Ali Gatie - It's You (Official Lyrics Video)

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Ali Gatie's new single 'It's You' out now. Listen & Follow below!
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  • ThatDude HDTV
    ThatDude HDTV 26 minutes ago

    I sang this to my crush.
    She's my girlfriend now.

  • BlackHornetJSBO BEAST

    There is this girl I liked since 8th grade, we sat near each other and were both quite people, and I really think she is beautiful, and I have her again in high school for a few classes, should I tell her that I like her and see if we could go out sometime? I heard that she likes someone else and that's been kind of holding me back but im not sure if she likes me.

    GHOST OFF 2 hours ago


  • cole Shackelford
    cole Shackelford 3 hours ago

    when ur dream girl goes for ur friend

  • Nuara Bernardes
    Nuara Bernardes 3 hours ago

    Hey guys!!! I did a cover of song,If you want, take a look 💫🌹
    Thank you so much!!

  • Aaron Jeffrey
    Aaron Jeffrey 3 hours ago

    This hits deep💔

    FUZE PRICY 4 hours ago

    Who else in love with their ex but they don’t feel the same bout you life’s tough

  • purple draco
    purple draco 4 hours ago

    my ex showed me this song and then left me a couple weeks after so now I cry every time I listen to it (:

  • Shiya Stancil
    Shiya Stancil 4 hours ago

    I,m in love I,m scared to fall in love with someone

  • lyykan ly
    lyykan ly 6 hours ago

    Love you...

  • Camila Nunes
    Camila Nunes 6 hours ago

    Amei essa música

  • Samara Osorio
    Samara Osorio 6 hours ago

    Who here from TikTok

  • groodyn 15
    groodyn 15 7 hours ago

    Keine deutschen Kommentare


    Du weißt schon😉

  • Halaboly
    Halaboly 7 hours ago +1

    This song always gets me :/

  • Nora Fahad
    Nora Fahad 7 hours ago


  • Eman Alqahtani
    Eman Alqahtani 8 hours ago

    It's you ....✔️✔️💕

  • Sholue
    Sholue 8 hours ago

    1k likes ill learn this and play it for my crush

  • Jake Films
    Jake Films 9 hours ago

    These lyrics hit hard when you can relate

  • JoelTheGamer2010 yt
    JoelTheGamer2010 yt 9 hours ago +1

    This was made 3 days before my birthday

  • asmae aka kermit is going on tv

    10 likes and i will send this to my crush🤐❤😂

  • Ange Dauphin
    Ange Dauphin 9 hours ago


  • Melanie Chuckle
    Melanie Chuckle 9 hours ago

    omg how did I just realise he's iraqi-

  • Nicolas Kauã Farias
    Nicolas Kauã Farias 9 hours ago

    Maire thu my life gonn hi man yuo don htr gooht veirw powm lets frow fron goo men twou let's main gti hd 69

  • Ducky clan
    Ducky clan 10 hours ago

    Just got new glasses and I feel like everyone mocks me cause of my new glasses and I feel so down and I always get bullied for not being tall its hurts so much

  • Karam Man
    Karam Man 10 hours ago +3

    IS it only me listing to this song at October 2019

  • Icha Oktaviani
    Icha Oktaviani 11 hours ago


  • 1k subs with out a vid?

    This girl knows I can sing and told me she likes this artist and I must learn one of his songs what do youll she'll think if I sing this to her

  • E-Break
    E-Break 12 hours ago

    "don't break me again"
    " I'm Ali Gatie"


  • The champion!
    The champion! 12 hours ago

    6 Likes and I’ll sing this to my crush! 💕💕😊

  • breedmon 69
    breedmon 69 12 hours ago

    Im a boy and i dont listen to this kind of music but its one of my gf fav songs so thats why im here, and now i like the song too

  • Fortnite Legend
    Fortnite Legend 13 hours ago

    15 likes I’ll sing to my girlfriend and I have an ex and I’m 11 no joke check my RU-clip I don’t look 11 but I am😍

  • Caitlin Chelsea
    Caitlin Chelsea 14 hours ago +1

    If this comment got 5 like I'm going to confessed to my crush :v

  • Kayla
    Kayla 15 hours ago

    I can relate to this song sm every single word like if u agree🤧

  • KepryGaming YT
    KepryGaming YT 15 hours ago

    Listen to gavin mugans version of this is it so good

  • Titan AXO
    Titan AXO 15 hours ago

    Holy shit the view is 69 bruh

  • seo yeoreum
    seo yeoreum 15 hours ago

    I will sing it with my friend, no i mean, i am playing the guitar and my friend will sing. Its a good song ♪( 💚 ͜ʖ💚)♪

  • Joudy's World
    Joudy's World 16 hours ago

    10 likes and i will till my crush i like him.

  • farah reda
    farah reda 17 hours ago


  • Trần Thảo
    Trần Thảo 17 hours ago

    it’s u ... but

  • Luna
    Luna 17 hours ago

    5 likes and i'm going to give up on my crush.....i guesss....

  • Prathamesh Nimkar
    Prathamesh Nimkar 18 hours ago +1

    The lyrics are truly meaningful and beautiful.

  • Na Real
    Na Real 18 hours ago


  • Nor Aima Kadir
    Nor Aima Kadir 19 hours ago

    I'm hurting inside. I'm scared to fall in love.

  • Joshua Pirit
    Joshua Pirit 20 hours ago

    Nice song love it's

  • Ashleyy Allison
    Ashleyy Allison 21 hour ago

    im australian (my bf and my friends play handball after school) and my bf has a speaker, the thing is.. he always plays this song and always looks over at me when he thinks i cant see.. it makes me sad to know that he has been hurt before, i just want the best for him :(( i love him

  • lonnie stanfield
    lonnie stanfield 22 hours ago

    20 likes and I’ll eat my own leg

  • Mikaela Dizon
    Mikaela Dizon Day ago

    My crush: Do you like me?
    Me: ...Yes...
    Me: How about you, do you like me?
    my crush: ....
    Me: 00:31 - 01:00

  • Keduvete Nuh
    Keduvete Nuh Day ago

    Don't break my 💜❤

  • Yoshiro ilham
    Yoshiro ilham Day ago

    dat "TRUST ME I BEEN BROKEN BEFORE" makes me cryyy :""" OMG

    this song is awesome :'))


    being single af

  • Gerylyn Mavis Terencio

    i like this song from the bottom of my hearth hahahaha

  • post malone
    post malone Day ago

    related music i like thes ali gatie

  • frank lacap
    frank lacap Day ago +1

    she promised to that she will never leave me

    guess what she left me

  • Rena Ceasar
    Rena Ceasar Day ago

    You not the best but I will love you forever and always😘😘😘😍😍 so please don't break my heart😫😫😨😨😰😰

  • Dvontae MOANA
    Dvontae MOANA Day ago


  • Return
    Return Day ago +1

    my ex left me for 3-4 months we didn't talk at all she just left without saying anything(i also try persue her but my hopes just shattered) then one day i found myself thinking that maybe " she probably left me and found another" and yeah it also makes me think that "maybe i'm not enough for her to love her anymore" and thought something else like "yeah maybe i'm not i'll let this go because i love her" so yeah thinking im not enough i moved on and i met a girl who's making me feel exactly like the song

  • i need you love
    i need you love Day ago

    😘😍 💕😍😘 💕😍😘

  • Rawan beauty
    Rawan beauty Day ago

    حلوه اوي بجد

  • fidaa jk
    fidaa jk Day ago

    انت 😬

  • Vxnxs
    Vxnxs Day ago

    i love this song! :(