Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ming-Na Wen and Jeff Ward at the Captain Marvel Premiere

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast members Ming-Na Wen (Agent Melinda May) and Jeff Ward (Deke Shaw) talk the future of the Marvel television show and what they're excited for in Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel!
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Comments • 97

  • Júlio Cézar
    Júlio Cézar Month ago

    I Love so much Agents of shield

  • Muirnin Rose
    Muirnin Rose Month ago

    Melinda May needs a movie of her own ... then Coulson could be in it

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago +4

    Why aren't there more Agents of Shield characters in the movies?

  • Helicondrummer
    Helicondrummer Month ago

    Jeff reminds me of Brian W. Foster

  • Be like May
    Be like May Month ago

    May should look like this in the show.

  • jockadoobee
    jockadoobee Month ago

    Deke Shaw? He's the worst. ;)

  • Benimation
    Benimation Month ago

    Not-tasha Romanoff!

  • schalomforever
    schalomforever Month ago

    Can someone explain why they hate Iain? Did he do something?

    • Thomas Richards
      Thomas Richards Month ago +3

      Dana says- They're joking. Jeff and Iain are so close that the other cast-members tease them about how much time they spend together and that they have a definite bro-mance going on.

    • Dhabitah Kamarudin
      Dhabitah Kamarudin Month ago +2

      It's just a friendly banter between the two. They are friends. :D

  • Nitsan
    Nitsan Month ago +4

    Ming Na looks gorgeous in that dress... who am I kidding she ALWAYS looks gorgeous! :D

  • Eric Huang
    Eric Huang Month ago +2


  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen Month ago +3

    MingNa doesn’t age my lord she’s a beauty

  • Matthew
    Matthew Month ago +2

    So deke is in season 6

  • Wililjam
    Wililjam Month ago +8

    Ming-Na Wen would be able to be in Captain Marvel and they wouldn't need to de-age her. Ageless beauty.

  • Um Brasileiro
    Um Brasileiro Month ago +4

    Melinda é Maravilhosa

  • Rjkz ,bkfy
    Rjkz ,bkfy Month ago


    • Thomas Richards
      Thomas Richards Month ago

      Dana says- Are we? No one who has seen the movie has said one way or the other if May is in Captain Marvel.

  • Lupin
    Lupin Month ago +4

    Ming-Na is like 60 and KILLING IT!

    • Thomas Richards
      Thomas Richards Month ago +2

      Dana says- Okay, she's 55, but yeah still as amazing as ever.

  • Seika Aoi
    Seika Aoi Month ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks Jeff Ward sounds like spider man?

  • Mataiasi Lomu
    Mataiasi Lomu Month ago +1

    Ming always looks great

  • harion76
    harion76 Month ago +5

    Wow Ming Na Wen looks really good for her age. Wow!

    • Hari Seldon
      Hari Seldon 18 days ago

      She looks good for anybody's age.

  • Im Lord Guille
    Im Lord Guille Month ago +1

    I wish Marvel akwnoledged Agents of SHIELD instead of completely ignoring it on the movies. At least Coulson is gonna be on this one. Why is there no Coulson interview?

  • DrDapper
    DrDapper Month ago

    Shame they all got snapped away (stfu you know all of shield got snapped away)

  • Nyctohylophiliac
    Nyctohylophiliac Month ago +2

    All the hate that Captain Marvel gets... they could have blown it out of the water with some Agents of SHIELD cameos or references.

    • Nyctohylophiliac
      Nyctohylophiliac Month ago

      Coulson comes from Iron Man. You can have Coulson in the movies and still pretend the TV shows don't exist, which is what they do.

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns Month ago

      ...Coulson is a character in the movie.

  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker Month ago +59

    Ooh, now I'm wishing they put Agent May in Captain Marvel alongside Agent Coulson. How cool would that be?? And Ming-Na Wen would be the one actor they wouldn't have to spend money de-aging because she never seems to age IRL. :) Maybe a cameo at least?

    • Hari Seldon
      Hari Seldon 18 days ago

      They considered it and decided that Ming-Na looked too young to play May from the 90's.

    • benedict laceda
      benedict laceda Month ago +2


    • Da Tellysayhi
      Da Tellysayhi Month ago +2

      Yeah, because she joined at arpund the same time as Coulson.

    • Cordelia Mcbride
      Cordelia Mcbride Month ago +2

      I wished they had too :(

  • Bobby Shek
    Bobby Shek Month ago +4

    Ming-na is an OG for sure and should be one of these movies someday!!!!!

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard Month ago +2

    "But for Me, It Was Tuesday.... Chun Li!"

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer Month ago +4

    It great seeing Ming na and she is awesome as agent Melinda may.

  • Lazar Lilic •••
    Lazar Lilic ••• Month ago +9


    ... and Jeff

    • N K
      N K Month ago +2


  • OptimisticBleach
    OptimisticBleach Month ago +6

    Ming off the camera: My face hurts

  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield

    1:47 Lol! The bearded guy in the middle is having none of it from Jeff Ward....

  • Diego M
    Diego M Month ago +3

    Yes!! Can't wait to see cap Marvel.

  • JRmacam TV
    JRmacam TV Month ago +62

    Ohhh Agent May in Captain Marvel confirmed 😂😂😂

    • JRmacam TV
      JRmacam TV Month ago

      +Emily Bee Too bad. Maybe she was in any deleted scenes, maybe?

    • Emily Bee
      Emily Bee Month ago

      She’s not

    • JRmacam TV
      JRmacam TV Month ago

      +Thomas Richards No I haven't either. Just assuming she would be.

    • Thomas Richards
      Thomas Richards Month ago

      ?? She didn't say that in this clip, so did you see the movie and May's definitely in it? I haven't watched it, but I was hoping she would be.

  • M
    M Month ago +12

    Ming should’ve been in this movie

  • Bharat sharma
    Bharat sharma Month ago

    How will indians watch agents of shield season 6 in India

    • Bharat sharma
      Bharat sharma Month ago

      +ßØSS 1417 oh sry bro, till i don't have any idea about that , but i think it will be on diseny upcoming new streaming service "Diseny+"

    • ßØSS 1417
      ßØSS 1417 Month ago

      +Bharat sharma yeah that's why I put the question mark can you tell me where please.

    • udayan biswas
      udayan biswas Month ago

      +Bharat sharma if you got a good data connection you can watch it online at
      Fmovies. To

    • Bharat sharma
      Bharat sharma Month ago

      +ßØSS 1417 brother there is no confirmation that agents of shield season 6 will be coming on Netflix as per Google it will be coming on ABC , ABC is only run in America

    • ßØSS 1417
      ßØSS 1417 Month ago


  • Collin
    Collin Month ago


  • Jorah Mormont
    Jorah Mormont Month ago +4

    agent may should be on captain marvel

  • Wahyuni Fitri
    Wahyuni Fitri Month ago +24

    Can't wait agent of shields season 6

  • Bruno Ezequiel
    Bruno Ezequiel Month ago +9

    Deke Simmons-Fitz❤ Jeff Ward is my fav boy😍

  • Abomination
    Abomination Month ago +42

    Marvel all the way!!! I am excited for Captain Marvel, EndGame and ofcourse Agents of Shield. And i also cant Forget. Spider-Man:Far from Home. Marvel is just amazing😍😍😍

    • Bk Ninja
      Bk Ninja Month ago


    • sassmos
      sassmos Month ago +4

      You don't deserve that name. You are a great person

  • TF2Fan101
    TF2Fan101 Month ago +57

    Deke looks a lot different without the beard.

    • john achas
      john achas Month ago +2

      almost brandon urie

    • adZinco
      adZinco Month ago +3

      +twinodoom first steve's and now his

    • twinodoom
      twinodoom Month ago +3

      Thanos took his beard too?

    • Tre. Smith.
      Tre. Smith. Month ago +4

      He look a little like Ben stiller...sort of

  • little creators
    little creators Month ago

    I am very excited about end game

  • Lego Sushi King Productions

    Quit spamming my feed.

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield Month ago +31

    Who else think Deke is CUTE ASF😍

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield Month ago +23

    I hate how the movies pretend like the TV shows don’t even exist!

    • deker8363
      deker8363 Month ago +2

      +Tre. Smith. link to this?

    • Tre. Smith.
      Tre. Smith. Month ago +4

      Well we'll see in the future, because the closest they got to a tying in was in seasons 1 and 2. During Captain Marvels filming, Clark Gregg spoke to Kevin Feige and he admitted he haven't watched a full episode of Aos.

  • Wag Man
    Wag Man Month ago +3

    Marvel stop spamming my subs. At less wait 12 minutes before just overloading youtube with videos

  • Santi fanloco
    Santi fanloco Month ago +5

    Amo a los Agentes de Shield. Mi favorita es Daisy "Chloe Bennet"

  • Video Cat
    Video Cat Month ago +29

    Who else is excited to see Captain Marvel?

  • Marinho Mil Grau
    Marinho Mil Grau Month ago +22

    May nunca fica velha 😍

  • sumit gamer yt
    sumit gamer yt Month ago +1

    First viewer

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M Month ago +35

    Ming-Na Wen >>>>>>>> Brie Larson

    • sassmos
      sassmos Month ago

      +Hamzah Shafiq no use talking to a troll.

    • Hamzah Shafiq
      Hamzah Shafiq Month ago +8

      You know you can compliment someone without putting someone else down, right?

  • XΛNDΞR :]
    XΛNDΞR :] Month ago +106

    I love marvel agents of shield

  • Gerry Thanos
    Gerry Thanos Month ago


  • MatíasMzi 7u7
    MatíasMzi 7u7 Month ago


  • Aaron Bernal
    Aaron Bernal Month ago

    No se por que lo dije en ingles :p

  • iMBenny
    iMBenny Month ago +2

    Kevin notice me I’m first!!!

  • Aaron Bernal
    Aaron Bernal Month ago


  • iMBenny
    iMBenny Month ago +2