EzeeLinux Show 18.11 | PreShrink-VM and A Look At MX Linux 17

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
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    We look at PreShrink-VM, a bash script to prepare VM's for shrinking, and we take a look at MX Linux 17.
    Check out Matt Hartley's excellent review of MX 17:
    Learn more about MX Linux:

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Comments • 47

  • nathan cooley
    nathan cooley Year ago

    Excellent stuff as always, Joe. But you might wanna go proofread your scripts, i spotted more than a couple spelling and grammar mistakes. Thanks for the awesome content!

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  Year ago

      Always good to know the typo police are on patrol... :)

  • Skyrim Dude44
    Skyrim Dude44 Year ago

    how much ram should i put in a linux mint or manjaro kde/kubuntu custom linux pc built from scratch? 8gb or 16gb of ram?

    • nathan cooley
      nathan cooley Year ago

      Skyrim Dude44 it all comes down to your usecase. If you are just browsing the web, checking email, and doing homework, 4gb is plenty. If you are a developer or power user, consider upping it to 8. If you will be gaming or producing media you will appreciated the 16gb.

  • ranger9371
    ranger9371 Year ago

    Can i take the linux hard drive out of one computer and put it in another

    • DiamondMCPro
      DiamondMCPro Year ago

      *UEFI *Drivers (Sorry and your welcome :P )

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  Year ago

      Yes but EUFI has to be turned off and no proprietary drives. :)

  • ShaTer
    ShaTer Year ago

    Memphis aka formerly Simply(M)epis and anti(X) = MX Linux and one of the great jewel of antiX/Debian and came along w/ lot of tools/software that being said for general user doesn't need to use the terminal anymore whether 'terminal/CLI' is the worst fear for beginners/newbies. Just install it and stay forward. FYI : MX has a mitigation/tweaked Kernel aka Liquorix Kernel for Meltdown and Spectre.

  • Rick Contreras
    Rick Contreras Year ago

    Joe your wonderful my friend.

  • gartennelke
    gartennelke Year ago +1

    USR is Unix System Resource not User?

    • Chip Altman
      Chip Altman Year ago

      Joe says as much in a video explaining the directories, if I remember correctly. I guess he's not terribly worried about being criticized.

    • ShaTer
      ShaTer Year ago +1

      No worry!

    • gartennelke
      gartennelke Year ago

      Meant to say Unix not User, doh! I've corrected it now.

    • ShaTer
      ShaTer Year ago


  • Manfred Denis
    Manfred Denis Year ago +2

    MX-17 is the best Xfce distro I think.

    • ShaTer
      ShaTer Year ago

      One of the best+great Debian based distro if you know the history of Mepis+antiX ;)

  • Timi
    Timi Year ago

    You could install Cinnamon on MX!

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  Year ago +1

      It's just never the same without the Mint Tweaks... I've tried it on a few other distros. :)

  • Jerry Bond
    Jerry Bond Year ago

    Thanks for looking at MX-17, we appreciate your nice tour. One important thing I wanted to add: MX also inherits the hard work done by the antiX devs, which is where most of the speed for instance comes from.

  • excollier114
    excollier114 Year ago +1

    been using MX-17 for a couple of weeks now - I'm impressed

  • Cipher 2016
    Cipher 2016 Year ago

    good script. You misspelled "complete" when the program ends. ;>

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  Year ago

      The typo police have already alerted me to that fact and it has been fixed. :)


    This is applicable to Windows 10 bash.

  • E. Benjamin Roy
    E. Benjamin Roy Year ago

    Not to be mean or anything, but you can have this storm. Having my home feel like it's going to take off for Oz is getting old. Anyhow, on the subject at hand, I've tried to break myself of playing around with other distros because without a doubt I'll come across something that'll make me want to hop, but from Matt's video and your's MX-17 looks rather tempting.

  • Clinton W Salvato

    MX-17 looks really interesting, I may install it myself in a VM and give it a try. I remember older MX reviews, and I think it's KDE based for the desktop. Did you mention that? I missed it if you did.
    As always enjoyed the video, and presentation.

    • Clinton W Salvato
      Clinton W Salvato Year ago

      It's possible I was also confusing MX with NetRunner. NetRunner is KDE based. I think if I remember, it's also arch based.

    • Stevo Pusser
      Stevo Pusser Year ago +1

      MX has always used xfce, all the way back to MX 14 where it was butt-ugly. You're probably thinking of the MEPIS distro, which inspired MX when it died.

  • P4N CH1
    P4N CH1 Year ago

    Man! I'd needed that 6 or 8 months ago! haha, I had to do it manually and was a paaain.
    I'll look for that script! I know it will be useful in some future (I barely remember how I did it the last time and there are like dozens of bookmarks of that topic in my browser)
    Cheers from Argentina ^_^

  • Rick Bishop
    Rick Bishop Year ago

    MX looks great.

  • c barnes
    c barnes Year ago

    best part of my day... brewing coffee...

  • Larry White
    Larry White Year ago

    Thanks Joe, MX 17 looks pretty good I prefer Linux Lite for small distros and Mint for everyone else

  • MrGizmo757
    MrGizmo757 Year ago +4

    I disagree, I think Linux today, Is far worse then it used to be. I have far more bugs and failures and breakages today, then i did just two years ago. Usability is one thing. Reliability and quality of software is another. Linux has become more easy to use, More mainstream in design, making it more available to non-techies. But it has also become less reliable and more buggy at the same time. Far more fragmented today, then it used to be. I've been using Linux since 2006, Back then i didn't complain about breakages, and stupid bugs nearly as much as i do today. In my opinion Linux has gotten worse. Take Ubuntu for example. In my opinion version 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope was the best release they ever had. It's all pretty much been downhill for them ever since. Also some distros have gotten more difficult to use. Arch and Gentoo back then, both had Live CD's and GUI installers available. Today they don't. I was using Gentoo back in 2006. I was still a Linux newbie at the time. Today, I don't even know how to install it. Also back then, i never once had issues with screen-tearing using dedicated graphics cards with proprietary drivers. Today, i have screen-tearing on almost every DE i touch. I can go on and on. Maybe Linux has gotten better for you. But for me, It's gone the other way. Linux used to be way better then it is today. More reliable, Less fragmented, Less bugs. Linux is just a mess these days. Development wise there are just to many hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

    • leipero
      leipero Year ago

      Ubuntu 9.04, standard free/oss drivers wouldn't downclock my old GPU... proprietary drivers were terrible, forget about mp3 support "out of the box", forget about decent media player (such as mpv or vlc for example), forget about any type of gaming..., forget about flash player working properly at the time when web was plagued by flash media, random reboots on stable system..., move back to XP and use your computer. 14.04 changed all that, and things only got better to the point where I can run Windows DX9 games at native speed with free/OSS drivers, where i can Virtualize any OS (including mobile Android) with hardware acceleration (excluding Mac, because who cares for jail...), play any media without need of installing any nonsense codecs and so on.
      Clearly, it is objectively better, now if some manufacturer claim support but does not provide, I don't know what to say, if you are using proprietary blobs as graphic drivers that use non-standardized communication with X or other servers causing tearing, and than you blame that on GNU/Linux, I know what to say in that case, blame on the exact cause of such problem = driver provider, or use free/OSS driver.

    • Learn Linux
      Learn Linux Year ago +1

      My experience has also been the opposite to yours. That said, I run a very light, custom Ubuntu i3-wm type setup, so I do dodge some bullets there. I also don't use a printer with Linux, as mine works independently. I find bugs all over the place, from looking at many distros and software, but still feel that things are hugely better now than when I started. Ubuntu for me though, with my setup, is by far the most reliable distro I've called HOME, and I can't be without it. x_x
      I also don't get that troll logic.

    • MrGizmo757
      MrGizmo757 Year ago +2

      Just because you have had a different experience from me, I'm automatically a troll? What kind of logic is that? Anybody that has used Linux for any length of time knows that no two Linux installs are the same. But instead of entertaining the possibility that one person might have a different experience from you suddenly makes them a troll? If you truly believe that, then you're a moron. :/ I maintain a Manjaro Spin, and i have had Majaro developers remote into my machine to see what's going on. We were able to fix pulseauido, and the fix we found on my machine ended up being put into circulation in the manjaro main updates. But he still couldn't figure out my booting problem. That's been an issue ever since then grub 2 change over in 17.0.3. But i guess that was just me being a troll too. ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

    • Dan Hardisty
      Dan Hardisty Year ago

      Opposite experience here too. It seems to me that Mr. Moore is a troll that longs to be fed.

    • MrGizmo757
      MrGizmo757 Year ago +2

      My hardware is on the supported hardware list. And i have three machines, all different hardware. I have the same issues on all of them. My older videos on my channel, you can see how smooth KDE 4 used to run. How smooth my screen-cast used to be. And how trouble free all my tutorials were in my older videos. My more recent videos on my channel have tearing and glitching, audio drops, all kinds of issues. All recordings were done on the same machine. So just from that evidence alone, you can see there has been a decline in performance and compatibility over time. Also my Epson Printer used to work perfectly. Debian changed the LSB package for the print server. Now i can't print from Debian or Ubuntu at all. Epson dose provide Linux drivers. It is a Linux supported Printer by the manufacturer. But it wont work on any of the Debian based distros anymore. The IPP drviersless printing works on my Desktop Computer under Ubuntu. But not my Laptop. Even using the same Distro. That's because the Linux Broadcom driver fails to talk to the printer correctly, but older versions of that Linux driver the printer works. But in those older versions of that driver, I loose my 5ghz band. Only 2.4 ghz works. So the fact that the behavior changes fro mone version of the Linux driver to another, proved that it's a software issue. I can't use Linux mint because the cinnamon desktop freezes every 10 mins like clockwork, there is a memory leak. It's Well known, It's all over the Mint forums. Gnome works alright, A little laggy on Ubuntu, But smooth on Solus. But they have removed so many features from Gnome that, i'm just not interested. OpenSUSE totally glitches out and crashes on my Nvidia graphics card. An issue that i see being reported by many people on the forums. and Manjaro ever sicne they replaced GFX boot with Grub 2. It wont boot anymore on my older legacy bios. I have to use Yumi to emulate an EFI to get the Live CD to boot. It's pretty dumb. The latest version of Linux lite has dependency issues left over from the last update cycle, and Stock Debian, the most stable distro around, Failed to install last time i tried it. I didn't have any trouble with Solus, It worked fine. But Solus doesn't have some of the packages that i use in their repos, nor in the snaps store. So the lack of software is a deal breaker for me there. However i did like Solus, i will keep my eye on that one. I liked it, and it did work without issue. I just need some packages that aren't in the Solus repos. :/ That's just unfortunate. But it's a young Distro, So that sort of thing is to be expected. I'm not going to hold that against them. I could use Solus, But i'm not willing to make that compromise at this time. Surprisingly the distro that gives me the least amount of trouble happens to be Arch Linux. But Arch isn't working with my printer anymore since CUPS was updated most recently . Antergos has rolled that package back on their distro. And Manjaro maintains their own version of it. I'd really like to know what each of these Distros are doing that Arch isn't. So i can fix it. If i could fix it, I'd go back to Arch and all would be well. But i've tried everything on the wiki. Nothing has worked. So i'm just waiting for a fix at this point. And lets not forget about GTK and QT continuity. those packages have changed so on ubuntu 17.10 for example. QT apps are defaulting to the Fusion theme. Regardless what GTK theme you have set. After updating to QT 5.7 you can install qt5-style-plugins. and then add an Environment variable to the /var/environment config file to fix this issue. There are only two distros that i know of, That have done this out of the box at this point. Manjaro and Solus. I'm sure there are others. But not ones that i use. To summarize, it's just one issue after another. With all my issues that i mentioned, You can see why i'm saying Linux is a Mess. Because in my case, It truly is. I'm so frustrated with the platform that i really don't even want to use it anymore. But i can't afford a new Mac, and I don't care for Windows. So... lately i've just been using my Chromebook for the majority of my computing needs. Even though it's very limited in what it can do, It works as i expect. I have no issues with the device. Probably because there isn't much there to go wrong. :/

  • Ghost of Henry
    Ghost of Henry Year ago +1

    MX-17 has a lighter brother on AntiX, that has a lot of the same niceties but using IceWM instead of XFCE. It's fast even on potato hardware. If you have that old machine forgotten on a corner, AntiX will rescue it

    • ShaTer
      ShaTer Year ago +1

      antiX is just awesome ;)

    • ohtarelenion
      ohtarelenion Year ago +1

      I use AntiX as a live USB everytime I need to bring my super-noisy old laptop to a conference. Works like a charm. Part of it is just running from the USB so that the hard-drive doesn't spin, but part of it is also the lighter load on the RAM and CPU, so that it doesn't overheat as much as when it's running Ubuntu MATE.

  • SaHaRaSquad
    SaHaRaSquad Year ago +1

    Just a week ago I read some good stuff about MX and decided to try it as my laptop needed a reinstall anyway.
    I have to say they nailed the default configuration and program selection, and so far it's a really smooth experience. Also it boots at least twice as fast as openSuse.

  • BlearRocks
    BlearRocks Year ago +2

    Does anyone know any good video editor for linux mint?

  • Ghost of Henry
    Ghost of Henry Year ago +6

    MX-17 is awesome. If only they did PPAs it would be perfect.

    • ShaTer
      ShaTer Year ago +1

      PPA is the Unbuntu thing and MX has their own repo. From my experience MX is far better than Unbuntu as Debian based distro. +diamened

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  Year ago +3

      I was able to find all the software I usually use without PPA's but you never know when you're going to need one. :)