Rumination Analysis on The Godfather

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
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Comments • 72

  • Daniela Dundel
    Daniela Dundel Month ago

    " I am just a random dude on the internet, so what do i know?!" the only true words of this bullshit...

  • ReyJ
    ReyJ 5 months ago

    Michael wants Kay to be his wife as a cover that his business is legitimate

  • babyhead
    babyhead 6 months ago

    Was anyone else yelling "Appleonia!!!" at the screen?

  • TreeTrout
    TreeTrout 8 months ago +1

    worked hard did you? Can't remember the producer or singers names for example. This guy does not analyse this great film & others. Talks a lot but what does he say? Focuses on his personal "opinions" instead of an explication on the film. I really tried to watch this but couldn't GET anything out of his 'ramble".Arts graduate B.A. (Hons.) , Lit and Hist. in relation to my interest & hopes for an analysis here. And the singers name is Johnny Fontaine in the book & movie. Also, it's ( phonetically spelled ) 'solotso' , spelled Solozzo. And the girl's name is Lucy Mancini. The scene in which Carlo horribly beats Connie is necessary AND as uncomfortable to watch as it is in order to heighten tensions and increase our distaste for Carlo in order to maximise the effect of Sonny's Character arc, his passion and death. Appolonia is Micheal's first wife. Carlo was 'garroted" not strangled. I'm just writing as he speaks. Notes? How many Character's names do you recall...or not. Oh, and they were Quiet because the Don AND Micheal planned the killing of the other Bosses - Vito - "Let me say, that, on the souls of my grandchildren I will not be the one to break the peace we've made here today". Micheal will!! Connie or Constanza is the sister's name....I'm done here, this is foolish. Robert Evans had nothing to do with this great film. One could go on but it's like correcting 50, 1st year student's Papers, if they were ALL the worse students in the class.

    • Amelia11
      Amelia11 8 months ago

      Thank you. You should make an analysis. It would be much better.

  • HTH Studios
    HTH Studios Year ago

    "Don Lore" sounds threatening as all hell to me. I'd recommend with that.

  • john gun
    john gun Year ago

    I just binged watched the trilogy yesterday (9 hours holy crap) and at first I thought these movies were going to be overrated because everyone's always saying how good they are but it's now 1 and 2 are in my top 5.
    I think Michael lies the way he does to keep everyone on their toes. You never know what's going on in his head or what he's going to do. He even tells someone (I forgot who) to never say what you're thinking.

  • Asif Gir
    Asif Gir Year ago

    Good review but God damn you suck with the names I found those characters and their names so memorable

  • His Deviance
    His Deviance Year ago

    Damn, Lore, you can rock that suit!

  • rfjohns1
    rfjohns1 Year ago

    it was over a year after returning to America before he contacted Kay

  • TreeTrout
    TreeTrout Year ago

    who cares how your 'ruminations' work for you? do the analysis. diocano.

  • Joseph Falco
    Joseph Falco Year ago

    Plural for Mafia is Mafie not Mafia. You don't call spaghetti spaghettis because spaghetti is plural.

  • powerfrenzy
    powerfrenzy Year ago

    I believe in the script and original story, Connie (the sister) was supposed to be rather homely and unattractive. Carlo only married her to get in with the Corleones essentially. Connie forgives him so much, and is broken up when he is killed, because she believes there is nobody else who would ever marry her. The effect is spoiled somewhat because Talia Shire is quite cute in her own way - so the intent of the script is lost a little.

    • marlon thomas
      marlon thomas 8 months ago

      And Carlo beats her cos he knows he can’t confront a corleone male so he gets off on beating the only one he can
      Goes quite in depth iirc

  • WilliamGarland
    WilliamGarland Year ago +2

    Arch. *He is the father of her child.* Also, in regards to Sicilian culture, he is family; family is the strongest bond in that society. Moreover, in Sicilian society, and especially Mafia, killing family is a big no-no--to use their own word, anathema. It is important to show how far Michael has come, and, moreover, how willing he is to abandon the old traditions. Also, the scene is foreshadowing Fredo's fate, and the two film's (part 1 and 2) climatic 'hits' mirror eachother: Micheal orphans his nephew (hence the significance of the baptism) by the end of the first film, and by the second he kills the man, Fredo, his own brother, who was becoming a father figure to his own son (Anthony). And moreover, we are meant to note the escalation in brutality of the two mirror killings, the first, Carlo, perhaps had it coming, but was still considered family; the second, Fredo, is much more sympathetic, and his blooded brother, and by the time he is killed no longer a threat to anyone ad has long since reconciliated with his family.
    Hope that adds some context for when you ruminate on Part 2. You're doing Part 2, right? You have to. The story is only half over.

  • WilliamGarland
    WilliamGarland Year ago

    Stoicism; a la Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome.

  • Doug19752533
    Doug19752533 Year ago +4

    best line in the movie: "Johnny Fontane never gets that movie! I dont care how many dago ginny wop greaseball goombahs come outta the woodwork!"

  • Doug19752533
    Doug19752533 Year ago +2

    would like to hear you do Dune.....both the 1984 movie and the sci fi miniseries

  • BIGxBOSSxx1
    BIGxBOSSxx1 Year ago +3

    Should totally do a rumination on Taxi Driver

  • fred kelly
    fred kelly Year ago +1

    Wow a surprise and a pleasure to see this one in the ruminations. There are only a couple of truly insightful videos covering this movie, nearly all are pitifully short. Unfortunately I do not have a short attention span so to have it come up here where taking 20 mins to actually start on a movie is not unusual, I like that.

  • Jonathan Sigurdson

    Please do Godfather Part 2. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • MidnightFox
    MidnightFox Year ago +1

    Nice. Can you do the Godfather 2 too. I think it is better than 1.

  • Adster
    Adster Year ago

    Al martino was the singers name and that slap really happened and was ad libbed by Brando and not expected by Al Martino and he wasn't happy about it.

  • Adster
    Adster Year ago

    My fav movie of all time how awesome this rumination will be to listen to!! hope you do a Godfather 2 as well!

  • Asdf asdf
    Asdf asdf Year ago

    Great review! I think I'm going to support you on Patreon! I hope you do a video on the Grand Theft Auto universe in the future.

  • Nellas / niko ニコ

    don loreone

  • dnightwalker
    dnightwalker Year ago +7

    Think the sister was mad because Michael took away the only thing that she had left, the illusion of a happy family. Its my impression from interacting and hearing about women from that time, that the illusion of whats expected by society is better than going against it, even if going against what society wants means to have a chance at a better life.

  • an unhappy capitalist

    Don Lorleone!

  • Ralph Nesbitt
    Ralph Nesbitt Year ago

    Excellent rumination

  • Ralph Nesbitt
    Ralph Nesbitt Year ago +1

    Am I seeing things or are you missing half of your beard?

    • Gnome Saiyan
      Gnome Saiyan Year ago

      Huh, I thought it was the lighting, but you may be right.

  • pk2hitman47
    pk2hitman47 Year ago +1


  • an unhappy capitalist

    Great video. Also I'm pretty sure you said prostate when you meant to say prostrate

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    1- I never knew that the actor who plays Luca Brazi was a huge fan of Brando’s ... makes sense now ...
    2- Interesting that Hagen is your favorite character ... but he does have an particular perspective; he’s not family, he’s not even Italian, but Sonny seems to think of him that way (at least in the book)
    3- Don Vito rarely lost his temper ... but when Sonny was caught in a robbery ... in the book, the Don was in his office with Sonny in the olive oil company (the front for the family business): “Alone with his son, he gave full vent to his rage, ...” That was a great scene.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    [Starts the video] - Hey Arch, nice suit.

  • Luke Jolly
    Luke Jolly Year ago

    Nice suit

  • JustinDL97
    JustinDL97 Year ago +3

    Really enjoyed this one. I actually rewatched The Godfather for the first time in years a few weeks ago to show it to my brother, and after I was done I looked on RU-clip for analysis videos and found very little. While I'm sure hundreds have analyzed this film in essays and whatnot over the years, there is very little analysis material about this film on RU-clip, so this video is definitely a worthwhile positive addition. And of course, it was an absolute treat to see this show up in my subscription feed.

  • B P
    B P Year ago

    Nice to see ruminations on main stream movies too! Would love to see "There Will Be Blood", or "Fightclub".

  • One Dodgy Dude
    One Dodgy Dude Year ago

    Great observations! You're right on the money about plot. I would add that it's not even the most important aspect of the movie until the 30- or 40-minute mark, when we see Sollozo for the first time. But everything before was important to the STORY, if not the plot. Investing in these characters and their world. The big inciting incident (the Godfather gets show) doesn't matter if we don't see that he's the center of the universe for so many people. Movie is just brilliant.

  • Aspros
    Aspros Year ago

    that's a beautiful suit Lore. I would have preferred if instead of a black tie you had a red rose à la Sean Connery but it's ok ^^

  • Vesna Lukic
    Vesna Lukic Year ago

    This is actually a rumination for The Godfather II. I hope you'll
    do a rumination for The Godfather 1 also. In my opinion that was the best De Niro's role, right after The Taxi Driver.Oh, and beside Michael, Tom Hagen is also my favorite character and he is a typical grey shade ruler, quiet, polite, educated, well spoken and smart.You have to be if you want to survive among the sharks.
    P:S: Good to see you back on saddle again. :)

    • Vesna Lukic
      Vesna Lukic Year ago +3

      You're both right. it was a quite a while since I'watched these movies so I mixed them up.My deepest apologies! The Lemming , mistakes happen, no need to be rude.

    • Raider Royz
      Raider Royz Year ago

      Dude this is Godfather 1. De Niro plays Don Corleone in Godfather 2

    • scott wolozanski
      scott wolozanski Year ago +2

      Vesna Lukic This is a Godfather part 1 review.

  • TheChatterbox1991
    TheChatterbox1991 Year ago +9

    "I'll never do a Rumination on The Godfather." He says. :P

    • Dicky
      Dicky Year ago +1

      He also mentioned that they'd make a FF7 remake 'the day the sun explodes'

  • Da Noble Nerd
    Da Noble Nerd Year ago

    I think of this story the way I think of Shakespeare the concepts, the themes and the performances are more interesting than any plot. Great job, I've always identified with Clemenza. Yeah being Italian the culture is pretty accurate, and many of us felt nostalgia for our more communal past, and yes Michael just wanted heirs.

  • The Blessed Exchequer

    Never cared for this movie. It insists upon itself.

  • calamity916
    calamity916 Year ago +9

    Unfortunately some folks in abusive relationships stick by the abuser long past the point of sanity.

    • Warhaawk
      Warhaawk Year ago

      Sadly, having some first hand knowledge of the way some of the victims of an abusive relationship can be made the whole thing with Michael taking out Carlo and Connie's reaction to it so much more powerful and believable for me.

    • Phelan
      Phelan Year ago +1

      Did you watch the vid to the end? The link is practically a direct, elaborate answer to his question about why Connie ranted to Michael.

    • Hourglass8
      Hourglass8 Year ago

      I don't see why you would post this link??

  • jamesjohngarner
    jamesjohngarner Year ago +19

    The baptism was important because it made Michael a literal godfather, while simultaneously the killings were making him 'The Godfather'.

  • B. O'Dell
    B. O'Dell Year ago +9

    I couldn't disagree with you more on the domestic violence scene. It's brutally effective. Without it, the audience wouldn't be as mad at Carlo. And the suits didn't request that scene, they wanted more fun violence in general, so Copala made them eat their words with a grounded, affecting scene.

  • Heitor Mello
    Heitor Mello Year ago

    I thought your favorite would've been Fredo. The bumbling, awkward character that is treated by the family as nuisance and is basically put in places where he doesn't have any real authority to screw thing up, developing a deep resentment and envy, especially of his younger brother. Altough I suppose most of his character is only explored in the second movie.

  • B. O'Dell
    B. O'Dell Year ago

    To make a great film you need 2 things.
    1) A great story. Characterization, tension, character arks, ect, ect...
    (There's been hundreds of books written on the topic.) The stuff that's universal to all storytelling arts; be it novels, plays, operas, video games ect.
    2) (the less common of the two) You need to analyze the tools exclusive to FILM to tell your story;
    Editing, sound design, cinematography, the kuleshov effect, color pallet, visual motifs and a shit load of other stuff.
    The Godfather is a textbook example of a film that accomplishes both perfectly. I'll spare you all any further ramblings of the little things godfather does to get that second checklist. There's just sooooooo much to talk about.

  • kaiser0
    kaiser0 Year ago

    Is the background from witcher 3?

  • mitrooper
    mitrooper Year ago +3

    My friend, great rumination as always....but I have to tell you this, because it was bugging me...the plural is Mafia not 'Mafias'.
    Keep up the great work.

  • MrDononino
    MrDononino Year ago +1

    yea this movie is one of the greats :)

  • MrEffectfilms
    MrEffectfilms Year ago

    Interesting. I never thought that Vito was trying to go straight, I thought he knew he was dying and wanted Michael to be ready.

  • Steven Cochrane
    Steven Cochrane Year ago +17

    Another great rumination Arch, good to see u out of your sci-fi / fantasy comfort zone 👍 top

  • AN Productions
    AN Productions Year ago +5

    I always preferred Once Upon a Time in America directed by Sergio Leone.

    • WilliamGarland
      WilliamGarland Year ago +1

      Por que no los dos?

    • Jvez22
      Jvez22 Year ago

      Same here. De Niro and James Woods were sublime in that movie.

  • neonspec
    neonspec Year ago

    Oh my God yes. Part II is my favorite movie of all time.

  • Cicero
    Cicero Year ago +28

    Holy shit. Dat suit.