Reacting to the SADDEST animations - TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Reacting to the SADDEST animations - TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are Reacting to the SADDEST animations - TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE
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  • Antonio Hariman USA
    Antonio Hariman USA 3 hours ago +1

    I’m crying so so bad about the cat!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 is so sd😭😭😭 who cry give a like

  • NotUrAvgBard
    NotUrAvgBard 7 hours ago

    pip is soooo cute

  • Antonia Bultron
    Antonia Bultron 8 hours ago

    My hermit crab and my fish 🐠 died and I am going to get a hamster 🐹

  • Dawna Schmidt
    Dawna Schmidt 9 hours ago

    This cat sad story reminds mah when I had a nightmare and my mom cracked ;-:

  • Ebony-Ann Penry
    Ebony-Ann Penry 9 hours ago

    That Was sad

  • Richard Dalessandro
    Richard Dalessandro 15 hours ago

    Azzy failed.


    when i see the cracking part like the cat part i feel like there is hair on my sceen

  • Isobel Purdie
    Isobel Purdie 17 hours ago

    azzy watch hope for paws

  • Shan__ Shan
    Shan__ Shan 22 hours ago


  • kawiqueen656 aj
    kawiqueen656 aj 23 hours ago

    omg i'm a pieces sun and cancer moon and oml i feel the exact way, i cry for the littlest thing ever hahahah (still have tears in my eyes from this video hahaha

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black Day ago

    3:20 a ne eara of superman

  • Jorge Ayala
    Jorge Ayala Day ago

    My life crumbled into pises my mom and my dad hoy devorced and i try to hide it but it burns my haurt thats how i really feall.

    • Jorge Ayala
      Jorge Ayala Day ago

      Please like to soport in my familly.

  • GachaGamerZ 0.0
    GachaGamerZ 0.0 Day ago

    I cried like a storm even tho they were just animations

  • Unicorn Of the day

    I’m a Leo

  • Shaylee Sue Bailey

    My moon sign is Gemini and so is my sun that's funny

  • Amy O'Neill
    Amy O'Neill Day ago

    I'm a Gemini

  • Jorgeluis Kelly
    Jorgeluis Kelly Day ago

    So sad😭

  • •Gacha Night•

    azzy crying
    azzy:someone is cutting onions right?

    me crying
    me:*yawns* im not crying...
    me:*crying* 😭😭😭

  • Y’all baby come back -____-

    They lost the mom the sister and dad and it’s just the baby

  • Dark_ Gamer_2019

    One like for one pray for the mother and daughtar?

  • Dark_ Gamer_2019

    I would of hugs u if I was there.

  • Dark_ Gamer_2019

    This is so sad it made me cry.😭so sad I feel sorry for the dad.

  • Stephanie Simone

    I bo to I cry a lot

  • xXItzKashaGeeXx
    xXItzKashaGeeXx Day ago

    I guess I'm the complete opposite to you azzy. I'm not very good at feeling empathy. If a dog or an animal dies in a movie I'll cry. Or if it's an animated movie and the animal cries I'll start crying. But if a person cries or dies I won't.
    And it school when people tell me they are sad I just change the subject.

    Probs cause I'm sad as well and I don't wanna have to share my feelings as well

  • Chau Nguyen
    Chau Nguyen 2 days ago +2

    This is so sad my friend started crying

  • Alyssa Herrera
    Alyssa Herrera 2 days ago

    Same,I'm really emotional

  • Lia Simoens
    Lia Simoens 2 days ago

    I already seen the second one .I’m scared to watch 😥

  • Alasla Nicholas
    Alasla Nicholas 2 days ago

    Sorry for the 🐈 cat

  • Mac ma
    Mac ma 2 days ago

    El 2 es muy triste

  • Hayden Voss
    Hayden Voss 2 days ago

    I’m crying 😭😭😭😭I like 1 prayer for the cats

  • Laura’s Life
    Laura’s Life 2 days ago

    How can Azzy stay pretty when she is crying

  • Faizal Shaikh
    Faizal Shaikh 2 days ago

    I was olso crying with you Azzy

  • Cringy Sarah
    Cringy Sarah 2 days ago

    Omg i started balling my eyes out on this too

  • Brenda Roark
    Brenda Roark 3 days ago

    I cryed

  • Innocent Meer
    Innocent Meer 3 days ago

    I love you azzy 😘😘😘😘
    I like you 😘😘😘😍
    Ummm....! When you are sad 😒😔☹️ I also feel worrd for you

  • gabriel mortel
    gabriel mortel 3 days ago

    Awwww the dog is so CUTE and u kick him out AHHHHHHH😡😡🤬🤬

  • Seth Novero
    Seth Novero 3 days ago


  • Shipod Graham
    Shipod Graham 3 days ago

    I cried in the cat one A LOT

  • Jaeani colon
    Jaeani colon 3 days ago

    i cryed so much tat my mom had cryed too

  • avacado lover tree Chapel

    Azzy I think your gonna cry to this video and it is called " am I really your twin

  • CadenGamer121
    CadenGamer121 3 days ago

    When i grow up, I will have a 🐕. If i lose my vision, i will be in trouble.

  • Amber Maležić
    Amber Maležić 3 days ago

    my zodiac sign is a cancer

  • Subway 4279
    Subway 4279 3 days ago +1


  • Space Unicorn
    Space Unicorn 4 days ago

    One like
    One prayer for the girl

  • Camlin Charles
    Camlin Charles 4 days ago


    • Camlin Charles
      Camlin Charles 4 days ago

      I'm pretty Gucci so wyd roses 66_____64_66%^$$$$$%^&

  • Icecream Saucepool
    Icecream Saucepool 4 days ago

    We said kicked out at the same time

  • S Navjit
    S Navjit 4 days ago

    I reacted to this it's sooo sad

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller 4 days ago

    I did not cri

  • kalani Curtis
    kalani Curtis 5 days ago

    i lost my friend in 2nd grade to cancer and i couldnt go to her funeral

  • kalani Curtis
    kalani Curtis 5 days ago

    is it bad i wanna die

  • Olivia Schneider
    Olivia Schneider 5 days ago

    i wish that i could of met my mom 1 like= 1 pray for me to stop crying

  • Chinda Keo
    Chinda Keo 5 days ago

    I cried at the last one

  • Russian Roulette Obscured

    Ur not really crying r u? This is a bit dramatic. How old r u??

  • Mefer Mefer
    Mefer Mefer 5 days ago

    I was almost going to cry

  • MintyTea
    MintyTea 5 days ago +1

    Azzy I was crying as much as you were at the cat one 😭

  • Nick Van de spijker
    Nick Van de spijker 5 days ago

    I just wanted a reason tobe sad

    The last one did it

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 6 days ago

    I was already crying before I watched 1 second of the video
    Because my dog just left my life ... forever (sold not dead)

  • Kaylaa Gachwolf
    Kaylaa Gachwolf 6 days ago

    I was crying so much on all of them

  • Rose Lovely
    Rose Lovely 6 days ago +1

    Don’t worry I cry in the video azzly 😭😭

  • Jaeli Barnes
    Jaeli Barnes 6 days ago