I Spawned 100 ENDER DRAGONS in Minecraft UHC...

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • dragon slam
    my teammate, fruitberries: ru-clip.com/user/theflyingbowser4990
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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Comments • 535

  • kevin sevin
    kevin sevin 10 hours ago

    5:37 is it a boomer dragon

  • Aryan Kashefi-Aazam

    Uhc BUT

    You can Respawn

  • Ctrl-Alt-Bingo
    Ctrl-Alt-Bingo 10 days ago

    Bro spawn looks like 2b2t at 10,000 blocks out in any direction

  • Sheyli :3
    Sheyli :3 15 days ago

    Que mala suerte😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 16 days ago


  • Toby Kyriacou
    Toby Kyriacou 17 days ago


  • Toby Kyriacou
    Toby Kyriacou 17 days ago +1

    Intro: hoi4 music plays

  • Ray Robinson
    Ray Robinson 18 days ago


  • Deathshadow 34
    Deathshadow 34 19 days ago

    Where is that juicy boy

  • Lil Nutella
    Lil Nutella 22 days ago

    Uhc But everyone has ability maufly

  • Lil Nutella
    Lil Nutella 22 days ago

    Uhc But its all in the end

  • GOG _Samurai
    GOG _Samurai Month ago

    I create an account in Minecraft and the player name is Sub2TapL

  • Triple Quantum
    Triple Quantum Month ago

    Did anyone see at 6:07 it goes from 200 FPS to 100 FPS

  • DarkSlidGamer
    DarkSlidGamer Month ago

    12:51 damn that skill...

  • Crasy
    Crasy Month ago

    Dragon bros: respect

  • Lucas White
    Lucas White Month ago

    I’m gonna eat a head now.
    This is starting to get a little dark.

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast Month ago

    When you are so early you see the Mr beast bots

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast Month ago

    When you are so early you see the Mr beast bots

  • chebrylizfa flores
    chebrylizfa flores Month ago

    Minecraft uhc but my dad finally comes back

  • Roberto Pedraza
    Roberto Pedraza Month ago +1

    15:29 top ten anime death scenes

  • OOF O O F
    OOF O O F Month ago

    Oh no

  • ItzProGamezz
    ItzProGamezz Month ago +1

    when you want to have fun but you realise you got trapped by a dragon

  • EvilessAngel MtWkCsFg

    15:28 click

    when you stop at the perfect time
    this meme will start on your mind

    15:31 to be continued ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • DJ_Wolff
    DJ_Wolff Month ago

    Shredded cheese

  • Natsucci
    Natsucci Month ago

    “feather falling- poo poo”
    theres 300 ender dragons.

  • Daniel Cast
    Daniel Cast Month ago +3

    "NightFury has been spotted"

  • Robert Gamin Playz
    Robert Gamin Playz Month ago

    UHC: But everyones inventory are linked ahhah
    Idea from Skeppy (Linked Inventory)
    Like please if you want to TapL to do it

  • Sairot247
    Sairot247 Month ago

    *ok skywars player*

  • Keenan Leeper
    Keenan Leeper Month ago

    Get rekt

  • Keenan Leeper
    Keenan Leeper Month ago

    Holy shrimp dude. That was INSANE! !!

  • Winstance Damona
    Winstance Damona Month ago

    Just spawn The Queen. Problem solved

  • *Ash Animates*
    *Ash Animates* Month ago

    Every time I hear the Ender dragon rawr I get anxious because I summoned a Ender dragon in my Minecraft survival and it escaped its obsidian cage •-•

  • jolene koh
    jolene koh Month ago

    “ i need parental guidance “

  • Matty Ricci
    Matty Ricci Month ago

    ma come cazzo si saltano gli annunci

  • YoungTimesPawZ
    YoungTimesPawZ Month ago

    UHC but every ore is just gold (+ lapis for enchanting)

  • Ultra Plasma Craft - Music and Gaming

    Cmon Tapl.
    Just do the inventory swap UHC, tons of people have suggested it already

  • Wilhelm Stenvall
    Wilhelm Stenvall Month ago

    Imagine killing one of those dragons, earning 60-100 levels. Imagine all the lvl 30 items you can get.

  • GhostKiller 34
    GhostKiller 34 Month ago

    U came here for 14:09

  • Anto
    Anto Month ago

    Wait TapL and fruit are relatives?

  • LPH Minecraft
    LPH Minecraft Month ago

    Appletun is a grass dragon type pokemon lmao

  • Juan Marasigan
    Juan Marasigan Month ago

    Uhc but everyone gets random op weapon

  • Trac Track
    Trac Track Month ago

    UHC but.. Its in peaceful
    A.K.A no regen but no mobs and no attacking other olayers unless its a lava bucket or a trap

  • Trac Track
    Trac Track Month ago +1

    Spoilerrssss :

    Tapl dying was like the most one in a million chance thing ever

  • Ant
    Ant Month ago

    So the video started and i was like
    "Why does his teammate sound like fruitberries"
    *reads desc*
    *_"o h"_*

  • yusufterminator
    yusufterminator Month ago

    His mic set up is so annoying. Why make yourself quieter than your voice chat.

  • P41ntrain
    P41ntrain Month ago

    When ur terrified for ur life 14:10

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez Month ago

    yes i want more

  • Matthew Jennings
    Matthew Jennings Month ago

    100 withers

  • PedroGOFicial :D
    PedroGOFicial :D Month ago

    Do a minecraft UHC but everyone has infinite blindness
    It's gonna be pretty fun :)

  • 4BrotherChaos
    4BrotherChaos Month ago +1

    Nite fuirie

  • Kevin Notanactualname

    This same set up but you can’t bucket water after PvP starts.
    Actually, a lot of the things you’ve done could be made better with that clause.

  • VinnyG
    VinnyG Month ago

    Uhc but the only tool/weapon you can craft is a pickaxe (Buckets and shears are not allowed)

  • Cornflopz
    Cornflopz Month ago +1

    uhc but everyone has a shared inventory?

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert Month ago

    TapL: *jumps into ravine*
    Dragons: *_Allow us to introduce ourselves_*

  • Savage21 Savage21
    Savage21 Savage21 Month ago

    Can you make an Minecraft uhc where you spawn 100 whiter's and try to kill them

  • Obamas Leftshoe
    Obamas Leftshoe Month ago

    14:19 hey im sheep

  • Quint Meijer
    Quint Meijer Month ago

    Idea for the next UHC: Everybody is invisible

  • Nυтнѕ
    Nυтнѕ Month ago

    Minecraft UHC but every 2 minutes you are randomly teleported

  • Maverick Versus Everything

    Sending likes from California. Mav is starting to get his own crazy ideas. --Bowser

  • Rileigh Marshall
    Rileigh Marshall Month ago

    Uhc where every ore is diamond