20 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

  • Опубликовано: 18 авг 2014
  • From hand canons creating fireballs to wood burning and glass blowing kit sets with temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees, we count 20 of the most dangerous kids toys ever sold.
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Комментарии • 15 597

  • Fizzy Pop
    Fizzy Pop 4 года назад +576


    • Jason Voorhees
      Jason Voorhees 4 дня назад

      They like
      Kid:hey look a giant ball,I'm gonna eat it!

    • Shanelle Biddle
      Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

      Yes y r they swallowing things and I know it's age limits and older people should know better

    • KittensAreCute I Just Love Cats:3
      KittensAreCute I Just Love Cats:3 8 дней назад


    • Michael Schroble
      Michael Schroble 14 дней назад +1

      Fizzy Pop poor parenting

    • Ray Niblick
      Ray Niblick 15 дней назад

      It is part of a child's natural development. From nearly newborn to about 5 years old, all children will try to eat anything they can get their hands on.

  • Micol Cavuoto Mei
    Micol Cavuoto Mei 5 минут назад

    i had snap bracelets, so hurtful, stretch armstrong was so damn cool!

  • trollol
    trollol 4 часа назад

    Now the lil brats just stay inside getting fat watching RU-clip and playing video games all day .🤣.

  • Mike Gullett
    Mike Gullett 14 часов назад

    He forgot the most dangerous toy of them all "The Penis". First off it's every boys favorite toy then later on its the girls favorite. Then bang it helps create life. Now I have all of these kids running around now. And I think to my self it's a never ending cycle of dicks. The funnest and most dangerous toy of them all.

  • Mike Gullett
    Mike Gullett 15 часов назад

    Creepy crawlers we're the shit. I loved playing with this and can remember the smell. Kids today are such cry babies. If you put creepy crawlers on here you should have done a combo with easy bake oven. They were the same toy just aimed at specific genders.

  • ritty ruckert
    ritty ruckert 15 часов назад

    my dad had that gilbert glass blowing kit. I wonder if ifs worth anything I think he still has it,

  • The Night Stalker
    The Night Stalker 16 часов назад

    I remember being in school as a kid and someone twisted their ankle because for whatever reason the slip and slide didn't do either slip or slide

  • reverendsquirrel
    reverendsquirrel 16 часов назад

    Some of these are poorly designed, but most of the injuries resulting from these toys are from parents not doing their jobs. And Andy Lopez, the 13 year old who was shot by the Sheriff was murdered. The cop not only didn't actually fear for his life, he continued to shoot him after he was on the ground, dead.

  • John Cook
    John Cook День назад

    Dude I am very upset LOL what about the loan darts with the metal tips you can crack somebody skull with one of those things throw it up in the air LMAO add that to your list you welcome

  • will moulton
    will moulton День назад

    Just becuause some kid swallows a magnet doesn't make it one of the most dangerous toys in the world

  • kitty
    kitty 3 дня назад

    i live in santa rosa n i can confirm that the cops here aren’t that smart

  • Jem Herondale
    Jem Herondale 3 дня назад

    This seems like a lot of these are user error and not the toy itself

  • L
    L 3 дня назад

    The old toys weren't dangerous as kids were more intelligent and were better educated, so this PC safety police bloody society wasn't needed. One of my friends used to forge his own suits of plate armour ffs.

  • The Chihuahua Who Needs A Billion Kisses

    0:15 Headphone users, did you hear how it transferred from left to right?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 дня назад +1

    9:20 unless there is a dick lying across his eyes, I see no reason for this

  • Clout
    Clout 3 дня назад +2

    Am I the only one that wants that chemistry set?

  • lotonya Brown
    lotonya Brown 3 дня назад

    I had moon boots

  • arman757
    arman757 4 дня назад

    creepy crawlers were awesome

  • arman757
    arman757 4 дня назад

    I think the real message here is to straight up tell your kids if you eat toys you will die so don't do it

  • Jon Leszczynski
    Jon Leszczynski 4 дня назад

    Sorry, but asinine behavior by cops is not an excuse to claim toy guns are dangerous. Cops kill plenty of innocent people each year for lots of bad reasons. And the chemistry kit issue is also pretty lame to be considered as dangerous as this video seems to think.

  • TravistheHuman
    TravistheHuman 4 дня назад

    Did anyone actually buy their children glassblowing kits?

  • Kr0n81
    Kr0n81 4 дня назад

    Lotta hungry kids out there

  • Michael Colapietro
    Michael Colapietro 4 дня назад

    One that did not make the list but I had was a train set. This thing had a transformer with a black and red wire that at each end had uninsulated wire that you wrapped around the connections. I remimber getting shocked evry time I used it.

  • atomicdawg100
    atomicdawg100 4 дня назад

    Creepy crawlers were not from the 60’s you can obviously tell from the box... and i remember when they came out in the 90’s... this narrators an idiot stopped watching right then. dude cant get his facts straight

  • Todd Partin
    Todd Partin 4 дня назад

    They might have been dangerous, but we weren't a bunch of pussies like this generation.. we didn't complain, we just died like badasses

  • Todd Partin
    Todd Partin 4 дня назад

    Ahh to be young!

  • Eman Productions
    Eman Productions 4 дня назад

    If any of you guys are planning to make a toy, DON'T INVOLVE MAGNETS!!!!

  • Brittannia Moon
    Brittannia Moon 5 дней назад

    metal jax, especially when you lost one in that 1970s era shag carpet and stabbed a hole thru the arch of your foot when you found it. and clacker balls on a string that you got from the county fair....windows and teeth beware! lawn darts...good-bye! eye! and that easy bake oven that sported a light bulb for the heat source...it cooked those little cakes and little fingers too! sling shots made everybodys little brother dangerous and the family dog real nervous!

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    Y wasn't the easy bake oven up here

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    I remember slip and slide on 1000 ways to die

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    I been hit by the yo yo water ball I thought I lost my eye

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    I had a lot of these toys

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    They still sell snap braclets

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 5 дней назад

    I had a splash rocket

  • Rebel T
    Rebel T 6 дней назад

    When I was a kid we weren't so fuckin stupid . weeding out the retarded

  • Carolee Johnson
    Carolee Johnson 6 дней назад

    So what's ur point?🤔

  • Trixy Gypsy
    Trixy Gypsy 6 дней назад

    Commen since cure.
    Take the warning labels off things and let the problems sort themselves out. Lol.

  • Mentocthemindtaker
    Mentocthemindtaker 6 дней назад

    I think it's simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious that *SO* many of the comments here whine about the "pussyfication" of society and "where's the common sense" and blame the parents and lawyers for the banning of these toys.
    Well, I've got news for you - the reason so many of these toys ended up off the shelves is because of *Capitalism.*
    Dangerous toys that people sue you over _don't make money._ Businesses exist in this magical capitalist economy for the sole purpose of turning a profit - if your toy is gonna kill a child or give the user third-degree burns then there's no money to be made!
    Toy producers _don't care_ if a toy is educational and, in fact, if a toy has a super-simple design that's cheap and easy to reproduce but sells en-mass then that is a holy grail product.
    So if you want to lay the blame then it lays at the feet of the big C word.

  • bikerscout2012
    bikerscout2012 6 дней назад

    Meh I used to play with real live spiders and snakes and I turned out alright.

  • wakingOHIOmama 91
    wakingOHIOmama 91 7 дней назад

    Hey! We have those bracelets lol!

  • LyesergicBrainwave
    LyesergicBrainwave 7 дней назад

    Sounds like the past was full of actual fun!10:04 lol the look on that cuties face is priceless!

  • Dogbite007
    Dogbite007 7 дней назад

    I had some of these but lawn darts were way worse and if you want to include slip and slides than you might as well say bicycles and skateboards for sheer numbers of injuries

    OKCSABOT 7 дней назад

    Hmm, over 50 years and they haven't come up with a solution for stupid.

  • emma elson
    emma elson 7 дней назад

    I was dropped from glassblowing class because It was so dangerous. I can't believe they made it a toy

  • The Gibson
    The Gibson 8 дней назад

    Today's generation is so dumbed down to where we used to be as a country combined with the hysteria and fear that everything must be completely safe, there is not much hope for the future.

  • will Grello
    will Grello 9 дней назад

    toy guns.... give me a fucking break

  • First Last
    First Last 9 дней назад

    How the heck am I still alive

  • Debra McBride
    Debra McBride 9 дней назад

    Man being a child of the 40s and 50s was where it was at.

  • sugafoot777
    sugafoot777 9 дней назад

    In the 60s, my cousin blew up the neighbor's basment while playing with a chemistry set lol

  • sugafoot777
    sugafoot777 9 дней назад

    Those clacker toys were dangerous, though. You could take yourself and everyone out with those. These other toys seems to just be dangerous due to lack of parental supervision and common sense.

  • sugafoot777
    sugafoot777 9 дней назад

    I never knew adults who even wanted to slip n slide. Common sense

  • Debbie Moore
    Debbie Moore 10 дней назад

    So ridiculous I can’t even watch the whole thing.

  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 10 дней назад

    Vintage Transformers Megatron. Lost count of how many times I caught my skin of parts of it as I was transforming it. Not to mention it was a shit looking toy regardless.

  • Nadine blubb
    Nadine blubb 10 дней назад

    We had woodburning sets at school. some of these things are really not that dangerous, if overwatched by an responsible adult. Common sense should tell you not to leave your little child alone with a piece of metal hot enough to burn wood. That has nothing to do with the toy being dangerous, that's just parents being neglectful.

  • jacob gonzales
    jacob gonzales 11 дней назад

    Why people invented video games

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 11 дней назад

    meh. you might call it "dangerous"... I call it evolution. There need to be far, far more of these toys

  • sdsuman1
    sdsuman1 11 дней назад

    They didn't make a lot of these but number one is and I don't remember the manufacturer is the nuclear experiment lab . Reason being they came w real plutonium . Most of these sets were recalled immediately and had the plutonium removed . Only 2 are left one of which is at the Toy Shack in Las Vegas, also their most expensive item.

  • Stephen Ahl Its my nerdy geeky world
    Stephen Ahl Its my nerdy geeky world 13 дней назад

    I really think this narrator is bitter that Santa never came to his home. Probably the reason why he is bashing some of the classics. My buddy had a hard plastic head and I grew up watching wrestling. You can imagine how many times I smashed my head into that hard plastic toy head. You going to bash that too? Or how bout how many kids who fell down steps playing with a slinky? It was all part of being a kid. Some of the best time in my life was pretending a stick was a sword or lightsaber. God people are so out of touch. Without these experiences we wouldn't have built up a tolerance for pain or learned what to or not to do later in life. Get over being a scared little wuss and go outside and scrape up your knees.

  • Stephen Ahl Its my nerdy geeky world
    Stephen Ahl Its my nerdy geeky world 13 дней назад +2

    Playing with these toys is how I learned common sense as a kid.

  • Daniel Walcher
    Daniel Walcher 13 дней назад +2

    I’m surprised Jarts, Shrinky Dinks and the Easy Bake Oven are not on the list.

  • JB
    JB 13 дней назад

    I can see a few of these on here actually being poor designs. But for the most part, it appears that the general theme is everything is dangerous because the newer generations of kids have no clue of common sense and parents no where around to supervise or give guidance..such as telling kids not everything is meant to be eaten...the norm these days is to just blame and ban every object they think of instead of teaching kids the dos and don'ts and responsibilities and consequences of normal life.

  • HandNrocK
    HandNrocK 14 дней назад

    you forgot lawn darts

  • shamusfarmer
    shamusfarmer 14 дней назад

    I still say moon shoes were a great idea. Kids are so friggin coddled these days... Bunch of wussies.

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson 15 дней назад

    ...is that narrator actually Danger Dolan?...

  • Helidude350
    Helidude350 15 дней назад

    It has been alleged that the toy ak47 mentioned had the orange tip, and it was broken off after the boy had been shot.
    The truth in that case is still debated today.

  • Roger Keil
    Roger Keil 15 дней назад

    I had creepy crawlers and chemistry set and wood burning set and nothing ever happened to me

  • Roger Keil
    Roger Keil 15 дней назад

    If kids are stupid enough to swallow stuff well it is the parent's fault

  • Ray Niblick
    Ray Niblick 15 дней назад

    They missed the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab. It came with 1/4 lb of Uranium 238

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    Oh man, there were no safety equipment back then. We still survived, with parents that supervised us.

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    I had creepy crawlers and never burned myself. Still can breathe

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    OFGS police mistake

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    And... why are the adults SO stupid

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    Okay, swing wing WAS stupid

  • Sue Stangel
    Sue Stangel 15 дней назад

    So... Polly Pockets is bad because PARENTS let little kids play with them?? Same with the other toys.

  • Amber Stottlemyre
    Amber Stottlemyre 15 дней назад

    Where is parental supervision in this?

  • Denilson Denilson
    Denilson Denilson 16 дней назад


  • Lighty1800
    Lighty1800 16 дней назад +1

    Somebody call dangerdolan to approve of the stock photos and narrator.

  • Etoya Beebe
    Etoya Beebe 16 дней назад

    I had most of these toy

  • Emera The Vampire Queen
    Emera The Vampire Queen 16 дней назад +1

    I nearly thought my headphones were broken but thought back.

  • Agent Exeider
    Agent Exeider 17 дней назад

    Dont forget the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab with real U 238

  • PearlJammer07
    PearlJammer07 17 дней назад

    I remember those snap bracelets never had one and now I'm glad that i didn't. Also remember the Aqua brand leisure baby boats and floaties.

  • b3j8
    b3j8 17 дней назад +1

    I remember the creepy-sounding guy whispering "CREEPY CRAWLERS, CREEPY CRAWLERS" on the commercial. Kind of fun till you burned the shit out of hand on the damn things!

  • TheMinecraftPlayer 101
    TheMinecraftPlayer 101 18 дней назад

    I used to have buckyballs and magnetix don't buy them it's useless and a waste of money
    I recommend you buy slip n slide tho me and my friend always used to play with that even in the winter for some reason but expect at least one bleeding arm or leg

    JACK THE DRAGON O KEEFFE 19 дней назад +1


  • shiningkingghidora
    shiningkingghidora 20 дней назад

    Looks like some of these toys are only dangerous because of stupid kids.

  • Luke Hauser
    Luke Hauser 21 день назад

    I made #3 on the list - the Chemistry Set. But wow, a home glass-blowing kit - I want one!

  • Steve McElroy
    Steve McElroy 21 день назад

    No lie, my friend married the inventor of buckyballs. He's super rich now.

  • cliff theobald
    cliff theobald 21 день назад

    For me the parents of the injured children are more dangerous than the toys . I mean , would YOU eat a magnet as a adult? No ? So why did the children? Some people shouldn’t be parents , but that’s my opinion .

  • ItsJustChase
    ItsJustChase 22 дня назад

    I remember splash rockets! Coolest things ever, also the large slingshots (havent watched the rest of the video) meant to shoot water balloons. You needed 3 people. 1 person to hold each side and of course 1 to pull back the pouch and launch. But we didnt launch ballons... we launched rocks and everything imaginable until it snapped or messed up firing and smack one of us in the face.

  • Brent Haymon
    Brent Haymon 22 дня назад

    I had the toys incredible edibles and clackers in the early 70's. Both were fairly dangerous but lucky I never did get hurt.

  • ChristianBolt
    ChristianBolt 22 дня назад


  • thatguy263
    thatguy263 23 дня назад

    I'm reminded of that song by former county singer Bucky Covington titled "A Different World".

  • Piikashi Hatake
    Piikashi Hatake 23 дня назад

    Man I never knew the risk of slap bracelets, but hey the more you know

  • Pete Jeffris
    Pete Jeffris 23 дня назад

    No one knows about the original Mr Quarterback. I don't have data but it could break an arm easily. Kind of surprised it's not infamous. Maybe wasn't popular enough?

  • Joel Louzy
    Joel Louzy 23 дня назад

    A few years back there was this one called "aqua dots" where you took these BB size balls laid them out in a pattern and sprayed water on them and they glued together. The original glue used was toxic and caused hallucinations and seizures. It had a massive recall they changed the glue and the name to pixos. I had some of these chemistry sets and the wood burner when i was a kid. I was too young for both of these toys and i wish i had had the glass blower.

    • Joel Louzy
      Joel Louzy 23 дня назад

      and i had the creepy crawlers, but that would have been early 90's

  • Irritable Jon Syndrome
    Irritable Jon Syndrome 24 дня назад

    ...and may result in dith

  • Joe Cedars
    Joe Cedars 24 дня назад

    I blame traffic jams on stuff like this. If more of these magnet swallowers died before breeding age, traffic might not be so bad.

  • Phil Lewis
    Phil Lewis 24 дня назад

    Where's the Phyllis Diller Spray-n-Play?

  • buttmunch
    buttmunch 24 дня назад

    some of these were never taken off the market. about half of the toys that were discontinued are back on the market by other names.

  • Dark Giraffe
    Dark Giraffe 24 дня назад

    No lawn darts? Those most definitely should've been on the list lol