BLACK WIDOW Official Trailer (2020) Scarlett Johansson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • BLACK WIDOW Official Trailer (2020) Scarlett Johansson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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    A film about Natasha Romanoff in her quests between the films Civil War and Infinity War.

    © 2020
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Comments • 2 109

  • Jaen Ashar
    Jaen Ashar 14 hours ago

    Kapan liris?

  • Shay Harwood
    Shay Harwood 15 hours ago

    This movie should've happened five years ago, but okay marvel.

  • Life of An Ordinary Student

    i wish this came first before captain marvel

  • Danni Welsh
    Danni Welsh 2 days ago +1

    Can’t wait to see this 🤣

  • Michał Mróz
    Michał Mróz 4 days ago

    1:26 COD GHOST IS ALIVE!!!

  • Korean Peninsula
    Korean Peninsula 4 days ago

    Looks good. ASAP.

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 5 days ago

    That's poppin, SJ.
    lol lol lol
    The original.
    FREE artist: FAT PAT

  • Madd Dogg
    Madd Dogg 6 days ago +1

    I wanted an origin story about 10 years ago that explored the Red Room and tied the loose ends to Hawkeye, Budapest, Sao Paulo, the hospital fire, etc... This is nothing more than a cash grab script.

  • Shin Ichi Ishibuchi
    Shin Ichi Ishibuchi 7 days ago

    M9cents&80Thay&iiiV.!!!!!!!!!!10, HELLO.?

  • Raed Fatta
    Raed Fatta 7 days ago

    So that’s what hopper was doing in Russia

  • Vankruze
    Vankruze 7 days ago +8

    Marvel: "We're killing Natasha in End game"
    Everyone: "Aww that's too bad she didn't even get her own movie"
    Marvel: "We're doing a Black Widow movie"
    Everyone: "Wait, didn't you guys just kill her off?"
    Marvel: "Yes"
    Everyone: "......"

  • Florence 1_
    Florence 1_ 7 days ago

    Wonder Woman 2 trailer in Arabicمترجم

  • Qazzy
    Qazzy 9 days ago

    I'm not a marvel fan,But I can predict that this is going to be way better than “Captain Marvel Shit"

  • Aiden Stinson
    Aiden Stinson 10 days ago

    Wheres is Villanelle? !!

  • Zee M.
    Zee M. 10 days ago

    ScarJo's solo movie took a long time because Scarlett could not carry a movie in any solo (lone wolf) capacity. If you pay attention, you'll notice that the supporting cast is much better than her.

  • Mahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed 11 days ago

    I love u 😭

  • Mahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed 11 days ago

    My family will loss me kill me

  • Yuying Li
    Yuying Li 12 days ago

    Like this trailer more.

  • Nik D
    Nik D 13 days ago

    you goat feat

  • Baz
    Baz 13 days ago

    You look at this trailer then wonder women and they seem decades aparts. It might be the best movie ever for all we know but seems and feels irrelevant because she's dead in endgame and can never come back.

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 13 days ago

    KING real

  • Ficky Kurniawan
    Ficky Kurniawan 13 days ago

    I guess that will be Captain Soviet?

  • Owen Ghassan
    Owen Ghassan 14 days ago

    Any idea what that song or beat in the back ground is ??

  • Jake
    Jake 15 days ago

    What an incredibly average looking movie.

  • Klau Dia
    Klau Dia 15 days ago

    MAGYAROK fel a kezekkel :DD

  • Andy Chia
    Andy Chia 15 days ago +7

    Nothing in this movie matters because everyone in it is dead

  • sterling samspson
    sterling samspson 17 days ago +2

    The music gives me goosebumps 😁

  • Nive White
    Nive White 17 days ago

    Balck widow versus Wonder Woman this year. Who would win?

  • KehOfAllTrades KehOfAllTrades

    She's such much better than captain sjw

  • Chiranjivi Baniya
    Chiranjivi Baniya 18 days ago

    But she died in end game.

  • Heiko Plötner
    Heiko Plötner 18 days ago

    Kranke satanistische Scheiße !

  • Aaron Brockington
    Aaron Brockington 19 days ago

    see now THIS is how she SHOULD have played Motoko Kusanagi as well...but the direction in that movie was just absolute sh!t.

  • jessie wong
    jessie wong 20 days ago

    Isn’t she dead from the end game

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent 19 days ago

      Plot takes place between civil war and infinity war

  • mdarifulislam rony
    mdarifulislam rony 21 day ago


  • tony swabbs
    tony swabbs 21 day ago

    More of my favorite Ladies... Yes!!!!!

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce 22 days ago +1

    You’re way too late... we all know she died😭

    • Lettuce
      Lettuce 19 days ago

      Aaron Brockington omg there’s a possibility! Gosh I’ll make some research

    • Aaron Brockington
      Aaron Brockington 19 days ago

      or DID she...there is a new theory that the snap did bring her back, but it brought her back where she died...on Vormir....and as its uninhabited, no one knows she is there...
      or mabye the planet isn't uninhabited after all ;)

  • notaniceguy34
    notaniceguy34 23 days ago

    no accent?

  • Camera Buff
    Camera Buff 23 days ago +1

    This screenplay seems unbelievably cheesy. This movie could be garbage.

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 23 days ago +1


    • Rahul Alagh
      Rahul Alagh 19 days ago

      @AJ I agree. Therefore this shouldn't be dubbed a "superhero" movie.

    • AJ
      AJ 19 days ago

      Rahul Alagh not all heroes have superpowers

    • Rahul Alagh
      Rahul Alagh 21 day ago

      Um..Black Widow isn't a superhero. She's far from one. No super powers whatsoever. She is actually a supporting character which Marvel- for some reason- decided to give her more screen time than Black Widow really needs.

    • AJ
      AJ 21 day ago

      syntaxed2 and hopefully more decades to come

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 23 days ago

    Supernice movie. SJ
    Check it.
    Get like me.😁
    Must see TV.

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain 24 days ago

    Do you earn money by this copied video

  • Jordan N.
    Jordan N. 24 days ago

    If she ain't naked I'd rather watch steam off a turd on a cold winter day

  • Bartisya Or Marky
    Bartisya Or Marky 25 days ago

    Who's Taskmaster?

  • quedawgg
    quedawgg 25 days ago

    Not appealing at all

    DC FOREVER 27 days ago +1

    black widow looks at marvel phase 4
    dc fans:thats just a trashcan

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly 27 days ago

    That was a great trailer!!! 👍👍👍

  • Christian
    Christian 27 days ago

    This movie is introducing new characters to add on to the Mcu roster. Nothing of the Mcu is meaningless. New characters new setting same root.

  • the last guardian
    the last guardian 28 days ago

    I Can't Wait For this and Thor Love and Thunder

  • Gokual
    Gokual 29 days ago

    So why she alive ?

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood 29 days ago +1

    0:00 - 0:02 ... Freedom Statue atop the hills of Buda in Budapest. Aptly-named, now, since 1989.

  • rhomai
    rhomai 29 days ago +1

    hopefully maarvel finally stumbles with this one

  • zware_ diner
    zware_ diner 29 days ago

    Lucy macked a noher film

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C Month ago +7

    This looks kinda like red sparrow. Did they use the same apartment?

    • skadi
      skadi 27 days ago

      I notice that too :D

  • Lynn Point
    Lynn Point Month ago

    Huh, compare this to the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer...if you could only see one of these movies, which would it be?

  • Vegeta Briefs
    Vegeta Briefs Month ago

    they actually have this looking cool

  • Timbo Quintus
    Timbo Quintus Month ago

    That's Budapest again!

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    Better trailer than the Wonder Woman 2's one.

  • Muhammad Syafiq
    Muhammad Syafiq Month ago

    2020. Wonder woman vs Black Widow.

  • Ezenwa Onyekuru
    Ezenwa Onyekuru Month ago +7

    I literally had some chills.this is gonna be awesome

  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez Month ago

    Endgame really spoils this movie, because we know she makes out alive.

    Only thing we can wait for is her family and what is the plot?

    • khuslen Natsagdorj
      khuslen Natsagdorj Month ago

      Erick Martinez she died in endgame didn’t she??? Now I’m confused