorpianFNGG Brandon Yates (the composer for the Instumental) youtube channel! He makes a lot of the db tracks!

    • PixelPhoenix
      PixelPhoenix Month ago +3

      bro this track is fire. instatntly my favorite db track

    • Speezenator
      Speezenator Month ago +6

      @GrimScorpianFNGG the song's called Hedge of Tomorrow

    • GrimScorpianFNGG
      GrimScorpianFNGG Month ago +3

      Where can we find the full song?

    • Donovan Hadley
      Donovan Hadley Month ago +3

      You've been killing it with your collabs with Death Battle tracks.

  • CrimsonNineTail
    CrimsonNineTail Month ago

    I feel Ken Penders made this video a tad bit difficult to analyze. All the crazy characters and what they can do.

  • VespoidTV
    VespoidTV 24 days ago

    En realidad Silver en su súper forma es muy poderoso,tanto que en uno de los videojuegos,el en su súper forma venció a un ser que podía destruir muy fácilmente al universo y era uno de los seres más poderosos del universo de sonic

  • Dazed
    Dazed Month ago

    Since y’all manage to elaborate Sonic characters into these death battles, and you’ve already covered Archie Sonic, y’all should really do Scourge from the Archie comics, anti sonic y’know?

  • Violet Crown
    Violet Crown 8 days ago +3

    If I had a nickel for everytime a Speedster beaten a Half-Saiyan, I'd have 2 nickels. It isn't much but it's weird it happened twice.

    • Mecha Fenix
      Mecha Fenix 8 days ago +2

      Just like in pokemon and yugioh, speed matters a lot :v

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +430

    That was the most brain boggling death battle ever

  • Retreaux1
    Retreaux1 Month ago

    When he said crap baskets I laughed my ass off. I’m actually surprised silver won. I thought trunks had him there

  • SunBroNation
    SunBroNation Month ago +1

    Are all Archie match-ups gonna end with the loser glitching out of existence? If so, I'm excited for the next one

  • malte andersson
    malte andersson Month ago

    would really love to see naruto vs luffy happen. seen a lot of people thinking luffy wins now with hes manga powerups but im still doubtful.

  • Random Chiroptera
    Random Chiroptera 2 days ago

    Suddenly wanting to see Age/Bellcross in a Deathbattle.

  • Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion

    I love how wiz saying "it's hard to imagine trunks losing to anybody" sounds like he's going "please don't be mad dragon ball fans, we can explain"
    ok that’s enough arguing now please. i was just pointing out a detail i thought was a little funny and now everyone’s mad at each other :(

    • Sandro Costa
      Sandro Costa 21 day ago

      @A H Because Death Battles can be rigged, that's why. There's no dimension where Thor could ever defeat Ultra Ego Vegeta. Just like Superman shouldn't be able to defeat Goku in the second fight, I still think Superman has the upper hand in the first one, though.

    • A H
      A H Month ago

      @Sandro Costa what I don't understand is that captain marvel is on a pretty close level to thor, think there's been comics where she beat thor, but somehow she lost to android 18 and yet ultra ego vegeta someone who could slap android 18 to pieces in 1 go lost to someone close in level to captain marvel even though ultra ego vegeta is millions of times stronger than android 18.

    • Tari Soala
      Tari Soala Month ago

      @SpikeTheWolf Is what?

    • SpikeTheWolf
      SpikeTheWolf Month ago

      @Tari Soala how much is that?

    • MrMan
      MrMan Month ago +1

      @Mastr Sonic I already gave it. Look for yourself

  • Cman
    Cman 20 days ago

    This Battle slapped! I love this episode!

  • Athena Rivas
    Athena Rivas Month ago +1

    Basically, Silver had the emeralds and won, but if he didn't have them, it'd be a tough fight that trunks would inevitably win. I was sad and mad but damn this is correct and I loved it.

  • noah Charles
    noah Charles 5 days ago

    I wonder now that a large portion of the Super Saiyan have lost do they still think that they're unbeatable

  • afroblademaster
    afroblademaster Month ago +2

    The fact that the Archie Sonic Comics had literally NO OVERSITE OR LIMITS other than Sega saying "Sonic is cool" (yes, that was literally it) is what won this

  • Jakob Norlund Sivermark
    Jakob Norlund Sivermark Month ago +290

    Love it when the TFS team comes in to voice characters! Good job Kaiser!

    • Naruto
      Naruto Month ago +3

      *No wonder that crap basket 🧺 comment sounded familiar 🤔*

    • Sun RA
      Sun RA Month ago +1

      @demochris1 No, they still have series with the characters and specials

    • demochris1
      demochris1 Month ago

      I thought they retired after their parody of Dragon Ball Z was done?

    • Sun RA
      Sun RA Month ago +2

      Same here!

    • Geo Emperor
      Geo Emperor Month ago +6

      I know! I am so Hyped to hear Scott’s Trunks voice again, he did a fantastic job!!

  • Kisha Thomas
    Kisha Thomas 6 days ago

    That was a battle that will go down in time

  • Mr. Moron
    Mr. Moron Month ago +9

    The fact Silver straight up deleted Trunks from every timeline possible.

  • CosmicG777
    CosmicG777 2 days ago

    That whole Trunks part just hurt my brain. I was one of the biggest DBZ back in the day but Holy crap has the IP gone way way far from it's roots.

  • Deathmare
    Deathmare Month ago +3

    Ngl this has to be one of the greatest fights they’ve created also they really need a psychic in dragon ball so cool and powerful in beam struggles

  • 05ediaz
    05ediaz Month ago +581

    The “aww crap baskets” was such an awesome touch 😂

    • Cunning Smile
      Cunning Smile Month ago

      @Seiya Tempest 14:56

    • Seiya Tempest
      Seiya Tempest Month ago +1

      @Redfox Vergil Are you calling DBZA cringe?

    • Redfox Vergil
      Redfox Vergil Month ago

      A cringe moment you mean

    • Bob Bennett
      Bob Bennett Month ago +1

      Was looking for someone else to comment this! TFS actor and reference made this one to watch for me!

    • CandleLight129
      CandleLight129 Month ago +10

      Indeed, and it's always great to hear Scott play Trunks

  • bobi miiu
    bobi miiu Month ago +2

    Honestly, the Chrono Control/Eternal Time Labyrinth clash looked like it was going to break reality and I think I'd be fine with that. Lol.

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago +6

    “It is hard to imagine Trunks losing to anyone” They did not just say that lmao

  • Corn On The Cob
    Corn On The Cob Month ago +15

    For anybody who says Death Battle is biased against Dragon Ball, and for anyone who asked, here is the scoreboard, including DBX.
    DBX Wins (8)
    - Goku Vs Gon
    - Gohan Vs Superboy
    - Goku Black Vs Black Adam
    - Vegeta Vs Zod
    - Frieza Vs Mewtwo
    - Trunks Vs Silver
    - Trunks Vs Link
    DBX Losses (2)
    - Broly Vs Doomsday
    - Vegeta Vs Thor
    Death Battle Wins (6)
    - Vegeta Vs Shadow
    - Hercule Vs Dan
    - 18 Vs Captain Marvel
    - Roshi Vs Jiraiya
    - Beerus Vs Galaxia
    - Broly Vs Hulk
    Death Battle Losses (6)
    - Goku Vs Superman
    - Goku Vs Superman 2
    - Goku Black Vs Zoom
    - Kirby Vs Buu
    - Vegeta Vs Thor
    - Trunks Vs Silver
    Overall Score: 14 Wins / 8 Losses

    • Corn On The Cob
      Corn On The Cob 21 day ago

      @Callum Crane Sure they do.

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 21 day ago

      @Corn On The Cob That maybe. But what I'm saying isn't an opinion. I'm stating the fact that Death Battle based that fight off of popularity over actual strength feats.

    • Corn On The Cob
      Corn On The Cob 22 days ago

      @Callum Crane Again, your opinion is irrelevant to the score. Vegeta won that fight; there's nothing I can do.

    • Callum Crane
      Callum Crane 22 days ago

      @Corn On The Cob
      Well that battle is wrong.

    • Corn On The Cob
      Corn On The Cob 22 days ago

      @Callum Crane It doesn't matter. The battle said Vegeta is the winner, regardless of your opinion to the overall scoreboard.

  • Silent
    Silent Month ago +1

    Gotta love how trunks calls sliver a rip off as vegeta called shadow a rip off when they both went super like father like son

  • IamDoomCrow
    IamDoomCrow Month ago +163

    That moment when Boomstick said 'Trunks was the coolest character', I legit laughed and chuckled. "Oh Boomstick, you silly man. ' Cooler is actually the coolest character.

    • JustA Nobody
      JustA Nobody Month ago +1

      @Elijah Walker alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright

    • Ryan Lovejoy
      Ryan Lovejoy Month ago +1

      But is he ice cold? "No that would be my father"

    • Elijah Walker
      Elijah Walker Month ago +5

      ICE COLD!

    • Miyuki
      Miyuki Month ago +3

      “It doesn’t matter who you are. He will always be COOLER than you~”

    • Nathan Maxtro
      Nathan Maxtro Month ago +3

      What Cooler than being cool?