Pokemon Just Hint at New Gigantimax Charizard, Gengar, & Pikachu - Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • A New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer from the Japanese Pokemon Channel showed us Gigantamaxing - but some screentime to some favorite Kanto Pokemon. - Could it be a hint at a New Gigantimax Charizard, Gigantimax Gengar, & Gigantimax Pikachu?
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Comments • 1 136

  • Austin John Plays
    Austin John Plays  4 months ago +329

    Sorry for the late night upload, but I saw this and just had to share!

    • Zachary Bruno
      Zachary Bruno 2 months ago

      Where did hou get the gengar shirt

    • Marqueal kinheart
      Marqueal kinheart 3 months ago

      Austin John Plays Where did you get that and shirt?

    • Chase Rothhaas
      Chase Rothhaas 4 months ago

      I believe this is a steel book with both sword and shield.

    • Edward Robinson
      Edward Robinson 4 months ago

      @Jens Van Vaerenberg I think cool.

    • Jens Van Vaerenberg
      Jens Van Vaerenberg 4 months ago +1

      Hey guys, what if the spacechicken is actually armored Mewtwo??

  • Xander Sanchez
    Xander Sanchez 5 days ago


  • Juan José Carrillo
    Juan José Carrillo 11 days ago +1

    This video really aged like wine.

  • Super Chez
    Super Chez Month ago

    hell yeah brother

  • Sam H.
    Sam H. Month ago +1

    This aged like fine wine

  • YouCanCallMeReTro
    YouCanCallMeReTro Month ago

    Well looks like I know what the base of my team will be: Intelleon, Charizard, and Gengar (if intelleon doesn't end up having ghost/poison typing)

  • RowdyReptile5221
    RowdyReptile5221 2 months ago

    They need to Gigantamax Nidoking! This is one Pokémon that is HIGHLY underrated in my opinion.

  • Gerard Swain
    Gerard Swain 2 months ago

    Can I have a mew

  • memelord btw
    memelord btw 2 months ago

    Those eyes I'm the background make me uncomfortable

  • BabyGroot45 0
    BabyGroot45 0 2 months ago

    "space chicken= Eternatus? Idk if people have already said this and correct me if im wrong but isnt eternatus and electric dark bird? maks sense that the legendary bird of that region would have some sort of "monument" to honor it maybe?

  • Bad Dragonite
    Bad Dragonite 3 months ago

    They should've brought back megas

  • The Master Rivera
    The Master Rivera 3 months ago

    I hope talonflame line and victreebel line gets in the game cause those are my favorite pokemon

  • Mathew Ferguson
    Mathew Ferguson 3 months ago +1

    Gen 1

  • AJ Robinson
    AJ Robinson 3 months ago

    If they do give charizard pikachu and gengar gigamax

  • GarynDori Burdine
    GarynDori Burdine 3 months ago

    By the big turtle there is a monster that is not a Pokemon pls tell me why that was there and fix it

  • Pretzelicious
    Pretzelicious 3 months ago

    Well i hope its not a thing cause other pokemon deserve love, attention and something cool... Not just the usual fan favorites. Also im not sure it makes sense a pre evolution gets gigantamax... But its pikachu afterall -.-

  • Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s

    The Starter Evolution of Grookey final GIGANTAMAX is kong skull island and maybe GIGANTAMAX Infernape 2 Butt Grookey final smash ultimate GIGANTAMAX Grookey s final vs Giga bowser

  • Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s

    Gigantamax Volcarona Is Motra From godzilla literly Gigantamax Garchomp is Knifehead of pacific rim movie

  • Firecraft 703
    Firecraft 703 3 months ago

    Oh joy, salt time

  • firepulse
    firepulse 3 months ago

    this gives me some hope for the game. also seeing charizard next to a trainer makes me smile a little, realy puts it in perspective how smal charizard actualy is. about shoulder height of the average man

  • Grookey Gang
    Grookey Gang 3 months ago

    I feel like the only the starters you get at the start will be able to gigantamax

  • Grookey Gang
    Grookey Gang 3 months ago


  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates 3 months ago

    I’m just happy Pika’s in the game 😂

  • Cheese Cheeseburger
    Cheese Cheeseburger 3 months ago

    Your going crazy

  • Yeetus the Feetus
    Yeetus the Feetus 3 months ago

    What if mega evolve, gigantamax andbthen z move 👀

  • FrostedBadger46 -TheFrostyBadger

    The most important question is..... if wailmer is in the game....
    will he be able to....


  • firedude 556
    firedude 556 3 months ago

    I can’t wait to play the game

  • PandaEveryThing
    PandaEveryThing 3 months ago

    I think your going crazy
    LOL I just kidding

  • Tyler Hutchens
    Tyler Hutchens 3 months ago

    How do you have sword and shield already HOW

  • EpicWarGaming
    EpicWarGaming 3 months ago

    Why would Nintendo make the Sword logo cyan and the Shield logo magenta when blue is associated with strategy and red is associated with aggression? Just a thought.

  • Twan Dalmolen
    Twan Dalmolen 3 months ago

    Or also fat like the retro pikachu

  • Twan Dalmolen
    Twan Dalmolen 3 months ago

    Maybe gigantamax raichu looks like the betamon gorochu!

  • Techno Neko
    Techno Neko 3 months ago

    6:50 both

  • emerald sword exe
    emerald sword exe 3 months ago

    Don't forget Pikachu

  • ProfWollhoven
    ProfWollhoven 3 months ago

    Hydreigon isn't german...
    1st: the german name of Hydreigon is Trikephalo
    2nd: Hydreigon in German Sounds more like Hüdrigon. I'm not studied in Phoneatric but this is how Hydreigon would sound.

  • mandarinduck
    mandarinduck 4 months ago

    My prediction is that gigantamax versions of Pokemon with mega evolutions will just use their mega forms, oherwise it seems like a waste of all those designs. Not sure how they would handle the Charizard and Mewtwo.

  • kmwright19
    kmwright19 4 months ago

    Good video. I'm disappointed of having no Mega Charizard X or Y so I'm hoping that he does get a Gigantamax form to make up for that. Also, I'm sick of anti-Charizard manchildren crying about "he has 2 megas already!" There are no megas in this game and we won't even know how long it will be til they return. That is a stupid point. I get wanting your faves to have the spotlight but GF could literally show Gigantamax forms of other Pokémon and their asses will still hyper focus on Charizard instead of showing support to the other Pokémon they supposedly care about.

  • C Chill
    C Chill 4 months ago


  • Noob King
    Noob King 4 months ago

    4:37 What about Blastiose and Venusaur? :---(

    WOLDERIONER 4 months ago

    I hope gengar will get a gigantimax form because it is my favorite Pokémon and also because I don’t like it’s mega that much

  • Burning Determination
    Burning Determination 4 months ago

    I'm sorry but I cant stop looking at the mask in the background glowing and looking into my soul but great video

  • Jordan Nelson
    Jordan Nelson 4 months ago

    i know i might sound like i hate gen 1 but i honestly hope no gen 1 pokemon are allowed to be able to gigantamax

  • Kevin Almanza
    Kevin Almanza 4 months ago

    Is the giveaway still going on

  • XSwiftx
    XSwiftx 4 months ago

    Fat Pikachu

  • Big boi cine
    Big boi cine 4 months ago +1

    I want Pikachu’s gigantimax to be fat Pikachu

  • PokémonParrot 66
    PokémonParrot 66 4 months ago

    I can't wait to get those games!!🤗

  • Black Out
    Black Out 4 months ago

    The leak that is almost completely accurate says the third legendary called "Eternatus" as I remember

  • Kandy Esunis
    Kandy Esunis 4 months ago

    Milo+Bea+?=fish hooks

  • TheRelicOfOwls
    TheRelicOfOwls 4 months ago

    "these animations look amazing" - while paused on screen of charizard breathing fire from his forehead rofl

  • Jonathan Deleon
    Jonathan Deleon 4 months ago

    Road to 800k subscribers

  • snake mane1
    snake mane1 4 months ago

    I remember when my brother got to lugia in heart gold he was going to use his master ball but accidentally used a regular pokebal but caught him anyway

  • bill fagan
    bill fagan 4 months ago

    Any thoughts on to when the switch lite will be for preorder? And I think the Space Chicken is a gigantimaxing kecleon

  • Nathan Soni
    Nathan Soni 4 months ago

    Warlord gigantamaxing

  • Carter Lindsey
    Carter Lindsey 4 months ago +1

    I only have 3 games on my switch
    Zelda, Mario and Smash
    Man I hope I win the giveaway

  • Adolfo Jr
    Adolfo Jr 4 months ago

    Wait, if Drednaw can dynamax that means it is only 1 evolution stage Pokémon? Well that sucks...

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 4 months ago

    I need to know where you got that hat from. It is awesome.

  • Ben Cowden
    Ben Cowden 4 months ago

    Will you do a randomised version any agree

  • Sharon Hansen
    Sharon Hansen 4 months ago +1

    ganondorf is fuel for sheicklh tecnolgy

  • vicki taylor
    vicki taylor 4 months ago

    can u take your old nintendo switch and transfer your it to the lite and keep it also on your old one

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 4 months ago