Unexplained Videos That Will Give You Chills

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • The internet is home to some very chilling videos that still elude a direct explanation. Events, which give us goose bumps, and at times disturb even our very soul and sanity. Here are the top 10 unexplainable videos that will give you chills.
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  • Third Eye Sight
    Third Eye Sight Year ago +1783

    I love being Amazed up in this joint.

    • Raul Salcedo
      Raul Salcedo 24 days ago

      @J T that might be what you're into.... Regardless, zoophilia is still a crime ya fur fag.

    • J T
      J T 24 days ago

      @Raul Salcedo sounds like you're fighting homosexuality

    • Naomi Paskucz
      Naomi Paskucz 3 months ago

      Hey! Number 3 I'm sure was a prank. Maybe done by a hacker or a friend of the guy on Skype. That image of the alien I've seen on one of SlappedHams videos. The alien face was captured on a home security cam I believe. So someone must have gonnet ahokd of that image and used it to scare this guy and his friend.

    • BazzaB
      BazzaB 3 months ago

      Marlo Detorres I’d like to know to cuz I didn’t see it 🤔🤔

    • woduhka •-•
      woduhka •-• 6 months ago

      @BE AMAZED 2:10 that's Elizabeth Smart

  • Charles B
    Charles B 10 hours ago

    What do i think? Its another worthless video about supposed unexplained events, i quite right after majing this comment

  • Doge Doge Doge
    Doge Doge Doge 15 hours ago

    I went to eastern state Pennatenary I live near there and it is NOT haunted

  • Lady Flores
    Lady Flores 16 hours ago

    Malfunction of mechanics means that it does not ask the way it should. So those doors slamming on that dude at heart. Could be malfunction.
    The hotel was faked. How do we hear the screen so I can't understand what the worker is saying.
    Number 4 is from ghost adventures.

  • Eyal Katzil
    Eyal Katzil 2 days ago +7

    The most unexplained thing, Donald trump ellecteed president

    • Karen Carney
      Karen Carney 2 days ago +2

      Yes..how do i vote for an 'eleective' lmao

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 3 days ago

    8:55 is just a cat😂😂

  • the knife guy 09
    the knife guy 09 3 days ago

    *Watch's this*
    Behind me:NUMBER 15

  • Roffa 5311
    Roffa 5311 3 days ago +1

    10. Real
    9. Fake
    8. Fake
    7. Fake
    6. Fake
    5. Fake
    4. Fake
    3. FAKE!!!!
    2. Fake
    1. Real

  • Yeee 01
    Yeee 01 3 days ago

    No.5 is Maybe his third friend lmao..

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays 4 days ago

    The alien wasnt really creepy but funny because aliens may have accidentally pressed their call button

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays 4 days ago

    8:32 Finally aliens got contact with us!

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays 4 days ago

    That ghost was a guy who stole an invisibility potion from minecraft. Jk

  • Brett Scheele
    Brett Scheele 6 days ago

    Thats a man

  • Burn like Hellfire
    Burn like Hellfire 7 days ago +1

    6:40 it could be someone else exploring the house as well...

  • Darrren Betker
    Darrren Betker 9 days ago

    You guys must be gettin desperate for likes and subs.

  • nimfa laguipo
    nimfa laguipo 9 days ago

    the first video was explained already😂 why was it titled 'unexplained'😂

  • Mark Pogan
    Mark Pogan 10 days ago

    The measurement on the ooze says radius but the arrow graphic shows diameter.

  • Sloan Porter
    Sloan Porter 11 days ago

    This narrator is the worst! I've heard him many times before and I usually unsubscribe. How many channels does he ruin?

  • F. Tonkonst
    F. Tonkonst 11 days ago

    Of course it's mechanical. Foh.

    BERIN JELA 11 days ago

    Dislike cause of the simultaneus ads.

  • iv 4
    iv 4 12 days ago

    #2 looks like a skin walker from all I know about them

  • Multiverse One
    Multiverse One 12 days ago

    Number 4 originally came from the show Ghost Adventures and was recorded by a ghost hunting group called TAPS. It was aired on the syfi channel. I have the DVD of this episode.

  • Early Eduarte
    Early Eduarte 13 days ago +1

    I wish invention of carbondioxide converting to oxygen creating machine was possible so we can fight against globalwarming and study and eliminate all scrary creatures

  • kingthunger1234
    kingthunger1234 14 days ago

    You know there was a frog in the sewer right

  • Sentient Music
    Sentient Music 14 days ago

    It was the Peepee-Poopoo man

  • EvilDtmin Roblox
    EvilDtmin Roblox 14 days ago

    lets put on a chill face from roblox so we can get CHILLED

  • Joshua Ballew
    Joshua Ballew 16 days ago

    I wish you video makers would find new vids. not copy everyone elses.. or at least copy ones that aren't popular. please?

  • Reagan Paszak
    Reagan Paszak 17 days ago

    Number 4 was on ghost hunters and I heard that after the episode the police did and investigation of the building and found cult activity. Black figure was probably a cult member trying to run away, but then sees the camera and runs away.

  • Reagan Paszak
    Reagan Paszak 17 days ago

    I remember seeing the recording in the hotel

  • Marisa Beltran
    Marisa Beltran 17 days ago

    It can ALL be explained

  • bradlyn jeremika
    bradlyn jeremika 18 days ago

    How he says penitentiary makes my ears tingle hate it

  • keith andraye niega
    keith andraye niega 18 days ago +2

    gives u chills!?
    burger king foot lettuce

  • Josh/Nearoikathgor
    Josh/Nearoikathgor 20 days ago


  • Samuel Wong
    Samuel Wong 21 day ago

    7:11 I think it is in the window... or the other 'figure' is the guy himself X-P

  • Chris Gaytan
    Chris Gaytan 21 day ago

    Man put the pixelgun 3d Winter town song

  • mxtox kiron
    mxtox kiron 21 day ago

    What are these ghost doing with there they supposed to be in heaven or hell they weirdos

  • firelion king
    firelion king 22 days ago

    that was me in the forest i just wanted to get some stick and the guy that flyed the drone was rood

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 22 days ago +1

    I thought the foam was a laundromat that used way too much soap 😂

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 22 days ago

    the sewer ones are a commercial abt flushing stuff down the toilet. its a joke

  • Mickolaus Mickelby
    Mickolaus Mickelby 25 days ago

    Slow news week BE AMAZED?

  • Z4 HISJO -
    Z4 HISJO - 25 days ago

    Exploring an abandoned hoe

  • pepper _
    pepper _ 25 days ago

    thumbnail looks like a giant tortilla

  • aaron montague
    aaron montague 26 days ago

    No two is a clip from a shite horror movie i saw a few years ago .. cant remember the name. This video is literally just made to show adds

  • Beatup667
    Beatup667 26 days ago

    I have a utter unknown
    While watching this video I noticed my pinkie has a rather long nail. Like I bite nails frequently. No finger has any form of nail (it has a nail but not a long one) but when I woke up and watched this the pinkie from which I was biting yesterday has a unusualy long nail.
    This is the most boring glitch in the matrix ever XD

  • Furryz
    Furryz 27 days ago

    1 Mechanical malfunction, cha ching$$
    2 oh no! A woman in a dress
    3 she didn’t simply disappear he was riding a bend so no he would not see her when he turned his head and by the time he legally turned around and got in the proper lane ( which I’m sure he did) she could’ve been picked up a ran way since motorcycles were chasing her
    4 The fuzzy glitch option
    5 so the intruder upstairs was equally as freaked out by the intruders downstairs since neither parties should’ve been there
    6 potentiary what the hell is a potentiary, the word is Penitentiary
    Bored now

  • A Canadian Axylotl
    A Canadian Axylotl 27 days ago

    R they all ghosts....

    Except 3 4 and the woman in the woods.

    UKCHEEZ 28 days ago


  • Jay Pallares
    Jay Pallares 29 days ago


  • Chris Wickens
    Chris Wickens 29 days ago +14

    Everything must be sinister! Everything is ghosts! So much mystery!
    Oh wait, no. Not at all.

  • Alicia Martinez
    Alicia Martinez Month ago

    olllld???? old thats from ghost hunters. and 2006 isn't old enough to say there wasnt photoshop. lol

  • Praveen
    Praveen Month ago

    I saw the ghost on #4 7:21 it's kinda cute.

    • ğ . ą . ß . ë
      ğ . ą . ß . ë 28 days ago +1

      *_Are exactly why did you feel the need to post something so, hmmmm what's the word I'm looking for? Oh I got it! OBVIOUS!?_*

  • chance man
    chance man Month ago


  • M&R Sound and lighting

    omg I live in Cannock in england

  • MysteriusBhoice
    MysteriusBhoice Month ago

    dude that alien during skype call is a program
    total hoax

  • Doc Doom
    Doc Doom Month ago

    Learn proper pronunciation. Your adding an extra syllable to the word penitentiary and it needs to stop

  • bonbonsfamly sjsjdj

    I saw the grim Reaper

  • Joseph Decasper
    Joseph Decasper Month ago

    Yeah! Get em John!

  • Keith Ray
    Keith Ray Month ago +33

    Why do I watch stuff like this before bed

  • John Henry
    John Henry Month ago

    #2 outs a whole different meaning to their must be something in the water

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma Month ago

    0:08 that was bollywood movie scene😂😂😂

  • Erin Connelly
    Erin Connelly Month ago +1

    One time, I had nearly fallen asleep. I was exhausted, and I was laying in bed. A woman dressed in classic 1800s civil war era clothing seemed to float in my corner. I wasnt afraid. More curious. The woman drifted over to me, curtsied, and smiled in a pitying and painful way, and left. I still don’t believe in ghosts, but i indeed have my doubts about my own beliefs, and I know what I saw, although I will not be able to believe people come back after death, I will always wonder who she was, and why she cared for me for those few seconds, like an ill child.

  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia Month ago

    Ewww Oprah

  • Allegheny500
    Allegheny500 Month ago +1

    I had a similar effect once from an old Sony video camera to #7 on the list, it was an after image of what was on the tape prior that somehow did not get over written possibly due to dirty recording heads or other hardware glitch, but in my case it was obviously not a ghost.

  • charlesberg
    charlesberg Month ago

    Bitch, that was a Slitheen on skype lmao.

    CRAIG B Month ago

    A typical revolving door has a section that can be locked and unlocked so that you can carry longboards through the revolving door. This door came loose and reacted in a funny way.

  • etohprn
    etohprn Month ago +3

    5:54 “APPER-ATION”
    Sry. I couldn’t resist.

  • Josh Angel
    Josh Angel Month ago

    It's China. Take your pick and it's probable you're right.

  • Laughing Gravy
    Laughing Gravy Month ago +1

    'Several people have been reported as being killed in numerous accidents'.


  • NecroNinja
    NecroNinja Month ago +7

    I always watch these things with hope that I might be genuinely chilled but nope it's all just rubbish 😔

  • BigJay Games
    BigJay Games Month ago

    just fyi no. 4 is from the tv show gost hunters... its not realy that old

  • Lauren Sammons
    Lauren Sammons Month ago

    Most likely mechanical failure

  • Garth Tobler
    Garth Tobler Month ago

    Lose the ads YT

  • Rebecca Curley
    Rebecca Curley Month ago +1

    10:00 this company has come out and stated it was a prank by a couple of its employees. Believe it or not 😉.........

  • Phanguin 123
    Phanguin 123 Month ago

    11:18 boii it’s dean

  • Phanguin 123
    Phanguin 123 Month ago

    Number 9: white dresses women and black eyed demons= women in white and demons lol supernatural (the show)

  • Gamer Overtron
    Gamer Overtron Month ago

    IT'S AN "ALIEN"... oh wait no it's just my friend wearing an alien mask to scare us xD

  • Najee Wilson
    Najee Wilson Month ago

    What is she trying to do in these woodlands?
    Me... *a Freak Crackhead* : Get her pussy popped🤣

  • Chris Leedham
    Chris Leedham Month ago

    The ooze was actually a public art project of a vagina..

  • Russell Campbell
    Russell Campbell Month ago

    The woman in the woods is... a woman in the woods. The figure in the abandoned house is... another person in the house. Be a little objective ffs. BTW, the person who made number six is a film-maker and has since admitted that this was a fake video...

  • Christine Allen
    Christine Allen Month ago

    #4 was found by the paranormal group "Ghost Hunters" by Brian. As far as I've heard it is real.

  • Justine Kyle Rivera

    Be Amazed deserve to get 50 million subscribers just by showcasing the most interesting content👍

  • chitwn hood
    chitwn hood Month ago +3

    peni•ten•chi•airy... LMAO!

  • Jay WiPL
    Jay WiPL Month ago

    Cannock chase is a few miles from me. I've been there lots of times as a kid. I've never heard of anything you said about it.

  • Ganapathy lakshmi
    Ganapathy lakshmi Month ago

    In 1 maybe someone put a ton of detergent to clean the sewage

  • Ganapathy lakshmi
    Ganapathy lakshmi Month ago

    Goes to a abandoned house. Sees something in black and runs away,...... really!. I mean it's abandoned for a reason honey if you don't have the guts then why go in

  • William Morton
    William Morton Month ago

    the last video of ooze in China; ectoplasm. Somebody call ghost busters, lol!

  • MeekoChan
    MeekoChan Month ago +1

    the clip on 2 with the glowing eyes was an advertisement to not flush pets down the toilet

  • Top Vids
    Top Vids Month ago

    You Make Very Cool Videos!!! Your Channel Is Such An Inspiring One For Me, I Am Trying To Develope Mine But It Will Be Very Nice If I Can Gate Some Of The Love That you Haveeeeee...... Very Very Cool Keep Up With The Good Work!!

  • V Bye
    V Bye 2 months ago

    The Eastern State Penitentiary black figure was filmed by the show Ghost Hunters on Syfy it was what they claim to be a ghost or spirit

  • Noahs Everything channel
    Noahs Everything channel 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone find another ghost in #5 Cause I can't find it

    • ğ . ą . ß . ë
      ğ . ą . ß . ë 28 days ago +2

      *_Window to the far right, Smokey gray figure walking to the left_*

  • portalj123
    portalj123 2 months ago

    I remember I was in my living room my brother was upstairs in his room and then the living room lamp moved I checked the wire to see if my cat was running over it and hence moving the lamp bit I was the only person in the living room I still dont know why this was like a year ago 1 or 2

  • Katalepsis
    Katalepsis 2 months ago +1

    "unexplained" and literally first clip is perfectly explaned

    • RYP Gaming
      RYP Gaming Month ago

      Katalepsis RU-clip titles for you.

  • johan karlsson
    johan karlsson 2 months ago

    Absolutely amasing 😂😂👌

    DEAN LAING 2 months ago

    That bubble thing is a decent fart I did it 👍

  • Liberty Morris
    Liberty Morris 2 months ago

    So they're really not going to give credit for #4 to TAPS and Ghost Hunters?!! While there is still some debate about its authenticity, you can at least give credit to its origin. Also, it wasn't "that old" to where video editing wasn't a thing...that's why it's still debated.

  • dragon of fire
    dragon of fire 2 months ago

    One time at my aunts house I saw a gray floating woman in the hallway it was there for like 10 seconds when I blinked it disappeared

  • Dragon Sin of Wrath
    Dragon Sin of Wrath 2 months ago

    7:25 😨😱

  • Turnt Sandwich
    Turnt Sandwich 2 months ago

    Why the fuck is a woman in the woods an unexplainably chilling video. At least try with these videos

    PIXEL PERFECT 2 months ago


  • Benigno Paraisu
    Benigno Paraisu 2 months ago

    The skype alien is a virus with autoplay trigger, in my highschool time we used a black eyed girl photo auto played full screen on your face starring at you....
    But in this case they manage to make it played on the skype window.... Noice.....