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  • Published on Jul 4, 2019
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  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 9 hours ago

    Damien I love how you crack yourself up! 🥰🤣

  • Wolf Tuber
    Wolf Tuber 14 hours ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2089?

  • leeds _
    leeds _ 15 hours ago +1

    They meant 1915. Not 1942. They were this too scared

  • Xaviergg gg
    Xaviergg gg Day ago


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Day ago

    0:33 Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. the same anime i'm from

  • Aren
    Aren Day ago

    Age restricted huh. Good thing I have a 83 year old account

  • Timur Glazkov
    Timur Glazkov Day ago

    EmKay: replaces all swears
    Also EmKay: gets demonized anyways

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Day ago

    1:17 Ima blue eyes white dragon while your just a chalk magician oof

  • Agent. [REDACTED]
    Agent. [REDACTED] 3 days ago +3

    bro, he censored everything "InAPpRoPriAtE"
    But still got age restricted.
    Why do you do this RU-clip?

    NEON LAWEGO 4 days ago

    He delete the vid🤧😭

  • Haunter Productions
    Haunter Productions 4 days ago +2

    I knew one of these r/cursedcomments videos were going to get age restricted

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 4 days ago +1

    Bro the comments were so cursed they age restricted the video

  • Dalton Pinell
    Dalton Pinell 4 days ago

    All these people commenting about the age restriction and sitting here thinking about how
    much Jontron scared me at the end

  • Angellz
    Angellz 5 days ago

    " *honestly,just kill me for that one, i earned it* "
    -That 1 frame from 0:17 from Damien 2019-2019...

  • titanic healer
    titanic healer 5 days ago

    17 sec no I cannot

  • AllIsOne
    AllIsOne 6 days ago +2


  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 6 days ago +1

    This video is unavailable due to disney

  • Seth_does_ gacha
    Seth_does_ gacha 6 days ago

    0:47 then arent all kids black?

  • how do i change my profile picture?


  • how do i change my profile picture?

    D&D bards.D&D bards do

  • Alan O'Keefe
    Alan O'Keefe 7 days ago

    I listened to this before watching it. I thought he was referring to the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

  • The Nemesis
    The Nemesis 7 days ago

    How do you report youtube this some bullshit

  • Some Asparagus
    Some Asparagus 7 days ago

    Bruh moment

  • Vanvan Casel
    Vanvan Casel 7 days ago

    Emkay:hmmm how do I censor this
    Emkay: AHA *H* *A* *P* *O* *J* *N* *E*

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 7 days ago

    Dont show Donkey that dragon...

  • Perple Cat
    Perple Cat 8 days ago

    Gorillaz-Kids With Guns (Official Video)

    Commenter: "Please rise for the American national anthem."

    *Perple Cat liked that.*

  • Adam Hanson
    Adam Hanson 8 days ago

    “that blue eyes white dragon kinda hot”
    Woah calm down Kaiba

  • My Car Is Chaotic
    My Car Is Chaotic 8 days ago +1

    First part: "Is it just me or is the blue eyes White dragon kinda hot"

    *Yu-Gi-Oh intensifies*

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun 8 days ago

    Beastiality 💯

  • Brak does
    Brak does 8 days ago

    Well.the devil did the fire not god

  • Onfroi
    Onfroi 8 days ago

    blue eyes white dragon has been hot since yugioh

  • Santos Gonzalez
    Santos Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Noob i got boyfriend in fifth grade 9:15

  • Charles Sumpter
    Charles Sumpter 9 days ago

    Brother you blind if you didn't notice this but at the beginning of the vid there are you 69 comments

  • Psychocreepr !
    Psychocreepr ! 9 days ago

    Honestly, just kill me for that one, I earned it

  • Xander Hebert
    Xander Hebert 9 days ago

    8:44 where did she put all the food?

  • Italian Nick
    Italian Nick 10 days ago

    My sister died in a fire with her bible next to her, the Bible didn’t burn, thank god my sister burned and not the Bible, I hate that bitch

  • Widaa
    Widaa 10 days ago

    I think the age restriction is from this 2:12 he didn't censor them..

  • MarioSonic4life
    MarioSonic4life 10 days ago

    0:42 the perfect reply to that wouldve been "becuase orange is the new black"

  • kiwi Eevee
    kiwi Eevee 10 days ago


  • Wolfebane42
    Wolfebane42 10 days ago

    Frylock, wilt, ....the green one....

  • I_dont_know_ :P
    I_dont_know_ :P 11 days ago +8

    “I think I wanna jshdbd OwO that dragon”

    • Akane the kitty
      Akane the kitty 7 days ago

      Oohh Leave the light fury alone
      She precious bean

  • •Holy_Couch_ Potato•

    Ya *Yeet*

  • Palea
    Palea 11 days ago

    13:26 That's a whole gallon of that stuff. Just... how did that bear even accomplish such a feat?

  • NSX Adz
    NSX Adz 11 days ago


  • Shivv4_
    Shivv4_ 12 days ago +1


  • meowing ssi
    meowing ssi 12 days ago +1

    How did this get age restricted

  • Sera Feather
    Sera Feather 12 days ago

    Seto Kaiba be like 0:05

  • Asch Drown
    Asch Drown 12 days ago

    I feel like you need an otaku friend. Really...

  • Aiza Gonzalez
    Aiza Gonzalez 12 days ago +26

    "Your wieners... are getting *dirty*"

    Emkay, 2019

  • ت ت
    ت ت 12 days ago

    I edited this comment so nobody knows what I commented

  • *_No Videos_*
    *_No Videos_* 12 days ago +2

    What happened to RU-clip being 17 and up? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Xxsnakelover 55xX
    Xxsnakelover 55xX 13 days ago


  • Abdulla Al-Attiya
    Abdulla Al-Attiya 13 days ago

    Isn't that cell?

  • Lily Toll
    Lily Toll 13 days ago

    My Mickey Mouse fear: *100*

  • Jayku 162
    Jayku 162 13 days ago +1

    0:39 picolo man you need to watch dbz

  • LordVampire99
    LordVampire99 13 days ago

    Y does utube hide subs on age-restricted vids

  • Oliwia Ciesielska
    Oliwia Ciesielska 14 days ago +1

    Emkay: *Kevin* no that's bad

    Me:*KEVIN YES*

  • Fishing Frenzy
    Fishing Frenzy 14 days ago +1

    Hitler = brohickher

  • Astral theGravin
    Astral theGravin 14 days ago