Here's Why the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali Is the King of the Luxury Truck

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
    The 2019 GMC Sierra is fully redesigned. Today I'm reviewing the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali to show you what's new and why it's a great luxury truck. I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the $70,000 Sierra Denali and taking it on a road test.
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  • Shawn Pitman
    Shawn Pitman 5 minutes ago

    Doug's the kind of guy that shows you all of his tailgate configurations before unlocking the passenger door.

  • Retro-DADE
    Retro-DADE 2 days ago

    Laramie don't care

    MRNAGOOKER 3 days ago +1

    Ram limited is so much better

  • The Fidget Spinner
    The Fidget Spinner 4 days ago

    Someone I know has one..... but his is blue... 100K dollars around my area for that truck

  • Robet Mikhael
    Robet Mikhael 4 days ago

    Doug after sleeping with a woman...
    “Now it’s time to give you Doug score”

  • Derrick Shields
    Derrick Shields 5 days ago

    Put some pants on.

  • MrWhiteones
    MrWhiteones 5 days ago

    The thing that makes the highcountry tickle my Johnson a little more is that they throw some odd color onto the interiors. Looks awesome

  • Ruben Rosario
    Ruben Rosario 6 days ago

    Did anyone else see the Honda S2000 at 4:33

  • Smart Ass
    Smart Ass 6 days ago

    But it's 70K.

  • brianna jones
    brianna jones 6 days ago

    You less me off

  • M S
    M S 7 days ago

    you rate this better then the ford ranger 2019? your rate is wrong.

  • Richard parnell
    Richard parnell 7 days ago +2

    yes the ram's interior is better but after 4-6 years a dodge will start to fall apart.

  • Dino Bino
    Dino Bino 8 days ago


  • TacticalYuzu
    TacticalYuzu 9 days ago

    I like watching reflection of Doug`s face on the car`s chrome plated grills

  • Joshmeself Highup
    Joshmeself Highup 9 days ago

    Pussies need a handle to get in the bed wtf no wonder there r less real men

  • Solomon Grundy
    Solomon Grundy 9 days ago

    I just want that truck for the tailgate

  • Manuel Delgado-Rodriguez

    Up to 17 mpg city. No thanks.

  • baniguy
    baniguy 10 days ago

    Anyone else seen that s2000?

  • Jay Lookie
    Jay Lookie 10 days ago

    My boss bought this vehicle today for me and my crew to use on construction and cleaning jobs.

  • Trevan Parris
    Trevan Parris 10 days ago

    Doug you wouldn't get hit, you would get run over

  • Scott Matty
    Scott Matty 11 days ago

    Hickok45 of cars

  • Rye Shelton.
    Rye Shelton. 11 days ago

    that's one UGLY truck....Rivian looks 10 times better than this.

  • Brandon Blair
    Brandon Blair 12 days ago

    Anyone else come to see the Ford and Fiat Fan Boys’ comments? 😂😂

  • K3V1N
    K3V1N 12 days ago

    I got a truck ad

  • Stephen Luther
    Stephen Luther 12 days ago +1

    The funniest thing I have heard in a long time was when you said, "You have your upper glove box for even more GLOVES." Lol that shit was Halarious.

  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank 12 days ago

    Oh man, Why did the video get dead?😭😭

    SA SPURS 13 days ago

    Also comes with matching skirt and purse

  • Asuka Langley
    Asuka Langley 13 days ago

    MPG: 1 meter

  • Campuzano1371
    Campuzano1371 14 days ago

    King ranch is better

    ROHIT NEHRA 14 days ago

    If you had Black Denali. Just give video tilte "kali denali". You should had more than 10 million views

  • Josh Clontz
    Josh Clontz 14 days ago

    The Denali does wayyyy better than 6s to 60. My 5.3L does it in 5.7s. The Denali has a 6.2L with another hundred hp. Should be in the lower 5s to upper 4s in awd with sport mode on.


    The end of gas ... nice but soon its e time and electricity Will rule

  • erikdlt
    erikdlt 15 days ago

    I drive a 2016 Duramax High Country. I’ve seen the new Ram truck and it by far is the new King of Luxury Trucks. Go see one for yourself and make up your own mind.

  • 1973wildcatman
    1973wildcatman 15 days ago

    Massive, massive, massive just like my weenie!

  • 1973wildcatman
    1973wildcatman 15 days ago

    Ohhh.. So you use the step to step into the bed of the truck?.....Gotcha! And you can also step down out of the bed of the Truck with said step... got it! Awesome

  • Wholesale Septic Supply

    A standard tail is 5k if it’s stolen i know. That one is a prime target probably 10k. For a bunch of crap you don’t need. And who in GM thought that thing looked good it’s ugly last model looked good this is ugly and no it won’t grow on me. I think dodge our selling it right now speaks volumes.

  • Nonya Buz
    Nonya Buz 17 days ago

    AMERICANS are stupid as fuck - OVERPRICED GARBAGE....Stay Broke Morons

  • D. L.
    D. L. 17 days ago +9

    It looks so dated. RAM has much better interiors

  • Paul Smock
    Paul Smock 17 days ago

    Seems like you missed a few features. What about the 360 degree cameras that let you see all around the truck even a birds eye view, the automatic running boards that will slide back about a foot so that you can step up and reach into the front of the bed, or that when the top of the tailgate is down, you can reach farther into the bed, 110 volt power point in the bed. The sound system that can be integrated into the tailgate? The engine control system manages cylinders by cutting them off to get better fuel economy? You know that you can manually shift the transmission on the gear lever, right? 0 to 60 in six seconds is pretty good in a 2-1/2 ton vehicle.

  • Mystical Hippo
    Mystical Hippo 17 days ago +2

    Doug the type of guy to add subtitles telling you his hand is a size reference

  • Gl0ck93 Glock93
    Gl0ck93 Glock93 18 days ago

    My 2002 silveradp has push button 4wd 😂

  • Jt Nelson
    Jt Nelson 19 days ago

    Ultimately underwhelming interior 😒😐🤮
    Love the exterior...but cars half that price have MUCH better interior...

  • Ezz Eldin
    Ezz Eldin 19 days ago

    This or the f250 platinum??

  • 0v3rc10ck3d
    0v3rc10ck3d 20 days ago

    Have you not seen the RAM Limited?

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 20 days ago

    That truck is all US. With the bads and goods of that. In cars, Americans are not just another continent but another planet.

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 21 day ago +1

    If it has ALL the truck goodies, then why a 7/10 score?

  • briggsmadness
    briggsmadness 21 day ago

    I HATE the new headlights they look stupid, they should have done the 2017 truck for ten years like they use too decade generation i loved my 90s truck and if i needed parts they ranged from 1988 to 1998 just motor was updated, and it will better economy

  • Joe Villareal
    Joe Villareal 21 day ago

    The gauges Need to be updated, especially for the Denali trim.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 21 day ago

    I’ll take the Japanese Lexus Tundra (Toyota Japanese version) over that anyday. Thank you very much. MSRP starting at $85K-platinum TRD $105K.

  • Germain Gonzalez
    Germain Gonzalez 21 day ago +1

    I tested this truck. Even though it looks fancy, the quality is super cheap. The plastics are really poor quality.

  • Texas USA
    Texas USA 22 days ago

    Doug the GMC fanboy.

  • Dan Hudson
    Dan Hudson 22 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who swims with his t-shirt on.

  • WeeHenThe Amazing
    WeeHenThe Amazing 22 days ago

    its truck month

  • Peter Sampson
    Peter Sampson 22 days ago +1

    I would cry to bless my father God bless my wonderful friends.

    • Peter Sampson
      Peter Sampson 21 day ago

      @jeff ghant i am sober. God bless you.

    • jeff ghant
      jeff ghant 21 day ago +1

      Peter Sampson Has thou smoketh anything particularly potent recently?

  • Bigtim850
    Bigtim850 22 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to worry about his truck getting dirty when off roading.

  • mike80449
    mike80449 22 days ago

    I’ll stick with the rams

  • Charles Marshall
    Charles Marshall 24 days ago

    The Ram Limited is MUCH NICER!

    • Charles Marshall
      Charles Marshall 22 days ago

      @Jaytoka You are so full of shit that it is running out of your ears!

    • Jaytoka
      Jaytoka 22 days ago

      Charles Marshall wrong. I own this truck. My friend owns a ram. Yea the screen and moon roof is nice but reliability and longevity Denali will eat that rust bucket( seriously dodges rust after 5 years) . He’s already having major glitches with the touch screen and shifting into gear. Only issue i had is realizing how much money I spent.

  • CrAsh CanuCk
    CrAsh CanuCk 24 days ago

    Jay Leno's brother

  • Norberto Sanchez
    Norberto Sanchez 24 days ago

    Nothing impressive about this truck, same as Chevrolet! Same trucks different brands same company... over price just because it's a GMC..

  • JR
    JR 25 days ago

    Rear seating doesn’t look like there’s much room

  • JusLovett
    JusLovett 25 days ago

    home boys high AF

  • Derp McDerpface
    Derp McDerpface 25 days ago

    Overpriced Mexican made thanks..hard pass..I’ll take a real American truck..a Toyota Tundra! ....or maybe a Nissan Titan..u know..American made🙄

  • B.E. Official
    B.E. Official 27 days ago

    Please please please do many more truck reviews. Your truck reviews are my favorite to watch.

  • BlownViper 505
    BlownViper 505 28 days ago

    I'll take the ram limited over this plastic trash

  • chucho32922
    chucho32922 28 days ago

    I expected more out of that truck!

  • BigCheez
    BigCheez 28 days ago

    If that is GMC"S top of the line it's sad. Big bulbous plastic everywhere. Maybe their designers should take a look at the 2019 RAM limited to see what appointments a top of the line truck's interior should look and function like.

  • Jesse Mccrary
    Jesse Mccrary 28 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy that reads owner manuals to his child at bedtime

      SHREYANK 26 days ago

      I read the wimpy kid.

  • GROF. Venom
    GROF. Venom 29 days ago

    u didnt talk about the engine

      SHREYANK 26 days ago

      He wants to drive without the engine.

  • i walk in circles
    i walk in circles 29 days ago

    I think its crazy how a vehicle cost more than a house

  • Ugene Walker
    Ugene Walker Month ago

    this shit look the size of a s 10 and how much they want for this shit man I will just stick to my mint condition 2012 gmc crew cab

  • Mo's Favorites
    Mo's Favorites Month ago

    Can you please review the Kia Borreggo?

  • Steven Seyfried
    Steven Seyfried Month ago

    Only faggots drive a gmc truck nice try Doug but I got the balls and that hemi engine in my 2015 ram 1500

  • Prabhjap Sidhu
    Prabhjap Sidhu Month ago

    Doug is the type of guy do schedule an appointment with doctor pepper

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez Month ago

    Also if the denali has a hitch to pull a trailer and you try to put the step up tail gate it will mess up your tailgate. That’s why ford had a better idea with the tail gate

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G Month ago +1

    2019 RAM looks the best by far!!!

  • J Hz
    J Hz Month ago

    Doug the type of guy who invented the baby head rest

  • J Hz
    J Hz Month ago

    Doug the type of guy who likes to push your buttons

  • GregoryBMX
    GregoryBMX Month ago

    Anyone peeped 👀 the s2000 lol?

  • George Butcher
    George Butcher Month ago

    The top of the new little tail gate should have had either red reflective for 3 feet law of stuff sticking out of truck bed or even red tail light that work when small tail gate stop 🛑 is only being used .

  • scarhart53
    scarhart53 Month ago

    Boy, those bicycle tires and wheels look like ***t from the side!

  • guatito1
    guatito1 Month ago

    There are no specifi comments about the engine and the transmission. I guess Doug is not very knowledgeable about these two things in trucks. I would say that if this truck is going to be used for show only, get a cheap engine and tranny, but if it going to be used for cargo and pulling, then use a Diesel engine with an Allison transmission. He doesn't mention this......

    • Michael S
      Michael S Month ago

      I would think that most people that buy light duty trucks don't need to tow really big numbers, those people go for HD trucks.

  • alekzandru221
    alekzandru221 Month ago

    Im waiting for the 2020 hd.

  • Efrain1 1 4 1
    Efrain1 1 4 1 Month ago +1

    I wonder if GM fixed the rust problems that plague GM trucks for many years, like, brake and fuel lines rusting out.

  • TR P
    TR P Month ago +21

    Doug the type of guy to climb into a 420 horse power truck with tow package and call the transmission fluid temp gauge a “geeky thing nobody will use”

  • TR P
    TR P Month ago

    Starting at about 3 years old; I trained my boys to know that “a real boys uses the tire as a step”

  • Sunyside
    Sunyside Month ago

    The Chevy is made in Mexico with virtually all foreign labor and parts. GMC makes over 70% of their vehicles made outside the USA. Later part of 18 they announced they were firing 15,000 more Americans to build another plant in Mexico. This is after GM shafted the taxpayer for $80,000,000,000 ( 80 billion) in taxpayer bailout, then shafted their investors by declaring bankruptcy and then providing propitiatory technology to communist China in exchange for factories in China where they now build the Buick Envision and other vehicles. Just saying.

  • Benign Rabbit
    Benign Rabbit Month ago

    King of luxury is a F650 also the whole pick up truck sale point is a dumb tailgate? For real, a tailgate a stupid hatch that you can put on any other truck.

  • jeepneydriver7
    jeepneydriver7 Month ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who ask permission to go to the restroom

  • jose Hernandez
    jose Hernandez Month ago +1

    The interior of my RAM 2016 looks better than the GMC 2019 lol you cant not compare the interior of the 2019 RAM lol

  • Alex Zodiacal
    Alex Zodiacal Month ago

    Thanks Sheldon.

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Month ago

    ford had the trailer checklist and off road angles for a while

  • zzzoticus
    zzzoticus Month ago

    Doug, the type of guy that wears Socks to the beach.

  • Robbin Banks
    Robbin Banks Month ago

    What about the bluetooth speaker in the tailgate step?? Why didn't that Denali model come with it??

  • Gunnar Dotson
    Gunnar Dotson Month ago

    Every time Doug says the word "button" take a drink.

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen Month ago

    Start at 2:05 cut all of Doug crap

  • Charlie AnC
    Charlie AnC Month ago

    Not even close

  • Nabil P
    Nabil P Month ago

    Doug the type of guy to shit standing up

  • Nabil P
    Nabil P Month ago


  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    I would get a 6.2 liter V8 with this

  • RenchRage
    RenchRage Month ago

    Plastic! All plastic. For $70k? I don’t think so.