The Messed Up Origins Of Mulan

  • Опубликовано: 4 янв 2018
  • The real story behind Disney's Mulan.
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    You have probably already watched the Disney movie “Mulan,” and you know that this hero would be your favorite Disney princess if she were part of royalty in China. But did you know that, even though we’ll never know if she existed or not, her fairy tale was actually based on a story that was told centuries ago? This is why we are showing you the messed up origins of Mulan.
    In the Disney movie, Mulan was supposed to become a housewife like many other women, but she failed the test with the matchmaker. This is why she decided that she was going to take her father’s place and her family was shocked when they found out about her decision. What happened in the original story?
    We all know that Mulan was not very skilled when she joined the army and she had to work hard to learn how to fight like a man in the movie. But in the original fairy tale, she already knew how to fight and practiced martial arts with her father.
    And we won’t forget about the love story with Li Shang. In one of the original tales, our favorite hero also fell in love with a man named Jin Yong. When he found out that she was a woman, he became more attached to her. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this fairy tale ended.
    Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the messed up origins of Mulan like what happened when she revealed that she was a woman and how her story really ended. So which tale do you prefer: the Disney movie or the original story? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.

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    Whats the original tale? You just keep on saying "in the disney movie and comparing it to "in another version of the tale and in one version of the tale, and the other version of the ballad tale, ??? What the???

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    discovery from mulan’s tomb shows she was white and Christian

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    Bitch y'all don't even like the movie, NO LIKE FOR YOU NONONO CABRON

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    The real ending is after her father died her mother remarried and Mulan was forced to be a concubine to the king of China two years later she became good friends with the queen of China but one day Mulan killed herself

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    This is so confusing
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    She is a women boss
    Love her

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    I think I prefer the Disney of Mulan

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    No one really knows the true story tho, cuz there's so many versions of them in from of anicent poetry. I had to study one in mandarin and it states that they all went back to Mulan's hometown to celebrate with her and wait fo her, and she came out in woman's clothes and no one recognized her but they accepted it.

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    What I hate about TheThing is that it promotes this twisted commercial fake feminism. "We prefer her with no man in her heart. A woman doesn't need a prince to be a princess" GODDAMNIT. You guys are to blame that men all over the world think feminism is about being anti men. That's not the POINT! Falling in love with a man doesn't make a woman a lesser being. Giving up your life, your wishes, goals, your identity for one, that is a problem. Portraying a woman as only what she can be in relationship to a man is a problem. Not a woman choosing to be with the man who respects and cherishes her for who she truly is. SHAME ON YOU, TheThings!

  • FrogyShi
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    FYI, the Xianbei people actually integrated into the Han at that time and they’re no “barbarian tribes” that even women have to fight to protect “China.” Fun fact: the nomadic Rouran people which they’re fighting against also claim themselves as the real “China.”

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    This thumbnail has nothing to do with the story wtf?

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    Reading the comments i feel that the main point about the Mulan story, whether factual or not, is being missed completely. The point of the Mulan story is filial piety. It is a trait primarily celebrated in Asian cultures even to this day. But even the 4th Commandment points to some weight in Judaeo Christian upbringing.

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    Idk how to say much. The origin already mess up. Mulan is not from china. She’s from champa.

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    I don't see why you call her story "Messed up".

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    I still prefer the real story over the Disney version

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    Why they show all these lil white kids reading

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    I don't think the origin is messed up. It takes alot for a person to deal with the cruel reality of the World and what comes with it. Even doe Disney makes you feel good I rather live with the truth. Origin story all day✌

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    I did not know there was a second m UK lan and aren't talk copying messed up origins

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    Which do I prefer? The original straight stories. Disney has always taken messed up, crooked, and gruesome stories and sanitized an/or romanticized them. Show me the "true" moral/truth behind the story or get off the screen.

  • David Evans
    David Evans 8 дней назад

    Dont forget that in one story mulan in spite of everything she accomplished was made to be a concubine of the emperor and she ended up committing suicide

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    I’m so sorry real life old history MULAN she’s not CHINA she’s from MONGOLIAN army’s general girl.

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    Really pushing this “gender” shit huh sheesh. A dick doesn’t equal a vagina...this is why women don’t equal men.

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    And the version i read... Mulan was killed when they found out she was a woman.

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    You forgot the other version where when the emperor found out about her and he wanted her as his concubine but she decided to kill herself to avoid that fate.

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    You missed the version where the emporer tried to make her his concubine as a "reward" but rather than submit to that fate she committed suicide. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Why do you guys always have to sneak in some weird feminist agenda behind it like she doesn't need a man I feel like if Mulan was to get with a woman you wouldn't have said Mulan doesn't need another woman.its not like the guy was always helping her if anything she helped him more

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      the worst part is that it's not even feminist, it's commercialized faux feminist bullshit. Much more regressive as it seems on first sight. The commercialisation of feminism is the worst thing to ever happen to the movement because now we have stupid media outlets spout bullshit they call feminism when really it's both misandrist and misogynist. There is nothing wrong about men and women being in love with each other if they treat each other with respect. There is nothing feminist about shitting all over men as a whole, and whoever keeps doing it isn't a "feminist" at all.

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    She fought on the side of Northern Wei dynasty as an ally from different ethnic group. They were all nomadic dynasties. Not Han Chinese as Dysney desctibes.

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    You say we prefer this or we prefer . I don't prefer the story a different way. Don't nonshilontly corrupt my voice with your biases.

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    Most of the elements of the original Chinese tale I like... and it makes sense. It even proves that women were not merely creatures with no other purpose than making babies and if proved capable could rise high in society. The narrator's comments however, of how we'd ALL rather see Mulan alone and without a man is a ridiculous comment from a VERY extreme feminist (possibly even lesbian) view and one which CLEARLY from the Chinese tales, Mulan herself would NOT have shared. SHE (the narrator) may have loved seeing Mulan alone loving only her father, but I liked her finding a husband SHE liked, who saw her as an equal and having a family. The second less happy ending of the Chinese versions proves this and speaks volumes. It's also the most likely outcome of Mulan not finding love and marrying. Spending years wasting her life fighting (a view shared by many disillusioned male glory hunters as well) Mulan comes home to find her beloved father dead. She's probably not the most desired match for a wife by now because of age, battle scars, etc and she has ptsd's. She ends up alone, childless and mentally damaged. Only Susan B. Anthony (and others like her) would have seen that as a acceptable price for Mulan to pay. Finally, Mulan was NOT a princess in either the Disney version or any of the original Chinese versions. So the notion of Mulan not needing a man to be a Disney "Princess" is silly.

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    First minute and already telling lies about the movie. Milan in the movie doesn't decide she has better things to do; she became a soldier to save her father just like in the original tale. Way to paint her as some feminist who didn't need men when in reality she made the decision to protect the man she loved most.