10 Exercises All Men Should AVOID!

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • These are 10 exercises all men should avoid. Not only should you stop doing these exercises but you should never do them again. These are the worst gym workout mistakes if you're trying to avoid an injury. You'll learn about exercises that cause shoulder impingement, lower back pain, and knee problems.
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    #1 Exercise to avoid: Selectorizer Ab Machine 0:44
    #2 Exercise to avoid: Behind the Head Shoulder Press 3:13
    #3 Exercise to avoid: Smith Machine 5:05
    #4 Exercise to avoid: Hip abduction and adduction machine 6:43
    #5 Exercise to avoid: Seated Torso Rotation Machine 7:33
    #6 Exercise to avoid: Upright Row 8:15
    #7 Exercise to avoid: Lap Pull Down Behind The Head 9:45
    #8 Exercise to avoid: Leg Press Machine 10:44
    #9 Exercise to avoid: Leg Extensions & Leg Curls 11:41
    #10 Exercise to avoid: Back Hyper Extension Machine 12:19
    How many times have you done an exercise & then as soon as you finish you feel pain. You might feel it in your lower back or your shoulder but you find yourself thinking did I do something wrong or does this exercise just suck. Well it really isn't always you. There are a lot of exercises out there that are plain bad for you & they only continue to exist just because they've been passed down from one misinformed gym to the next, & noones been smart enough to realize that these common exercises are no good. So today we're going over 10 exercises that all men should avoid & these exercises aren't only exclusive to men. Women should avoid these exercises as well it's just that in this video we'll be sticking to exercises that i usually find men doing wrong. The very first one that I want to start with is actually a group of exercises that guys are drawn to like moths to a flame. I'm talking about all the selectorizor ab machines at your local gym. The machines that you usually start by sitting down pulling out the pin, selecting your weight, then grabing some handles behind your head & doing crunches. These machines are not only a waste of time but they are also dangerous for your lower back. All these selectorizor ab machines are locked into a range of motion, meaning that your joints & your disks can't travel down their natural path, you can only travel down the path that the machine has set for you. Even if you adjust the machine to your body perfectly, which by the way is very hard to do, but even if you somehow had a machine customized for your body you can still easily run into lower back issues because you're still locked in a set range of motion throughout the entire exercise. Besides a greater potential for a lower back injury you will also get significantly less results from these machines than if you stuck to regular ab exercises like crunches, hanging knee tucks, & declined situps. The reason is once again due to the fact that your locked into a range of motion. The core's main responsibility is stabilization. And it's important to improve your functional core strength because your core isn't only responsible for stabilizing your trunk but it stabilizes your whole body. It is the bridge that connects your lower body to your upper body. When you're locked in a range of motion you take all of the stabilization normally required for ab exercises out of the movement. The really ironic part is that those abdominal stabilizer muscles that you're not working on these machines are very important to strengthen in order to prevent the lower back injury that you'll likely experience on one of these machines. Due to the fact that you're not working your stabilizers you're missing out on all of those deep tissue abdominal muscles like your transverse abdominus & your only targeting mostly your rectus abdominus which is the very outer layer six pack looking muscle. The transverse abdominus is very important to work because not only does it help prevent injury, but it also pulls your stomach in keeping everything nice & tight giving you that flat stomach look. If you want to make your ab exercises tougher use weights by simply holding a dumbbell or a plate either behind your head or accross your chest while doing regular traditional ab exercises. Once again if you don't know where to start start with exercises like stability ball crunches, declined situps, & hanging knee tucks. The next exercise you should avoid is the behind the head shoulder press. First off there is absolutely no advantage to going behind your head. None. Even though I'm sure some old school guys will be disagreeing with me in the comments below you can research this yourself & you'll find that when you go behind the head you're still targeting the same muscles that you would if you went in front of your head & there's no advantage when going behind your head that will allow you to build your shoulder muscle faster.
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  • Bruno Gomes Camelo Timbó

    Great Video, everyone must see this before go to gym, thanks and congratulations

  • PhantomWorkz
    PhantomWorkz 7 hours ago

    Lol What? The ab one you have to use correctly. I've had all kinds of gains from the abs machine used right.

  • Chloe Q
    Chloe Q 8 hours ago

    "do abductions with a band" ... proceeds to show a kickback.

  • Seth Corn
    Seth Corn 9 hours ago

    I definitely avoid any kind of fixed ROM machines but I didn’t know that about the upright rows.

  • Ceeleaux Clarke
    Ceeleaux Clarke 13 hours ago

    Every weight lifting exercise is bad for you if you're lifting heavy.

  • SGT Haze
    SGT Haze 14 hours ago

    Well this explains a LOT of aches and pains I've started to feel as I've gotten older.

  • Green Team
    Green Team 17 hours ago

    Excellent analysis. This is spot on bruh. Thanks

  • kamboj746
    kamboj746 19 hours ago

    So you want to say all the gym should be close .😂

  • Harry Cummings
    Harry Cummings Day ago

    Easy, just do calisthenics. Problemo solved!

  • courtnry salamone

    Lemme tell you, i walked into youfit today and in the first 10 minutes i saw so much weird shit going on. There was some guy doing a military press movement but like, behind his head and lets not even mention the guy at the squat rack

  • starfishsicko
    starfishsicko 2 days ago

    Can someone give me the names for those alternatives to upright rows again lol

  • Evan Perry
    Evan Perry 2 days ago

    What about the donkey kick machine?

  • Jim Crane
    Jim Crane 2 days ago

    I hope people are listening to this guy, but my experience is they won't take it serious until they get over 50 and the body starts to show the effects of doing the wrong things if they make it that far.

  • Jim Crane
    Jim Crane 2 days ago

    excellent points on the core. Most people do not understand this. The body is dynamic and the movements should integrated as much as much as possible Thanks

  • Mark Mckellar
    Mark Mckellar 2 days ago

    Then the answer is CrossFit / Functional Fitness

  • Samsaranian Supreme
    Samsaranian Supreme 2 days ago

    Long story short, if you're looking to get an all around stronger body,
    Stay away from machines unless for recreational recovery use
    Stick to barbell movements as much as you can
    Bench, Row, Deadlift, squat and OHP
    Maybe add some pull up bar work too.
    Plus barbell work like Squat, OHP and Deadlift and row help to strengthen your core as well.

  • lunarpark
    lunarpark 2 days ago

    some of this grossed me out like yikes ur gonna tear stuff if u don’t do it right 🤮

  • Victor Creed
    Victor Creed 2 days ago

    I use to love upright rows but was getting a lot of pain in my shoulders so had to cut it out.

  • J Smit
    J Smit 2 days ago

    Machines are designed to help train you to isolate your muscles so that when you are ready, you can move to free weights and not injure yourself there. I see some of the awkward body positions, but injuries on machines are normally because the users don't know how to do it correctly.

  • Seonil Kim
    Seonil Kim 2 days ago

    on my leg day , I do leg press, extension and curl. what exercise shoud I do ???

    • Ross Daxon
      Ross Daxon Day ago +1

      Dead Lift, Squat, Front Squat, BB Calf raises, DB side step ups, DB lunges, Split Squats.
      But, leg presses, extensions and curls are fine anyway, you can find a negative in every exercise.

  • Hillary Finch
    Hillary Finch 2 days ago

    not helpful

  • James McClaren
    James McClaren 3 days ago

    Paused Video. Lifted heavy weights.

  • James McClaren
    James McClaren 3 days ago

    I came here to disagree with something. Now that that’s out of the way... let’s start the video.

  • Youre Talking To My Plant

    So much wrong in this video. Theres no such thing as a bad exercise just some that are more risky than others. Except maybe that dumb sitting spinning ab thing. That thing looks goofy af but I couldn't see myself getting injured from that

  • Bailey Williams
    Bailey Williams 3 days ago

    When I tried the hip machine it hurt badly

  • Marcin X
    Marcin X 3 days ago

    It's a good video to get millions views but the problem is not as much exercises as taking too much weight. I'm 34 , started 18 years ago, worked in the gym, 92kg well built and see young 70kg lads coming to the gym taking as much weight as I do or more doing things inaccurately to impress others or themselves and it becames a habit even when they grow. there must be more and less risky exercises of course. there's also no fucking need to do back extension with added weight. train to be healthier not to impress others that should be no 1 rule. pay extra attention to spine and shoulder joints. little weight can do a great effects.

  • Sushma Sangwan
    Sushma Sangwan 4 days ago

    Sir exercise at 9:50
    Is it good to cure elbow angle
    Someone adviced me
    Plz reply need ur guidence now

  • Mickoel Russell
    Mickoel Russell 4 days ago

    Rocky Balboa when they rep it out 😂

  • Declare
    Declare 4 days ago

    So how can we do leg exercises whats the altarnatives

  • Schnozzer
    Schnozzer 4 days ago

    For leg press you should have just shown clips of people popping their kneecaps using them, that's enough to put anyone off for life.

  • John Tziannis
    John Tziannis 4 days ago

    My personal trainer made me do a leg press on the machine. If it's bad then wouldn't she know?

    • Wouter Hoepman
      Wouter Hoepman 2 days ago

      It's mostly best to openly discuss this with your personal trainer and ask them about the exercise. You can give the alternative of a squat, telling that you saw online that it is a far superior exercise, which it is

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 days ago

    Upright row with a wider grip?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 days ago

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    Sachin Agnihotri 5 days ago

    True. Thanks for the great Information

  • trtnec
    trtnec 5 days ago

    lol wtf... he says to do snatches at 9:40 but earlier shows a guy performing a fucking snatch when talking about what NOT to do.

  • Gerry Marychurch
    Gerry Marychurch 5 days ago

    You can add good morning rows to this. I'm surprised he didn't mention it. Learnt something new about the squat machines though. It makes sense though - at the bottom of my range I was getting a sore lower back.

  • Enso Ghisoni
    Enso Ghisoni 5 days ago

    All true

  • Quang Dang
    Quang Dang 5 days ago

    K, no legs extension, no legs presses. Gud luck

  • tolerancija
    tolerancija 5 days ago

    Every time you feel something isn't right about a routine, there is probably something not right about it. Deep, right.. :D

  • Paavo Terä
    Paavo Terä 6 days ago

    Is it illusion when bodybuilders say that behind head gives you width to your shoulders

  • Ms Belle
    Ms Belle 6 days ago

    So basically all machines are bad for our bodies becos the lock our range of motion one way or another....

  • aeb8312
    aeb8312 6 days ago +1

    Where were you when I was training back in college?! I lost count how many leg presses I did back then.

  • Butters159
    Butters159 6 days ago

    i dont know who this skinny faggot with the fake tan and dyed beard is. but my physiotherapist told me to use these machines because im hypermobile. i need to.

  • GodKARL
    GodKARL 6 days ago +7

    Just do free weights for everything and don't push/pull anything behind your head :)

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle 7 days ago

    So machines bad calisthenics good

  • James Avery
    James Avery 7 days ago

    really barbell rows cause internal rotation?

  • Christopher Clarkin
    Christopher Clarkin 7 days ago

    I hate a lot of these machines even though they often make sense. They are not fun. I become stale with a routine after a couple of months.

  • K JL
    K JL 7 days ago +1

    As someone who recently got into weight lifting I started training on some of the "locked motion" machines because I thought they would help me initially build muscle and teach form. I sort of assumed that a machine designed to do a certain motion should not cause risk for injury. I have definitely made progress but feel like i am plateauing. I am guilty of using the smith machine for squats, those hip extension machines, and one of those upright crunch machines. For the squats and crunches I usually end up with a mildly sore lower back but had assumed I was just doing it wrong. Thank you for this video, I will be starting to switch to free weight/form exercises as much as possible. I am so glad you showed alternatives to the machines and not just pointed out what was wrong with them.

  • Marlon Carter
    Marlon Carter 8 days ago

    I agree with everything except the leg curl. I've noticed that since I've been doing leg curls I've been experiencing less pain in my knees during squats. Leg curls help strengthen the back of the knees which supports the front of the knees. I'm 43, & before doing leg curls I've always had a lot of pain in my knees. Now I can squat 315, & up without experiencing next to no pain at all.

    • Javier Segura
      Javier Segura 6 days ago

      All of the exercises he mentioned work, but can cause injuries. He recommended against leg curls because they are motion locked, which is the teaching of the entire video. You're better off just putting some weight on your legs while in the same position and without a machine to get better results.

  • edgarjx1
    edgarjx1 8 days ago

    Thats why its important to stretch

  • Healthy fitness Lifestyle AGT

    Interesting like it man!!!

  • V IE
    V IE 8 days ago

    Just to be safe I avoid ALL exercises...

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith 8 days ago +9

    So actually -- while watching this I thought this was specifically going to be meant for men, but then I realized this is good to watch for ALL people to avoid to prevent injury....As someone who is just getting into weightlifting, I am glad I stumbled across this video and happened to watch it because I ALMOST did a couple of these AND I already have a shoulder impingement and lower back issues -- so thanks for the warning.
    Not a man

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    Thank god for the moths to a flame picture or I'd have no club what the hell he was talkin about...

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    You’re what’s called a “hand talker.”

  • Cé cile
    Cé cile 8 days ago

    I heard that the regular barbell squats exercice can eventually be bad for the lower back .. :/ So I really don't know which kind of quads exercice I can do.. Maybe the pistol squats?

  • Sean Espinoza
    Sean Espinoza 9 days ago +6

    What are the alt exercises for leg extensions and leg curls

    • Rav
      Rav 6 days ago +2

      Deadlifts & Squats

  • Kyle Goyak
    Kyle Goyak 9 days ago +2

    So basically I cant ever do any leg workouts? I've been doing all these leg workouts for 6 years. Never had a problem. I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing. You did have some useful tips tho

    • Kyle Goyak
      Kyle Goyak 8 days ago

      +John Daniels that's a stupid comparison

    • John Daniels
      John Daniels 8 days ago

      You can do leg day with free weights. As for your logic, I've never been in a fatal car accident in the 16 years I've been driving, so why should I bother with a seat belt?

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    This guy makes no sense how can you just tell people to do an exercise. What if they physically aren't capable of doing it, you don't mention an alternative so you're calling someone's routine bad but are telling them to do something they can't do.

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    Max Mirck 9 days ago +1

    What is the move celled on 2:15

  • MrDaRkReMNanTs
    MrDaRkReMNanTs 10 days ago

    Using free weights is always better for you. I didn't learn anything but it was a good watch. I was hoping for something else to be said.

  • Davis Apple
    Davis Apple 10 days ago +2

    these are about the only workouts i do since i tore my pec, so rip my lower back and knees i guess

  • Isabel Rosario
    Isabel Rosario 10 days ago

    Ok I'm about to cancel my gym membership and just exercise at home,,I only new a few dumbbells ,,ketlebells a bench and I'm so set ,, ohh and you tube videos of course

  • Arthur Reeder
    Arthur Reeder 10 days ago +11

    Almost every exercise on this list are ones I've hated. I'm glad I avoided them. lol

  • Dc
    Dc 10 days ago

    I HATE the Smith machine for squats!

  • Dany 1977
    Dany 1977 10 days ago

    I agree except for the last one.

  • Asif Masood
    Asif Masood 10 days ago +2

    Technically, he is telling the truth,

  • Vijay Ramachandran
    Vijay Ramachandran 10 days ago

    Great content

  • purplefaoltem
    purplefaoltem 10 days ago

    Should add in peck-deck , that thing's a waste of time and a shoulder destroyer... do free weight flys or crossovers.
    I would advocate for the leg curl though, depending on it's purpose. There have been studies that have shown that excess quad:hamstring strength (i.e. much weaker hamstrings than quad) is linked with increased risk of hamstring injury. Although it's more relevant to athletes like football playesr.

  • Varnaut
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    Daniele Lanza 11 days ago

    Long story short: 99% of machines are pointless or even harmful.

  • Turhan Yuksel
    Turhan Yuksel 12 days ago

    years ago our couch haven't warned us and i have got serious pains that never stop with those exercises at begining nothing happens years after that pains starts after 34 years old..

  • slapypenguins101
    slapypenguins101 12 days ago

    Thought this video was gunna be bullshit but turned out to have good information.

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    Sharan Kumar 12 days ago

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  • puzzdaprince
    puzzdaprince 12 days ago

    Yeah pretty accurate from one 29 yr old with already screwed back and neck due to pretty much doing a routine consisting of most of these and then getting in car accident

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    Peace Atumah 12 days ago

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    Alex Lee 13 days ago

    Thanks for the info, now I know where I got my back pain. It is so true...every time after Smith squat

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    Does bench press put too much stress on your shoulders the way upright rows do? Seems like an equally awkward position for the shoulders

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 13 days ago

    Disagree on the behind the neck press and upright row, even the leg press even though I dont personally use it - plenty of anecdotal evidence to support these are beneficial movements... Especially leg press. Wouldn't recommend any of these to a beginner in terms of getting the most bang for your buck but wouldnt say to avoid them either - just learn how to perform them carefully

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    • DenisTV
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    • Victor Lindvall
      Victor Lindvall 13 days ago

      Then the muscles you're supposed to work are problably too weak

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    Love everything u said. It actually helped me realize and confirmed issues and thoughts I had was right. U think cause a machine is made it’s the correct thing just for someone working out in general. However, not all machines are good just in general. Thanks for tutorial

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    You're welcome.

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