Adam Ruins CollegeHumor | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • There’s a LOT going on in this video, but let’s not lose focus on the fact that “the woman who treats her car like a little baby boy” pitch is PURE GOLD. Oh, and watch an all new Adam Ruins Everything on @truTV tonight at 10/9C! #AdamRuins
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 063

  • JohnS1999
    JohnS1999 Day ago

    This is the funniest sketch CollegeHumor has done since Adam left.

  • Henrique Ourives
    Henrique Ourives 2 days ago

    Oh shit.

  • chromosoze's account

    i waa intriqued by this until i realized college humor made adam ruins everything

  • YeahIdoStuff
    YeahIdoStuff 3 days ago

    Adam: *shows up
    People: :o

  • Jett Haar
    Jett Haar 4 days ago +1

    Go back go back and be funny holy shit this makes me suicidal

  • Erick Matthew Lynch
    Erick Matthew Lynch 5 days ago

    When was Adam the break out star?

  • Anya Zhang
    Anya Zhang 6 days ago

    Next episode:
    Adam ruins Adam.

  • Christy L. Riley
    Christy L. Riley 6 days ago

    I thought the show got just as good as time went on. Adam was good but Emily and Murph made him work.

  • Alpha Wolf Den
    Alpha Wolf Den 6 days ago

    Everbody here saying college humor suck but keep coming back

  • Furisin
    Furisin 6 days ago

    Adam ruins fun

    But in ruining it, creates more fun, therefore he is here to do much the same thing as Alduin. You see, it's like harvesting the crops in Minecraft. You destroy the crops, but in doing so you now have land to plant the seeds. In this way, Adam is helping by destroying.
    In saying this, I have contributed nothing of value, and this therefore qualifies as a self-conscious shitpost, where I ruin my own shitpost by talking about my shitpost, clearing the way so that someone might shitpost an exact or edited form of my shitpost, thereby completing the circle of life of a shitpost.

  • Yan Yan Liang
    Yan Yan Liang 7 days ago

    So everything was pointless

  • Fenny Saper
    Fenny Saper 7 days ago

    I fuckin love adam

  • ItsHydro
    ItsHydro 7 days ago +15

    CollegeHumour: Our channel ain't going down.
    *Social Blade: Hold my beer*

  • CanadianBacon
    CanadianBacon 7 days ago

    Jake and amir

    And dorkly

  • Vince Marie Inguito
    Vince Marie Inguito 8 days ago

    I don't understand this stuff.

  • Dorien Foroutani
    Dorien Foroutani 8 days ago

    I like katie more than Adam

  • 009 stragest things
    009 stragest things 8 days ago

    Everybody loves Grant

  • darkfarie94
    darkfarie94 9 days ago

    College humor golden age is gone

  • Joe S
    Joe S 11 days ago

    Adam is best girl

  • Aristeidis Petridis
    Aristeidis Petridis 11 days ago

    Fame power and a fat bank account will change almost anyone

  • Keith Lewis
    Keith Lewis 12 days ago

    Omg can't wait to get Adam back.

  • Keith Lewis
    Keith Lewis 12 days ago

    So true lol

  • Margaret Muchesi
    Margaret Muchesi 13 days ago

    Adam is such a wholesome asshole

  • Carte Izly
    Carte Izly 13 days ago

    Brennan is the best thing that happened to CH for a long time now

  • VampireConspiracies116

    I'm glad that this was just for the giggles.

  • MindTwister100
    MindTwister100 13 days ago

    Everyone in the comments saying things went down when ____. I on the other hand still enjoy the content being made and looking forward to more!

  • vincent schulz
    vincent schulz 13 days ago

    The charger is a paid actor

  • Im that one emo kid
    Im that one emo kid 13 days ago

    *he once fell up a flight of stairs*

  • Kidzspeed5
    Kidzspeed5 13 days ago +1


  • The Rodriguez bros
    The Rodriguez bros 15 days ago +1

    This episode is stupid but I love it.

  • 3ft Ninja
    3ft Ninja 15 days ago

    This is so tongue in cheek they're deepthroating the damn thing.

  • Peachy_ Avacados
    Peachy_ Avacados 15 days ago

    Did he-

  • KaleidoscopicPrism
    KaleidoscopicPrism 16 days ago


  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey 18 days ago

    Anyone remember College Humor’s Cartoon Bears Are Still Bears, which wasn’t good enough to make it to the official CH page? I could Adam debunk the bears eating humans fact.

  • lord dio 64
    lord dio 64 19 days ago

    *it hurt itself in its confusion*

  • Lucas Lokheim Bjerknes

    If grant can fall up a staircase, thats actually pretty fuckin’ impressive

  • ya boi
    ya boi 19 days ago +1

    This had to come

  • JJ Animations
    JJ Animations 19 days ago

    I miss Emily

  • ramcharan Jakka
    ramcharan Jakka 20 days ago

    Give him a pay rise

  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 20 days ago

    Did you actually get grants mom

  • Brian Schwartz
    Brian Schwartz 21 day ago

    It’s a FACT that Trapp killed Pat.

  • Daniel Macias
    Daniel Macias 21 day ago


  • DJWOLF22
    DJWOLF22 21 day ago

    I don't know non of these people except adam

  • Judah Carrillo
    Judah Carrillo 21 day ago

    Adam blows

  • Jon Hyde
    Jon Hyde 22 days ago

    I like it better without Adam

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Adam ruined Adam because his show is currently a wash out.

  • MisterSpooks
    MisterSpooks 22 days ago

    *_Adam Has Become Self Aware, Soon He Shall Destroy The World_*

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson 22 days ago

    Rude. Yet accurate.

  • angbald
    angbald 22 days ago

    It's a fact that Trapp killed Pat.

  • Scruffy Looking Brantforder

    Nah man, peak College Humour was the Jake and Amir days. Season 1 of hardly working and all that. Hand vagina. POV.

  • KazCade
    KazCade 23 days ago

    0:22 I've watched your podcast on Joe Rogan and it's really bad.

    *_(insert curb your enthusiasm theme)_*

  • Katelyn Pringle
    Katelyn Pringle 24 days ago

    Adam: “Collegehumor sucks now that I’m not here”
    Me: “It’s Brennan Bitch”

  • Janardhan Pashupati
    Janardhan Pashupati 25 days ago

    You know, CH can actually be ruined. A little research revealed that while they started as an internet comedy company in 1999 and a RU-clip channel in mid-2000s (a part of my childhood and awakening to comedy), they have for the past decade been sold multiple times to larger and larger media conglomerate companies, packaged into PE deals. They are no longer "indie", they have "sold out" and you're basically watching the internet equivalent of a prime time show on a major network. I don't judge them for it, but make what you will of this.

  • James Daniels
    James Daniels 26 days ago

    Falling up stairs is surprisingly easy, to be fair. Just gotta trip moving quickly enough.

  • St4tik GAMING
    St4tik GAMING 27 days ago


  • The Man With A Million Names

    1:20 Because you're in Adam's domain now.

  • Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D

    Truthfully I miss After Hours when the group were in the diner

  • Aaron
    Aaron 29 days ago

    How did I miss this?

  • Christopher A.-McKeown

    i realy think its when jake and amir left sorry adam

  • Briana Shaid
    Briana Shaid 29 days ago

    I love Adam ruins he the king of ruining everything even better then I was

  • Thomasthelich99
    Thomasthelich99 29 days ago

    How about adam ruins his own carreer

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago

    Is it just me or Ally really has a "sexy voice" !! .... Too bad, she's gay though .................. right ?!

  • TheGameWizard Channel

    Even his own owner....

  • Marvel Fan9000
    Marvel Fan9000 Month ago

    This would never happen

  • Alexzander Pennington

    It’s true

  • khush lovie
    khush lovie Month ago

    I do love grant

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin Month ago

    Hold up

  • chihuahua bently
    chihuahua bently Month ago

    OOPS! I didn't mean to click dislike lol

  • Eric My ass
    Eric My ass Month ago

    Grant fell up a flight of stairs?

  • Tiger Lily Kitty
    Tiger Lily Kitty Month ago

    I actually liked it best with Adam, lol.

  • Wyatt 123581321
    Wyatt 123581321 Month ago

    I like Adam more

  • BoB 13
    BoB 13 Month ago

    He's back...for his charger.

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller Month ago

    And it's a fact that Trapp killed Pat

  • Kittykondo Deutschmann

    I actually only watch Adam ruins everything on College humor and also the things that kill you A to Z

  • Robert VanderMay
    Robert VanderMay Month ago

    Was that Trapp in the Netflix movie, The Dirt. That played the guitar player that didn’t make it to the band.

  • nobledonkey17
    nobledonkey17 Month ago

    Daddies day was gold!

  • Kara Metzger
    Kara Metzger Month ago

    Ok this got me😂

  • HGB MD2930
    HGB MD2930 Month ago

    The only reason people watch college humor is because grant looks like Keith from try guys and people realize and click out of the video but at that point it’s too late because two seconds counts as “watched”

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport Month ago

    Is Adam’s voice more shrill than usual?
    Like if Adam’s voice is more shrill than usual.

  • robieism
    robieism Month ago

    bring all the old members back: murph emily adam jake amir pat etc
    trapp has his days but i think all of these new members made his mind dull

  • humberto perez
    humberto perez Month ago

    I had a dream adam was in it

  • Kristina Gifford
    Kristina Gifford Month ago

    I love Trapp.

  • future hofer
    future hofer Month ago

    The only nice guy left is Raph and like wth do they have related to college anymore?? They should change their name to OfficeHumor

  • future hofer
    future hofer Month ago

    The fact that Adam is right is crazy lol

  • Life is Anime & Anime is Life

    So it ruin itself

  • Preston Sheckels
    Preston Sheckels Month ago

    I don’t like the new cast

  • David
    David Month ago

    Well, that was anti-climactic.

  • Tala Mayari
    Tala Mayari Month ago

    I feel so bad for the new cast because they are compared to the older ones. I know the old ones are good but I love the new casts as well.

  • a_ Destruction
    a_ Destruction Month ago +1

    I knew it

    Trapp we’ve found you out.

  • jollyman423
    jollyman423 Month ago

    1:07 his whole show is based on the straw man fallacy if you haven’t already noticed

  • Samed Alkan
    Samed Alkan Month ago

    wait so who does Adam belong now?

  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost Month ago

    Too meta!

  • Enzo Faria
    Enzo Faria Month ago

    I sAt In YoGuRt AgAiN

  • Shani B.
    Shani B. Month ago

    Now it's time for Adam ruins the big O.

    I'm talking about the big, well, little big oxygen bar fad. What did you think I meant. 😲

  • GCAT
    GCAT Month ago


  •  Month ago +1

    How tf do u fall up a flight of stairs lmao😂😂😂

  • Eric Heng
    Eric Heng Month ago

    The great time

  • Nerd Zone
    Nerd Zone Month ago +1

    I thought that in Adams big reveal at the end he would say something like "Well it's a fact that Trap killed Pat"

  • Wyatt Rhine
    Wyatt Rhine Month ago

    Actually Trapp is not a dud

  • AwakeWheel8856
    AwakeWheel8856 Month ago +1

    Adam should make a diss track