20 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

  • Published on Aug 18, 2014
  • From hand canons creating fireballs to wood burning and glass blowing kit sets with temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees, we count 20 of the most dangerous kids toys ever sold.
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Comments • 19 242

  • Kitty Pop
    Kitty Pop 4 years ago +2316


    • Nerd Girl
      Nerd Girl Day ago

      Kitty Pop you probably ate something you shouldnt have too! Haha! You better have a discussion with your parents if you can, haha!

    • SepremeDuckling_Yt at robox
      SepremeDuckling_Yt at robox 2 days ago

      You see babies and small children can only use the mouths to find out what something is and they aren't trying to eat it they are finding out what it is

    • Mack Martin
      Mack Martin 3 days ago

      because kids crave sensory stimulation, i.e. including taste

    • Dee Dee Warner
      Dee Dee Warner 8 days ago

      They're kids. That's why.

    • talarshistoricalsewing
      talarshistoricalsewing 14 days ago

      I work with little kids. They do this because they are curious about how everything works.

  • Mitchell Previto
    Mitchell Previto 5 hours ago

    They missed lawn darts and clackers...

  • DuelMasterX The Cool Person


  • Air Waves Radio
    Air Waves Radio 23 hours ago

    I got cut by one of those snap bands. They FUCKING hurt- but I work in a butcher shop so nothing new there 😂

  • Yolanda Lower
    Yolanda Lower 23 hours ago

    I've so far had 8 of these toys n never sustained any injury from any of them...sooooooo yeah

  • Joseph Pacchetti

    The toys aren't Dangerous, the kid's are and they are wusses! And on top of that, you don't speak very good English.

  • Samuel Patterson
    Samuel Patterson Day ago +1

    The kite tube was fun as fuck

  • Samuel Patterson
    Samuel Patterson Day ago +1

    Well those dumbass kids should be fucking smarter.

  • Nerd Girl
    Nerd Girl Day ago

    I still want a chem set and a wood burning kit! I begged and begged! It never showed up under the tree, ugghhh.

  • randi adair
    randi adair Day ago


  • federico patteri

    Your voice is like a strong fist up in the ass, someone could like like it I don't

  • 1955canuck
    1955canuck Day ago

    11:46 Who did the Canadian/US dollar conversion for this video? $24(USD) does NOT equal $141(CAD) ... not even close!

  • Andrew Lawson
    Andrew Lawson Day ago

    I had a stretch armstrong
    he didn't snap

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear 2 days ago

    the only thing that consistently left me battered, bruised and curled up on the floor cupping my menards was my homemade nunchucks. one wrong move and those things would ruin your whole afternoon! ten years of practicing with those things...and i was the only person i ever got to beat up with them!! lol

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear 2 days ago

    i had creepy crawlers. they were awesome!!

  • sissy lala
    sissy lala 2 days ago

    Suddenly having a horn grow at the base of my kid's head from extensive phone use doesn't seem quite as bad after seeing this.

  • Michael DeQuatro
    Michael DeQuatro 2 days ago

    How come Click-clacks weren't on this list. That should have been in the top 3

  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 2 days ago

    Why do people these days have to call everything dangerous ever think that maby you should teach your kids how things work instead of give them toys that have no learning or way to come up with a hobby 🙄 I aware people getting stupider every decade whole point in toys is to learn

  • lancelot1953
    lancelot1953 2 days ago

    As many viewers mentioned, the most dangerous issue for kids are not the toys but parenting (especially the lack there off). I played with these toys - under supervision, I had a family. I was very lucky (until my father died in Vietnam) but that did not remove the responsibility of my extended family for taking care of me.
    On the other hand, these are the current statistics of single parented families (Census 2016, variations according to sources):
    Native Americans: 48~52%,
    Hispanic: 42 ~ 50%: The closer to Mexico, the less likely the family will be single parented (i.e. Mexican-American kids are more likely to have both parents at home.
    African-American: 66~78% (increasing over the years),
    Asian/Pacific Islander: 16~18% (If both parents are of Asian/Filipino origin, the family is more likely to remain "united"),
    Non-Hispanic White: 22~28% (tripled since the mid-sixties).
    May be the breakdown of the nuclear family has more to do with "danger" than toys. These statistics do not take into account the "published" rate of abortions which has increased ten-fold since 1970 despite the wide availability of birth control methods. This does not include the "unpublished" and "undocumented" abortions for whatever reasons.
    Bottom-line, is it possible that the problem with "dangerous toys" may not be with the toys themselves but with our American culture?
    May God help us, Ciao, L (MD)

  • flossy gallaway
    flossy gallaway 2 days ago

    When we kids had common sense those were the day's. Great toys had them all .

  • BBoo Rideau
    BBoo Rideau 3 days ago +1

    Every toy here is what I would have loved Santa to bring me!

  • Gun_Point130
    Gun_Point130 4 days ago

    Creepy crawlers was awesome! I use to make them and place them around the house to scare my family. Not once did I burned my self though must've been some stupid kids

  • Pokemon Stefan
    Pokemon Stefan 4 days ago

    On 5 why did you censor the eyes

  • namdron productions
    namdron productions 4 days ago

    Gilbert Glass... Blowing set

  • colored_peanuts gamies

    If you stewped it dangerous

  • Elle jrsmom
    Elle jrsmom 5 days ago

    I had all these and never had an issue with any of them.

  • Gamer tank 13
    Gamer tank 13 5 days ago

    Kids always want some these toys to be dangerous.

  • tomlxyz
    tomlxyz 5 days ago

    Children's tender flesh

  • Cak Redi
    Cak Redi 6 days ago

    *Sure. They were dangerous...ly FUN.*

  • Weaver Ron
    Weaver Ron 6 days ago

    I loved the creepy crawlers it was my favorite toy !!

  • Rare Breed
    Rare Breed 7 days ago +2

    The baby boat problem was solved when the manufacturer started equipping them with an emergency flare gun kit free of charge........

  • Gears 73
    Gears 73 7 days ago

    Kite Tube is kinda dumb.

  • B T
    B T 7 days ago

    Not trying to be that person... But slap bracelets are not spring loaded. Springy... yes. Loaded... No.

  • oneye Bat
    oneye Bat 7 days ago

    Stupid people screw everything up, but this list is BS for saying there were the most Dangerous Toys Ever Sold.

  • Michael Petersen
    Michael Petersen 7 days ago

    i played with these except polly pocket and nothing happened to me

  • Colton Davis
    Colton Davis 7 days ago

    Sorry if your a teen or adult and you fuck yourself up on a slip n slide it’s cause your unathletic or waaay outa shape

  • Joe Mellon
    Joe Mellon 8 days ago

    We have become a nation of sissy's.

  • The Ropes of Renovation

    Snap bracelets??? Really. Oh come on now. And who gives young kids Bucky Balls? Dumb asses. I had stretch Armstrong. He was GREAT. Heaven knows we don't want corn starch anywhere. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. THIS JUST GETS WORSE AS THE VIDEO GOES ON. No magnets? No Slip and Slide. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING. And those Moon Boots were around in the 60's. I had a pair. Not very bouncy though. Chemistry sets were GREAT!!! This is such a crock of $$$. OMG. Let's just put our kids in a plastic bubble for God's sake. No wonder they are such pansies these days.

  • James Hoagland
    James Hoagland 8 days ago

    Europeans are a bunch of wimps.

  • Infinite Loop
    Infinite Loop 8 days ago

    It's NERF or nuthin'.

  • Brian Lord
    Brian Lord 9 days ago

    Moon shoes suck

  • ratnick
    ratnick 9 days ago

    Quit crying.

  • Clarence Kelley
    Clarence Kelley 9 days ago

    We are raising a generation of pussies we might as well stop all school sports, teaching kids oh to fish, letting them help bake christmas cookies on the holidays and everything else that makes life a learning experience. Parents today just would rather not supervise,(raise) there children. Give them a computerized toy (which could over heat and explode) to raise them. This is why our future is fucked. I for one am greatful for growing up when i did. I learned a thing about common sense which eberything you bitched about in this video is all about. Oh those kids might want to be kept in a sterile indoor environment don't let them out side they might get attacked by a bee or wasp. Wouldn't want that to happen.

  • robin dyke
    robin dyke 9 days ago

    2:37 probably inspired with Japanese kamikaze..

  • Mark Micco
    Mark Micco 9 days ago

    This is BS

  • michelle Udontneedtoknow

    Bucky balls are now sold as things u put on ur nips lol

  • michelle Udontneedtoknow

    Toy safety is pathetic now. Everything is dangerous. Glad I grew up in the fun 80’s & 90’s. Kids today are so overfreaking protected

  • G1 Sokool
    G1 Sokool 10 days ago

    It is amazing that any child ever survived the 50's and the 60's.

  • Arturo Corominas
    Arturo Corominas 10 days ago

    Y'all fucking weak

  • Randall M.
    Randall M. 10 days ago +3

    What about the baseball, hockey puck, bat or snorkel? A lot more kids got hurt or died from using these items.

  • Bf 109 F2
    Bf 109 F2 12 days ago

    BB Guns/Airsoft Guns are in Germany available without the Orange tip. But they're only free for people over 14 Y or when firing +1.5 Jule, they're only allowed for 18 Y old people and cant shoot automatic, only semi auto. And German police officers aren't In a situation the American officers are, where everyone can have a gun without a gun license.

  • Bf 109 F2
    Bf 109 F2 12 days ago

    We still have those Magnetix in Germany and the S'n'S things.

  • Et's lawn service
    Et's lawn service 13 days ago

    That's when kids were kids now they're zombies that just play video games

  • Chibi Hoshi
    Chibi Hoshi 13 days ago

    I don't know... But, some PARENTS should be locked up!!!....🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Daniel Hickey
    Daniel Hickey 13 days ago

    When I was young this channel horrified me

  • John W.
    John W. 13 days ago

    WTH? About all of this is harmless stuff, and you need to be both moronic, and without adult supervision, to get into any of the "dangers" listed here. Lawn darts, radioactive kits - now there would be some danger. But this? Nah. - You're Americans, right?

  • Yuri Ivanov
    Yuri Ivanov 14 days ago

    Anyone dumb enough to put their baby in a floating inflatable death trap should be sterilized. Some of these things require common sense and unfortunately it’s pretty rare these days. Most people nowadays shouldn’t breed as it is.

  • Ahmad Nasser
    Ahmad Nasser 14 days ago

    if you had a big accident with your child once because of a toy, then you must be a babbling... never mind.
    But still. Your kids could accidentally be babbling idiots when they so much as swallow a small magnet.

  • Brett DeLong
    Brett DeLong 14 days ago

    OMG...what's up with this stuff called glass? Thousands of people have died after being cut by it and it is very dangerous, yet we put it in our children's bedrooms, in their schools, in our homes, and we even package food and drinks in it. Do we have a national death wish? Isnt it about time we made it illegal and rid our world of this scourge?

  • Brett DeLong
    Brett DeLong 14 days ago

    I think kids have sense not to burn themselves a second time.

  • Ron P.
    Ron P. 14 days ago +5

    Water rockets!! I loved them! Great teachers of Newton's third law, (Action) Look at loaded rocket and pull release. (Reaction) Rocket hits face, head snaps backwards....

  • Mia Ramirez
    Mia Ramirez 14 days ago

    5:11 I literally have a bag of those under my bed that I used to play with when I was 6 years old dhdhdhd

  • Mr. Egg
    Mr. Egg 14 days ago

    I had #4. Never made anything with it. However I did try to bake a easy bake oven cake in it. Worked okay for the top of the cake, bottom was pretty gooey. I also took some other things like light bright colored plugs and candy see how that would fair. Wasn't good.. smelled bad.

  • joan baczek
    joan baczek 15 days ago

    My kid got that bug oven for Christmas in 1996 I got called a hovering mother cuz i wouldn’t let my son at age 6 touch anything after it was baked and I removed the bugs for him

  • jonahansen
    jonahansen 15 days ago

    Coddling kids is not the way for them to learn how to deal with danger or instill common sense. A lot of real world jobs entail seriously dangerous activities, and one has to learn how to recognize danger and approach it properly. By preventing kids from learning by only letting them play with super-safe toys, they'll grow up without knowing important lessons but now having some potentially very dangerous things/activities available to them, and may well mess up with serious consequences. Sure, some of these toys are not acceptable and are oversights by the manufacturers, but learning that hot things burn and that throwing/shooting things can damage others is best learned early even if one ends up with a few scars. Nowhere is a comparison made to the number of injuries kids experience by throwing rocks, using slingshots, climbing trees, or lighting candles/fires, and the like. I did those things and learned some basic facts about the world, and have the residual damage as souvenirs. But I also know a lot about fires and fire dangers, not to shoot or throw hard, heavy objects at others, and not to jump off roofs....

  • LuaDoggo
    LuaDoggo 15 days ago +1

    I spent some of my youth with the kid that was killed in Santa Rosa, we weren't friends in school but it was sad to hear what happened to him at such a young age, this is why you don't paint over the orange cap, he thought it would be cool if he did

    • joan baczek
      joan baczek 15 days ago

      LuaDoggo I wonder why he didn’t drop the gun when ordered to

  • Stan TheObserver
    Stan TheObserver 15 days ago

    Funny,but Gilbert on another vid made an "Atomic Kit" with real radioactive substances. Gilbert must have been what SNL had in mind with their "Bag 'O Broken glass" skit huh?

  • dale sadler
    dale sadler 15 days ago +2

    You r got lawn darts..in the 80 a we had big sharp metal lawn darts.we could throw then very far.we never got hurt because we were allowed to play.building bike ramps 3 cinder blocks hi.getting big air..we had fun and never got hurt.

  • Gary Deutsch
    Gary Deutsch 15 days ago +1

    I had a wood burning set with an unprotected burning tip, on a 3 foot cord that plugged into the wall. Luckily, I never burned myself, nor did the house burn down,.

  • left behind
    left behind 16 days ago +1

    Chemistry set was legit I would want that now.