Rush shipping is often free. But the environment could be paying for it

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Super fast shipping is the new standard in online shopping. But tight delivery windows can hurt efficiency and, ultimately, the environment. Here's what you can do to lessen your impact.

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  • Andrew Gisler
    Andrew Gisler 4 months ago

    "...nudge people on the right path". You don't get to decide for everybody what is the right path.

  • Jon Craig
    Jon Craig 4 months ago +2

    Absurd video. "Dispatch a plane" for one package? Plane "probably" uses 8x more fuel than a truck, but how many more packages can it carry?
    This is a topic that deserves discussion, and I'm sure faster shipping has an impact on the environment. But that doesn't mean you can just makes statements and not support it with any evidence.
    And the videos main critic of rush shipping, of which Amazon is the main purveyor, is a guy from UPS. UPS has benefited greatly from Amazon shipping but are increasingly being shoehorned out of Amazon's business as Amazon shifts to doing their own shipping. Hardly an unbiased opinion there. I would not be surprised if some marketing executive at UPS was the catalyst for this whole video.

  • Jason Suriadi
    Jason Suriadi 4 months ago +1

    Use tesla, problem solved

  • Becoming Vincent
    Becoming Vincent 4 months ago

    random question, do you guys in the US often get your packages left on your doorstep ? Even in big cities ? In most of Europe it would be stolen very quickly

    • Becoming Vincent
      Becoming Vincent 4 months ago

      @Quant Quill Thank you for the answer.
      That's great. In France where I live, it's not even an option except maybe in the countryside. We have lockers though. Very useful.
      Regarding bandwidth, space .. it's next to nothing. Amazon has virtually unlimited ressources. Same for Google, that's why you can upload tons of videos for free on YT for example. The weight is again on the little guy, the delivery man. Can't wait for full automation so we can get rid of these tedious jobs.

    • Quant Quill
      Quant Quill 4 months ago

      Depends where you live. In most places in my small city, packages are safely left on the doorstep. There are Amazon lockers in some places where it's not safe. Amazon recently started posting pictures of each delivery to your home, crazy! Wonder how much extra time for the driver, bandwidth, space on servers, etc that takes.

  • Saint
    Saint 4 months ago

    Fuck the environment

  • toby schmel
    toby schmel 4 months ago

    Crap science crap economic crap logic. Really CNN find real news stories this is dumb.

  • Scotti Pimpin
    Scotti Pimpin 4 months ago +1

    Just kill more cows or modify them

  • jwhfab
    jwhfab 4 months ago +2

    Ok, back to driving to the store. Geez make up your mind. lol

  • K Evan Thompson
    K Evan Thompson 4 months ago +4

    Cow farts are worse for the environment...FACT!

  • Monika Baird
    Monika Baird 4 months ago +2

    Make sure to pack a lunchable on September 20th. Those aliens might be hungry.