3 HOURS Relaxing Music | Ambient Chillout | Balearic Summer Time - Session by Jjos

  • Published on May 27, 2015
  • 3 HOURS Relaxing Music | Ambient Chillout | Background Study Spa Massage Sleep
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    All music composed by Jjos
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    Label: Contraseña Records
    Copyright image : Ersler Dmitry
    licensed by 123rf
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Comments • 771

  • Razor Blitz
    Razor Blitz 13 hours ago

    Geiler Track

  • Anton Aleksandrov
    Anton Aleksandrov 5 days ago

    неплохая очень однообразная и примитивная музыка

  • frank shober
    frank shober 6 days ago

    I would dance with any one who may be willing to within reach. Is anyone that close by ? This out reach, like the whole world is, just words given up . Wanting to embrace each and all of you.

  • frank shober
    frank shober 6 days ago

    It's to be listened to . Good that it is, stay still, just listen to it.

  • Harry Vincken
    Harry Vincken 7 days ago

    Geweldige muziek

  • Алексей Виноградов

    ох уж этот проигрыш из Bad Boy.. правда тут 15 год аж значится.. ;-)

  • Hyper Sun
    Hyper Sun 11 days ago


  • Serhio Maiakovski
    Serhio Maiakovski 12 days ago

    Редко можно услышать хорошую музыку....

  • Serhio Maiakovski
    Serhio Maiakovski 12 days ago

    Я тебя люблю......

  • Serhio Maiakovski
    Serhio Maiakovski 12 days ago


  • Albert Kocon
    Albert Kocon 12 days ago

    Some current ones ; ( internet google ) Albert Kocon Google+ ( click; Youtu;24/24-16;25-7.7.2019 )

  • Pino
    Pino 13 days ago +1

    great music !!!

    YOYOY GOLDBLUME 16 days ago


  • Isabella George
    Isabella George 16 days ago

    Soothing and energetic at the same time-Awesome

  • Boris Atanasovski-Vanellis

    Still awesome! Even in 2019!

  • Rajko Skrbic
    Rajko Skrbic 17 days ago +1

    vrh je pesma. ja volim i bilkica.

  • paulo roberto pereira couto

    Adorei! Very good

  • Gabe Solo
    Gabe Solo 18 days ago

    nhac hay canh dep

  • Gerardas Aleksaitis
    Gerardas Aleksaitis 19 days ago +1

    Chillout music grate grate grate for summer, morning and romantic, relaxing evening... This music company made grate job...

  • Dan Draghici
    Dan Draghici 20 days ago

    Buna muzică

  • 다나
    다나 20 days ago

    This music reminds me of my youth and bright immortal life in my 20s.

  • Gigi Redi
    Gigi Redi 20 days ago


  • Lonesome Crow
    Lonesome Crow 20 days ago

    I just melt when she says, "fuck me".

  • Stella Stella
    Stella Stella 21 day ago +1

    Это космос🛸🛸🛸супер👍❤️💋спасибо 👏🔥💣

  • Stella Stella
    Stella Stella 21 day ago +1

    Сет просто бомба💣🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • chanicka audain
    chanicka audain 22 days ago

    That chill out is great i love it😍

  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    Хелло Радостно😀😀♥️♥️🍰🌴🌴⛵☕☕🎹😀♥️🍰🌴🎈😀♥️😀♥️🍰🍰🌴🌴🎈🎈😀♥️🍰🎈😁😁😁😁🍰😀♥️♥️🍰🍰🌴🎹☕⛵☕🎹🎹🎈☕☕☕🎹🎈☕☕🎹🎹⛵☕🎹🎹😊😀🍰😀🍰😊🎹🎹☕😊☕😊☕😊☕😊🎹☕🎈🎈🌴🎈🎈🍰🌴🎈🎈😁🍰😁

  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева


  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева


  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    ТОРТ Пирожные Успех


  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    26...0000.000.212.$. и больше

  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    Прекрасно ОТЛИЧНО. Я на месте...😀😀😀😀😀♥️♥️💳😀😀♥️♥️♥️😀♥️♥️♥️😀😀💳 Хелло Доллары....Папа папа. ....о Наследство Счастье Радость 😁. Всегда знала. Волшебно о мои Миллиарды Миллиарды Миллиарды$😀😀♥️♥️😀😀🍰🎹🍰🎹🍰🌴🌴🌴🎈🌴🎈🌴🎈🌴🎈🌴🎈🌴🎈🌴🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🌴😁🌴😁🌴😁

  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    С сегодняшнего дня. Хелло Окей Счастье Флорида Галочка РЖАВЦЕВА Счастье Радость и Миллиарды Миллиарды Миллиарды 🎩💳🌹🌴

  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева


  • Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева

    Прекрасно ОТЛИЧНО прекрасно

  • Michalska Miroslawa
    Michalska Miroslawa 29 days ago +1


  • Claudia Pecol
    Claudia Pecol Month ago +1


  • Michael O'Halloran
    Michael O'Halloran Month ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you absolutely beautiful, relaxes me completely after hard day at work

  • Dominique Janssens
    Dominique Janssens Month ago

    super chill, makes you dream of bleu sea and sandy beaches

  • Guy Navarro
    Guy Navarro Month ago


  • 961470309
    961470309 Month ago

    Love it

  • Wiktor Krulik
    Wiktor Krulik Month ago

    Yes !!!

  • ana ericht
    ana ericht Month ago


  • Dennis Le Houillier
    Dennis Le Houillier Month ago +1

    Super Rythme Musical Bravo I Love 💕 🎧 🎵🌷 🌴 🌹 💕

  • SHIFT Live
    SHIFT Live Month ago +1

    very nice music ☺

  • Suzana Mihajlovsky
    Suzana Mihajlovsky Month ago

    Mnjaaamiii 💎🥰

  • Yaneilys ramos fernandez

    me encanta

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos Month ago +1

    4 Years later and this is still a Masterpiece !! Never ever gets Old !!

  • Karsten Voß
    Karsten Voß Month ago

    I love it

  • massie block
    massie block Month ago +1

    This has been my favorite playlist for days! It is so chill an amazing! Please make more like this! XOXO with love from sunny Florida!

    • Mikk Tamming
      Mikk Tamming Month ago

      It really is very amazing!!!fucking good beat 😁😁👍🙏

  • Mihaela Marin
    Mihaela Marin Month ago +1


  • Shelley Pillay
    Shelley Pillay Month ago


  • elsa garrido figueroa
    elsa garrido figueroa Month ago +2


  • elsa garrido figueroa
    elsa garrido figueroa Month ago +2

    Música maravillosa me transporta,los minutos vibran con ésta melodía grandiosa .

  • paulo roberto pereira couto

    Belas músicas... Ótimas seleções! Som agradável... Valeu!

  • Ingo Stutz
    Ingo Stutz Month ago +1

    Einfach wunderbar ...
    Traumhafte Entspannung ⭐️🏆

  • Vaneesh Aralaguppe
    Vaneesh Aralaguppe Month ago +1

    Ur are truly talented... I could just drink on and on for this podcast...

  • massie block
    massie block Month ago

    very chill!

  • Mário Barros
    Mário Barros Month ago

    Eu gosto foi deste tipo de música falando de Angola

  • Jose Villegas C.
    Jose Villegas C. Month ago

    Bella música. Saludos de Cali (Colombia)

  • Troy P
    Troy P Month ago +2

    Awesome.....I love it. Thank you for the remix....

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer Month ago

    Very nice!!!

  • Willem Kasenda
    Willem Kasenda Month ago

    awesome n very chill music...

  • Syed Z
    Syed Z 2 months ago

    Awesome. How to make it MP3 such a big file?

  • Melanie Dale-Sutton
    Melanie Dale-Sutton 2 months ago +1

    Gosh I love this mix! Thank you for sharing your joy!

  • Positive Plus
    Positive Plus 2 months ago +1

    Awesome mix. Plenty of hours to keep me occupied at work. Thanks so much for uploading!

  • Somos Cariocas Cariocas

    wonderful Carioca

  • Isaiah Solomon
    Isaiah Solomon 2 months ago

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  • Ziggy Schumann
    Ziggy Schumann 2 months ago

    I feel bad for the 1.5 k thumbs down.They obviously have no joy or peace in their lives.

    • Ziggy Schumann
      Ziggy Schumann 2 months ago

      @colm gallagher ,
      Thx. As you can see,. I'm new to the computer scene. I found that mix last yr. listen to it min.once daily.

    • colm gallagher
      colm gallagher 2 months ago

      @Ziggy Schumann what about you

    • Ziggy Schumann
      Ziggy Schumann 2 months ago

      @colm gallagher ,
      I can appreciate that. Pray tell, what does wby stand for ?

    • colm gallagher
      colm gallagher 2 months ago

      yo whats up bro? im still rocking this mix 3years on. wby?

  • Ziggy Schumann
    Ziggy Schumann 2 months ago +2

    I have a confession to make. I"ve tried to listen to other chillout type mixes, but none even come close to this masterpiece......

  • Monstacookie Music
    Monstacookie Music 2 months ago

    wow this never gets old

  • Gabi Saptezeci
    Gabi Saptezeci 2 months ago +1


  • Fady Abdel Massih
    Fady Abdel Massih 2 months ago +4

    Relaxing soft music, you can list to it after a hard work.

  • Deepset Entertainment
    Deepset Entertainment 2 months ago

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  • Mike Osika
    Mike Osika 2 months ago

    Mike Sath since 2000 in Germany Artist for House, Lounge, Deep House.
    Trailer songs and film music.

  • Positive Energy
    Positive Energy 2 months ago +2

    Pure chronic stuff! Mastery of chill vibes!

  • Oscar Linares
    Oscar Linares 2 months ago

    Relax rico

  • Nina A.
    Nina A. 2 months ago

    Superior cool con este video disfrutar 3huors de music relax un en canto beatyful ☆☆

  • Luke Cory
    Luke Cory 2 months ago

    So nice ☺️

  • Dave Albers
    Dave Albers 3 months ago +1

    What a fabulous 3 hours of smooth groovy house. The Best!!!

  • cat fox
    cat fox 3 months ago +1

    anyone notice low long her arms appear in the picture xD

    • Video TT
      Video TT 3 months ago

      Yes.. some really bad photoshoping there.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +1

    My Fave !!

  • syncmaster913b
    syncmaster913b 3 months ago +1

    What a lovable mix! Thank you.

  • Олег Юрков
    Олег Юрков 3 months ago

    Респект за треки

  • mattherw sheekey
    mattherw sheekey 3 months ago

    hello, guys,, greetings from Galway,, in Ireland,, hope ya all enjoying the sounds,,,

  • Marvin Swans0n
    Marvin Swans0n 3 months ago


  • T Norzi
    T Norzi 3 months ago

    48:50 lovelyyyyyy

  • Marcos Gabriel Djermakian

    Espectacular. La combinación de sonido voces órgano. Y todo. Es el que más me ha gustado. Otro similar no estaría nada mal.

  • TJ Figueroa
    TJ Figueroa 3 months ago

    A rotation of pictures rather than just one is all that would make this better.

  • AlvaroSquad aKaCleS
    AlvaroSquad aKaCleS 3 months ago

    sensacion de paz .alegria y mas ganas de seguir difrutando de la vida yde escuchar esta music ..........

  • hassane oujda
    hassane oujda 3 months ago +1

    me encanta

  • Golden Beach
    Golden Beach 3 months ago


  • Keep It Underground
    Keep It Underground 3 months ago +2

    Beautiful.. Who listens this in 2019?

  • Ziggy Schumann
    Ziggy Schumann 3 months ago


  • Conrad E
    Conrad E 4 months ago

    Seems like its an hour mix on repeat. Still quite lekker though.

  • Ian Matcham
    Ian Matcham 4 months ago +2

    Beautiful compilation of summertime chill 🎶😊🍹

  • Pani-Te-Huatahi McLean
    Pani-Te-Huatahi McLean 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for your mix, it's really helping me to do my assignment

    GEORGETAMA1 4 months ago

    Gracias por estos temas, los escucho en mi oficina mientras trabajo, me relajan, me hacen llevar a lugares distintos de los cuales he estado disfrutando en algún momento .

  • Desiree Messer
    Desiree Messer 4 months ago