Celebrities who are TOTALLY CRAZY

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • It’s no real secret that there are a lot of odd and out there celebrities in Hollywood, but these celebs seem to take things up a whole other level.
    From strange public appearances to drunken displays of crazy, these celebrities have flown their weird flags high and seem to prove time-and-again that changing isn’t always as easy as it sounds.
    We hope you enjoy our list of Totally WEIRD Celebrities!

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    7. Kiefer Sutherland
    Everyone should know who Kiefer Sutherland is and if you don’t, where in the world have you been?
    Go and watch Stand by Me or The Lost Boys or any other movie where he kills it as he does.
    You’d think that this bad boy actor would be totally normal, right?
    No, no, you probably know that he’s a bit weird just judging by his performances and all-around awesomeness.
    How could one not be a little crazy when you’re as great as Kiefer?
    First off, he’s got a slight history with some unfavorable drunken behavior and DUI’s, which we don’t support in any way; like, get your drinking under some form of control, man!
    He also once headbutted a fashion designer that made a comment that wasn’t exactly nice to his friend Brooke Shields, but we’d say that the designer asked for it.
    Also, also-he tackled a Christmas tree once in the lobby of a hotel in London, which is more funny than anything, and he paid for it, so cut him some slack!
    He’s got antics, but hey, so do millions of others on this planet.
    He’s a bit weird, and we totally forgive him for it.

    6. Wesley Snipes
    This Blade star is now sort of infamous for his tax evasion scandal that resulted in some prison time-three years of it-but that’s not why he’s weird, despite the fact that he had millions of dollars and still got caught up in a tax scheme.
    He was really strange on the set of Blade: Trinity according to, well, everyone, and it seems as though at that point his fame had gone to his head.
    Apparently, his trailer was basically a big old pot den that he basically refused to come out of for anything besides his close-ups.
    His costar, Ryan Reynolds, was basically given free reign to improvise as much as he wanted because, when Snipes did decide to put in a little work, the result was a flat and emotionless, and otherwise known as boring.
    He also remained in character on set (as many method actors do) but he took it up to a whole other level. David Goyer, the director, had to enlist bodyguards to protect him from Wesley after Wesley attempted to strangle the man on set, which led to them not speaking anymore and communicating via Post-It notes. What a weirdo!

    5. Angelina Jolie
    It may come as no surprise to many to learn that Angelina Jolie is a bit weird because it’s basically been established for a long time now and we’re kind of just reiterating.
    Jolie, who is currently involved in a nasty custody battle and divorce with Brad Pitt, has shown her true colors over the years and we’ve got to say, you probably should have seen it coming, Brad.
    When she was younger, she did a lot of drugs and some truly strange things, like the time she married Jonny Lee Miller and wrote his name on a white t-shirt with her own blood.
    Or when her and Billy Bob Thornton, her second husband, wore vials of each other's blood around their necks.
    She’s French kissed her own brother-like her real, blood brother-and is basically a pretty great representation of the word “weird”.
    She’s got a dark side that many don’t understand and has an affinity for things that most don’t, and her actions and behavior seem to just add to people’s thinking of her as a weirdo.
    But that’s okay because she is weird.
    Nearly as weird as they come!
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  • MoDe Jax
    MoDe Jax 2 months ago

    as if mj isnt on here

  • Breathany Smitten
    Breathany Smitten 3 months ago

    I thought it was crazy? Why does she keep saying weird?

  • tanya campa
    tanya campa 4 months ago

    This was one lousy video...the woman speaking sounded weird and slow 🐌 ....this video had no life to it.....BORING......

  • Marcy Peterson
    Marcy Peterson 4 months ago

    The narrator in my opinion should be number one. I was crazy to listen to her ramble on...

  • Fashion Diva
    Fashion Diva 4 months ago

    It’s tax evasion not not invasion, though Uncle Sam having his hand in my pocket usually does feel invasive. But still they’re different words entirely.

  • Zilda Souza Mendes
    Zilda Souza Mendes 4 months ago

    Gary Busey look like Catlyn Jenner. ...

  • Bob Voorhees
    Bob Voorhees 4 months ago

    Tom ruise is not only weird but he’s sickening don’t care for him anymore

  • blossom beauty
    blossom beauty 4 months ago

    Everybody have issues .... We have to pray..... Everyday And we have to deal with it......

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R 4 months ago

    No, no surprises here.

  • Suzie Que
    Suzie Que 5 months ago

    This is so poorly done and researched. Take it off the air. Or at least get another narrator. This voice is nauseating. Weird!!

  • Suzie Que
    Suzie Que 5 months ago

    Angelina weird? How about having and loving 6 kids. Global charity work. Movie icon. Coming from a broken home and beating the odds. That's some weird. Not.

  • A M
    A M 5 months ago

    This was painful to listen to.

  • Sharon Rich
    Sharon Rich 5 months ago

    I hate to sound whatever, but at the end of each ranking, all the white males on the list got some caveat like, "He's done great work so it's okay he is who he is." whereas all the others got the "They're just plain crazy, no wonder they don't get work any more". Maybe that's accurate, or maybe, just maybe: one group of actors has better....handlers?

  • Paul Whitaker
    Paul Whitaker 5 months ago

    In all fairness: I live in Toronto and I have been involved in the Film/TV industry here for 25+ years.

    He has been back here for the last couple of years in "Designated Survivor"

  • Christina Lea Pierce-Frazier

    I went to the same elementary school that Gary B. Buchanan elementary in Oklahoma city not in the same yrs but just the same school I thought that was pretty cool

  • Rich Dorak
    Rich Dorak 5 months ago

    Crispen Glover , a.k.a. Marty Mc Fly's dad in Back to the Future. That's a strange guy for sure.

  • Rich Dorak
    Rich Dorak 5 months ago

    Gary Busey ain't crazy. I can live in a world of his kind. Would love to meet him.

  • supergaytor
    supergaytor 5 months ago

    Gary Busey looks like the Baldwin brother in that one photo

  • supergaytor
    supergaytor 5 months ago +2

    Keifer is one of the sexiest man alive... Droolsssss

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 5 months ago

    Not to be hard on the person narrating this video, but you sound just as crazy as the people you are calling crazy. If they are so crazy, why aren't they locked up so that we can be safe not being around them? Only a crazy person would call someone who she thinks is crazy, how idiosyncratic and creepy is that? Are you trying to poison the women you are jealous of? You sound like you have a personality disorder, young lady. Learn to stop trying to be faultfinding with others you don't agree with behavior when you yourself sound rotten. Have a good and godly day!

  • Eiko Q Dupree
    Eiko Q Dupree 5 months ago

    What KISS ASS! MALE ACTORS are given more slack .And sympathetic excuses for naming them. So CATTY TO THE ACTRESSES. SHAME ON YOU !

  • Marty Oakley
    Marty Oakley 5 months ago

    Well it's nice to know that Hollywood isn't all inclusive and still has people who they can make fun of! But it's all good! I mean they're only picking on the mentally ill and the overweight. It's not like these people have feelings or anything. Fat people don't notice when you laugh behind their backs, do they? Oh! Don't even get me started with the crazy people! I mean, someone could get hurt!
    You can't trust crazy people!
    I have had the misfortune of being over weight and clinically depressed w/anxiety most of my life. I'm sure it's all my fault.

  • William Rauch
    William Rauch 5 months ago

    I am suprised Robert Deniro wasnt on this list, he has lost his mind

  • Surly Girly
    Surly Girly 5 months ago +1

    Script itself not worth suffering through the incongruous narration. Swallows words - odd pausing - vocal fry. I don't think it's a robot - more like Valley Girl inflection...

  • si
    si 5 months ago


  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 5 months ago

    Apparently his definition of WIN is HIV

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 5 months ago

    Plus she needs Francis bean money

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 5 months ago

    Oooh yes I'm with busey

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 5 months ago

    Bile was'nt too pretty yet for blade?

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all 5 months ago

    Sean is a crazy drunk

  • J C
    J C 5 months ago


  • Kevin Thews
    Kevin Thews 5 months ago

    Interesting, but your script is amateurish at best...

  • DokktorDeth
    DokktorDeth 5 months ago

    For every celebrity that's loony tunes, there's a thousand nobodies who are complete barnpots.

  • Tim Lovett
    Tim Lovett 5 months ago

    So two of the young guns.

  • Edward Lavin
    Edward Lavin 5 months ago

    What about Madonna

  • Edward Lavin
    Edward Lavin 5 months ago

    Roman Polanski not polinski, leave it to a millenial to talk about boomers

  • Daniel Ortego
    Daniel Ortego 5 months ago +3

    No mention of Alec Baldwin?

  • MrFujicat
    MrFujicat 5 months ago +1

    Before criticizing people, correct your vocal fry. HARSH.

  • G V
    G V 5 months ago

    People who consider other perople to be weird are weird themselves....because gossipping is done by the weirdest of all people.

  • Marc E
    Marc E 5 months ago

    No Britney Spears?

  • Ekaterina Putin Krovic
    Ekaterina Putin Krovic 5 months ago

    What's the problem with scientology at least they are not behind every mayor war and slaughter in the world like the catholic church 🙈🙉🙊

  • wayne ruddock
    wayne ruddock 5 months ago

    They say they're crazy, just a little bit out of wack!
    They think we all want to be like them But! We all call'em maniacs.

  • UltimateBargains
    UltimateBargains 5 months ago

    A.J. is only number 5?

  • James Pruitt
    James Pruitt 5 months ago

    , Courtney is guilty of

  • James Pruitt
    James Pruitt 5 months ago +1

    Lol, heres a shocker....how bout all Hollywood is batshit crazy...

  • James Pruitt
    James Pruitt 5 months ago

    Wasn't the first chick on Ace Ventura? Weirdo

  • bambina abordo
    bambina abordo 5 months ago

    This sucks

  • Lon Brooklyn
    Lon Brooklyn 5 months ago

    Wesley is very sane compared to most of these folks.He just had some bad luck with taxes ,math and accountants/accounting!He is not very good with math but that doesnt make him crazy!

  • Alicia Skalak
    Alicia Skalak 5 months ago

    It’s Roman PolANSKI, not PolINSKI!

  • Godfrey Jemand
    Godfrey Jemand 5 months ago

    Why give anyone a pass. Shut-up and report. Jolie cut off her breasts because she was
    afraid of getting breast cancer, because she thought it was a genetic thing. She was wrong.
    It is not genetic it may be a chance... But not worth cutting off her breasts is a sickness in itself. The real problem with most of these people is that they are not too smart.
    Most people are good at a few things but mostly they are DUMB-ER than you think.

  • Zena Brundish
    Zena Brundish 5 months ago +1

    Personally if say a true video of crazy celebs would be so much longer than ten minutes ! Might be possible to cover sane celebs in ten mins though x

  • nrich
    nrich 5 months ago

    You forgot Johnny Depp ...

  • Edward Harshaw
    Edward Harshaw 5 months ago

    Who cares

  • Danielle Wolf
    Danielle Wolf 5 months ago


    JANVI JAYAN 5 months ago

    I am a huge fan of tom cruise.He is the best actor.Biggest actor in the world!

  • R Painter
    R Painter 5 months ago

    Polanski is a pedophile and deserves hot coffee in his face.

  • RobinZipporah
    RobinZipporah 5 months ago +1

    Nahhh... I don't forgive ANY of these Hollywooders..... No sympathy here. Keifer, Courtney, Tom..... No. Not sorry!

  • Joanna Oswald
    Joanna Oswald 5 months ago +4

    Tax invasion is...... Expesciulyee..... Bad. (This broad is an "odd duck")

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson 5 months ago

    You forgot Alec Baldwin..... that dudes a psycho and an idiot.

  • Romi Dogra
    Romi Dogra 5 months ago +5

    04:05 Tax INVASION or Tax evasion!??? What kind of dumb narrator did you hire?

    • James Pruitt
      James Pruitt 5 months ago

      The kind that didn't vote for Trump