AG Barr holds news conference on release of Mueller report

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Attorney General William Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein hold a press conference on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.
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Comments • 3 429

  • Ralph Canfield
    Ralph Canfield 2 months ago

    Another criminal along with all the Trumptards. You will all fall

  • Sadoxell
    Sadoxell 3 months ago

    Next conspiracy... is Rod real or fake?

  • James Gilliam
    James Gilliam 4 months ago

    Get those bastard Barr. Because they have caused lots of problems for American people.

  • Naroju Saiteja
    Naroju Saiteja 4 months ago


  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    He did the report for the american public not for you

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    Did you both agree on the outcome?

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    Do they know the irs ...usps...pomona pd...cbp...chp were obstructing justice Thats why. I filled a lawsuit with the house judiciary comittee

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    So what happened with trumps campaign being spied on? Did you tell them i called the ny fbi office to report corporate espionage

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    What 3 steps do you need to prove conspiracy

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    Its conspiracy with ukraine aint it?

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis 5 months ago

    It was interupted by you misleading the country

  • David Smith
    David Smith 6 months ago

    FOX news = F A K E news Attorney General Barr is a Friggin' LIAR. What an embarrassment to society. Barr needs to be in JAIL along with orange face buffoon (Trump).

  • Amanda Ringmeier
    Amanda Ringmeier 6 months ago

    The report confirmed Russia trying to interfere.
    The report confirmed that Trump and his campaign KNEW about their interference long before anyone else.
    When Russian hacking and interference came to the surface, Trump is on record telling the public and his supporters that Russian interference is a hoax after he KNEW that it was real.
    Is this not cooperation? It sounds like cooperation.
    Russia: We're going to try and make you president.
    Trump: The people suspect you! I'll tell them it's a democratic lie!

    ... You guys don't remember? You don't remember Trump saying that the Russian interference wasn't real? He knew it was real and told you it wasn't...

  • Brenda Vinesett
    Brenda Vinesett 6 months ago

    The judge of the Fisa court sees them and all Obama administration as guilty of all our Duly Elected President was accused of. They are the guilty party, not President Donald J Trump

  • Brenda Vinesett
    Brenda Vinesett 6 months ago +1

    Mr. AG. That might have been true then, but not Rod And Robert Mueller are both Deep State! Americans have seen the truth unfold b4 our eyes! I'm sorry Sir! You're an honest Good man who loves the rule of law, but these two men do not and have no respect for you and the rule. God Bless You and Uphold you thru this trial!

  • jilllhunt
    jilllhunt 7 months ago

    If they would put some of this effort into what the documents actually said, we might get somewhere. It’s been 2.5 years... move on.

  • Gerhardt K
    Gerhardt K 7 months ago

    It looks to me as though Barr is doing all this to be Trump's next appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States. He doesn't worry about sullying his reputation, when that's his real goal.

  • Nathan Holmes
    Nathan Holmes 7 months ago

    I hope to see a playlist of this, followed by either full reading of the report. Time stamps to mis-info or mis-characterization. Hopefully it would include hearing from the special counsel himself, boxed evidence in hand. Under Oath.

  • marcus barrett
    marcus barrett 7 months ago

    Was it just me or did the sound go out talking about the Clintons

  • Pana Amarthe
    Pana Amarthe 7 months ago

    Barr and Nielsen lost their names at end of their career

  • Jason Frame
    Jason Frame 7 months ago

    what does he say at 5:38? I was watching on another channel and it also cut out. All the recordings must have used the same mic?

  • Freezer Freezer
    Freezer Freezer 7 months ago

    I like watching this AG. Says what's in a report. Takes questions from me leftist media. Leftist media start hounding him like Jim Acosta Style. Not a problem, just walked off the stage :-) the man's got it down. He's not going to put up with that nonsense

  • Larry Baley
    Larry Baley 7 months ago


  • Elmo Bennett
    Elmo Bennett 7 months ago


  • Master Daddy
    Master Daddy 7 months ago

    Funny that they are sad with the report and still don't believe it. You know, the report that states "Special Counsel noted that, in completing his investigation, he employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses." And yet they still don't believe it

  • kkajj5
    kkajj5 7 months ago

    Another one of trump's lying buddies.

  • juran Rangituiana
    juran Rangituiana 7 months ago +2

    Thanks Mr Mueller for telling us what we knew all along, now time to investigate the investigators and perpetrators that brought this hoax upon the people for 2 Years. This hoax and phoney investigation has done far more damage than anything any russian did. It was all a load of s@$t by sore losers and ultimately crooks trying to cover their own Tracks.

  • something_in _the_chords

    i thought the dude in the thumbnail was danny devito ngl

  • Aussie Insider
    Aussie Insider 7 months ago

    The Russians got no support from Americans because it wasn't Russia... it was Cambridge Analytica and its parent company NATO hired SGL Group that was commissioned to weaponize Russiaphobia. The UK did a better job uncovering the truth in a few weeks and a few $million than this multi-billion dollar farce

  • Keith James
    Keith James 7 months ago +1

    Rosenstupid looking like he is in big trouble as well... Hopefully this all comes crashing down on these criminal demoncraps!

  • EboyTvs
    EboyTvs 7 months ago

    Barr is seriously an airhead lol if you actually read the report you know the president committed a crime. You know that. We know that. Justice department CANNOT indict a sitting president. Won’t stop him until after though!

  • NW Freediver
    NW Freediver 7 months ago

    Fox news are a complete joke! Really they are in bed with Trump...and he's the worst of it all!

  • Jalem Okri
    Jalem Okri 7 months ago


  • kuwait85
    kuwait85 7 months ago

    What a donkey

  • Qanon Anonymous
    Qanon Anonymous 7 months ago +1


  • Pro Fighter
    Pro Fighter 7 months ago

    Is Rosenstein real or a statue?

  • Jolie
    Jolie 7 months ago


  • pollitical junkie
    pollitical junkie 7 months ago

    Rosenstien looks like a kid that got caught stealing and his dad marched him back to the store to return the chocolate bar! 😅😅

  • Konrad Sashin
    Konrad Sashin 7 months ago

    This guy sounds like the principal in Billy Madison

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Trolls know they lost the argument. Just out to annoy people, good try. Fake news lost, trolls are losers.
    Trump 2020🇱🇷😎🇱🇷 Glorious!

  • midarkmind
    midarkmind 7 months ago

    Justice speaking right there. GO BARR!!!

  • I'll throw multiverses at you Zeno Russell


  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Wondering why he didn't answer the last question?

    • vrnc M
      vrnc M 7 months ago +1

      he did answer. No

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Look I know fancy words and you must believe the lies I can tell you in a fashion that you will not see. Just because you can speak in a certain way doesn't mean you are moral. Barr equals to jail bars

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Don't care where you stand in life. If you're backing this I would question your own moralilty

  • marcel
    marcel 7 months ago +1

    Much respect to you Mr. Barr. I am really very sorry that you are being excoriated by the media and many Democrats. God bless

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Wondering how much jail time he will get

  • kurt31451
    kurt31451 7 months ago +3

    William Barr is so cool! Not may humans like him. A true inspiration. You can't control him. He is in total control.

  • antinettroll
    antinettroll 7 months ago

    Oh I like your style just walks off adrubty lol.

  • Helen G
    Helen G 7 months ago +2

    Finally an AG with some integrity. I love Barr, he is a true professional and highly intellectual.

    DR J WINGS 7 months ago

    well he looks like Elton?

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 7 months ago

    #47 on trending street

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy 7 months ago

    Hilary and Obama literally upset the Balance of the Near East especially with Libya 🇱🇾, because Libya was interconnected to Tunisia 🇹🇳 and Malta 🇲🇹 they are so close Geographically. Malta had good relations with Gadaffi. They both must answer for their damage to these lovely Countries.

  • karenamanda1958
    karenamanda1958 7 months ago

    I thought that was John Goodman for a sec.

  • Allen Klein
    Allen Klein 7 months ago

    you fat walrus looking mothe fkr you held key facts from report to protect trump

  • Arun
    Arun 7 months ago

    RR almost lost it at the end. 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Light Dancing
    Light Dancing 7 months ago +1

    Leave it to a Fake News media Spin Doctor to ask Barr if he is here to "spin" his report.

  • Steve Schiely
    Steve Schiely 7 months ago +2

    Barr is the man! Finally an honest law abiding person!

    • Steve Schiely
      Steve Schiely 7 months ago +1

      @DashDonivan Mueller found no collusion and recommended no charges besides it was based on a hoax

    • DashDonivan
      DashDonivan 7 months ago

      lol he lied about no collusion.. says it right in the report there was. But he banks on people not reading it. He's another stooge in Donnie's band of idiots.

  • Hayden Williams
    Hayden Williams 7 months ago +1

    It's OBVIOUS Barr was LYING now. Mueller wasn't attempting to charge a sitting president. He laid out everything for CONGRESS. Barr now has ZERO credibility.

  • BRO Scout
    BRO Scout 7 months ago +1

    Trump obstructed justice, plain and simple. Just because his staff did not carry out the duties does not mean there's no obstruction.
    AG Barr is disgraceful. He also abused his power. AG works for the people, not the President
    Vote McConnell, Hatch and other senior Republican seniors out. They've got no backbone to stand up to Trump.
    Get these clowns out of here. If not, lying would be acceptable and it is NOT.
    These Trump supporters are dumber than we think. I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment and do not support either party, but there's a false fear that if Democrats take over, our 2nd amendment are at jeopardy. If we continue to allow Trump in office, our constitution and values will erode.
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