Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

  • Published on Jul 27, 2016
  • Why has Nutrition been so complicated? This video tells the story about why 3 meals a day is unnecessary and how eating ONE meal a day can make being healthy much simpler.
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    [Had a lot of great questions so I made a FAQ! lifeforbusypeople.com/2016/09/06/eating-once-a-day-questions/]
    [based on this blog post of mine▶︎lifeforbusypeople.com/2016/07/23/longevity-why-i-eat-once-a-day/ ]
    0:00 - Our Complicated Health Environment
    2:09 - How are Humans Supposed to Eat?
    4:26 - Our Environment Chose How we Eat
    6:06 - Why maintaining Blood Sugar is unnecessary & Harmful
    8:26 - Ketosis, our Premium fuel source
    10:10 - Health Benefits of Fasting
    12:45 - My path to One Meal a Day
    ■2:18 - Elon Musk interview with Kevin Rose
    ■3:00 - Michio Kaku interview with Big Think
    ■4:32 - Almazan's Kitchen for the awesome clip
    ■5:45 - Doug McGuff talk at 21 Convention in Florida
    ■8:15 - Peter Attia's TED talk
    ■11:14 - Mark Mattson's TEDx Talk
    Other credits:
    10:15 - Artwork by Quotefancy
    What do I eat for my meal? Usually a variant of this: imgur.com/a/WrPqt (This is from a year back - now I eat less meat, less eggs and less fruit [skip the carrot too]) Also, the gif makes it look like I eat a massive quantity of food, but it's simply showing "before preparation" and "after preparation" (the purple looking drink is simply the vegetables blended up)
    Most of my references are covered in the blog post above, if there is anything missing please let me know!
    Let go of the food pyramid.
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  • What I've Learned
    What I've Learned  2 years ago +540

    FAQ: lifeforbusypeople.com/2016/09/06/eating-once-a-day-questions/

    • Annan N
      Annan N 8 days ago

      Hi, can underweight and low blood pressure eat one meal a day?

    • FIFA 2007
      FIFA 2007 13 days ago

      @Jared Trimberger Taekwondo.

  • Tenzin Sonam
    Tenzin Sonam 12 hours ago

    This channel deserves 10 mill subscribers

  • Kid Refugee
    Kid Refugee Day ago

    Can you imagine the reaction of someone starving in a third world country after hearing this? “Wait, so you have access to food, and your choosing to starve yourself? I hate you!”
    The reality of that joke says something about our culture in America. Where living in excess attracts the undisciplined and now we need videos like this to wakeup from our food induced comas.

  • wordgrrl71
    wordgrrl71 Day ago

    Keto and IF bitches. It could cure us all.

  • Sash Campbell
    Sash Campbell Day ago

    Where does this come in to play for bodybuilding? Because you have to eat significantly more to gain muscle mass, but how is that negatively affecting your health if you require it?

  • I fuck yor mam
    I fuck yor mam Day ago

    classic hypocrite rich people paying scientists to falsely prove that humans only need one meal a day so poor people are given even less and are unable to climb out of poverty for yet another unfair reason (loss of brain function due fall in metabolism from the Murderface diet). The rich have no moral, they are atheists, who has time for religion when you're trading stocks.

  • Liam O’Neil
    Liam O’Neil Day ago +1

    Everyone says one meal a day is great for weight loss.... ok if that’s the case doesn’t that just mean your not getting enough calories? Like if you lost 40 lbs and hit your goal weight but continue eating once a day wouldn’t you continue to lose weight? I know a lot of factors come into play like how active you are and lifestyle and all that but it seems at some point you would need to up the calorie intake just to maintain your desired weight, otherwise wouldn’t you just keep losing weight? Until you shriveled up into nothing and consumed yourself like a black hole lol

  • Liam O’Neil
    Liam O’Neil Day ago +7

    Pretty sure that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was started as marketing campaign by cereal companies

      DR. BADFISH 7 hours ago

      BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day but you can have breakfast at 5;00 pm if you choose

  • Kev M
    Kev M 2 days ago +1

    I'm x Military. The work I did was Special Ops. Often alone, You would eat when you could get food, some times a week when you got nothing. Leaving the Army I went to Canada, no House, no Shops, no people for 5 years. In winter some times no food for 2 weeks. I am now 67, Even back at base or leave, I could only eat once-per-day, some times even now, I eat a meal and not eat again for 4-5 days. I am fit, been hospital once for a gunshot, that's it in 67 years no flu or colds, even out in the wild at 45, bellow. Your body needs less food than you think, And will adjust to any amazing thing you put it through. Train yourself and your body trains with you.

  • Andrei9thouzen
    Andrei9thouzen 2 days ago

    I actually learned to eat small meals frequent.


    What will you achieve with your longevity.. Why do you want increased life span? Jus eat drink enjoy and depart.. Don't be so obsessed with life.

  • Pakar Diet Penurunan Berat Badan

    Who want subscribers

  • leestephenj
    leestephenj 3 days ago +1

    Bottled mineral water is healthier than tap water.

  • Nona Nona
    Nona Nona 3 days ago

    У машины нет поджелудочной железы и желчного пузыря и микроорганизмов в кишечнике. Зачем такое сравнение??

  • Simo joudar
    Simo joudar 3 days ago

    So educative and instructive! I just discovered you channel and I'm already a big fan. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE EFFORTS YOU'VE PUT IN THE REALISATION OF THIS CHANNEL.

  • Owen Meschter
    Owen Meschter 4 days ago

    Every morning when I wake up, I'm never hungry. I just eat because I should. I've felt like for the longest time, this is unnatural, which after watching this I can confirm to myself that it is.

  • Mastervitro
    Mastervitro 4 days ago

    This is why I want to try the Keto Diet but why does everything have to have wheat in it!?

  • Church of Guestmob
    Church of Guestmob 5 days ago

    I watched an old TV interview of the man that designed the pyramid food chart I'm pretty sure he said he was a farmer because he got the food pyramid off of an old hog feed chart that's why Americans are so fat it was designed to faten up hogs not to be a healthy answer to humans

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 5 days ago

    Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal all day long.

  • Dan Beryl
    Dan Beryl 5 days ago +1

    OMAD gave me so much energy throughout the day. This allowed me to be more productive at work because I wasn’t affected by the mid-day slump as a result of skipping lunch. Ran circles around my coworkers. 😁

    • Dan Beryl
      Dan Beryl 4 days ago

      I usually ate around 1800-1900. I usually hit gym after work before I would eat. It’s tough at first but it gets easier. Takes about a week to use to the change.

    • Alexandra Aloba
      Alexandra Aloba 5 days ago +1

      Dan Beryl so what time do you start eating and when do you incorporate fitness during the day? Trying to run circles around my co workers also 😅

  • Dalvenstea
    Dalvenstea 5 days ago

    Some time ago I read that breakfast is the most unhealthy meal of the day as our body is detoxifying at night and the best thing is to have just some water in the morning and before the noon eat nothing but fruits, if you can't go without food. Years ago I used to feel sick if I didn't have breakfast. I haven't been eating breakfast for over a year. I have noticed that I actually have more energy until I have my first meal- lunch. I exercise on an empty stomach. As soon as I have my lunch, my energy levels go bit down and I feel less energised than before having it. I really believe that we should eat much less than we do. We overload our bodies with crappy foods, sugar and additives. If we eat less we will be stronger and healthier. I do believe that one meal a day is enough for an average person. As I see so many overweight people in the streets I do believe that many would benefit from water fasting. This could help them to avoid health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and many others. We would also create less pollution as we would buy less food packed in plastic containers.

  • Analaura Carrillo
    Analaura Carrillo 5 days ago

    Is it fine if I just have a meal in the morning but not for the rest of the day? Would it still can’t as fasting?

  • hmr28
    hmr28 5 days ago

    However life spans were ridiculously short until the last century. What changed in that century? Our eating habits (advances in medicine as well of course). How then, can we tell what will help us live longer?

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf 5 days ago

    When I had to do hard physical work I ate twice a day. One around lunch time and one in the evening and I was still pretty slim. A few month ago I started to workout and ate more often and took more calories in. It took me less than two weeks to get a nice belly so I reduced the calories but still ate 3 times a day. The belly doesn't grow anymore but also doesn't shrink. It's like having more food in my belly and my guts that makes my belly bigger. Fat isn't there so much, still a bit on the belly.
    So I guess I have to go back to my less often eating routine to get my belly gone.

  • Kevin Lawson
    Kevin Lawson 5 days ago

    Why NOT be influenced 100%? Once a day? Sounds doable.

  • Lori
    Lori 6 days ago +3

    Wouldn’t this be dangerous for those who have hypoglycemia?

  • Simon Ritchie
    Simon Ritchie 6 days ago

    Why would anyone want to live a long life in the world how it is today?

  • unnamed
    unnamed 6 days ago

    after cutting down on carbs, i'm now able to have 1 meal per day without getting hungry. I did this before watching this video and was worrying this may be not healthy way to reduce belly fat. But i didn't feel hungry at all and still able to run 8-10km/day not feeling tired. Now after watching this video, i believe what i did was right.

  • Derek Hughes
    Derek Hughes 6 days ago

    Eating one big meal a day I one of the worst things you can do for your health, in fact google the society for healthy colons and remember to eat when you’re hungry and make healthy choices

  • Hunter Glass
    Hunter Glass 6 days ago +7

    The three meals a day became a standard part of life during the Industrial Revolution. With the majority of the working population being that of factory worker or working a designated 8 hour shift work led to this bizarrely regimented eating strategy. Breakfast to fuel the beginning of the work day, Lunch for a boost and then super as a refuel.
    By the way...Great channel

  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1 7 days ago +2

    Narrator spends 15 minutes talking about something that could be said in 3 minutes.

  • Anna G
    Anna G 7 days ago

    Not to mention in history fruits (which are high in sugar) would only he available for small portions of the year. Meat could be caught year round and vegetables are generally easier to store

  • pedrolopa2
    pedrolopa2 7 days ago

    I started doing this : keto + 20/4 IF. 0 hunger is great, but I feel very tired very quickly when I exercise. Anyone got some advice ?

    • Joe
      Joe 5 days ago

      eat more

  • Gargee Kanhere
    Gargee Kanhere 7 days ago

    Very well done video. Glad to have received some rational info. Thanks

  • Joel Bell
    Joel Bell 7 days ago

    This was very interesting I didn’t choose to eat once a day it just became a habit because I wasn’t hungry but I do fine without a balanced diet or vitamins I do get low energy but that has to with what I eat ☺️ I eat what I want and not what I should. I do find if I eat midday I get tired and sluggish. But I do find that one meal a day gives me more energy then I need. Thx for the video explains a lot.👍

  • Primacore Services
    Primacore Services 8 days ago

    Nice video... but this sounds like a globalist agenda plot campaign to reduce food consumption. The info is correct but missing eating the right food e.g. fruits and vegetables very important so not just eating junk food once a day. Eat veggies only as often as you are hungry and drink plenty of water. Peace and health long life to you all 😊

  • gaurav kumar thakur
    gaurav kumar thakur 8 days ago

    This video prove Sadhguru is right we are in dwapar yuga... And going ahead

  • gun nut
    gun nut 8 days ago

    Ive had 1 meal a day for almost my entire life its what felt right to me the only thing that made me gained any weight was drinking alcohol instead of water all i normally drink is water I pretty much much eat whatever I want though for my one meal

  • Charlie Sierra
    Charlie Sierra 8 days ago

    Genius! Superb vid. I've been doing the fasting with a six-hour eating window combined with Keto lifestyle and have done cardio/weights since my early thirties. Now at sixty one I still have abs and a young looking aesthetic physique. Best of all I feel great.

  • Βρε βρε βρε

    Muh homo sapiens, muh ketosis.

  • Hela Sanaa
    Hela Sanaa 8 days ago

    This is the best channel ever . please don't stop making content . please ..

  • Razorback73
    Razorback73 8 days ago

    In the "developed" world, we tend to eat more for pleasure than survival. People eat foods they enjoy, not what they require. Most people in Westernised countries don't even know what real hardship is, or what real need is.

  • rob379
    rob379 9 days ago

    Oh dear. I eat when I’m hungry, I pee and poo when I feel it in my tummy, I bathe when my loved ones tell me I smell sweaty. There is no way I could survive if I ate once per day... I eat when my bodily functions tell me to.
    Just debunkin’ you.

  • jaywar69
    jaywar69 9 days ago

    Great video... thanks for sharing.

    I've always heard the following for keeping a decent weight;
    Breakfast - eat like a King. Lunch - eat like a Prince. Dinner - eat like a Pauper. Of course regular exercise included.

  • connie rosario
    connie rosario 9 days ago

    I'm a 95lb woman who only goes to doctors for childbirth or broken bones(rarely). I've always believed the number one cause of obesity is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You wake up, eat breakfast. 4 hours later you're shoving lunch in your gut and breakfast isn't even fully digested, then later you pack dinner in there. I eat whatever I feel like, usually a main meal of meat and veggies over rice in the evening, and I might snack here or there any other time of day. Some days I don't even feel like dinner. Not that I need to fast, I barely have any fat. A big misconception is if your stomach is growling it's because you're hungry. False. If your gut is 3/4 full there is a small air pocket that amplifies the sounds of digestion. You are not hungry. I know how starving feels. It's extremely painful when your gut is completely empty and you start digesting your stomach walls. Then even if food becomes available, it's hard to stomach. My hubby desires 3 meals a day. He's 280lbs.

  • Barny -
    Barny - 9 days ago +1

    Stangely enough eating once a day is my default eating pattern.

    • Barny -
      Barny - 8 days ago

      @Mein Name 😲

    • Mein Name
      Mein Name 8 days ago +1

      Barny - strangly enough I live under your bed.

  • Sandra Noneofyourbusiness

    15:47 "beer linked to Face Falling Off Syndrome in men.'
    I totally want to read that article.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 10 days ago

    This is so bull.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 10 days ago

    Even just cutting down to twice a day within 8 hours will make a difference.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 10 days ago

    Another great reason for fasting, 1 per day, is the money it saves... thousands per year.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 10 days ago

    Never eat and live forever....... everything in life has it's own happy medium.

    I think, at the very least when you start to get older, that when you stop eating (fasting) then your body just learns to hold onto it's fat even longer (slower metabolism) because it gets use to the long "survival intervals."

    I agree, less can be more, but going below what your ancestors ate for many generations is going to kick your body (your brain) into different chemical variations that it is not use to, and will adjust accordingly.... or something like that.......

  • Debbie
    Debbie 11 days ago

    Should I stuff myself until I'm full with this one meal a day? And what time of the day should I eat?

  • Baldoxxx4000
    Baldoxxx4000 11 days ago

    But I just bought food with buy-one-get-one-FREE deals...

  • Sunako Nakahara
    Sunako Nakahara 11 days ago

    He uses wikipedia.
    Ok im off.

    • DEEPLY
      DEEPLY 10 days ago

      Sunako Nakahara lmao

  • Sharne Higgan
    Sharne Higgan 11 days ago

    Thank you so much the information you have provided is really helpful. I hate eating breakfast makes me feel more lethargic for the rest of the day. Thank you have subscribed

    • Mein Name
      Mein Name 8 days ago

      Sharne Higgan Why Do you Need someone To approve your behaviour? This Here Is just a RU-clip Video. It's rather biased.

  • Snow Frostborne
    Snow Frostborne 11 days ago

    I mean being in school and working I was already only eating once per day with little to no snacks in between. I just chugged green tea whenever I had the chance

  • garzascreek
    garzascreek 11 days ago +1

    9:18 - The 382 day fast referenced was not a water fast. It was a protein sparing fast and he received a protein supplement with all essential amino acids. Nevertheless, it still proves the point that no carbs were required.

  • Brian
    Brian 11 days ago

    I am a very stable genius

  • L Ingram
    L Ingram 11 days ago +1

    I use fasting to challenge my will power and for mental clarity. I usually fast for 3 days a week and on the days I eat I usually eat 1 meal in the afternoon.

  • カルマ [Karma]
    カルマ [Karma] 12 days ago

    i need to save money, so this video came at the right time

  • Thurein Soe
    Thurein Soe 12 days ago

    Still eating once a day after almost 3 years?

  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 12 days ago +1

    Very informative 🙏🏻

  • James Vince
    James Vince 13 days ago +14

    I feel like one month is not a long enough period to justify a lifetime choice. Scientists say 67 days is the time it takes to commit something to subconscious routine and not have to worry about "falling off the wagon". While I have done intermittent fasting for 3 months myself and saw massive results in my health and weight-loss I did notice that using ketosis as my main fuel for 3 months made me sweat insatiably, increased my heart rate for no reason and on occasion had random anxiety brought on by the increased heart rate.

    The positives I saw were, losing 30 kg in just 3 months, feeling more energetic than ever before and sleeping like a baby almost every night.

    With that said I found this diet to be unsustainable in the long term. Partly because of the negative side effects but also because it's hard to be passionate about not eating for 16 hours a day and even though I had "developed the habit" it's not like smoking, you can just quit smoking, you can't just quit eating, fasting completely for a long enough period will eventually lead to malnutrition and eventually death in most people. Granted there are some anomalies, but almost every hunger strike martyr, almost every abused prisoner dies from their lack of eating. It's not an exception, it's a rule.

    While I do advocate fasting from time to time as a means of improving health, it's a course correction tool, it is by no means a permanent lifestyle.

  • Sidney Boo
    Sidney Boo 13 days ago

    My grandma lived up to 93 with no health complications until her kidneys started to fail. She said "Well its been nice" and said it was time and never did any treatment. She was eating 3 meals a day. I wanna die like she died, happy and surrounded by the ones she loved and loved her. Bottom line is, im going to not stress out about it. If I am hungry, I am not going to stress out about this 'rule of eating once a day'. But you're right. Eating has become so complicated. I do believe we need to cut down on the snacks and just eat simple meals. MY TWO CENTS.

  • Abdullah Filistini
    Abdullah Filistini 13 days ago

    Life is dynamic.
    Life requires energy.
    Food is energy.
    = Eating should be dynamic

  • Mini Mixer
    Mini Mixer 13 days ago

    What time do you eat that one meal was it 4:30 pm?

  • Baldoxxx4000
    Baldoxxx4000 13 days ago

    Tell that to the average American.

  • natasha syberia
    natasha syberia 13 days ago

    Meh. I think Musk is here for no good reason.

  • Moist Andy
    Moist Andy 13 days ago

    only fat people go on diets because they hate themselves and want to gain more weight as a form of self-harm malnutrition. Eating larger meals and drink a gallon of water will make you build lean muscle and the more you eat the harder it is to store fat.

  • South O Ripper
    South O Ripper 14 days ago

    How about those leopard print pants on the fat Scottish guy? ... yikes!

  • michael p
    michael p 14 days ago

    So I get all this but 1 meal a day every day ignores the cyclical fast and feast of our evolution. I'm not convinced that it's better for health span compared to say 4 days a week of IF with quarterly extended fasting.

  • Bunthan Sephieroth Kong

    I like to eat once a day to. I thought I was the only one. sometimes I lose 1,2,3 a pound a day. Depends on what I ate..

  • Ming
    Ming 14 days ago +2

    Longevity and why I breath once a day

  • Kenn Tan
    Kenn Tan 14 days ago

    4:50 she could have been a model

  • RatFacedJasper
    RatFacedJasper 14 days ago

    I've put on a load of weight from eating once a day. It's my own fault though, my mentality is that because I'm eating one meal, the meal is going to be three plates worth of food. No ragrets.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 14 days ago +1

    Wow almost 9 million views soon! congrats!
    This was a suggested video from an Instant pot recipe i was looking at!!

  • wayne Jacobs
    wayne Jacobs 15 days ago

    I've always been told that fasting or not eating can lead to diabetes. Is that true?

  • TheMostGodless SinfulBastard

    One meal a day... eat when you're hungry... sounds like pure evolutionary logic...
    My only question is, HOW MUCH for that one meal??
    I have been eating one meal and a snack about eight hours later, because I am just NOT hungry, but I got to go to bed. Any suggestions?

  • Martian Pudding
    Martian Pudding 15 days ago

    I've been trying intermittent fasting for a couple of weeks now and I'm enjoying it so far. I already usually had a pretty light breakfast but now I'm basically just eating between lunch and dinner. I usually sleep in pretty late so I don't have to wait that long for lunch and dinner usually fills me up to not be hungry for the rest of the night. I only "cheated" once because I had an 8:30 test and didn't want to be distracted by hunger. {

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson 15 days ago

    Evolution doesn't select for health and longevity. It doesn't care about our happiness like we do now. Evolution selects for survival to adulthood and reproductive success. It is a fallacy to suggest that whatever our ancestors diets were must be better for us because we evolved to be used to them.

  • Yisus Craist
    Yisus Craist 15 days ago

    I remember that Lydia from the walking dead told Henry (or Daryl) that hunger is a blessing. Makes sense now that I'm watching this video and the fact that I've been fasting for a while has made me feel better.

  • SumDude Norris
    SumDude Norris 15 days ago

    why do you highlight your script

  • Escobar R
    Escobar R 15 days ago

    7:28 - 7:58 He just pulled back the food industries sheets and exposed their butt naked, shriveled up dicks!

  • sujala mancha
    sujala mancha 15 days ago

    I Lost 2.6 kgs in 1 week eating one meal a day

  • John Bates
    John Bates 15 days ago

    This is a great vid and I agree completely!

  • Jorge LaMadrid
    Jorge LaMadrid 16 days ago

    I have started eating once a day while snacking throughout if necessary, and occasionally ill eat another meal every other day. But mostly one. I can say i lost a large amount of weight rapidly. After a couple of weeks, i had no interest in eating more than once, so i got used to it. Something i noticed was how tired ive been. Eating once a day really tests your energy.

  • Naomi Partridge
    Naomi Partridge 16 days ago

    Thanks for putting these videos out. I'm finding them really helpful 😊

  • Angela Bender
    Angela Bender 16 days ago +2

    Fasting was a regular regimen for practicing catholics in the prescribed days, which included vigils and holy Fridays

  • Angela Bender
    Angela Bender 16 days ago

    I hate when they claim that breakfast is the most important meal
    Many of us do not get hungry till noon
    Besides italians of my generation, ate little or almost nothing for breakfast

  • MikeCharlieAlpha
    MikeCharlieAlpha 16 days ago +1

    Yeah, eating has become an activity for the bored. Notice how easy it is to fast when you’re busy.

  • Agnes Strzykowska
    Agnes Strzykowska 16 days ago

    I've been doing Keto diet and intermittent fasting for 2 months now. I started it after I heard from my doctor "at your age what would you expect"😣 I had put on weight 30 kg, had digestive problems, painful joints, itchy dry skin and a lot of other problems which started and were developing fast during a year. So I looked for solutions by myself. Found it thanks dr Eric Berg and his lectures on RU-clip. I feel younger, I'm stronger...and I'm gradually loosing weight 😁

  • Vlad B
    Vlad B 17 days ago +1

    3:37 I remember first time in my life trying this type of “lunch” and was shocked what kind of dangerous junk some people actually eat... that jelly with coke is a sure way to diabetes and misery in general... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Albert Willems
    Albert Willems 17 days ago

    Do you still eat just once a day?

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão 17 days ago +1

    If someone comes by this comment then congratulations.
    Here is somethings you should be doing in your life that you are not doing:

    *1) You should be using Keto diet*

    *2) You should only eat once a day*

    *3) You should use dry fasting once or twice a month*

    *4) You should be using "Uberman" sleeping*

    *5) You should practice Logic programming at least 1 hour per day*

    *6) You should do a 20 hours study or training or party every month*

    *7) You should help other persons for free 1 hour per day*

    *8) You should write about yourself 1 hour every day*

    *9) You should do a list of 10 things you need to do every day/week/month*

    *10) You should use 2 hours every day for one thing that is not necessary for you but that if you could do it you would be super amazed whit yourself*

    • Apotheosis
      Apotheosis 11 days ago

      keto is retarded and is associated with higher risk of death

  • Delta MGXX
    Delta MGXX 17 days ago

    Will eating less decrease my muscle gain from the gym?

  • seqingnicole
    seqingnicole 17 days ago

    guys i need advice i kinda did this for about 4 days now and i lost 7kg but my weight keeps fluctuating? i don't necessarily want to lose weight either i was just shocked since losing 7kg so quickly seemed rather unhealthy

  • Electrick
    Electrick 17 days ago +13

    I always felt the whole "you can't skip breakfast" idea was a load of nonsense.

    • Alicia Wilson
      Alicia Wilson 17 days ago +2

      Break down the word
      Break fast
      That's all it is. It's simply breaking your fast.

  • Gerald O'Hare
    Gerald O'Hare 18 days ago

    Instead of going through the long drawn out medical description just get to the point. Clear and concise communication is far better than these statements that drone on forever.

  • DéLay LéMor
    DéLay LéMor 18 days ago

    I have lost 30 lbs by eating one meal a day for 4 weeks. I feel hungry, but I don’t have the hunger pain. I have a lot of energy. I run 3 miles everyday during my fasting time. I have never felt weak and have to stop my run. I have another 10 lbs to lose before I go back to 2 meals a day intermittent fasting.

  • redwan essafri
    redwan essafri 18 days ago

    Eat when you need to, a very wise man said it just little over 1400 years ago. I leave it to your imaginations to guess who he was.