Favorite goal celebrations, best free kicker debate, more | Extra Time

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno go into Extra Time to answer questions about Diego Costa’s actions on Saturday, who they’d pick between Lionel Messi, David Beckham or Juninho to take a free kick down 1-0, and if they’d rather be a starter on a mid-table team or a squad player on a title contender. Steve and Alejandro also review their go-to celebrations after scoring a goal.
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Comments • 297

  • Alfred Rieder
    Alfred Rieder 20 days ago

    If I need someone to take a free kick, it's going to Ballack
    And I'm sure Stevie's celebration words were: get in you cunt

  • Kaisari Mkuu
    Kaisari Mkuu Month ago +2

    These guys are a bunch of amateurs making easy money from espn. Perhaps no supervision on the soccer section that's they don't do their homework and talk like casual fans.

  • Bàlor Club
    Bàlor Club Month ago +3

    Fun fact: ronaldo has more free Kick goal than messi.

  • Hassan Shahid
    Hassan Shahid Month ago +1

    Stevie be ready you about to die then😂😂😂😂

  • Savino 310
    Savino 310 Month ago +1


  • K H
    K H Month ago +1

    Nakamurra best free kick taker ever

  • Nikola Jevtic
    Nikola Jevtic Month ago

    Ali-G reference, respect.

  • LmfaoYou
    LmfaoYou Month ago +2

    Messi is the GOAT but Juninho was a master at freekicks. Messi is getting there though. He wasn't a regular freekick taker in his early career days.

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou Month ago

      Karl Kani Yeah, If that's how you think then there's no hope for you. Also, Messi has 4 UCLs, get your facts right.

    • Karl Kani
      Karl Kani Month ago

      +LmfaoYou really?

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou Month ago

      Karl Kani lol ignorance at its best

    • Karl Kani
      Karl Kani Month ago +1

      gerd muller or beckenbauer best ever bayern players
      eusebio best ever benfica player
      zico best ever flamengo player
      being the best player ever in your club doesn't make you goat, goat is goat who puts in the performances when it matters in the top level competitions in football that includes league football continental football and above all the world cup, leo has 3 cl's. no copa america no world cup, no goat.

    • Karl Kani
      Karl Kani Month ago +1

      leo is no goat, best barca player ever doesn't make you goat

    SHOEB MOHAMMAD Month ago +1

    I still don’t understand why ESPN have them (Steve and Moreno) in the panel. Biased and disgraceful. I have started to get irritated by watching them here and listening to their shit, especially this idiot Moreno guy, he should be removed from panel.

  • Fancyslimshady
    Fancyslimshady Month ago


  • Henry Idahagbon
    Henry Idahagbon Month ago +2

    Messi is undoubtedly the GOAT but Juninho is the best freekick taker ever.

  • Yin Cognyto
    Yin Cognyto Month ago +1

    Messi fan here, but Stevie not knowing who Juninho was is just plain English stupidity (I bet if Juninho played in the EPL these guys would have been labeling the best thing since sliced bread, LOL). What these "pundits" (more like ex fringe players) should have asked is the distance the FK is taken from, and how they want the FK to be taken. If it's from great distance, Juninho Pernambucano is GOD at that. If it's meant to be a cross or something like that, Beckham is obviously the one you choose. If you want to execute it directly and the distance is reasonable (around 20 yards / meters) then Messi will save your team in the 90th minute for sure.

    • Yin Cognyto
      Yin Cognyto Month ago +1

      +hello walkman Cheers - it was a pleasure talking to you!

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago

      +Yin Cognyto yes I do tend to agree with most of what you said.
      Cheers! :)

    • Yin Cognyto
      Yin Cognyto Month ago +1

      +hello walkman I'm one of the few Messi fans trying to be objective, LOL. The issue that Messi fans have is not with Pele or other great players, but with the sometimes stupid things that Pele or Maradona say about Messi trying to discredit him (e.g. "he needs to score 1000 goals like me to be the best", "when he wins 3 WC like me", "Messi has no personality", etc.) and of course with CR7 fans who constantly attempt to elevate other great players (like Pele or Maradona) for the same reason, to discredit Leo. If there weren't such attempts to discredit Messi, I'm sure his fans would also be more moderate and give credit to others. Of course, you can't expect that from young kids who only saw Messi play, and that's normal - I'm talking about the reasonable fans.
      For me, Pele, Maradona and Messi belong to the same GOAT category. Each one of them has things that set him apart and elevate him in comparison with the other two, but overall, they are all magical. Personally, I don't think Messi needs to win a WC to be in the same category as Pele and Maradona, because he already reached the final and everybody that understands and/or plays football knows that in a single match anything can happen and it depends on the team rather than a single individual, not to mention all the little details that can decide a game of such magnitude.

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago +2

      Yeah glad that a Messi fan at least admits Stevie is extremely biased against Brazilians. He doesn't give enough credit to guys like Pele. The guy isn't knowledgeable and objective enough to be a pundit TBH

  • Justice Prevails
    Justice Prevails Month ago

    who the fuck doesn't google youtube.

  • Rayyan Hashir
    Rayyan Hashir Month ago +1


  • Vinotinto NYC
    Vinotinto NYC Month ago

    I didn't think Ale would actually say Juan Arango, but of course he did! Lol. #legend

  • Abdulrahman Alulaimi
    Abdulrahman Alulaimi Month ago +3

    If it's the 90 min just give Cr7 a MAN UTD shirt and he'll do the reat

  • Karl Kani
    Karl Kani Month ago +1

    honestly steve icole would be more happy if barca won the cl over liverpool just so he can put or try putting leo's dick deeper in his throat

  • Karl Kani
    Karl Kani Month ago +1

    pele maradona ronaldinho juninho zico they were all better than whats today

  • joel lusangue
    joel lusangue Month ago

    I Will pick juninho was was superb in freekicks

  • cemore nurse
    cemore nurse Month ago +2

    These guys a clown they think they know football

  • Tsering Wangdu
    Tsering Wangdu Month ago +1

    Beckham of course , a specialist in free kick n assist

  • Tam Green
    Tam Green Month ago +3

    Surprised nobody mentioned Nakamura

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago

    Alejandro Moreno is the worst. I can't stand him. I hope he gets cut and replaced.

  • Hussein Fadhel
    Hussein Fadhel Month ago +2

    It depends on the free kick if it was from 25 yards or less then Messi would be a good option because of his consistency at scoring free kicks while if it was from over 25 yards then definitely Juninho or Beckham but overall Juninho would be the best option since his free kicks are just amazing

  • Docraki
    Docraki Month ago

    Messi isn’t even top 10 best free kick takers

  • Chochko
    Chochko Month ago +10

    If you don;t even know Juninho is the greatest free kick taker of all time - this is serious. Let alone which Juninho.

    • K H
      K H Month ago

      Chochko you’re just racist

    • Chochko
      Chochko Month ago +1

      +K H yes, except that he wasnt

    • K H
      K H Month ago

      Chochko Nakamurra was better

  • BlackSeedsOfVengeance
    BlackSeedsOfVengeance Month ago +9

    Messi barely even took free kicks until around 2012, since when he’s scored more than Europe’s top clubs, let alone players. If he’d been the primary free kick taker from 2007 or so, he’d likely be 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the list of most free kick goals.

  • Jainthan Gananathan

    5.25-6.40, Arjen Robben vs Manchester United 2012 champions league quarter final at old Trafford!

  • Y R
    Y R Month ago +15

    Juninho is the best free-kick taker (hadn't got the chance to see him play but thanks to youtube, his free kicks are just magical), but the fact that, Messi's free kick being compared to his, Messi's dribble being compared to Ronaldinho, Messi's vision and pass being comapred to Xavi/Iniesta, Messi's goal being compared to Cristiano...that's what makes this little man special:p

  • Emmanuel Orji
    Emmanuel Orji Month ago +3

    All they know is to talk trash about players they didn’t even know Juninho is a better freekick taker than anyone

    • drizzy dez
      drizzy dez Month ago

      Emmanuel Orji I agree my favorite free kick taker in fifa 09

  • haya1512
    haya1512 Month ago

    The point is Messi is scoring consistently against bigger opposition, which is why he's above others. Also note worthy is he could do it on the far side, the near side, under the wall, panenka fk

  • Kelvin Football
    Kelvin Football Month ago +1

    Juninho has a record 76 free kick goals the highest in football history

  • Hamzah Ahmed
    Hamzah Ahmed Month ago +1

    Stevie just pisses me off because of his retardation level. Honestly to not know who Juninho is. No hope for Stevie.

  • BladeChild
    BladeChild Month ago +4

    Haha they don't even know who Juninho is. One probably thought it was the Middlesbrough guy 😂
    Juninho was on another level and will probably never be beaten, even by Messi. The range and diversity of his kicks were out of this world. Messi's free kicks are usually just 25 yarders that he gets up and over. Juninho usually struck from 30-40 years and he could put any spin, direction on it. He created he knuckleball technique to the extent the goalkeeper was playing a lottery with which way he dived.
    Unparalleled quality. Only Ronaldo can strike the ball like Juninho did, but he lacks the control Juninho had..

    • BobbyG
      BobbyG Month ago +2

      What do you mean 'probably' when he clearly mentions Middlesborough in the video?

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +2

      Ronaldo and Juninho both have power.. Unlike messi.. But Juninho and ronaldo can even think of paneka which only messi can. Don't hate anyone cause everyone in this world has flaws. Juninho was regular fk taker since starting while messi wasn't. He only came since 2012/13 season.. But even after that xavi or Iniesta took that.. Messi is clearly exceeding expectations fastly...

  • Jonathan Sweeney
    Jonathan Sweeney Month ago

    Raul had the best celebration with the finger

  • Xsanther
    Xsanther Month ago +13

    Juninho is currently the best free kick taker of all time if we consider his conversion rate and that he has most free kick goals.
    So i would go with him.
    Messi is getting there though.
    He has not been a regular free kick taker until 11/12 season yet he's scoring at a rate that exceed everyone !

    • Saltire
      Saltire Month ago

      +BladeChild Juninho had 77 goals from free-kicks. Ronaldo has currently 53, but doesn't really score them much now, and Messi is on 47 though it seems every freekick he is getting at the moment is resulting in a goal. Crazy stuff.

    • BladeChild
      BladeChild Month ago

      To be fair he's scored 20 in 5 years. Even if he repeats that, he'll not catch Juninho, who likewise only really had a 10 year stint as a free kick expert.

  • CHR 15
    CHR 15 Month ago +1

    Those who criticise Nicol over the Juninho mistake are idiots.
    Juninho is Juninho, who played for At. Madrid and Middlesborough.
    Juningh Pernambucano played for Lyon.
    Obvious mistake as the latter was always known as Juninho Pernambucano.
    Get a life and jog on.

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago +1

      +BladeChild exactly. Can't believe people are trying to defend a pundit over such blatant ignorance.

    • BladeChild
      BladeChild Month ago +2

      Was Middlesbrough Juninho ever thought to be a consummate free kick taker?
      Anyone who's a pundit should know the goat free kick taker.

  • CHR 15
    CHR 15 Month ago

    The best conversion rate is in the boots of Messi. Check stats THEN comment.

  • edo ohanyan
    edo ohanyan Month ago +8

    Steve u dont even know which Juninho???? Really man? Go watch some Juninho highlights than come back and have a debate.

    • ItzSaiful
      ItzSaiful Month ago

      edo ohanyan highlights just show the good moment that doesn’t prove shit😂😂

  • LilJah1804
    LilJah1804 Month ago

    Messi is just Out of this world

  • LilJah1804
    LilJah1804 Month ago +1

    David Beckham , Riquelme,Pirlo and Ronaldinho was incredible.

    • Batman Martin
      Batman Martin Month ago

      +Saltire I remember Batigol scoring a free-kick v Bologna in 98/99 was an absolute screamer👍⚽️

    • Saltire
      Saltire Month ago +3

      +Batman Martin Batistuta used to score some belters as well.

    • Batman Martin
      Batman Martin Month ago +1

      Rivaldo wasn't half bad either.

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange Month ago +9

    Cant believe stevie choses messi over juninho.
    Cmon, juninho is the best free kicker of all time and if he had half of chances that messi has had, he would score 10 times more goals than messi.
    Juninho is the GOAT of free kicks and I would take him on any day over everybody.
    Ronaldo messi beckham, nobody comes close to juninho

    • LEP
      LEP Month ago


  • Matthew Matthias
    Matthew Matthias Month ago +34

    They picked Messi and David Beckham over juninho
    I will stop watching this guys
    They are always on weed 👋

    • Kuwait yy
      Kuwait yy Month ago +1

      Tbh I like messi, but if you watched joniho back in days.. yup, I would pick him for freekicks all days.. almost everyone is a goal.

    • Anonymous Duh
      Anonymous Duh Month ago +1

      +Matthew Matthias and miss English idiot, go read my sentence again. And 'the best' is only one, the one n only Messi. On the other hand one of the best freekick takers can be Juninho.
      To brush up on your English u lil idiot😂

    • Matthew Matthias
      Matthew Matthias Month ago +3

      You need English teacher
      They said
      If you are in a dying moments in a match and your team is 1-0 down
      Who will you pick
      They aren't asking for one of the best
      They were asking for the best and it was juninho
      No doubt 🤔

    • Anonymous Duh
      Anonymous Duh Month ago +1

      Bruh u are the one on weed if u think those 2 aren't one of the best

  • Wes weintraub
    Wes weintraub Month ago

    Anyone who acknowledges Messi’s greatness truly knows futbol

  • Suyez Lee
    Suyez Lee Month ago

    Obviously there players who were great at set pieces but Messi is on another level.

  • hello walkman
    hello walkman Month ago +4

    *Greatest Free kick takers of all time*
    Didi, credited for inventing the folha seca AKA knuckleball free kick

    • Sean Walsh
      Sean Walsh Month ago

      +Rohan Mazumder messi is on pace to have over 60 free kick goals in his career and he started being the primary taker in like 2015. LEVELS

    • Rohan Mazumder
      Rohan Mazumder Month ago +1

      +Sean Walsh No he's not. Zico has over 100 unofficial free kicks. But he's certainly better than Pele or Platini

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago +1

      +Sean Walsh LMAO

    • Sean Walsh
      Sean Walsh Month ago

      hello walkman Messi > Zico
      At free kicks

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago +1

      +Sean Walsh ever heard of zico mate ?!

  • hello walkman
    hello walkman Month ago +3

    Steve Nicol is such a blatant and ignorant Messi fanboy. He doesn't deserve to be a pundit.

    • Suyez Lee
      Suyez Lee Month ago

      +hello walkman Fact is one or 2 teams were great but the managers might have been average.
      I'll check it out myself

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago

      +Suyez Lee you'll have to research yourself on that

    • Suyez Lee
      Suyez Lee Month ago

      +hello walkman I'm not asking about international football.
      I'm talking about Club Football

    • hello walkman
      hello walkman Month ago +1

      +Suyez Lee Brazil 1958 were the 1st to use back 4 effectively.
      Coach was from Sao Paulo brazil.
      Zagallo was Brazil's coach in 1970 and his tactics beat Italy's catenaccio. Refer to Tifo football.
      Tele santana managed Brazil of '82. That team was one of the best not to win WC.

    • Suyez Lee
      Suyez Lee Month ago

      +hello walkman I'm not saying they are weak . I donno any great coaches or coaching Methods at that time in Brazil.
      And it was a bit disorganized as well.

  • Vandy Candy
    Vandy Candy Month ago +7

    Nicol doesn't know who Juninho is just plain Messi fanboyism but can't blame people who never really saw how good he was on free kicks.

    • Mr. Dubstep
      Mr. Dubstep Month ago

      Vandy Candy it’s his opinion just like you have yours, now many people may disagree or agree but each person has there right to there own opinion

  • InnitToWinnit
    InnitToWinnit Month ago +2

    Imma go risqué and say Ceni for free kicks

  • Rishi Gupta
    Rishi Gupta Month ago +10

    Messi atm has 47 free kick goals. He is obviously not the free kick GOAT and maybe not even in top 5, but one thing is for sure. Had Messi been taking free Kicks regularly (earlier he shared with xavi and iniesta and then with neymar), he would have much more goals than 47.

    • Arcticman
      Arcticman Month ago +1

      +Rishi Gupta You messi lovers and ur excuses what u going tell us next that he used to take them with hes right foot before and now he takes them with hes left foot now so thats why he scores more haha Face facts he sucked at them in hes prime years he just got better as he got older and ronaldo got worse.

    • Rishi Gupta
      Rishi Gupta Month ago +1

      +Arcticman if you would have known, a lot (A LOT) of Messi's free kicks have been crosses to team mates, which Ronaldo rarely does. And Messi's conversion rate is BETTER than penaldo. That was not an excuse. So stop crying.

    • Arcticman
      Arcticman Month ago +1

      Total lie and myth he has nearly the same free kick attempts as ronaldo and much less goals than him how does that make sense if he only started taking free kicks in 2012 lol? messi fans and there lies he just sucked at them years ago.

    • Brice Folly
      Brice Folly Month ago

      That’s true

    • Rishi Gupta
      Rishi Gupta Month ago

      +Henry Kasenburg no not iniesta, I did not notice I had written iniesta too. I have a habit of saying and writing xavi and iniesta together. Yeah Messi shared free kicks with xavi and sometimes alves

  • a lacava
    a lacava Month ago +6

    Messi can only score close free kicks in the middle of the pitch, Juninho Ronaldo and Beckham can score them from anywhere. Plus Messi has just been consistent with free kicks this season he has a lot less than the other 3 I mentioned. So it depends where the free kick is from

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago

      Speedy I mentioned names that have power in their foot because I clearly said that Messi scores 90% of his free kicks from close range in the middle of the pitch which is the type of fk I would take Messi for over anybody else but if I needed someone to score a seemingly impossible free kick from far out, horrible angle etc. I would take Ronaldo or Juninho. They’re very different types of free kick takers.

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +1

      Mate ur mentioned names have power in their foot while messi always goes for clever kicks.. Also ronaldo Beckham have been a starter fk takers since 2007-08 while messi started from 2015-16 season. And yet surpassing fastly... Clearly if it weren't for xavi Iniesta ronaldinho.. Messi's would have surpassed everyone by now...

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago

      VB MUTT that’s debatable tho this season he’s the best by miles

    • VB MUTT
      VB MUTT Month ago +1

      a lacava Nobody is arguing that this isn’t Messi’s best season in terms of freekicks, your other statement that he is consistent and is regarded the best freekick taker in the world only based on this season is ludicrous..
      He was the best freekick taker in the world since the start of 2016..

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago

      VB MUTT yes but this season is his best season ever for free kicks is what I meant.

  • jaisan rai
    jaisan rai Month ago +84

    The fact that Stevie doesn’t know which Juninho they were talking about baffles me 🥴

    • Doctor Strange
      Doctor Strange Month ago

      Komen Govindaraj then you should go and chech di marias record in free kicks mate

    • Komen Govindaraj
      Komen Govindaraj Month ago

      +Doctor Strange thing is I could understand your comment if you didn't put di maria in it

    • mehul singla
      mehul singla Month ago

      Doctor Strange why insult cricket?

    • YoungVenchy
      YoungVenchy Month ago

      Doctor Strange don't put CR7 name and fks in the same sentence.

    • Doctor Strange
      Doctor Strange Month ago +2

      Lmao, you guys are so biased.
      No point of arguing.

  • M Ramshang
    M Ramshang Month ago

    Simple 👉David😘

  • Miguel Vale
    Miguel Vale Month ago +27

    All time goals from DIRECT free-kicks only.
    1. Juninho - 77
    2. Pele - 70
    3. V. Legrotaglie - 66
    4. Ronaldinho - 66
    5. Beckham - 65
    6. Maradona - 62
    7. Zico - 62
    8. Koeman - 60
    9. Rogerio Ceni - 59
    10. Marcelinho Carioca - 59
    11. Kostas Frantzeskos - 57
    12. Cristiano Ronaldo - 53
    13. L. Messi - 47

    • Pratibha Bansod
      Pratibha Bansod Month ago

      +Cristobal Diaz yes it's really true

    • Cristobal Diaz
      Cristobal Diaz Month ago

      Crazy how there's a keeper in this list if these stats are true lol 🏋️‍♂️🤮

    • Younie M
      Younie M Month ago +1

      abdi shakir Like I said, if he keeps his average going for the next years it’s very possible he could equal or overtake him. Free kicks don’t require insane amounts of fitness. He just needs to still be playing. A player like Messi could go on for much longer than your average striker type. He’s an architect, not just a goalscorer. People seem to forget that ability of his. Give him another 4 years averaging 7 free kicks a season and you’re basically at 30 goals. Again, this is Messi we’re talking about.

    • S.hakur shakir
      S.hakur shakir Month ago

      +Younie M no, he needs 30 freekicks lol no one will overtake that guy

    • RIP Belge
      RIP Belge Month ago

      The difference is messi only scores close free kick compared to Juninho and cr7 at man united where they were scoring from really far.

  • M C
    M C Month ago +2

    Juninho, Pirlo, Beckham, Del Piero, Mihalijovic.

  • Everything Salty
    Everything Salty Month ago +1

    Roberto carlos by far. Not even close.

    • VB MUTT
      VB MUTT Month ago +2

      Everything Salty lol carlos...he was hardly consistent

    • Miguel Vale
      Miguel Vale Month ago +2

      Lol, no...

  • Yuda Zona
    Yuda Zona Month ago +45

    Definitely Juninho. Nicol didn't even know he was a free kick expert. Disrespectful!

    • VFT - WHAT??
      VFT - WHAT?? Month ago +1

      Juninho could score a freekick from anywhere, used to love watching him in champions league highlights back in the day

  • jasmine Torres
    jasmine Torres Month ago +3

    I’m definitely taking beckham best right foot ever soo 🖤🤞

  • cole09121
    cole09121 Month ago +6

    Calhanoglu and Pirlo were amazing but Messi is the best of the 3 there.

    • san nn
      san nn Month ago +1

      +cole09121 bro we are talking about free kick, not overall skill. im telling you in 16 years what im watching football there wasnt anyone close to juninho when it comes to conversation of free kick

    • cole09121
      cole09121 Month ago +1

      +san nn yeah he's scored a lot, he's also only played in a top 5 league for 8 years of his career while Messi has been playing at the highest level for his entire career. Throw Messi in the Portuguese league or MLS or Saudi league and I'm sure his free kick goals would sky rocket as well.

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago

      san nn 😂😂

    • san nn
      san nn Month ago +3

      how old are you, 12? did you see juninho's free kicks?

  • rockingjunior
    rockingjunior Month ago +5

    It saddens me how most of you don't know who Juninho was. Smh. Please tell me more about how great Messi is and how Ronaldo sucks and vice versa.

    • rockingjunior
      rockingjunior Month ago +3

      +king Jake I was generalizing the comments of this video with the comments that talk about those two players at any given video/time. I wasn't referring to the video itself, just the comment section and its fandom

    • king Jake
      king Jake Month ago

      All the time i watch them they never said ronaldo sucks

  • Catalan Don
    Catalan Don Month ago +2

    Give the freekick to Messi ofcourse . Juninhio is Great at Distance thou and Beckham's conversion is the worst of the 3

  • K. Benzema Is God
    K. Benzema Is God Month ago +1

    I fucking love stevie

  • Swiss !!!
    Swiss !!! Month ago +20

    Piatek has the best celebration, Messi is scoring some good Free kick atm. Juninho is the goat at freekicks

  • UZEE™
    UZEE™ Month ago +11

    If you don't choose messi in any debate, you are committing a crime

    Even when the question is who's the best defender, goalkeeper, midfielder

    • RIP Belge
      RIP Belge Month ago +1

      +UZEE™ that's how they are so it's hard to know if it was sarcasm or not

    • UZEE™
      UZEE™ Month ago

      +RIP Belge sarcasm

    • Small Shaq
      Small Shaq Month ago

      Messi is the best header of all time

    • RIP Belge
      RIP Belge Month ago

      That's just dumb and that's why messi fans are unbearable

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy Month ago +6

    The 2 years old who is watching football in his parents lap...will tell you Messi is the best free kick,taker!!!

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago

      But messi isn't. Juninho anytime over him. U r being based

  • singh
    singh Month ago +8

    messi scoring all types of free kicks... direct bullet, slow, curved, low... 25 free kicks in last 4 years... more than real madrid, juventus , bayern munich... insane

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago

      What are u talking about Messi has never scored a “direct bullet” free kick he always goes with the traditional curler

    • M C
      M C Month ago

      +Kian Postchaman Pirlo was OP

    • Kian Postchaman
      Kian Postchaman Month ago +2

      +Everything Salty 😂😂

    • Everything Salty
      Everything Salty Month ago +3

      Messi isnt even better than pirlo or ronaldinho lol

  • HQ Messi
    HQ Messi Month ago +14

    Messi Already scored a free kick when they were 1-0 down against villarreal in the 90 min. He did it vs sevilla in a Super cup final when they were 1-0 down. Messi is the best free kick taker of all time

    • Hussein Fadhel
      Hussein Fadhel Month ago

      I wouldn't go that far Messi is definitely one of the best free kick takers and his consistency at scoring them is great but I don't think he's the greatest free kick taker of all time

    • CHAVO7740
      CHAVO7740 Month ago +2

      Yeah no.

  • bhips ahoy
    bhips ahoy Month ago +13

    I think messi is the best free kick taker but when cr7 was on the streak and was killing gk with his knuckle ball shots he had the best era

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago +2

      Speedy Ronaldo still has more free kick goals than Messi... obviously Messi has been scoring a lot more recently but Ronaldo’s free kicks at their peak were unstoppable he was scoring free kicks from 40 yards out.

    • seoul-dynasty My-favorite
      seoul-dynasty My-favorite Month ago +1

      +Speedy disagree as a Messi fan I will say that Ronaldo has scored less but the ones he scored were completely more beautiful and more entertaining when at his peak he was a freaking beast at freekicks. Sucks Ronaldo left real Madrid now we can't say the two best play each other for a long time

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +2

      Mate even peak free kick ronaldo hasn't had that era where he score 5 free kicks.. Let alone 6 in consecutive seasons.. So by this logic.. Obviously mess is better.. Imma ronaldo fan myself but for fk I'd prefer this messi over peak ronaldo.

    • bhips ahoy
      bhips ahoy Month ago

      +Jatt - ik moron read what i wrote

    • a lacava
      a lacava Month ago +3

      Tobi Oduntan exactly bro Messi is good at the usual free kicks just outside the box but Juninho and Ronaldo score the impossible ones

  • HQ Messi
    HQ Messi Month ago +2

    Many players were so damn good, and especially Ronaldo in his prime was a beast at free kicks. But, now Messi is currently the best free kick taker, he puts a show on. Sometimes i think theres more luck when Messi takes a free kick than a penalty. He isn't the best penalty taker but he is the best free kick taker!

    • HQ Messi
      HQ Messi Month ago +1

      +VB MUTT Oh sorry didn't see what you meant there. Your point makes a lot of sense, a penalty can be well struck and goal keeper can cleanly save it. Its more about luck.

    • VB MUTT
      VB MUTT Month ago +1

      HQ Messi Ok, I’m saying there isn’t a whole lot of skill involved in taking penalties, its mostly luck..
      Even a Sunday league player has a chance of scoring a penalty against a World Class keeper, also, even a below par keeper has a chance of saving a penalty against a World Class player eg- Penalty Save by Iran’s goalkeeper against cr7 in WC2018..

    • HQ Messi
      HQ Messi Month ago

      +VB MUTT In my opinion Messi is better at free kicks and is a bit shaky with a penalty. Just saying...

    • VB MUTT
      VB MUTT Month ago +1

      HQ Messi there is more luck involved in penalties than in freekicks..

  • Azariah Micha
    Azariah Micha Month ago +30

    My chance of being better player than messi is better than United's chance of UCL

    • Kaisari Mkuu
      Kaisari Mkuu Month ago

      You talk like a milf

      KAUSHAL JOSHI Month ago

      +Mustafain Cheema look he edited his comment after mine he wrote ulc first

    • Mustafain Cheema
      Mustafain Cheema Month ago

      +KAUSHAL JOSHI when did he said ulc

      KAUSHAL JOSHI Month ago +3

      Yes United have chance for UCL not ulc

  • Arcticman
    Arcticman Month ago +1

    Fuck off with the overrating messi at freekick nonsense he doesnt even more freekicks than ronaldo ffs and was shite at them years ago and hes not even top 10.beckham and joninho are well ahead of both.

  • DarkBinina
    DarkBinina Month ago +3

    Fun fact ronaldo scored more freeckicks than messi

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +1

      Lol u r dumb as fuck if u think ronaldo is better than messi cause of stats. Dude u must be watching football from yesterday... Fyi ronaldo been taking free kicks since 2007-08 man utd days while messi been a regular since 2015-16...stop dickriding 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Henry Kasenburg
      Henry Kasenburg Month ago

      Rishi Gupta damn you still believing iniesta took free kicks huh

    • Jefin Yacob
      Jefin Yacob Month ago +2

      Fun fact... Ronaldo hasn't scored from a freekick since the goal against Spain in the world Cup... 😂😂

    • Rishi Gupta
      Rishi Gupta Month ago +3

      Messi never was the regular free kick taker. First he shared with xavi, iniesta and alves and then with neymar. It is since neymar left that he has been a regular free kick taker and you know how deadly he has been since that at free kicks

    • singh
      singh Month ago +12

      and ronaldo played 155 games more than messi... messi was not taking free kicks till 2012... xavi was main freekicker

  • The World of Fun & Imagination

    Now, there is no need to debate on who is the best free kicker- It is obviously Messi the GOAT...

    • S.hakur shakir
      S.hakur shakir Month ago

      +The World of Fun & Imagination does he have 77 free kicks?

    • Miguel Vale
      Miguel Vale Month ago +3

      +The World of Fun & Imagination LMAO. You're literally too stupid to insult and showing your ignorance and young age. You clearly just started watching football in 2012 thus your opinion doesn't mean anything. Have a nice day you deluded little fanboy.

    • The World of Fun & Imagination
      The World of Fun & Imagination Month ago +2

      +Miguel Vale Neither do yours... Whether you agree or not, Messi being a GOAT is a true fact...

    • Miguel Vale
      Miguel Vale Month ago +6

      This is factually wrong. Your feelings don't make it a fact...

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    Ronaldo is the best free kick taker.

    VB MUTT Month ago +147

    Juninho is the greatest,
    But Currently, Messi is obviously the best in the world when it comes to freekicks..

    • Lita Zo
      Lita Zo Month ago

      +Komen Govindarajmessi will score from 20-25yards only that too from around the front of the box whereas Ronaldo can score even from the far edges of the box , even from 40yards which messi cannot even dream

    • Komen Govindaraj
      Komen Govindaraj Month ago

      +Lita Zo I've seen messi score freekicks from a few different positions even when the angle is not suited to a left footed player so really not sure what you on about

    • Komen Govindaraj
      Komen Govindaraj Month ago

      +seoul-dynasty My-favorite that comment about fouls is dumb these guys dont just take freekicks after they have been fouled. Whichever player is fouled in the team messi takes the freekick or Ronaldo so you have absolutely no point

    • Lita Zo
      Lita Zo Month ago

      but Messi freekick is nothing special, a curl freekick like everyone . and he scores from a particular position only

    • Nikola Jevtic
      Nikola Jevtic Month ago

      I think also Juninho specialized in a bit farther free kicks, 27m+. So it definitely depends on where the free kick is.

  • shaunbir klair
    shaunbir klair Month ago +14

    Arsenal still have a high chance of making the UCL the others will have at least 2 top 6 matchups

    • Souvik Mitra
      Souvik Mitra Month ago

      But they have Watford, Wolves away from home
      And their away record has been rather terrible

  • the ultimate goat MESSI

    Best free kick ticket is one and only the goat messi