What Zion Williamson's injury means for Duke, Coach K speaks on broken shoe | College Basketball

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Not even a minute into one of college basketball's most anticipated games of the season between North Carolina and Duke, freshman phenom Zion Williamson goes down in a way not many have ever seen before. Williamson stopped on a dime and his shoe fell apart before either team scored a point, contorting his knee and falling to the ground. He did not return. Jay Bilas joins John Anderson and Steve Levy of SportsCenter to analyze the injury in depth and what it could mean for Coach Mike Krzyzewski's team moving forward (1:20). Following Duke's 88-72 loss to Roy Williams' Tar Heels, Coach K briefs the media, calling Zion's diagnosis a "mild knee sprain," (3:55) while teammate RJ Barrett discusses with reporters what the Blue Devils lack without Zion in the mix (4:55).
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Comments • 2 947

  • 㴀㟼JevonYT
    㴀㟼JevonYT Month ago

    Is Obama at 0.19

  • Peace
    Peace Month ago +1

    Nike is hyped up overpriced garbage...

  • Gurmehar Boparai
    Gurmehar Boparai Month ago +1

    Put some flex tape on and it’s brand new

    FIFTY6IX 3 months ago

    Obama hexed him

  • JayZoop
    JayZoop 3 months ago

    ZION might end up being injury prone. Gravity always wins.

  • James M
    James M 4 months ago +3

    Damn and i just threw my life savings at some Nike stock. $134 down the drain.

  • Maddox Mack
    Maddox Mack 4 months ago

    R.I.P Shoe

  • Lee Weisbecker
    Lee Weisbecker 4 months ago

    dangers of building a team totally around a one-and-done

  • Todd King
    Todd King 4 months ago

    Not a big Duke fan but love the guys and hate to see anyone get hurt . Nike owes you Zion . Plus did you buy them yourself ? Doubt it . Now Duke owes you money . Don't worry about that crap now just get better . Prayers .

  • javi barreras
    javi barreras 4 months ago

    It remembers me what happened to Manu Ginobilli some years ago. Have a look- ru-clip.com/video/dnDwFTRG0Bg/video.html

  • Yang Li
    Yang Li 4 months ago +1

    couldn't Zion just sign with Crocks?

    THE JUICE TV 4 months ago


  • Abdulraqib Khan
    Abdulraqib Khan 4 months ago

    I honeslty feel that it was the mere force of Zion. I’ve seen an incident where this 280 pounds athlete in my college in the UK who was doing bodybuilding decided to play a game of basketball and his shoe ripped off and it’s ironic cuz he never wanted to play as he knew he generated a lot of force whenever he’s on the court

  • Iwantareef researcher
    Iwantareef researcher 4 months ago

    Just an excuse to sit out the season and save his talent for the NBA. Carolina moving forward!!!

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 4 months ago

    Coming to the big league (NBA)
    near you(in the future).........
    Shoe Wars
    Episode VI
    The Return of the Zion.

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 4 months ago

    Coming Soon.....
    Shoe Wars: Episode V
    Under Armour Strikes Back!

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 4 months ago +1

    Just witnessed only the beginning of........
    Shoe Wars
    Episode IV
    Nike: A New Joke

  • Minority Report Discipleship Podcast

    Nike is serious about taking a knee! Hope Zion is ok.

  • Varion Hatchett
    Varion Hatchett 4 months ago

    Like the brother said..these colleges is making all this money n these young players is not getting a dime..#PATHETIC!!

  • Shawn Prout
    Shawn Prout 4 months ago

    He should sue Nike

  • Shawn Prout
    Shawn Prout 4 months ago

    Crazy cause it was meant for that to happen at that game for everyone to see how they just can fuck someone career up

  • Bacons Strip
    Bacons Strip 4 months ago

    Season over. You’re all about to see how much of a difference maker Zion was not only on D as an absolutely ELITE defender, but how much attention he drew on offense that allowed Dukes other players to dominate their matchups.

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 4 months ago +1

    its always good to see duke go down

  • The Cure
    The Cure 4 months ago

    Another sub-contract from Chinese company.

  • ed casquejo
    ed casquejo 4 months ago

    I bet you, it’s Made in China

  • Sam Langston
    Sam Langston 4 months ago

    It’s Obama’s fault

  • Vandyke Ebbin
    Vandyke Ebbin 4 months ago

    Needs to sue Nike

  • Qaib pama Yang
    Qaib pama Yang 4 months ago

    Believe me or not NIki cost Zion injuries

  • Joe McCohn
    Joe McCohn 4 months ago +1

    The best NIKE commercial ever

  • Noel Nunez
    Noel Nunez 4 months ago

    Nike going cheap on the glue

  • Robsay01
    Robsay01 4 months ago

    See K’s icy glare at fall? Plus, he blew by Roy at end acting like he did it. K’s always been considered a baby loser at it showed.

  • Youngtrilll
    Youngtrilll 4 months ago

    Sprang my knee before...shit hurt... he gone be out damn near 3 weeks

  • agetori77
    agetori77 4 months ago

    Kahwi ain't lookin' too bad with his New Balance eh Nike?

  • Benjamin Sila M.
    Benjamin Sila M. 4 months ago

    Even gorilla glue couldn't hold that shoe together! I've never seen anything like it! NIKE ought to handle this right. I wish Zion Williams a quick recovery.

  • Stephan Edmonson
    Stephan Edmonson 5 months ago

    This remonds me of like mike. Maybe it was Zions shoes that made him good. We'll see lol

  • Jep Ragon
    Jep Ragon 5 months ago

    Try to wear lebron shoes,

  • Donald Makalintal
    Donald Makalintal 5 months ago

    Every endorser’s are ripping up the league, how about the swoosh.

  • Pawix Jegons
    Pawix Jegons 5 months ago

    point is .. becoz of that shoe it could be the end of career if injury is bad. So what will nike do about it?

  • 생존다이어트Steve

    What kind of shoe was he wearing a sandal?

  • Caiden Faircloth
    Caiden Faircloth 5 months ago

    Bruh y'all seen Obama 💀😂💀😂

  • FastFerrari82
    FastFerrari82 5 months ago

    Manu Ginobili blew his shoe out too

  • Ryan Rye
    Ryan Rye 5 months ago

    Back to shell toes!

  • chester allen
    chester allen 5 months ago

    You can blame Nike it’s because Zions rough on shoes he’s got a big body he’ll hair Adidas blowout on me when I make a sharp turn Like he did on the floor it happens especially with big people

  • Larry Wheeler
    Larry Wheeler 5 months ago

    The stitching should be double or triple stitching on entire shoe. This guy is so powerful when he plants to stop or reverse direction the normal stitching cannot withstand the force. I wear Nike's but nike should have custom made his shoes.

  • chester allen
    chester allen 5 months ago

    If I was Zion I will go on and quit college and you have nothing more to prove you’re going to make it to the NBA as the number one pick in less you stay in College and get Hurt in a ball game then your career will be over before it even gets started

  • max tmum
    max tmum 5 months ago +1

    i gonna go for adidas now. that's enough.

  • chaz Whitfield
    chaz Whitfield 5 months ago

    sign with lavar ball, BBB baby. why do you think lonzo stays hurt, Nike. wear the BBB and your body will give out before the shoe.

  • chaz Whitfield
    chaz Whitfield 5 months ago

    sign with lavar ball, BBB baby. why do you think lonzo stays hurt, Nike. wear the BBB and your body will give out before the shoe.

  • sippinn feugo
    sippinn feugo 5 months ago

    Th is was a set up ,he should sue Nike,

  • T I
    T I 5 months ago +1

    Don't buy Nike, don't buy american.
    Buy high quality, buy Adidas, buy german.

  • Berkant Göktan
    Berkant Göktan 5 months ago

    Buy Adidas next time.

  • terry thiessen
    terry thiessen 5 months ago

    Thats what you get for hiring children to make your shoes. Way to go Nike

  • mmac8462
    mmac8462 5 months ago

    Hey, Donavan Mitchell Tuition for Duke 60k a year, room board, books, medical, and being coached by the best. Figure 100k a year conservatively. Not nothing.

  • E e
    E e 5 months ago +1

    Nike is DONE.

  • Just Awesome ::
    Just Awesome :: 5 months ago

    Nike smh😡

  • Crash BandiWoah
    Crash BandiWoah 5 months ago

    Guys, take 10 seconds out your day to support PewDiePie. He's 6k subs away from being taken over by T Series. Basketball can wait.
    *Sub to PewDiePie.*

  • Redzone WR
    Redzone WR 5 months ago

    Like Mike

  • Saiful Alam
    Saiful Alam 5 months ago

    Nike Jerseys shoes stuff ripping are made to light stuff are made cheaply now made look expensive clothes are thinner lighter not bulky 90s early 2000s material stuff were made more stiff sturdy material. Nike shoes jerseys never ripped from the 90s.

  • Anon
    Anon 5 months ago

    That's what happens when Nike buys companies who were making fake shoes, to make supposedly "original" Nike's

  • bigshizzal
    bigshizzal 5 months ago

    Nike = Trash

  • randy balasanos tanala
    randy balasanos tanala 5 months ago

    wtf nike shoes,, low quality,,

  • Charles Bates
    Charles Bates 5 months ago

    Zion to the Laker's

  • 哈呵呵
    哈呵呵 5 months ago


  • Sabbath oneseveneight
    Sabbath oneseveneight 5 months ago

    Duke will play the we don't know how long he'll be out card, then start him at UNC.

  • Caleb H
    Caleb H 5 months ago

    I'm glad this happend because more people will to realize how trash nike shoes are. The shoe is manufactured in india where laborer works for 1 hour and gets paid $1. Its all advertising

  • joven Gara
    joven Gara 5 months ago

    Attention to all Americans do not buy made in China shoes that's a proof of trade war
    Product just Filipino what I'm saying

  • Haro Master
    Haro Master 5 months ago

    You think college costs a fortune now? Wait till you have to start paying players like all the PRO’s advocate. Hahaha.

  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters 5 months ago

    And those shoes cost $180 😂😂

  • jerry pablos
    jerry pablos 5 months ago

    Reeboks dont break just saying

  • gle goo
    gle goo 5 months ago


  • The Green Team
    The Green Team 5 months ago

    Made in China

  • nanasemaru 1997
    nanasemaru 1997 5 months ago

    0:17 Thanks, Obama.

  • Ernest Brown2
    Ernest Brown2 5 months ago

    He's going sue duke watch

  • Somaly Lam
    Somaly Lam 5 months ago

    He will always be President Obama lmao

  • Pomfy Chan
    Pomfy Chan 5 months ago

    что тут делает абама 0:17

  • Butch Ma
    Butch Ma 5 months ago


  • Josh Mendoza
    Josh Mendoza 5 months ago

    Shoe’d have been more careful *ba dum tiss*

  • Cameron Cassidy
    Cameron Cassidy 5 months ago

    Damn those are paul Georges

  • deere3321
    deere3321 5 months ago

    The shoe was the new Kaepernick version. They are designed for kneeling only.

  • Turbo
    Turbo 5 months ago +6

    Obama went to see Zion a couple seconds later he’s hurt

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange 5 months ago

    Either Zion was too strong and broke through the shoe cause of his strength or Nike makes poor quality PGs

  • Joseph Perkins
    Joseph Perkins 5 months ago

    If his foot wouldn’t have gone through his shoe he wouldn’t had an ankle injury
    Look closely

  • Savy B
    Savy B 5 months ago

    Why aren’t we talking about how unc won

  • Andre van der Vlugt
    Andre van der Vlugt 5 months ago

    Whatever happened to good old ProKeds

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  • Der blinde Sánchez
    Der blinde Sánchez 5 months ago

    The example shows how mendacious the whole system is: The coach, who lets his team play like a professional team, earns millions of dollars a year. The players themselves have to settle for stingy scholarships. These players spend much more time with their sport than with the real academic education. It's all just an alibi. The universities earn a total of billions with the sport and pay for it practically nothing, the players get involved in it, because they dreams of an NBA career. The only question is, what do those who fail to do in the NBA? They have not studied properly, so they are not prepared for a working life beyond basketball. And if they hurt themselves permanently? They stay invalid all their life. But you have to act like professionals and risk everything (including their health), otherwise they fly out of the squad and also from the university. A very inhumane system that only benefits those who benefit from all the money. Most of the players (and these are the players who will not continue to play basketball professionally) profit very, very little from it. If they want to achieve something in life, they still have to complete a broader education. And indeed, players are not professional players, but they have to do as much as professional once.

  • Matt J
    Matt J 5 months ago

    He is too heavy for the shoe. This dude weights 234lbs

  • Quentin Baggett
    Quentin Baggett 5 months ago

    Anybody noticed Obama in the house

  • Paul 11
    Paul 11 5 months ago

    just another reason why highschool player should be allowed again to go straight to the nba.

  • Ray Dominguez
    Ray Dominguez 5 months ago +1

    omg he should start wearing classic nike shoes made of bricks like the pippen uptempo

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 5 months ago +8

    Window of opportunity for an Under Armour shoe deal.
    That's for damn sure!!!

  • SWissHx
    SWissHx 5 months ago

    Damn same thing happened to Calvin Cambridge couple years back.

  • Wgii Pin
    Wgii Pin 5 months ago +1

    Make some shoes boi...for all ballers I be hoopin too...in my ashy Larry voice

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 5 months ago

    There is such thing as bad publicity 😅 the nike team wont sleep in the next month

  • TRUNKKS777
    TRUNKKS777 5 months ago

    Holy shit, is that the guy from wipe out????

  • biggest D
    biggest D 5 months ago

    A lot of Masonic numerology especially with old Satan himself there Obama the Muslim gay guy 36 seconds into the game 36 =666 time to wake up people to The Lies we are being told every freaking day nothing but fake news

  • 47 47
    47 47 5 months ago

    Zion needs to start hooping in some grey New Balance 990s

  • Татьяна Дёмина

    i never buy Nike again

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago

    That’s why, ma man should use the Air Jordan 33 👟👌🏽🤙🏽

  • Brian Daigle
    Brian Daigle 5 months ago

    Nike looking bad on this one.