How to Make Miniature Underwater Dystopian Cityscapes!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
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    Inspired by the work of a Japanese modelmaker, Frank and Norm build miniature dioramas of submerged dystopian cities! Follow along as we take off the shelf scale-model cityscapes and transform them into moody resin-encased displays. It's a project you can do at home!
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    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
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  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  9 months ago +44

    This is one example of a Premium video that we made public. To see other Premium videos, go here:

    • Emperor Arkunus
      Emperor Arkunus 8 months ago

      i was thinking the same thing years ago but much bigger. i'm talking about creating a replica of rapture from bioshock inside a large fish tank.

    • Tyler Dollarhide
      Tyler Dollarhide 8 months ago +1

      ??? This was posted in June 2018, but you only just now saying this?

    • Døminic Nelsøn
      Døminic Nelsøn 8 months ago

      This looked AMAZING!!

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack 7 days ago

    Where was Adam?

  • Przemek
    Przemek 7 days ago


  • jiji tanayer
    jiji tanayer 12 days ago

    you are bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wyatt Neary
    Wyatt Neary 13 days ago


  • Xx_Error404_xX
    Xx_Error404_xX 14 days ago

    Why did nobody mention Artificial Intelligence?

  • Lil skirtt Bert
    Lil skirtt Bert 19 days ago +1

    How do I get the buildings

  • Giocrafter Cruz
    Giocrafter Cruz 21 day ago

    This reminds me of bob Ross

  • Hope Blais
    Hope Blais 24 days ago

    Did anyone notice his shirt says ravenpuff and not ravenclaw or hufflepuff

  • Boyan Hwang
    Boyan Hwang 26 days ago

    That’s no shark it’s to big it’s more of a megaledon

  • DPD Records
    DPD Records Month ago

    Why would you make it look broken

  • TheTriplc
    TheTriplc Month ago

    Maybe you could make shadows with the paint? (For example): the building collapsed onto the other building, therefore the shadow of the fallen building would stream down the the other one.

  • Roy van der Aalst
    Roy van der Aalst Month ago

    Where can I buy those miniature unpainted towers??

  • robert mcghie
    robert mcghie Month ago


  • darthbuzz
    darthbuzz Month ago

    Why don't you use a shovel to do the minute detailing, might be more accurate.

  • TheCajunBeauty
    TheCajunBeauty Month ago

    I am so jealous! You have my dream job!

    • smartyleowl
      smartyleowl 22 days ago

      I also made some, you can check my work:)

  • Philtoid
    Philtoid Month ago

    That guy walking into shot at 16:14 😅

  • Nergling
    Nergling Month ago +1

    Love it!

  • I Vox
    I Vox 2 months ago

    this is a big shark no ?

  • Rowen Thorogood
    Rowen Thorogood 2 months ago

    Il Tayc yore entire stok

  • AllofTheAbove
    AllofTheAbove 2 months ago

    I would have put clear resin on top for the surface and i would have left out the resin BEUTIFUL though

  • Gabe boy
    Gabe boy 2 months ago


  • A T
    A T 2 months ago

    Wow. Someone could make a bunch of these these and I bet they would sell. I once took a stained glass class and this video gave me that craftsmen vibe. Nice little pieces of art :)

    • smartyleowl
      smartyleowl 22 days ago

      I made a series of marine-themed resin dioramas. Maybe you can take a look:)

  • Hay
    Hay 2 months ago

    Norm is so fuckin off-putting.

  • BlankSpace MonsterASMR
    BlankSpace MonsterASMR 2 months ago

    When the water isn’t there it looks like something out of the last of us

  • Josh Hawn
    Josh Hawn 2 months ago

    1001 questions haha

  • Metaphysics
    Metaphysics 2 months ago

    😂🤦 those cartoon sharks look absolutely ridiculous, why, why did you have to use them

  • Carlos Baca Soto
    Carlos Baca Soto 2 months ago

    Maybe a kraken instead a shark, that would be amazing!

  • A fox Boy
    A fox Boy 2 months ago +1

    So if those buildings where to scale with humans the sharks would be about 100 feet wide

  • Ben Moreno
    Ben Moreno 2 months ago

    i want one......or 12 lol

  • Sirro Games
    Sirro Games 2 months ago

    Frank, a fellow AVE fan! Focus you fack!

  • Tim Hollingworth
    Tim Hollingworth 2 months ago

    Anyone know the cool jazz music at 12:15 please?

  • Attilio De Moliner
    Attilio De Moliner 2 months ago

    trees too big

  • Ali Ibn Abu Ayman
    Ali Ibn Abu Ayman 3 months ago

    The clicker noise in the background is a great touch, well done.

  • Jester generic
    Jester generic 3 months ago +1

    XD lol

  • Raleigh Payne
    Raleigh Payne 3 months ago

    turn thd dsjkfg

  • user 52
    user 52 3 months ago

    한국인인가 중국인인가

  • Staphany Armitage
    Staphany Armitage 3 months ago

    The sharks and whales could have also used more detailing to make it look more realistic. Without it, it just threw off the rest of the detailing.

  • Lillie Wonka
    Lillie Wonka 3 months ago

    Would have been cool to see the waxing part

  • creator Space
    creator Space 3 months ago

    We made it well.

  • jimbarbwe1985
    jimbarbwe1985 4 months ago


  • emece bille
    emece bille 4 months ago

    I'm watching this high

  • Karl G
    Karl G 4 months ago +1

    Really stimulated memories of model building from back in the 50's. Amazing what cool ideas can be created these days.

  • Enolp
    Enolp 4 months ago

    16:14 lol that guy in the back
    I felt that

  • Sam Reynolds
    Sam Reynolds 4 months ago

    the guy just fucked up all of them by chiselling the box off. GG

  • Angus Gallaher
    Angus Gallaher 4 months ago

    this guy sounds like seth rogan

  • Luke Kimble
    Luke Kimble 4 months ago

    Everyone asks "Where's Jamie Hyneman?" but no one asks...

    "How's Jamie Hyneman?"

  • Ultra Compact
    Ultra Compact 4 months ago +1

    Welcome To Rapture...
    Would You kindly make more content!

  • Maia Bravo
    Maia Bravo 5 months ago +1

    I would have put them under a vacuum dome to draw out the bubbles, they are too large for the scale.

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 5 months ago

    the gradient fucked it up bad

  • Bradon Voyles
    Bradon Voyles 5 months ago +1

    Observer: What are you doing there and why?
    Artist: how the hell should i know???

  • Chris Griffith
    Chris Griffith 5 months ago

    We'll see.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 5 months ago

    I build model cars and has inspired me. I think I'm going to try to do one half submerged in a lake.

  • StarFyreXXX
    StarFyreXXX 5 months ago

    What brand liquid resin was used? since you poured in layers, how did you avoid level lines between the dried resin layer and the next layer?

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYou 5 months ago

    Your LASER should not fire like that. You will damage it.

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYou 5 months ago

    Am I too old to remember Waterworld?

  • Y_U_HATIN-
    Y_U_HATIN- 5 months ago +1

    Love the videos but you guys talk way too much just get to the point and finish the project

    BDB TUNNING 5 months ago

    And the shark is way to big to the scale of the building

    BDB TUNNING 5 months ago

    Ok I’m pretty sure trees don’t grow under water. They should leave out the resien

  • Robd collector
    Robd collector 6 months ago

    ...are these for sale?? i want one