10 Dark Theories About Harry Potter That Will Change The Way You See EVERYTHING

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • 10 Harry Potter Theories So Dark You Will Never Look At Harry The Same Way Again. The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald universe will never be the same again after we reveal these theories.
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    We can never get enough of “Harry Potter”! The series definitely live on, whether it’s in the book form or on the big screen. But one thing’s for certain. We can never get enough of the “Harry Potter” fan theories! Over the years, fans have came up with some of the most amazing theories that sometimes really do explain what happened to certain characters or fill up a big plot hole. For example, did you know that Crookshanks could have been Potters’ cat? Or that Fred and George were actually able to switch bodies? Or that one of the reasons why Harry’s class was so small relates to the time when Voldemort held the most power? Stay tuned for some of the most fascinating theories about Harry, McGonagall, Dumbledore, and others! These are 10 dark theories about “Harry Potter” that will change everything!
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Comments • 1 595

  • Ramus Höjesjö
    Ramus Höjesjö 12 hours ago

    Dubledore doesn't speak parseltoung, he tells Harry that when they visit gaunt's house in the pensive in the halfblood prince. Please check your facts!

  • Stas Lukashevich

    I wasted 10 minutes of my life. Horrible video. Stupid music. Silly voice and tone. Pictures and animation with no taste. Dumb theories.
    Authors of the video don't care about Harry Potter if they do this kind of trash.

  • Ella up
    Ella up 3 days ago

    Magonigal had to leave Harry there for his protection cuz his mums blood is in her sister

  • Ella up
    Ella up 3 days ago

    Lily's patronus was a doe like Snapes cuz he loved her! So get ur facts rite

  • Lay Voong
    Lay Voong 3 days ago


  • Koushik Mukherjee
    Koushik Mukherjee 3 days ago

    Lily and James were dead by the time Black was sent to Azkaban

  • Jacks Fun Channel
    Jacks Fun Channel 3 days ago

    Ron did it with out being born

  • GamingWithKittenlove193

    7:35 im not sure if this is true but, i belive that in the pholosohpers stone, the person who owned it said that she was his sister

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    Sirius was sent to Azkaban after the death of the potters bc he was thought to have murdered 10 mugles so he would have known the cat before he was sent to Azkaban

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    Hardy knows parcel tongue and he is not a decedent from Salazar slytheren

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    You can learn parcel tongue Bc it states in the books that dumblodore learned it

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    Snape is dead Bc we watched him die I’m deathly hollows

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    Lily’s patronus was a Doe because snapes was a doe bc he loved lily so much that his turned into hers

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    The DADA teaching position was not coursed from the dieadem it was cursed but Voldemort. You have to check ur facts.

  • Aqua Ace Tiger
    Aqua Ace Tiger 4 days ago

    The theory about the defense against the dark arts curse is true. It was even stated in one of the books that Voldemort cursed it after dumbldore refused to give it to him. Therefore it is not a theory if it is a fact.

  • Keagan Towns let
    Keagan Towns let 4 days ago

    Pottermore debunked the Dumbeldore to Salazar Slytherin theory because he learned to understand it not speak it.

  • magic merl
    magic merl 5 days ago

    Yes Gabriella Costa, also how could Lily's soul go to an owl probably about 500 miles away!

  • Vicky Baldwin
    Vicky Baldwin 5 days ago

    Maybe snape is still alive because he killed someone therefore that would split his soul making a horcrux

  • hana parsons
    hana parsons 5 days ago

    Lily and James couldn’t have gotten the Crookshanks after Sirius went to askaban because they died before he did. Sirius even met hagrid after Harry’s parents died, and gave him his flying motorbike.

  • Harry Potter nErd
    Harry Potter nErd 6 days ago

    Whatchoo talking about with McGonagall? Harry needed to be with the Dursley's BECAUSE HE NEEDED TO BE WITH SOMEONE OF LILY'S BLOOD FOR THE PROTECTION!!!!!! Guess where that was?? DURSLEY'S! About her not being a caring person for Harry at all. She was the only person who really wanted to protect Harry, including Dumbledore. He quote "offered him up as bait" in the Triwizard tournament. Also, have you ever heard this, " POTTER IS A BOY NOT A PIECE OF MEAT??" And in the 1st book McGonagall hates the idea of Harry with the Dursley's and protests against it. And in Deathly Hallows, she literally risks the school by giving Harry time to look for the diadem, and BEST OF ALL she totally roasts Umbridge devotes herself into making Harry an auror and OH YEAH GAVE HARRY A BISCUIT AND DID I MENTION SHE ROASTS UMBRIDGE! Thx for reading I needed to vent. We need to promote the filming of "Can I get you a cough drop Delores" Scene.

  • Harry Potter nErd
    Harry Potter nErd 6 days ago

    Did you say Umbridge was ONE of the most hated characters in the HP books? NO. SHE IS THE MOST HATED. I will never sympathize with the toad.

  • Brian Le
    Brian Le 6 days ago

    Professor McGall is good and caring witch so how can you such awful thing about her .

  • Kiera Haggarty
    Kiera Haggarty 7 days ago

    "... And a reddit user's confirmed that of Lily had a patronus, it would be a snowy owl."
    ... What? 😦😦😦

  • Lisa Shurtliff
    Lisa Shurtliff 7 days ago

    Go Harry Potter I love the Harry Potter movies but not the 3rd movie ❤️✌🏻👎🏻👍🏻👪

  • Mia Li
    Mia Li 7 days ago

    The room of the requirement 😂😭

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 7 days ago

    didn't the cat die after voldemort's attack?

  • Balint's World
    Balint's World 8 days ago

    The books say that dumbledore learned parseltounge

  • Jude Hannam
    Jude Hannam 8 days ago

    How would they have got crookshanks after Sirius went to askaban if they were dead at that point

  • shodan dragon
    shodan dragon 9 days ago

    Lillys petroleum was not an owl because Snape conjord it is wasn't an owl

  • shodan dragon
    shodan dragon 9 days ago

    Its room of requirement

  • Belle Janssens
    Belle Janssens 9 days ago

    You leep jusing the sine of the deathly halous h

  • Micah Heard
    Micah Heard 9 days ago

    The reason dumbledore sent harry to the dursley's is explained very well in the books. Read them. Mcgonagall is not sinister in where she put harry.

    PUGHTASTIC Harry 11 days ago

    Sirius went to Azkaban because he killed lily and James how could they get a cat when they were dead?

  • Statik
    Statik 12 days ago

    1:39 that psycho actually said Double Door im done this video is soooooooooooooo badly done nothing is correct

  • Nina Bock
    Nina Bock 13 days ago

    So much wrong not even one theory is logical.
    But I found something interesting in the third book. During Christmas there are 12 people on the table before Trelawney comes to the table. But there are actually thirteen because Ron has Peter in the pocket of his cloak. So there are thirteen people on the table when Dumbledore stands up to great Trelawney. And he is the first one to die...

  • James Hannay
    James Hannay 14 days ago

    BTW hagrid was the one who sent the letters in the first book

  • Autumn Sprott
    Autumn Sprott 15 days ago

    I like the ' Snape is alive theory ', but i'm always worried I would sound like a sans fangirl with the entire ' sans didn't die even though he clearly did theory'. But then again there's just so many good points to it but I can come up with counters to those points. Here we go( i'm scared.)
    Snape's body = well they did think he was a death eater so they might of been like " Uh le fuck you." But that's kinda weak for a explanation.
    Snape could of had a antidote = His throat was cut and he was immobilized he isn't getting up any time soon.
    The only one I can't really counter is his body wasn't found and when snape didn't appear for the summoning. The only thing I can think of is harry didn't see him as a family figure. If you notice it's harry's parents, his godfather, and Remus who is also family to him. But the fact that his body wasn't found stumps me.
    Edit: I just read Dagmar Eileen's comment about Snape's body and I whent to see if it was true and it was so it now makes sense so the theory is our wishful hoping.

    THE BANANA BONANZA159 15 days ago +1

    but aunt petunia was already evil to lily when they were younger

  • David Baer
    David Baer 16 days ago

    Has this woman even read the harry potters book?!

  • Ricky Potter
    Ricky Potter 16 days ago

    jk rowling said that lilys patroinus is a doe

  • Guilherme Lima
    Guilherme Lima 17 days ago

    You forgot that Dubledore didn’t let McGonnagal help.Harry had to live with relatives(the Dursleys),and they could not change the rules that they had implied themselves.

  • Stephanie McKeown
    Stephanie McKeown 17 days ago

    the Dursleys were shit before Harry showed up, its stated in the first book by Mcgonagall before they dropped him off!!!

  • Eamonn Moroney
    Eamonn Moroney 17 days ago

    J.K. Rowling: “Everyone is gay and Hermione’s white face is black”

  • Lennon Dorris
    Lennon Dorris 18 days ago +1

    This video is retarded

  • lets debate!
    lets debate! 19 days ago

    The room of THE requirement

  • Starpilot
    Starpilot 19 days ago

    Potter heads......

  • Dcgfytdh nbfdjyrder
    Dcgfytdh nbfdjyrder 19 days ago +2

    This one is mind blowing and one that I came up with myself.
    During the second(maybe third I don't remember)book during Christmas there is the table with twelve people at it. Dumbledore invited professor trelawny to eat with them but she didn't want to because of the way down it would make 13 people and the first one to get up would die. I'm the order of the Phoenix Sirius is at a table and there are 13 people there. He gets up first and then dies later. The book states how advanced Sirius is with dueling and somewhere it states that he should of won because of his advanced skills. Maybe he got bad luck and was destined to die there because of him being the first to get up in the order of the Phoenix. I would like to believe that it is true because that would mean that professor trelawny didn't only make two true predictons.

    • Richard Poser
      Richard Poser 4 days ago

      There were already 13 people at the table before Trelawny sat down - we didn't know yet, but Ron's Rat, aka Wormtail was also at the table making 13

  • Debs Debs
    Debs Debs 19 days ago


  • Debs Debs
    Debs Debs 19 days ago

    The one about the dursleys being good in not true

  • MR Jellie
    MR Jellie 19 days ago

    this aint a video about harry potter, but the fact she reads reddit posts. kek.

  • Robert Ruiz
    Robert Ruiz 19 days ago

    Lilly patroneis was a doe. So sad that i know that.

  • Aritra Ghosh
    Aritra Ghosh 19 days ago +1

    Sirius went to jail after he was accused of being behind the killing of potters and later on when the ministry went against him by accusing of him being a death eater he was sent to Azkaban. I will just stupefy you or else..IMPERIO to live in the Gaunt's hut

  • Rainingtacos31 Kitchen

    All I see is hate comments on here all debunking all of the theories they are all wrong and hatred with everybody GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  • Lachlan Dunn
    Lachlan Dunn 20 days ago +3

    Things wrong with this video:
    1) it's the room of requirement not room of the requirement
    2) umbridge didn't get the locket until assumadly after Sirius dies because mundungas ransacked 12 grimald place after this time
    3) actively wearing the locket affects your mood not just being around one so this cannot excuse the dursleys
    4) Dumbledore knew that lilys protection only last while he can call petunias house home. If the wizarding community tried to force the dursleys to be nice they would most likely kick him out

  • William Antico
    William Antico 20 days ago +1

    No, I don't believe any of those theories. Too many mistakes. Fist Lilly can't have left a part of her soul because she never killed anyone. @nd Snape, althouth he was a potions master, didn't have a antidote on him when he was attacked, and he wouldn't of given Harry his tears if he thought he was going to live. Crookshanks is a anamagus. that's what the books tell us. that's why Crookshanks ate that ear , to stop them from listening in.

  • Quinn Meche
    Quinn Meche 20 days ago

    Your English is fucking terrible.

  • Fluffy Unicorn05
    Fluffy Unicorn05 20 days ago +1

    I know I'm late but if Harry was a horcrux, wouldn't Ron, Hermione and every other person Harry met also be affected?

  • Amelia Krupa
    Amelia Krupa 20 days ago


  • Corinne O'Gorman
    Corinne O'Gorman 20 days ago

    Lily is a doe.

  • Team 9
    Team 9 21 day ago +1

    Defense against the dark arts is cursed because Dumbledore denied Tom Riddle the job

  • Grace Gorzelany
    Grace Gorzelany 21 day ago

    I don't know if this could be true, but here's my theory about Snape being alive:
    While Snaoe was still dying, Fawkes came and saved him.

  • Lila Green
    Lila Green 21 day ago +2

    Wasn't Lily's patronus a doe? And Snape loved her so much that his was too?

    • Lennon Dorris
      Lennon Dorris 18 days ago

      Lila Green Yea this channel is retarded

    MOLLY HEWETT 21 day ago

    ummmmmmm what?!?!?!?!?!?

  • GabbyPanda0008
    GabbyPanda0008 22 days ago +3

    Lily's patronous is a doe.... Also, what do you think? Snape carries a bottle of anti venom potion around? REALLY?
    "Ron's attempt was just pure luck" Really? No, he heard Harry saying it in his sleep, and tried it.
    How would you feel if somebody wearing robes and a witch hat walked into your house and said "Hi, I'm Minerva McGonagall, I'm here to see your nephew who doesn't remember who I am." COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS JUST COMMON SENSE
    "Maybe they got Crookshanks after Sirius was sent to Azkaban" I cant anymore. THE POTTERS WERE DEAD WHEN SIRIUS WAS SENT TO AZKABAN
    The only one i believe is the Fred and George thing.

  • MsAnimeBug
    MsAnimeBug 22 days ago +2

    Lilly's patronus was a doe.. That's why Snape's is a doe. Duuuuuh...

  • Anthony Vogt
    Anthony Vogt 22 days ago +2

    Poorly researched and needs a bit of fact checking.

  • Rusty Robot5
    Rusty Robot5 22 days ago

    Dursleys were THE WORST MUGGLES way before Harry showed up. Their attitude never improves while Harry was at school; his friends, particularly Ron and Hermione never seemed to negatively react with the time spent together: this includes the roommates of Harry aa well. Lastly, Dudley changes his attitude toward Harry after the Dementor attack; so much so, he finally ignored his parents bias against Harry. So, Harry being a Horcrux had no impact whatsoever. He CONTAINED all the negativity IN HIMSELF, and you can see the struggles he has to endure as a result. These facts should really reassert blame for their prejudices and hateful behaviors as ALL THEM. Even Marge was horrible to Harry. Plus, Im glad Rowling set the Umbridge theory right; she sent DEMENTORS after Harry way before having the locket. That's using PURE EVIL (Lupin atated as much) against a child. Nuff said.

  • Nina Harper
    Nina Harper 23 days ago

    Um, the theory about Lily's patrons being a snowy owl? How could anyone think this, because in Deathly Hallows(I think)we find out that Lily's patrons was a doe.
    The theory about the Dursleys being evil because Harry was a horcrux does not hold water because that would cause anyone close to Harry(Ron,Hermione, Ron's family,etc.)to be mean or evil.

  • Jeffrey Young
    Jeffrey Young 23 days ago +1

    I have a theory that the Weasley’s mom was also lily potters mom or auntie I mean how do you explain why the weasleys love harry so much in each of every Harry Potter film it could also explain how ginis secret crush on Harry and how they all know Harry sooo good. Just think about it.

    • Rainingtacos31 Kitchen
      Rainingtacos31 Kitchen 19 days ago

      Not to be rude but ew wouldn't that mean he's married to a fellow family member

  • Ambzer Ambzer
    Ambzer Ambzer 23 days ago

    Voldermort did put a curse on the defence against the dark arts teachers but I guess the theory came from the method. The Hedwig and Fred and George theories are interesting. I don't agree with the McGonagall thing, she probably couldn't intervene because the Dursleys they would just tell her to take him if she doesn't like the way he's treated, also McGonagall couldn't expose herself. Didn't S.Black go to prison after the death of the potters? So the cat thing doesn't make sense.
    I think the Dursleys were terrible people, because for example the locket only effect you if you wore it for too long, so Harry being a horcrux would only effect you if you were in the same room as him, and no one else were terrible, plus the Dursleys were horrible to almost everyone not just Harry. Umbridge wasn't always wearing the locket

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 23 days ago +3

    Hedwig dies?! I've only read the first 5 books!!! 😫

  • butter nut
    butter nut 23 days ago

    Bro Lily’s patrons was a doe

  • Team Holly
    Team Holly 24 days ago +1

    why this makes no sense
    harrys grade IS big. Do u thing JK is gonna mention EVERYONE. The reason why it is cursed was because voldemort cursed it. That simple. The curse was lifted cuz the caster died.
    The dursley were mean before. And that would be that everyone around him would be mean. Also they are nice to each other and some other people soooooo........
    ummm no umbrige was like that before and also HARRY DOESNT MAKE PEOPLE MEAN JEEZ LADY!
    Hedwig is not lily that makes no sense. Also her patronus is a DOE!!!
    They didnt but Snapes body there cuz people didnt know that he was good.
    Dumbledore is not a Parsletounge!!!! And u took the Native American thing to far.
    That is cuz Dumbledore didn’t want her to.
    It is cuz crookshanks is part kneazle duh.
    they acted like each other cuz they we indentical twins who were super close. They finished each other sentences cuz they were so close they new what they meant. ITS A TWIN THING NOT THAT THEY CAN SWITCH BODIES

  • Shawn Lawson
    Shawn Lawson 24 days ago +1

    Okay so the first one is stupid it’s a fucking movie there not going to bring in 1000 people into a movie set and jk Rowling would not write about 1000 different people

  • Jullian Hall
    Jullian Hall 25 days ago +1

    The Twin Theory was i think so far the most valid

  • Jullian Hall
    Jullian Hall 25 days ago

    In my opinion McMonagall could have been prohibated from interveering because she was order by Dumbelldore in order to protect harry otherwise his location could have been compromised if a witch constantly intervines

  • Guardankitsune
    Guardankitsune 25 days ago +1

    Interesting theories but when it come to one of the last remaks about Crookshanks; the Potters getting the cat AFTER Sirius was thrown in askaban?...they were dead by then...so no.

  • Molly Martin
    Molly Martin 25 days ago

    WTF just go please just no

  • Lim Ronald
    Lim Ronald 25 days ago +1

    Hmmmm what if Fred and George switched body’s when Fred died so that Fred could still be with Angelina Johnson because George married Angelina???

    • Whatever Potter
      Whatever Potter 24 days ago

      Lim Ronald this probably would happen , i made a video about differences between Fred and George on my channel 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Freddy person
    Freddy person 25 days ago +1

    The picture of the girl is Dumbledore's sister not mother and the Defense against the dark arts job was cursed when tom riddle went out for the post and didn't get it there for he cursed the position so no one could have it for more than a year

  • Freddy person
    Freddy person 25 days ago

    this dumb ass just said maybe the potters got the cat after siris went to Azkaban but how would that have happened if he went to Azkaban for "Killing" the potters? And also lily's patronnes was a doe just like snapes do your research

  • Sheila Gilker
    Sheila Gilker 26 days ago

    What do you mean she checked on Harry a lot and she didn’t help because it was his only living relative and McGonagall says it herself when they were taking a field trip to hogsmeade

  • Cj_Gaming 5555
    Cj_Gaming 5555 27 days ago

    Lily and Snape's patronus was a doe as Snape showed Dumbledore so that one is pretty invalid

  • Josh  Jacoby
    Josh Jacoby 27 days ago

    what could mcginnigal have really done to interveine in harrys mistreatment except get him thrown out or in trouble with the ministry for using memory charms he had to stay with the durslys for his protection and though he was obviously abused by them he was still relitivly healthy and strong also she was a part of the order and a teache of hogwarts so on both accounts she answered to dumbledore so with that theory it may not have been her choice but dumbledores for the inactivity on harrys behalf we all know dumbledore can make mistakes hell look at the entirety of the order of the pheonix he shut harry out tried to keep him in the dark but harry always gets his answers

  • Josh  Jacoby
    Josh Jacoby 27 days ago

    doloris umbridg did not get the locket till the last book she took it from mundungu fletcher after he stole it {in book five} but she didnt get it till at least book six also it was addressed by JK that harry was not an actual horcrux so it was not the peice of soul in him that caused the durslys to behave as such and Lilly Poters patronus was a doe that was addressed in book 7 when we find out that after she died snapes patronus changed {to a doe} because of his love for her

  • Mid Lane Only
    Mid Lane Only 27 days ago

    To those who are in the U.S. Your letter is gonna be from Ilvermorny, not Hogwarts.

  • Ella Prager
    Ella Prager 27 days ago

    Omg the entire reason the dada job was cursed, was coz Voldemort wanted the job and didn’t get it, dumbledore said it in the BOOK, ever thought about reading it before making this video?

  • Mason Downs
    Mason Downs 27 days ago

    Also harry isint a horcruxes jk roling even said that he wasn't

  • Mason Downs
    Mason Downs 27 days ago

    This whole video is wrong XD

  • Jaina Williams
    Jaina Williams 27 days ago

    And...... Sirius is the one who gave the cat the Potters! It’s literally said somewhere in the series

  • Jaina Williams
    Jaina Williams 27 days ago

    And she was able to cast a patronus while wearing the locket, therefore evil makes her happy (I could be wrong, just my theory lol)

  • Unicorn Chicken
    Unicorn Chicken 27 days ago

    But lillys protronts is a doe

  • mymy cumby
    mymy cumby 28 days ago

    Lily’s patronous is a doe duh remember “always” the part pretty much everybody dies on?

  • Blueish Sheep 123
    Blueish Sheep 123 29 days ago

    Also they "Innocent Dursley" theory has been debunked because Ron, Hermione, and EVERYONE AT HOGWARTS are happy if Harry is around

  • Gewoon Luna
    Gewoon Luna 29 days ago

    I’m not following the whole Crookshankes theory tbh. I mean, Sirius needed to earn his trust but he must have known Crookshankes because Lily and James died already when Sirius was sended to Azkaban! Sirius was sended to Azkaban because he was acused of killing Peter but why try to kill Peter when Lily and James were still alive? 🤔

  • Lucy Sherwood
    Lucy Sherwood 29 days ago


  • Kannedeen
    Kannedeen 29 days ago +1

    Did she just say... In the Room of _the_ Requirement...
    There are quite a few things wrong here 😬
    The Dursleys were horrible before they even took Harry in.
    JK Rowley.... Really
    Lily's Patronus was a doe.
    Umbridge never had the locket in Harry's fifth year.
    That was Dumbledores sister not his mother.
    Repeat what you said and think about it VERY carefully. "Maybe _they_ got Crookshanks after Sirius Black was sent to _Azkaban_ "
    They would've been dead already........

  • Jack Ashe
    Jack Ashe Month ago

    Kind of stupid to come up with a list of hp theories when you clearly are not very familiar with the books

  • viktoria suedmeyer
    viktoria suedmeyer Month ago

    Have you even read the books?

  • Roxyy
    Roxyy Month ago

    Voldemort and his horcruxes and Thanos and his Infinity stones these two are BFFs Confirmed