ANTLERS Final Trailer (2020)


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  • gantzlord
    gantzlord 22 days ago +1

    That cop looks so familiar but idk from where maybe he was a child actor

  • Jackson Of Doom
    Jackson Of Doom 28 days ago


  • Nadia Boisaubert
    Nadia Boisaubert 29 days ago

    Merci de résumer et dire en qu'elle langue est le film !..

  • SezarOroo
    SezarOroo Month ago

    If you call out your ex wife's name 3 times out loud she'll call wanting something. But hey it's just a story RIGHT?!

  • Ciriaco Alonzo
    Ciriaco Alonzo Month ago


    • Aaron Shouting
      Aaron Shouting 12 days ago

      Wendigo! Skinwalkers don’t have antlers. They literally look like animals (usually a coyote, fox or wolf).

  • Anxiety Entertainment

    I saw this movie 15 years ago when it was called "Wendego"! Seriously, its story is based on an actual Native legend. There was a film version called "Wendego" from around 2002.

  • JP K
    JP K Month ago +1

    ?? : nah officer, This is Leshen, we should call the Geralt of Rivia asap.
    cop : Who is goddamn Geralt of Rivia?

  • JuanSitoh
    JuanSitoh Month ago +2

    So ...after game night the officer moved to another town.

  • TIR 22
    TIR 22 Month ago

    When I first saw her. ohhhh! a Dark Skies2.

  • Gabriel the gamer's Hub

    So it is about the WENDIGO

  • SevPool
    SevPool Month ago +1

    Can’t wait for DeadMeat to review this 😂

  • Froggo
    Froggo Month ago +1

    I'm really proud of them for not showing the entire monster in the trailer. Mad respect for doing the bare minimum

  • Log Gravity
    Log Gravity Month ago

    U should read solo leveling

  • NKVD Citizen101
    NKVD Citizen101 Month ago

    bambis mother?

  • Deven Alexander
    Deven Alexander Month ago

    I feel like gur from invader zim when i frist seen this trailer 😂🤣

  • brellyn muldoon
    brellyn muldoon Month ago +1

    The Ad before this trailer was the same Trailer I came to see.

  • Baixon_11
    Baixon_11 Month ago

    Sub to me

  • 『Muda_ Senpai』
    『Muda_ Senpai』 Month ago +5

    “When you ask Santa for a reindeer but accidentally wrote to Satan instead”
    This joke was copied(I’m just sharing it). Real credits to colorsheeep(person who made the joke).

  • NewAtlas
    NewAtlas Month ago

    They decided to show us the whole movie in their trailers?

  • Luke Anthony-Petersen

    This not a joke, I click on the trailer and the add that plays is the trailer

  • Elite Artifacts
    Elite Artifacts Month ago

    When does it come out 👀

  • Ashutosh Chandrakar

    call a damn witcher....

  • Hollow 1990
    Hollow 1990 Month ago


  • Kurt Liebisch
    Kurt Liebisch Month ago

    Arme, geisteskranke Menschen, die sich solche widerwärtigen Filme ausdenken. DAS ... sind doch die eigentlichen IRREN!!!

  • Isahaq Yusuf
    Isahaq Yusuf Month ago

    The cats trailer is more disturbing than this

  • Samid Mendez
    Samid Mendez Month ago +1

    funny how movies are Rated-R when there's lil kids on the movie too funny

  • Jarrett Wilfred
    Jarrett Wilfred Month ago

    I hope there was extensive communication with indigenous communities on this. Feels like it could be another white-centric film where the story lacks because the cultural significance is largely omitted and only justified by the use of indigenous actors and sounds.

  • Jennie G
    Jennie G Month ago

    I really do hope this is good. Im not a huge fan of Keri Russel but I am LOVE LOVE LOVE Guillermo. I have to admit it is giving me Pumpkinhead vibes.

  • RusterRD
    RusterRD Month ago

    i thought the monster would be a mordeo from the crytTV

  • Comics n Tech
    Comics n Tech Month ago

    So the boy brought up the creature on his own.It shoud have breaked the door and escaped but didnt.Atlast it will escape.Nice logic.

  • Jandro
    Jandro Month ago +3

    His daddy is a wendigo , can’t wait to see it

    • Amit Kenan
      Amit Kenan Month ago +2

      And his little brother ...

  • Earth The Element of Earth and Nature

    What the hell is that thing?!! Is that the Wendigo or something?!!

  • Zholla Mychalis
    Zholla Mychalis Month ago

    next thing you dudes will start hiking through northern forests en masse...whistling as you go...

  • Summer Skull
    Summer Skull Month ago


  • RageEngage
    RageEngage Month ago

    It the fucking wendigo damn this is gonna be scary af haha

  • nclawso3
    nclawso3 Month ago

    My bet: the boy is the wendigo

  • Solomon5ik
    Solomon5ik Month ago

    Ник Антошка

  • MK Uis
    MK Uis Month ago

    Could be a good pet... difficult to feed though

  • Sarah Pillari
    Sarah Pillari Month ago

    Some backstory and clarification of the myth of the Wendigo:
    The most accurate representation of a Wendigo by the standards of original folklore is probably the Wendigo from "Until Dawn" but this is just my opinion, not a fact.
    Regardless, I'm looking forward to this movie!

  • Morgan Evans
    Morgan Evans Month ago

    Did anyone else saw the ad for this movie before the video started? It happened to me. Lmao.

    • Regina Lang
      Regina Lang 12 days ago

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    • Morgan Evans
      Morgan Evans 12 days ago

      Regina Lang is that a phone number or something?

    • Regina Lang
      Regina Lang 12 days ago

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    • Morgan Evans
      Morgan Evans 12 days ago

      Regina Lang Thank u! :)

    • Regina Lang
      Regina Lang 12 days ago

      @Morgan Evans 👍 it doesn't matter where you live. You like skulls and the right movies!

  • jacksrandomadventures

    Graham Greene 👍

  • Grimm Child
    Grimm Child Month ago +1

    OMG it's Bambi hi Bambi how's your mother doing

    SON GOKU Month ago +2


  • Lil GreasyChicken
    Lil GreasyChicken Month ago

    It'll be on hulu in 6 months

  • NewsTainment™
    NewsTainment™ Month ago


  • Rafli 69
    Rafli 69 Month ago

    In Guillermo del Toro we trust

  • Scott L
    Scott L Month ago

    The fat cop molested Jesse pink man for crack

  • Brett Davis
    Brett Davis Month ago +8

    This has potential to be the scariest movie of all time

    • Tobias Thade
      Tobias Thade Month ago +5

      Or the potential to be the moviest scare of all time?

  • showdonz
    showdonz Month ago +2

    Here's a snickers, you're not you when you're hungry pops

  • Draco Sky
    Draco Sky Month ago +8

    So a movie about the wendigo legends huh nice

    • Tobias Thade
      Tobias Thade Month ago +3

      So was the movie Ravenous with Robert Carlisle and Guy Pearce...just without creatures but was still a excellent horror film about the legend.

  • anas sabih
    anas sabih Month ago +5

    The sound design and music in this trailer is incredible. I hope all the movie is like so !

  • Jessica PLP
    Jessica PLP Month ago

    Anyone know the release date yet?

  • Dr Bendover
    Dr Bendover Month ago +6

    always dark places with horrors can't see really see anything, yet movies, where you see the bad guy in the daylight most of the time have a following:🎈)

  • Adrian Martinez Huitron

    007 son?

  • cris pandacornia
    cris pandacornia Month ago +1

    01:40 But what kind of fish ?...

  • Richard Taillon
    Richard Taillon Month ago +2

    I'm going to start by saying I am *so* excited for this movie. I see so many people mentioning Wendigo I figured I'd just put this out there.
    Wendigo is an aboriginal myth from the Algonquian peoples. And people ignore that by just saying anything is a Wendigo these days if they think it's similar enough. The world is full of stories about cannibal spirits or creatures but you can't just disregard a culture these stories come from.
    Also, if you haven't I suggest you read "The Quiet Boy," the story this movie is based from.

  • SMgirlsarah
    SMgirlsarah Month ago

    I clicked on the trailer for Antlers and youtube gave me a commercial before the trailer. The commercial youtube gave me was the trailer for Antlers. LOL

  • Jackthestripper
    Jackthestripper Month ago

    Fucking Leshens

  • Dark tripster
    Dark tripster Month ago


  • Deadpool Chimichangas

    Man this is so interesting I really wanna watch this right now