Jon Stewart Is Ready To Negotiate With Donald Trump

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
  • Jon Stewart takes over the Late Show with his own message for the president.
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Comments • 5 199

  • Risa Schluchter
    Risa Schluchter 2 days ago

    Never yield to #PABPOTUS

  • TheFLOW1978
    TheFLOW1978 5 days ago

    "We will prevail! Unless, of course, the democratic leadership continues to be a bunch of feckless..." I have a feeling I was robbed of the most important part of his message.

  • x24 agthorn
    x24 agthorn 7 days ago

    Please, please, please...
    John, Steven...
    Run for President.

  • Carolyn Worthington
    Carolyn Worthington 9 days ago

    Donald Trump deeply loves this country? Sure, tell me another one!

  • Olga Rhodes
    Olga Rhodes 11 days ago


  • Dawn-Marie Langlois
    Dawn-Marie Langlois 13 days ago +1

    I could watch Jon Stewart for hours so intelligent humorous.

  • Dawn-Marie Langlois
    Dawn-Marie Langlois 13 days ago

    Love love love these guys. Come back Jon Stewart

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 14 days ago

    John and Thanos quit their jobs to be farmers but they never really left their jobs.
    We live in a Star Wars movie prequel.

  • Jan truitt
    Jan truitt 21 day ago

    These two guys are hilarious!
    Thank You Guys!
    Gleeful cruelty, and Dickishness..... So on point!
    We really really need a good laugh!
    Just because!
    It is just so sad that everything they say is true....

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 24 days ago

    I will not yield!

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 24 days ago

    The GOAT Troll under late night desk!

  • opinions in ASMR
    opinions in ASMR 25 days ago

    john, come back. make your own show, idk with netflix or something. we need you to troll this mf during his impeachment.

  • Sahara Kemipt
    Sahara Kemipt 27 days ago

    i miss you Stewart... u just keep it real

  • Jacqueline Morrison
    Jacqueline Morrison 27 days ago


  • Jacqueline Morrison
    Jacqueline Morrison 27 days ago

    Can't. Understand. Normal. Think ing

  • Jacqueline Morrison
    Jacqueline Morrison 27 days ago

    I. Can. Be. Funnys 😜 ✌️ too🇺🇸

  • fender71983
    fender71983 29 days ago

    Next time they do a bit like this I think Steve should go live on instagram from under the desk.

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye Month ago

    Christopher Hitchens posed a challenge: name a single objectively moral act that could not possibly have been done by someone not religious. To date no one met that challenge. Now name an objectively immoral act that is only justified by religion. It doesn't take ten seconds to come up with multiple examples: human sacrifice, infant genital mutilation, etc.
    DT is a religion. Objectively immoral. Justified only through worship.

  • Lori Morse
    Lori Morse Month ago

    Hail to Trump, YOU SUCK, go away!!

  • Enochian assbutt
    Enochian assbutt Month ago

    I know it's not possible, but I would so vote for STEWART/COLBERT 2020. I mean, c'mon! Could you imagine the douchey duos faces if those two got elected!
    Heck, if ya told em they won (without them even running lol), I'm sure they'd believe ya and drop dead. That'd definitely solve a LOT of problems LOL

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 months ago

    Only a racist bigot would vote for trump. Oh and an idiot.

  • Jacob Chacon
    Jacob Chacon 2 months ago

    Abraham Lincoln one said, “If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.”

  • Steve H
    Steve H 2 months ago +1

    If you have to go out of the way to assure people that you're not racist, then you probably are a racist pos.

  • Steve H
    Steve H 2 months ago +1

    It's a good thing Trump exposed John as a Jew, cuz all the morons in the world didn't know that.

  • IsisAtlantis
    IsisAtlantis 2 months ago

    These two will forever be my favorites.

  • Ryan Ortega
    Ryan Ortega 2 months ago

    Those kids are having Dickens-level experiences, but they are going to make it. The President won’t make it, but they will.

  • Lord K Glencoe
    Lord K Glencoe 2 months ago

    Be careful, trump paid a guy to write the book on negotiation, but he hasn't read it.

  • Geof Branton
    Geof Branton 2 months ago

    These two are proper actual superheroes. Marvel should sign them up.

  • Diane Tolliver
    Diane Tolliver 2 months ago

    Jon You Are The Best. I Have Been A Fan For A lot Of Years keep Up The Compassion amen

  • Linda Thalman
    Linda Thalman 2 months ago

    Pure gold, thanks Jon and Stephen. Lili Kiki from France.

  • iman missinne
    iman missinne 2 months ago

    We need to face reality. When John left we were sad because we loved john and he gave us a good time. But now their is more at stake. The country has gone to a much adarker place. We don't want John steward back, we need him back.
    Ps. John thanks for standing up for those who could no longer. Never forget.

  • are lis
    are lis 3 months ago

    Watching in august 2019.

  • Invictus Gardener
    Invictus Gardener 3 months ago


  • Russ Brown
    Russ Brown 3 months ago +1

    Thank you John, you are missed.

  • Holly w
    Holly w 3 months ago


  • Kathy Vogel
    Kathy Vogel 3 months ago

    Jon has been doing this for years until he retired.

  • Yuri Orloff
    Yuri Orloff 3 months ago

    In times of trouble, media weasels gather round the teleprompter and whine like small children denied their Christmas GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip.

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes 3 months ago

    If he talked to my mother with that mouth, I would punch him out

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes 3 months ago

    still call "him" Fuckface Von Clownstick

  • Belinda Mcgregor
    Belinda Mcgregor 3 months ago

    I'm Aussie and the majority of Americans are, I believe, a kind an decent people, who want what's best for themselves and others. A lot of Aussies are with you in denouncing Trump's hatred and bullying. Jon Stewart is right. It is one thing to disagree with another politically. It is disgusting and wrong to take it one step further and be constantly hurtful and mean. Worse, to have others then turn around and say that Trump is not the mean schoolyard bully that he is.

  • l i
    l i 3 months ago

    It's so weird how the world comes in full circle with this guy kissing Donald Trump's ass to get A911 bill passed What a fucken joke this guy is

  • Dallas DautermanDallas
    Dallas DautermanDallas 3 months ago

    I thought Lindsay Graham would be the only guy crawling out from under a desk...& I figured it would be Trump's desk.

  • LCMAB 1992
    LCMAB 1992 3 months ago

    Those men are making America great. Speaking as an outsider from Germany. Among many others I would add Bruce Springsteen. And your current President does not.

  • Lance Charles
    Lance Charles 3 months ago

    John speaks for me.

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 3 months ago

    Trump 2020!

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 3 months ago

    Jon Stewart is a comic genius hands down. LUVED “The Daily Show.”

  • Bento Lun
    Bento Lun 3 months ago

    It's always good to see Jon come from under the desk to show us all some love.

  • Jeremy Thelen
    Jeremy Thelen 4 months ago

    Right now it's 2019, wonder what's going to happen in the next years election?

  • B Racer93
    B Racer93 4 months ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Michael Dickey
    Michael Dickey 4 months ago

    So many comedians now trying to be Jon Stewart... trying to preach like Jon... trying to be activist like Jon... trying to take it to the man like Jon, but there's only one Jon Stewart and he's retired.
    I really wish all of John's protege's would stop trying to be him. It's not a good look no matter how hard they try.

  • Brendan Geier
    Brendan Geier 4 months ago

    I really doubt Jon would have left the Daily Show if he knew Trump would become president.

  • That One Unicorn
    That One Unicorn 4 months ago

    I love Jon! And everything he said here is perfect.

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn 4 months ago

    Notice how he called out the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP at the end. It was beautiful, but not enough!

  • bkit5
    bkit5 4 months ago

    Jon Stewart is the only non biased comedian that was out there. He made fun of republicans, democrats, Obama, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. If he can back, even conservatives will watch and enjoy his show.

  • T W
    T W 4 months ago

    i'de love to see these two when they're together off camera

  • Abraham lopez
    Abraham lopez 4 months ago

    We need The John "Stew-rat" segment. Appears everywhere and anywhere from underneath any desk!

  • Saff Michael
    Saff Michael 4 months ago

    I get seriously depressed whenever I see Jon. I really feel like we would not be here if he were still on the Daily Show.

  • Tiffany 421
    Tiffany 421 4 months ago

    You are either ignorant or evil and since you work in media I'm sure your aware of the facts. It's disgusting that you lie to your leftest fan base.
    You mean Lincoln- the first Republican! And when you said "the southern slaveholders" you really meant " the wealthy Democrat/Dixicrat slave holders". You lie so much about President Trump. The issues at the border have been ongoing for 30yrs. Trump just got their and he's only advocating for what border patrol is begging Congress for - THE WALL!!!!
    You don't like how he talks. At least he exposing all the corrupt swamp creatures in Washington and in the media.
    The MSM is the enemy of the people. They lie and decive the American people which divides the country but you continue with the BS

  • Kuma Furbolg
    Kuma Furbolg 4 months ago

    Obama started the separation of kids from their parents for illegal immigration. Nice try Jon

  • Rupretio
    Rupretio 4 months ago

    As a Canadian, I can say that a lot of us are actually big giant assholes :)