[ITZY] Yeji x Lia (Unnie Line) #1 YEJISU


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  • Shalewa Koleowo
    Shalewa Koleowo Day ago

    Tbh they r just good freinds like sisters it’s bc they r d two oldest in d group so they can relate in struggles and other businesses

  • Doux'te nefaria
    Doux'te nefaria 5 days ago +1

    They remind me of jensoo and seulrene 😳

  • Krizzel Lumangcas
    Krizzel Lumangcas 8 days ago +1

    In TWICE, we have SATZU
    In ITZY, we have YEJISU
    OMG! I never knew I ship gays. Lmao.

  • TWICE Once
    TWICE Once 9 days ago +2

    A Cat is inlove with a Puppy.

  • Jet Ronquillo
    Jet Ronquillo 9 days ago

    song title? 😂

    JIMINTY 10 days ago

    im gonna explode

  • Rollin Joie Castañeda
    Rollin Joie Castañeda 11 days ago +2

    Omg at 3:08 Yeji knocking on Lia’s half heart ❤️

  • Exo Twice Red Velvet Propeety also 1D

    song title?

  • anthracite
    anthracite 15 days ago +2

    bol4 song+yejisu🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️

  • Sally Ride
    Sally Ride 17 days ago +3

    LiA is always keeping Yeji's half heart unnoticed 😂😂

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai 19 days ago +2

    *Sana is smirking at the corner*

  • Jem Flor Dela Cerna
    Jem Flor Dela Cerna 21 day ago +2

    Yeji reminds me of JB from GOT7. ❤ Go Lia and Yeji!! My bias and my bias wrecker 😍😍

  • ๋่Jeerin A
    ๋่Jeerin A 23 days ago +1

    3:11 hey I don't want to be friendzoned.

  • Ccw0sh
    Ccw0sh 25 days ago


  • kim Agust Biased
    kim Agust Biased 27 days ago +2

    dad and mom of that group♡♡
    [ i love this ship, and YuChae :u ♡ ]

  • Rusilah Sasti
    Rusilah Sasti 27 days ago +2


  • Joanna Famier Jao
    Joanna Famier Jao Month ago +3

    Yeji and Lia looks like parents while Ryujin, Chaeryoung and Yuna looks like their children😍😍

  • Jade XII  Azuma  Navas

    Why yejisu?

  • Angela Fabro
    Angela Fabro Month ago +2

    YELIA😍💓my ship😊!!!!!!!! Can I ask what's the title of the song?

  • Mr. Chaeyoung
    Mr. Chaeyoung Month ago

    Michaeng is the one behind this!
    TAUGHT WELL. Best from the best.

  • Guilherme Brasileiro
    Guilherme Brasileiro Month ago +2

    This is gay omg 😍

  • leessang gatsby
    leessang gatsby Month ago

    I see Irene I click

  • Cheery Coffe-,
    Cheery Coffe-, Month ago +2

    Yeji looks like Seulgi's younger sister

  • Casi un Angel
    Casi un Angel Month ago

    They give me Jensoo vibe ( Jisoo= Lia , Yeji= Jennie)

  • Yerium Q
    Yerium Q Month ago +1

    Their following in twices footsteps

  • Mitzu Royalties
    Mitzu Royalties Month ago +2

    So cuuuutee ~ 😍

  • ayeon park
    ayeon park Month ago

    1st cannon!!

  • J.A Jenlisa
    J.A Jenlisa Month ago +4

    I feel that Yeji has more feelings for Lia

  • izone 09
    izone 09 Month ago +2

    Please make video Lijin (Lia x Ryujin)

  • Cate
    Cate Month ago +3

    Lia is sooooo adorable!

  • Blackpink BP
    Blackpink BP Month ago +3


    #JENLISA SHIPPER Month ago +3

    New ship to make them sail😂😂😂i will totally ship...they are so cute together

  • Devia Yulianti
    Devia Yulianti Month ago +1

    yeji lia is jennie lisa😻

  • trisha villaret
    trisha villaret Month ago +3

    YeLiNa (yeji lia yuna)

  • trisha villaret
    trisha villaret Month ago +4

    who love yuna, yeji and lia to be bestfriends?

  • вαɴɢтαɴxтoɢeтнer •

    I want to see Lia with yuna ;)) unnie and maknae😍

  • Nini Park
    Nini Park Month ago +3

    Yay my first ship!

  • SanaxRosè MyQueens
    SanaxRosè MyQueens Month ago +1

    Hey thats my mom and dad

  • blackjack
    blackjack Month ago +2

    Lia reminds me so much of hyoyeon😭💖

  • Missy Saladino
    Missy Saladino Month ago +3

    1:13 yeji really looks like seulgi. Agree?

  • Ruxhel Em
    Ruxhel Em Month ago +3

    Yeji oppa is so whipped for Lia 😂

  • Sister Tierra
    Sister Tierra Month ago

    This shipping shit already 🥺🥺😑

  • alexa manoban
    alexa manoban Month ago

    What song plss?

  • mommyyatie mommyyatie74

    They look like twin

  • Liza Dazo
    Liza Dazo Month ago

    I like Jeji and...well of them😁

  • ship shipper
    ship shipper Month ago

    My to bias

  • Lili Nini
    Lili Nini Month ago +2

    Okay I ship them 😍 hahahahaha

  • Nasuha Dk
    Nasuha Dk Month ago +13

    They are the ponytail couple😂

  • Ceren
    Ceren Month ago +2

    Okay but why Yeji over there looking deadass like debut Min Yoongi? 😂😂

  • rodrigo vara
    rodrigo vara Month ago

    yejisu? pense q era liaJI

  • Strictly Kpop
    Strictly Kpop Month ago

    Twice has passed their gay towards itzy

  • --
    -- Month ago +3

    Twice taught them well 👏👏(Especially Sanake)

  • Piedjge
    Piedjge Month ago +2

    Fandom Name: Jinxzy’s or Jyptzy’s 😎

  • Itzy Nation
    Itzy Nation Month ago +1

    the look tho 1.00 😍😍

    BLUEDUST9 Month ago +7

    I also ship lia with yeji, also lia's room mate yuna, what ship called lia and yuna? YuLia? Make a video of them too.

  • bengurl
    bengurl Month ago +1

    can you make Lia and Ryjuin ? they remind me of jensoo and they are so cute

  • Achěll
    Achěll Month ago

    Lía se parece al lento ese de zootopia (como se escriba :v) es tan linda

  • With Bre
    With Bre Month ago +1

    Already with the ships? 😂 y’all are fast

  • Nayeon ‘s Wife
    Nayeon ‘s Wife Month ago +2

    3:16 me in life

  • Meemee /. lol
    Meemee /. lol Month ago


  • PlumPlumPia
    PlumPlumPia Month ago +7

    the timing at the climax when they finally did the heart gesture tho im crying

  • Ayes Setiawan
    Ayes Setiawan Month ago

    what's the tittle of this song?

  • Miilka ¡!
    Miilka ¡! Month ago

    IS YELIA????

  • Ashley Chavarria
    Ashley Chavarria Month ago


  • Army Jikookiana
    Army Jikookiana Month ago

    YeLia ❤😍

  • Baechuan
    Baechuan Month ago +13

    The way Yeji look at Lia is so uwu 😍

  • yiru Wang
    yiru Wang Month ago


    LALISA M Month ago +4

    new ship born 😍

  • Army Buddy
    Army Buddy Month ago +6

    My ship in Iyzy definitely❤💜💕💖

  • syhzrx •
    syhzrx • Month ago +5

    Yahh!! I just found that too..THEY SO SWEET.. LIKE MICHAENG🍓

  • princess lia
    princess lia Month ago +1

    the first yejisu ship video :) i will come back for this!

  • Tati Sernaqué
    Tati Sernaqué Month ago +1

    Yo casi no shippeo chicas pero esta ship es mi excepción, son tan lindas juntas UWU las veo y no puedo dejar de sonreír por lo increíble que son. Me encanta Yelia

  • Erin Louise Palma
    Erin Louise Palma Month ago +15

    Twice is responsible for this

  • Mada Faka Blink Reveluv

    Can i have a bestfriend like them?

  • itzypopp
    itzypopp Month ago +2


  • GuideZerXZ Channel
    GuideZerXZ Channel Month ago +3


  • MultiFandom Yo
    MultiFandom Yo Month ago +201

    Yeji - Seulgi
    Lia - Irene
    Loll! This ship reminds me of Seulrene😂💖

  • Johanna PQ
    Johanna PQ Month ago +1

    yo encuentro un triangulo amoroso entre lia x yejin x ryujin ahh

  • Oncer Tw
    Oncer Tw Month ago +1

    Am i the only tht ship Lia with Ryujin ... :(

    • Eunbilievable
      Eunbilievable Month ago

      I see a lot of people ship Ryujin and Chaeryeong as well. Ryujin always mentions that Chaeryeong is beautiful.

    • Tzuyu Zhou
      Tzuyu Zhou Month ago +1

      +Itzyz fan thanks😍

    • Itzyz fan
      Itzyz fan Month ago +1

      Tzuyu Zhou Well mostly people ship Yeji with Lia and Ryujin with Yuna. Some people ship Lia with Ryujin as well .... thts pretty much Ship tht Us Itzy fan has been supporting to😊

    • Tzuyu Zhou
      Tzuyu Zhou Month ago

      Can you tell me the ships in Itzy

  • Selugi’s My Bae X
    Selugi’s My Bae X Month ago +11

    Hello I am HERE for this new ship they remind me of Seulrene lol

  • Inojin Kazekage
    Inojin Kazekage Month ago +1

    Michaeng 2.0 :vvvv I also ship Chaeryeong and Yuna uwu They look so beautiful together 😍💖💖
    I love them so much and I love this ship so much 😍💖💖

  • Michaeng id
    Michaeng id Month ago +39

    3:25 Ryu Jin hold Lia's Hand, next Lia hold Yeji's Hand,?

    • Alycia K
      Alycia K Month ago +6

      Michaeng id it’s the itzy saidahmo

    • Michaeng id
      Michaeng id Month ago +6

      Wkwkwkwkw. LOL. U're so funny. I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no

    • Erin Louise Palma
      Erin Louise Palma Month ago +15

      Or maybe its just saying that Lia's gonna be the snake of the group

    • Erin Louise Palma
      Erin Louise Palma Month ago +14

      A new love triangle perhaps?

  • Michaeng id
    Michaeng id Month ago +6

    Yes Unnie Line, i shipp ryujin x lia. Like michaeng

  • Ivona
    Ivona Month ago +9

    keep doing the videos of them..yeeees

  • YeJaJeong
    YeJaJeong Month ago +2

    hope u can make more since there were some more yelia moments in their recent vid called ep5 XD

  • 큐제시
    큐제시 Month ago +1


  • Cheldry Patrick
    Cheldry Patrick Month ago +4

    They has the same smile

    STRAYTWITZY UWU Month ago +3

    I am going to subscibe right now

    STRAYTWITZY UWU Month ago +2


  • Shiau Feng
    Shiau Feng Month ago +1


  • Felix's Deep voice Got me shooketh

    Itzy got influenced by their unnie girl group TWICE 😂😂

  • too much wuxia to sleep


  • Gorjessy
    Gorjessy Month ago +6

    Yess this is it

  • ɯ.
    ɯ. Month ago +56

    *new ship detected*

  • Pham Thuy Linh
    Pham Thuy Linh Month ago +7

    I can smell Sana in Yeji

  • Itzyz fan
    Itzyz fan Month ago +5

    My brain choose Liaji
    But my heart choose Ria 😭

  • effy
    effy Month ago +45

    yeji = father , lia = mother

    CJ HYUN Month ago +6

    Waaaa, this ship is awesome:( they got a michaeng 2yeon and SaiDa vibeee❤

    CJ HYUN Month ago +1

    Yowww, i was waiting for thisss!!!!!

  • dung hoang
    dung hoang Month ago +1

    Yesoo is real 😍