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Mike Tyson vs Tommy Morrison 1

  • Published on Jun 21, 2016

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  • omar farcy
    omar farcy 5 months ago +1

    Tommy wouldn't exist in front of Tyson !!

    IMONEIN MILLION 5 months ago

    I must of seen this 10,000 times on youtube like say 9, 10 years ago

  • Toru Rikishii
    Toru Rikishii 6 months ago +2

    Tyson the best of the history

  • Pretorian Paulus
    Pretorian Paulus 7 months ago

    Old school

  • Ozzie Ozzie
    Ozzie Ozzie 8 months ago +1

    White Tyson

  • bryant B
    bryant B 8 months ago

    Tommy didnt have the strength mike did you can see between there ko that mike is turning there head quicker and they fall quicker

  • ricercatore attento

    James tillis ": “Tommy hit harder than Tyson, so he´s second behind Shavers by my experience”.

    Pinklon thomas “I couldn´t believe how all his punches hurt. I thought there was something suspicious about it, he hits way harder than Mike Tyson”.

    Ruddock "tommy did hit slightly harder than tyson"

  • Erik Rabe Røstad
    Erik Rabe Røstad Year ago +2

    Tim Morrison was NOT capable of KO George Foreman...TM won on points...GF was KO by Ali
    Tim Morrison seemed very good cause he was fighting average boxers..
    Tyson, Ali, and Rocky Marciano had destroyed TM

    • KinG KHAN
      KinG KHAN Year ago

      U r absolutely rght...U have gud knowledge about 🥊.

  • Rayyes
    Rayyes Year ago +1

    No boxer ever , even at their prime could have ever beaten Tyson at his prime . Prime Tyson would obliterate any fighter in 4 rounds at the most.

  • Emir Vražlić
    Emir Vražlić Year ago +5

    Mike tyson and Tommy morrison are the Best boxing champions of all ages

  • Bill numby
    Bill numby 2 years ago

    Ty, would have got mad and start biting like the bitch he is.

  • Walter 777
    Walter 777 2 years ago

    How the Fuck can you compare those two fighters when they never fought together !!!! That sounds stupid!!!!!

    INFOMANIA X 2 years ago +5

    Tyson would have bit both his ears off...

  • Baby Bok
    Baby Bok 2 years ago

    tyson hands down

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams 2 years ago

    mike would have won he had a better chin but morrison was my favorite boxer of all time

  • dirty sue
    dirty sue 2 years ago +1

    you should say clips of Mike Tyson and Tommy fighting other people you make it sound like they're fighting each other they never fought each other they should have

  • Yih Dzelonh
    Yih Dzelonh 2 years ago +3

    "Tommy Gunn" really was the 'great white hope' (or was it, instead: "Great White 'Hype?"): He was the first truly 'heavyweight' contender in decades.....since he fought in a slightly 'watered down' 90s (which may have been somewhat more 'packed' with talent than the 80s).....he really did have a legitimate chance at becoming 'heavyweight champ' and in fact, I believe he did: He did own the IBF or some other title (because it was vacated?) briefly....
    "Tommy Gunn" was quite.......'entertaining' the 'awesomely-bad' "Rocky IV." His performance in this movie was 'over-the-top' awesomely-bad and the end fight with Rocky is easily one of the most 'hilarious' scenes in any movie of all time -up there with "Death Wish 3." In Rocky IV, "Gunn" did look fairly impressive too as an up and coming heavyweight 'macho boy.'
    "Tommy Gunn's skills were 'on par' with the 'better' heavyweights of the 90s: An aging Larry Holmes and George Foreman, Ray Mercer, and a slew of others. He had great power in both hands......and was very tenacious in most of his fights and confident. It was too bad too see him become a skeleton and die of aids....
    If "Tommy Gunn" had fought the 90s version of Mike Tyson (hence, they had fought in the 90s), I could see this being a close and good fight. I still think that the '90s "Iron Mike" is clearly better (offensively and defensively) than "Tommy Gunn," however, and I would predict an 8th or 9th round KO for Mike Tyson -whom I trained with Cus D'amato in the early 80s.
    However, if an 80s version of Mike Tyson had fought "Tommy Gunn" -even at Gunn's 'peak,' I predict that Tyson would have KO'ed "Tommy Gunn" in the 2nd round: Mike Tyson's tenacity, speed, and skills in the 80s were clearly much better than any version of Tommy Gunn could have ever handled...

  • Dave Ortiz
    Dave Ortiz 2 years ago +7

    Morrison is no way a comparison to the Badass Tyson!!!!!!!!! blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Don
      Joe Don 6 months ago

      Dave Ortiz they trained together you stupid fuck

    • Dave Ortiz
      Dave Ortiz 2 years ago +3

      richard clevenger Agreed Bro. if he would've had the chin and stamina he probably would of been heavyweight champ for a long time. he had the speed and the power already!

    • richard clevenger
      richard clevenger 2 years ago +2

      True, Tommy could hit every bit as hard as Tyson, however Tommy`s glass jaw counts him out.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 years ago

    His name shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Tyson. Especially after what Ray Mercer did to him. Lol

    • Jason Simone
      Jason Simone 2 years ago

      Jack Frost Look what Buster Douglas did to Tyson!!! Lol

    • Brian Adams
      Brian Adams 2 years ago +1

      ray mercer would have done that to tyson also

  • Ziggy Lothbrook
    Ziggy Lothbrook 2 years ago +4

    my opinion Tyson would have picked Morrison apart and destroyed him inside of three rounds no question

  • atrocious _ pr0xy
    atrocious _ pr0xy 2 years ago +5

    Would have been one of the greatest fights ever

  • Todd Sheltraw
    Todd Sheltraw 2 years ago +4

    tyson was to fast and to hard to hit

  • D RELL
    D RELL 2 years ago +2

    Iron Mike Tyson

  • L' Artiste
    L' Artiste 2 years ago +1

    comparé Tyson à Morrison c'est une blague

  • Markus Heyde
    Markus Heyde 2 years ago +2

    Tommy is the beast !!!!!!!!!!

    • Markus Heyde
      Markus Heyde 2 years ago

      Hi Jason he got AIDS from a cheap Prostitute ......but whatever ..he was a big Fighter in younger years !!...but you right he got Aids !!!..sometimes Life sucks !!

    • J A
      J A 2 years ago

      Markus Heyde
      That's why he got aids

    • J A
      J A 2 years ago

      Markus Heyde
      That's why he got aids