CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie
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  • Deadprez101
    Deadprez101 Day ago

    I liked how chuckie cursed the shit out of people when murdering them it never took it self too seriously this already looks like a dumpster fire

  • MyKittyPercy
    MyKittyPercy Day ago

    This looks terrible. I know we love Mark Hamill, but call a thing a thing

  • Mad angel
    Mad angel Day ago

    Why ruin a good classic

  • 2222 3333
    2222 3333 Day ago

    When this movie comes out,im going to a Korn concert in my home town
    WHY ME!?!? T_T

  • I love cheesecake

    Never seen the Chucky movie but this looks like hot garbage. It looks like Chucky himself is 100% CGI.

  • ccor0errorkadrian

    I have a strange slit feeling a lot a people will hate this movi
    Edit: btw the music is good

  • FX gaming
    FX gaming Day ago

    This kinda looks like IT a group of friends try to kill pennywise in this movie Andy and other people try to stop chucky

    Edit. Well this is from the producers of IT so what do I expect

  • Azzy Land
    Azzy Land Day ago

    When it said “from the producers of ‘it’ I’m like “OH YES IM IN””

  • boomstick
    boomstick Day ago

    somebody switched that doll to evil

  • Zaya WRLD
    Zaya WRLD Day ago

    CALL JESUS!!! oh my god what the fuck

  • Greg Morris
    Greg Morris Day ago

    Why?? Every movie ever made is going to have a remake done? 😣 PLEASE, Hollywood... just stop!!

  • Uriel Fabela
    Uriel Fabela Day ago

    No me agrada el nuevo aspecto está mejor el antiguo

  • Horror Craze
    Horror Craze Day ago

    Can’t wait I already pre ordered my tickets.

  • 628
    628 Day ago

    Dead Meat Anyone?

  • ImaFattyCat
    ImaFattyCat Day ago

    seriously c’mon man... I’m still gonna watch it because I don’t wanna knock it until I see it but seriously c’mon on.....

  • jake johnson
    jake johnson Day ago

    bwhaha...Stop it Hollywood . These remakes are a Joke . This kid looks way to old to be playing with a Doll . Annabelle doll is way more scary than this Robot looking Chucky . lol

  • M R
    M R Day ago +1

    No no no that kid looks too old and this trailers full of bad acting this is going to be another flop! I hope the next 1 they make in 10-15 years will be good and gritty maybe stage in the 90s again and it will be great

  • Keith
    Keith Day ago

    Make something new

  • Spine Gaming
    Spine Gaming Day ago

    Looks better and the doll look more realistic

  • Daniel Epps
    Daniel Epps Day ago

    Why is this doll going around killing? I know in the 1st one the doll was possessed by a killer. Why do we paid people to write movies if they just going to Re-hash ones we already saw....This kid looks to old to be playing with dolls

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Day ago

    Wow what a great twist!

  • project zorgo
    project zorgo Day ago

    We kill him

  • 7 rings
    7 rings Day ago +1

    *WANNA PLAY!!!!!!*

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer Day ago

    Oh god it's Woody

  • xoxo, melissa
    xoxo, melissa Day ago

    Honestly people should just stop making sequels to original movies because they all fucking suck.

  • CharlieRavens
    CharlieRavens Day ago

    now you're going to ruin this incredible classic. i hope there is a special place in hell where you people will burn.

  • Carmen Rodriguez

    That kid is too old to play with a doll.

  • Band Hunna
    Band Hunna Day ago

    I like the story line cause it fits in with today life with all the apps controlling your house and shit and phones but chucks could’ve looked better😂😂😂

  • Javozea Hill-patterson

    Have yall seen end game?😂

  • mig le
    mig le Day ago

    The fat guy from toy story 2

  • åesthetic brøøø

    Wait Andy is back to because in the 1990s I guess there’s Andy so he’s back?

  • iinxrwhalii_ Plays

    My friend is going to love this I’m not it’s boring

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell Day ago

    How old is that kid? 14? Couldn't they have gotten an 8-year-old?

  • Tandica Scott
    Tandica Scott Day ago

    Wtf is that ....creators now a days bring me back to 06🙄

  • Morgen Dufseth
    Morgen Dufseth Day ago

    Okay what happened to the charles lee ray serial killer spirit inside chucky thing!
    this is not at all original
    but so is the pennywise movie it is not really original too so
    whats next you gonna ruin a friday the 13th movie now?!

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones Day ago

    Where's Brad Douriff


    They ruined chucky what the fuck how could you

  • Alicia B
    Alicia B Day ago

    Ok, when do they stop remaking chucky movies? The last one they made, chucky had a he's like a tricked out demonic remote control? 😬

  • Melanie
    Melanie Day ago

    Anyone got saw vibes?

  • Valerie PsychoPlayz

    People let me tell you about my best friend

  • Gonzalez Yamil Alejandro

    Estoy ansioso por esta nueva película siempre he sido fan de Chucky y espero que no sea un robot porque eso me decepcionaría mucho pero de los creadores de y creo que va a salir un buen éxito

  • sleepyッ
    sleepyッ Day ago

    YES IV’E BEEN WAITING FOR THIS my mom said a 13 year old shouldn’t watch iT BUT IMMA WATCH WITH HER AND MY DAD

  • V8mo50
    V8mo50 Day ago


  • Shine Here
    Shine Here Day ago

    Hothouse The Betrayal was better than this

  • Kayla Stokes
    Kayla Stokes Day ago

    Concept is weird. Why you want a smart doll to control your house like Alexa

  • BiG Cheese
    BiG Cheese Day ago

    Youd figured they would make a sequel to"The seed of chucky"....but noooo gotta do a remake...but like any other "reboot" hollywood does.. i'll give it watch when it comes out.😞

  • janise n.
    janise n. Day ago +2

    Wtf is this shit 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nat Terrazas
    Nat Terrazas Day ago +2

    This Chucky sucks he looks so animated

  • Yuliana Hiraldo
    Yuliana Hiraldo Day ago +2

    God bless Andy 🙏 he was the best kid

  • Brett Bowman
    Brett Bowman Day ago +2

    What’s wrong with chuckys face Jesus fuck this whole remake is fucked

  • Remond Pear
    Remond Pear Day ago +2

    Andy? As in toy story andy?
    Coincidence? I think not

  • Boom Pop
    Boom Pop Day ago +1

    Wtf do they keep on downloading the app

  • Ucal Wint
    Ucal Wint Day ago +1

    Chucky is 1 of the best movies out deer welcome back Chucky

  • UI Goku
    UI Goku Day ago +1

    I think the movie takes place 2 years from now and the people who made chucky the good guy doll in the 70s remade the doll design because of the police department/FBI reports from andy and his mom and evidence to back all of that up and the things that kept happening of course from the guy who cursed chucky (the original doll) and redesigned the whole doll and resold new chucky dolls again years later and the doll has a chip where you can connect it from the Buddi app kind of like bluetooth but instead it tells you where the doll is and I think that's how the new chucky doll is now? maybe I don't know but can't wait to see it and see what the backstory is as to why they made chucky again but redesigned

  • Raya Pinalee
    Raya Pinalee Day ago +1


  • ププププププ
    ププププププ Day ago +1


  • Wendy’s
    Wendy’s Day ago

    1:31 🤦‍♀️ you gotta be kidding me with that scene

  • Teriyaki Pirate
    Teriyaki Pirate Day ago

    Someone tell @Onision that the new chucky looks exactly like him

  • Jacob Reed
    Jacob Reed Day ago

    Elderly lady : UGH, ugly doll.
    Chucky : Fuck you.

  • Will Green
    Will Green Day ago

    shit look so fuckin stupid

  • Hey Princess
    Hey Princess Day ago

    Hell the heck no my birthday is June 21st aaaaaah

  • ToxicPandazz 123

    Chucky lockin like James Charles

  • The Banana Man
    The Banana Man Day ago +1

    Andy should’ve stayed to being a beta male and just stick to playing fortnite

  • yourstrulyfern _
    yourstrulyfern _ Day ago +2

    wtf did they do to chucky😭

  • Emilio Gonzalez
    Emilio Gonzalez Day ago

    This chucky better be funny

  • Harriet Potter
    Harriet Potter Day ago +1

    STOP👏 RE-DOING👏 ALL👏 THE👏 CLASSICS! you fuck them up.

  • derpyz muffinz
    derpyz muffinz Day ago

    *tHe oRiGiNaL iS bEtTeR*
    Bitch, the movie isn’t even out yet

  • rachaeleigh
    rachaeleigh Day ago

    Great so not only is this movie going to make me scared of dolls. But make me turn off Alexa and that evil Google bitch that hates me.
    I lost a perfectly good doll cause my mom thought it moved, now there goes the build a bear I got her for mother's day.

  • Alex PTTD
    Alex PTTD Day ago

    Can’t wait for another shitty ass movie


    Chucky wasn't cool because he killed. Chucky was cool because he was a foul mouth Criminal. Looks like the creators of this movie got excited with the success of Annabelle

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago

    This entire comment section is so cancer. Just a bunch of old people complaining that they’re doing something different with the franchise. How u gonna hate it before it’s even out?

  • Kmart
    Kmart Day ago

    Wait was this supposed to scare me?

    PHAZE209BEAST Day ago +1

    This looks stupid , he looks like a wooden puppet not a plastic doll wtf , shitty ass movie trailer

  • compton221
    compton221 Day ago

    Andy is like 14 in this. Why would he have a toy doll 😂🤣😂 I have to watch it though 😎

  • Kevbroseph
    Kevbroseph Day ago

    Is Hollywood relying on old movies for "new" material? Yes indeed. Is this far from the original plot and story of the original Chucky? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean the movie is complete trash or bad. I saw a comment about his face being "chiseled" and not maintaining his look. Well, the previous iteration was an actual doll. This is an animatronic doll, Not a possessed doll. His face is 'chiseled" because they have an actual animatronic puppet being controlled by three people to do movement and facial expression. According to the commentary, 80% of Chucky in the movie is animatronic and the facial expressions are easier to manipulate and show in real time. I do like the more technological view on this version because it takes something that we use every day without worry and turns it against us. We take our easy access to social media and digital services on a whim and think very little about what is actually going on with each keypress, photo uploaded or a file transfer. To have something that we would normally see as harmless to turn around and attack us when we are so blinded by the illusion of control is something to truly be afraid of. I personally when it comes to movies am more daunted by things that really could happen or have happened. This Chucky is based on modern household technology and advanced tech (which I'm sure is closer than not in reality) that can actually move. I have a harder time believing in the possibility of a possessed doll. I look forward to seeing this film with the different "origin" plot of Chucky. I've seen enough possessed dolls (chucky or not) in my lifetime. - 1989 here.

  • Lila Grace
    Lila Grace Day ago

    chucky looks like straight shit

  • ItzDominique Wilson

    EHEM. WHAT DID THEY DI TO MY CHUCKY...NOT COOL OKAY. The remake of IT was better but seriously messing with my bestfriend...not cool

  • Yukielle
    Yukielle Day ago

    Chucky is supposed to be a horror/ dark humor comedy movie- Thats what made it so original. Now they completely changed his features, and just decided to make it 100% horror. As much as I love the chucky movies, I’ll probably not watch this one ;-;

  • Mrs. DivaStar
    Mrs. DivaStar Day ago

    Is that chuckys younger brother cause it looks nothing Like him 😒🤣

  • zeroslicer 05 Studios

    Chucky looks like a tiny handsome jack.

  • phdragon34
    phdragon34 Day ago

    Another classic ruined.

  • Kingdom Kai
    Kingdom Kai Day ago

    How many of these fucking movies are they gon make

  • CringeGacha Daily

    Wtf i thought the freaking doll was supposed to be old and creepy to put it in a horror film but nope. It gotta look all innocent, not to mention the plot is a LOT different.

  • XOKree
    XOKree Day ago

    Annabelle has entered the chat

  • Tia Williams
    Tia Williams Day ago +1

    Uhhhhhh. No

  • tha 1 an only ko artist

    FUCK THAT...

  • santomations
    santomations Day ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that the new Chucky looks like a cross between a Raggedy Ann doll and a gremlin

  • Srythian
    Srythian Day ago

    Always knew the Internet of Things was going to be bad news

  • Bill The Board
    Bill The Board Day ago +1

    99% Of The Comments
    *_Nostalgia Blind Liberals screaming at the top of their lungs about how the original is better._*

    The Other 1%
    _Saying something remotely positive about the movie._

  • BlueMoon
    BlueMoon Day ago

    Karina Garcia:canceled you are
    The bride: are you kidding me

  • Nene Jackson
    Nene Jackson Day ago +1

    Just throw the whole movie away 🚮

  • ig kaylajuarezz
    ig kaylajuarezz Day ago +1

    i will kick that doll

  • Antoine Sanders
    Antoine Sanders Day ago

    Can't wait to see this movie Child's Play IV in theaters June 21st can't wait to go see it🎥

  • robot killa
    robot killa Day ago +3

    And we thought the new Sonic was bad I would rather spend all my money to see the new Godzilla movie 5 to 10 times than see this once

  • Happynt Boi
    Happynt Boi Day ago

    Either they fix Chucky or they can take that idea and shove it up where the light don’t shine

  • Darcey DeRosa
    Darcey DeRosa Day ago

    Hollywood is no longer original, just remake everything...

  • JAson Alpers
    JAson Alpers Day ago


  • lucy madrid robles


  • RoxyGirl ASMR
    RoxyGirl ASMR Day ago

    I can not wait to see this movie 🍿

  • The Sun Dog
    The Sun Dog Day ago

    Too long and desperately flashy..cgi Chucky? Na