Sister Act 2 - Oh Happy day

  • Published on Jun 19, 2007
  • Best exibition...

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  • Melacine Thatlivesbythesea

    La la la LA LA LA LA 🥰 #nostalgia

  • juli&purtolombia princess

    Love when he breaks a hight note

  • valter jose de aquino
    valter jose de aquino 8 hours ago

    isso foi demais arrepio tudo

  • mac 187
    mac 187 9 hours ago

    fake ass Marquis Huston

  • Ve Ka
    Ve Ka 18 hours ago

    I love musical movies like this. There is real reason to sing and you are not wondering why are they suddenly singing out of the blue lol
    This boy, this song, this all make me feel the present moment aaah pure happiness ♥️

  • mactavish2401
    mactavish2401 Day ago +1

    I love that tone... My spiritual morale just lifted

  • Shannon Perdue
    Shannon Perdue Day ago

    I would to have whoppi goldberg as my teacher regardless

  • Tina Johnpier
    Tina Johnpier Day ago

    Are glad to hear u Tina johnpier text you

  • NajayThe JamaicanTv

    Tekashi 69 in the court house hahahahah

  • Donomecci Porter
    Donomecci Porter Day ago +1

    The high note still gets me

  • lulu matthews
    lulu matthews Day ago

    absolute banger

  • Sophia Blank
    Sophia Blank Day ago +2

    Ngl my fav bit was nearer the beginning where he sang softer.

  • Jovan Cardoza
    Jovan Cardoza Day ago +2

    My 4 year old has this on repeat in 2019😂

  • Michael Berhe
    Michael Berhe 2 days ago

    2:32 my soul just left my body

  • Alex Bogue
    Alex Bogue 2 days ago

    That high note brought me here.

  • Alexandra Tejeda
    Alexandra Tejeda 2 days ago

    We all tried to reach that high note lol

    • Alex Bogue
      Alex Bogue 2 days ago

      Alexandra Tejeda I can’t without getting hoarse lol.

  • Mmmm Mmmm
    Mmmm Mmmm 2 days ago +1

    This just makes me cry...

    REGREG 2 days ago +2

    2:32 when the Jackson's heard Joe coming with that belt when they didnt hit the notes right

  • Muh Muh
    Muh Muh 3 days ago +1

    I remember those cassette days

  • Raymond ferrer
    Raymond ferrer 3 days ago +2

    I really loved this part,2019

  • kawairey
    kawairey 3 days ago

    Does anyone remember the first time they heard him sing that note?

    • Alex Bogue
      Alex Bogue 2 days ago

      I nearly dropped my drink due to the amazement.

  • Nicole Murray
    Nicole Murray 3 days ago

    So good !!!

  • Kiwi but Mmt
    Kiwi but Mmt 4 days ago +2

    me: 'LALalaLAlaLalA'

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 4 days ago +10

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Don’t lie you came for 2:32

  • Kensington Hcrib_rated
    Kensington Hcrib_rated 4 days ago +4

    Nobody ever sung it like this Ever At all. He the only one in History

  • Nerice Andrade MacRieve

    To toda arrepiada!💞💞😍


    I like this song

  • bouchenoire barbara
    bouchenoire barbara 4 days ago

    love this

  • B T
    B T 4 days ago

    If Ariana Grande was a man..this is how she would have sound 🥰

  • Hannah Battle
    Hannah Battle 5 days ago +2

    I’m not religious but this song gives me chills, I can’t get it out of my head. 😍

  • Robert K Wonnacott
    Robert K Wonnacott 5 days ago

    Amen brother sing it

  • heather 10
    heather 10 5 days ago

    That high note at 2:32

  • Roselyn Eyoessien
    Roselyn Eyoessien 5 days ago

    This makes me so happy

  • The Random Expert
    The Random Expert 5 days ago

    Roses are red
    Strawberries are too
    I came for the high note
    You did too

  • The Random Expert
    The Random Expert 5 days ago

    Dang his notes higher than my grades! :o

  • Avery Castle
    Avery Castle 5 days ago


  • ChristineUK all-dolls
    ChristineUK all-dolls 6 days ago +1

    This was the song played when my 10 yr olds nephew was carried into church. He lost his fight to leukaemia. Still cry when I hear it xox rip Lee xxxx

  • Talia Holmes
    Talia Holmes 6 days ago +1

    He hit that high note like Mariah Carey did in "Emotions"

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco 6 days ago +2

    That note is higher than my salary

  • Listentomycrazytalk
    Listentomycrazytalk 6 days ago

    Im an athiest and i still love these movies

  • Miriam Padovani
    Miriam Padovani 7 days ago

    I love this

  • Karen Friesen
    Karen Friesen 7 days ago

    Gotta love the eye rolls when she takes them through warm up runs lol

  • Roxanne Higa
    Roxanne Higa 7 days ago

    God blessing Deepers ❤🙌

  • Gary Lanham
    Gary Lanham 7 days ago

    I do. Love this

  • Anita Soares rosii
    Anita Soares rosii 7 days ago


  • Johnathan jay
    Johnathan jay 7 days ago +1

    All time favorite movie along with the first one. Then its Remember the Titans

  • Leozin FF
    Leozin FF 7 days ago +2

    BR 🇧🇷♥️
    VCS estão aqui eu sei

  • Selmah Galicia
    Selmah Galicia 7 days ago +115

    The way she turned around when he hit that note better than mariah Carey and Arianna Grande combined

  • leywar casabal
    leywar casabal 8 days ago

    What kind of note is thattt??

    • Alex Bogue
      Alex Bogue 2 days ago

      leywar casabal It’s called a whistle register.

  • Jayah Battle
    Jayah Battle 8 days ago +13

    That note is higher than my grade point average 😂

  • Salł x
    Salł x 8 days ago

    This is the most church I'm ever going to get I guess

    MR. BANGTASTIC 8 days ago

    It’s 2019 and here I am waiting for a sister act comeback .

  • TheAlair1
    TheAlair1 9 days ago

    Yo that's old logic at 2:08

  • Daisy Teena
    Daisy Teena 9 days ago

    Lauren Hill

  • soulsinger박대용
    soulsinger박대용 10 days ago

    so beatiful

  • kimberly lawrence
    kimberly lawrence 11 days ago

    Omg I'm in love with his voice 🎶😍🎶😍🎶😍🎶 ( Pores Raised )

  • Eve louis
    Eve louis 11 days ago

    I can only hit high notes when I’m not concentrating 😭😭 ima soprano who can hit whistle notes once in a while. I’m ashamed lnfaooooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Eduarda Oliveira
    Eduarda Oliveira 11 days ago +5

    Brasil alguém 2019?
    Amo essa música

  • goku san
    goku san 11 days ago +2

    Still come back to this Just to hear that high note from heaven he pulled off.

  • Vanessa taina Kereama
    Vanessa taina Kereama 11 days ago

    From murupara and on Fridays are the bests I love okay