Top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • Top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories.
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    Have you ever experienced something in your life that was so strange and unexpected that it made you question your own reality? Well you may have encountered whats known as a glitch in the matrix - an event that just does not add up with how the world is supposed to work. If it ever happens to you, it can be truly terrifying. Its happened to other people and now you're gonna hear their stories. My name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories

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  • Leah Watson
    Leah Watson 4 days ago

    I don’t think this goes with a glitch in the matrix, but my great grandma is always telling me this story when I ask. She’s very healthy and is still alive to this day. She’s around 73 years old, and this story takes place maybe in her late 30’s. She would always take her dog outside, and her dog would run over a hill and come back with money. Almost every single time. It was truly a blessing because she didn’t have much. She was working as a janitor at a business building in Iowa. One day, she took her dog over the hill like they always did and her dog didn’t come back with money this time. She told me that she said to herself “I could really use 10 dollars right now for gas”. Her shift was a night shift. She showed up like usual, I can’t remember the time she said it was. She was mopping the floors on one of the top floors. She said it was always very busy on this floor, and she would look around and see people walking in every direction. She looked back down and as she looked up, no one was on the floor anymore. The elevator came up, and a short bald man entered the floor. He came to her and said “Are you Mary?” she said “Yes I am” and he gave her 10 dollars. She asked why, and he said “You asked for it, didn’t you?” and she said yes. She asked who he was and how did he know but the man left on the elevator. She began to mop again and people came onto the floor in every direction. She was very confused, and she tried to catch the man before he left. She ran down the staircase but didn’t see him leave the elevator. She still says to this day that she has no idea how that could have happened, and how that is possible. It’s absolutely crazy, but I truly believe her. We always laugh about it because she wishes she asked for more money lmao but it’s something she still can’t explain

  • avengers1978
    avengers1978 5 days ago

    These all just sound made up

  • wolfmaxy
    wolfmaxy 8 days ago

    Here’s a story... when I was a little kid, me and my cousins; one older and one younger than me, we were watching a soccer game, there was a bed next to the door, when my older cousin stood up, Something grabbed him under the bed, pulled him, he luckily grabbed the door side, we quickly stood up and grabbed his hands and started pulling to get him out, I yelled to my grandparents and they came and also witness that too, with everyone’s help, we got him out, his shoes were torn, but I feel like it could be a being for another dimension..cuz other weird stuff happened in that house..

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez 8 days ago

    Two are the same as an other

  • Lyv Rue
    Lyv Rue 10 days ago

    I saw myself in a crowd once. My mind processed it before I even realized what it was because my stomach jumped and I was freaked tf out. I’ll Never forget that feeling

  • Misty Fricke
    Misty Fricke 12 days ago

    Has anyone ever be talking to a group of people and hear your name and sound exactly like your voice and no one else hears it?

    THEASHCHRONICLES 12 days ago

    My girlfriend has also experienced a glitch in the matrix for herself. So back when i first moved out to Ohio we stayed with a friend for 4 months. One night i went to bed down in the finished basement and I was sleeping and while my girlfriend was upstairs drinking tea she saw me walking through the living area and outside onto the front porch. But I was asleep downstairs in the basement. The time this occured was around 2 am. I went to bed at around 9pm. My girlfriend followed the other me outside onto the front porch and she talkrd with the other me for about half an hour. I don't know what they talked about but indo know it was some pretty messed up scsry stuff. She never told me but i could tell it really scared her. I think she saw another me from an AU.

    THEASHCHRONICLES 12 days ago

    Yes I've experienced a glitch in the matrix for myself. I was walking outside one morning around 730 am and i was wearing basketball shorts and a t shirt and i looked across the street. I was downtown bc i had been skateboarding and i looked across the street and there across the road was another me. They were in a hoodie and the same outfit i was in ... It really freaked me out at first because i thought it was judt another person and then i looked again anf the other me looked at me creepily, waved and then a bus passed in front of me and the other me was gone. At the time my phine was dead so i couldnt take a picture. I wish i had. I told my girlfriend when I came home anf she didn't believe me. And now I think i ran into myself who was from an AU (alternate reality)

  • Elena
    Elena 15 days ago +1

    Took me forever to figure out if he had a hat on or not

  • JackTubeVlogs
    JackTubeVlogs 18 days ago

    I used to have this Homer Simpson plush and one night I went to the toilet and accidentally trood on him and he said doh but in the morning I picked him up and guess what? He doesn’t even use batteries tf what happened

  • Semi_Lil Emo_Girl
    Semi_Lil Emo_Girl 20 days ago

    Legit I saw 4 people running but it was just two people running next to each other and they were wearing similar clothes

  • M1HK
    M1HK 20 days ago

    I really like these videos, but there are a ton of repeats across the different "parts" of the same subject videos.. like the hosts don't communicate or something.. idk..

  • why not?
    why not? 20 days ago

    This is simple but still creepy. I was going to a friends house and I passed by a red truck that got pulled over by the police on the side of the road. I didn’t think much of it until the next day I passed by it again and there the red truck was, in the same position as the day before. Even the same police officer was there doing the same thing as before, handing the truck driver a ticket. To this day I still don’t know what the hell happened

  • Gabby Rico
    Gabby Rico 21 day ago

    To creepy can't finish watching

  • despacito Seth
    despacito Seth 26 days ago

    One time I had 3 packs of Pokemon cards but then when I went out of the store. 3+7 Pokemon cards appeared. I didn't mind it. But I asked my parents "Is this a glitch in the matrix?" My parents responded with "Yes."

  • GoogleAccount201
    GoogleAccount201 26 days ago

    There was this one time I went to the movies with my best friend and she brought her moms credit card so she would buy the ticket and her snacks. She had gave me the card so I would hold It while she got her food and ticket, but after I gave It back to her so she wouldn’t loose it. Eventually after the movie she couldn’t find it at all but she said she gave it to me even though I had given it back right before the movie. We searched everywhere for it until we all checked our pockets and nothing. We had left without a trace of where it went but we went back to check one more time. I was finding my phone in my pockets and instead of my phone being there it was the credit card.🤷🏽‍♀️that was really creepy to experience because I had checked it before and it wasn’t there.

  • Jesus Guerrero
    Jesus Guerrero 29 days ago


  • Electrix_Mix
    Electrix_Mix Month ago

    Hey ppl reading this I started a RU-clip channel not to Long Ago And I hope ppl do not treat this as self marketing anyways I just wanted to tell you all

  • Krzysztof Filip Maksymilian Stypuła

    They call this deja vu and it often happens to all of us but my ex told me that her brother once had deja vu and he said something like "I have deja vu and now this and that will happen" and than it happened (I don't remember what but it was something noone could predict).

    PH0ENIX MARTIN3Z Month ago

    I was just watching the video and all of the sudden, youtube closed. No "unfortunately, youtube has stopped." It just closed as i was sitting in my room alone and in the dark

  • BeeUTiFool825 DieSassTer85

    I usually get lost reading the videos comments... I've been on a glitch binge for the better part of half the day [I'm currently ill & on bed rest]... Not once have I seen a mention of the movie PARADOX... I highly recommend it, especially if you're super into Parallel Universes !!! If you happen to decide you want to watch
    №¹• Be patient with the slower parts, it's so worth it !!! NOT AT ALL what most people would expect !!!
    №²• Do NOT miss a single frame, rewind if you must but PAY ATTENTION !!!
    №³• Please come back & tell me what you thought about the movie !!!

  • Ed Ovalleys
    Ed Ovalleys Month ago +3

    Is it a glitch in the matrix that I heard the exact same stories in most amazing top 10?

    VANIX_ FN Month ago


  • Daenz 0814
    Daenz 0814 Month ago

    These can all be explained with either time slips and parallel worlds or Paranormal Ghosts and demons

  • This Dude beats fat
    This Dude beats fat Month ago +1

    I definitely shouldn't have been high n alone while watching this video

  • Ruben James
    Ruben James Month ago

    Tears of fear, tears of fear.

  • Infinity21 Inspirit

    This happened to me only yesterday... I was inside my car watching people pass by while waiting for someone when I noticed the same man and woman pass by me again doing the exact same thing they did a few minutes ago while walking passed my car. There was no way they could have turned a corner and pass by me again and do the exact same actions a while ago. It's like a scene being rewinded to watch that same scene.

  • Buhle Sikobi
    Buhle Sikobi Month ago

    Comic books are poison people🤔

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey Month ago

    Number 2.... Scary as hell

  • thebomdotcom
    thebomdotcom Month ago

    Number seven is just docter Emmet Brown chill

  • Samantha Ann
    Samantha Ann Month ago

  • Glenn Gunnis
    Glenn Gunnis 2 months ago

    This is true. I saw an airplane stuck in mid air. I was 9 or 10 when it happened.

  • Anna Elise
    Anna Elise 2 months ago +1

    One time I was out with my sister and next to us was a white car with like 8 bumper stickers and dark tinted windows. I brought the tinted driver side window to my sisters attention, as we both decided to ignore it. I looked back 2 seconds later and the car was still traveling next to us but there was a car exactly like it driving behind it. Same tinted windows, bumper stickers and exact same car.

  • The Dankest meme
    The Dankest meme 2 months ago

    Once my dad drove to the L.C.B.O and when he went inside the store a old drunk guy knocked on my window and said “ I might look old but I can still kill you “,then he walked away. Doesn’t have anything to do with the video but it was weird

  • Onigiri San
    Onigiri San 2 months ago

    One time I was out walking around town with my dad, and it was pouring it down with rain. almost a storm. So we crossed through between two buildings to get to the shop on the other side, when all of a sudden there was no more rain at all it was pure warmth and sunlight. I have two others just as weird, one where I was on holiday and I dropped something on the floor but it just disappeared. When I got home I found it in the kitchen. The other one, is where I lost my hat in a public bathroom, when all I did was put it on the floor next to my foot. Sadly I haven't found that yet. I remember them both so clearly, and I keep reminding everyone of what happened because I feel like I'd forget, but I doubt anyone would forget anything as weird as that.

  • qolaris
    qolaris 2 months ago

    swear i heard no. 5 before in another video, glitch in the matrix?

  • Neighborhood of Memes
    Neighborhood of Memes 2 months ago

    One time I was watching a video on you tube at 1: am and all of a sudden I
    Like woke up at 4: am it wasn’t a dream because I have the video on my history I don know if was asleep or something because my eyes were open but it was strange

  • Wolf
    Wolf 2 months ago

    I have a very short story but still a glitch in reality. Once I took a nap but when I woke up I saw what it looked like before I took the nap for a split second then it switched to what is was supposed to (night).

  • Donald Sayers
    Donald Sayers 2 months ago

    Here's a glitch. This video was in my history of videos I've seen today, even though I had never watched it.

  • CarlitoDUCK Yee
    CarlitoDUCK Yee 2 months ago

    My dad used to live in a village in Africa with his family including his grandmother. One day his grandmother went for a walk and didn't come back for 2 years! They looked everywhere fir her and could not find her. Eventualy they thought she was abducted or maybe even killed. Then oneday she just walked up to the house. Yep. And she didn't even age a day! And according to her, she had only been gone for a few hours. She seemed different apparently. My told me this story so im not saying its true, but my dad seems to believe and rember this event vividly,so do a few of my aunts. Im Honestly starting to beleve that maybe my grandmother somehow made her way into some parallel place and came back? Or maybe she entered a place where time had changed or slowed down?

  • Samuel Cameron
    Samuel Cameron 2 months ago

    Your a wizard

  • Anthony Cole
    Anthony Cole 2 months ago

    Maybe that old man is like the old lady from insidious

  • Molly Norman
    Molly Norman 2 months ago

    A friend of mine once received a call from his own phone number. He didn’t pick it up, so we don’t know who or what it was and at the time wrote it off as a spam call spoofing his number though I will always wonder what would have happened had he picked up.

  • Joanna Ferrer
    Joanna Ferrer 2 months ago

    3:45 That's rude .😭😢

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen 2 months ago

    The wife at the computer can just be a vision of her energy. As she is sitting there a lot, her body produces heat = energy.
    Many ghost are just energy readings from the surroundings.

  • janco No
    janco No 2 months ago +1


  • Baby Jupiter
    Baby Jupiter 2 months ago

    A sign saying "Co-op cocktail on the vine tomatoes"

    DO DOST 3 months ago

    none of your stories have any proof

  • iGnarly
    iGnarly 3 months ago

    I remember one day I was walking and I saw a bird that was stuck in mid air it wasn’t moving or anything it was just stuck it would occasionally flap its wings but it wasn’t moving at all. I recorded it on my phone but when I did it wouldn’t show up on the recording.

  • LoreleitheFoster
    LoreleitheFoster 3 months ago

    I saw certain book in BAM, and then I went back a few months later, only to find out they hadn't released it, but I know I saw it on the shelves!

  • Palladia
    Palladia 3 months ago +1

    I also had a glitch in the matrix moment about 5-6 years ago and I still don't know what the heck it was. I was talking on phone with my dad and he was telling his usual blabla when the call suddenly disconnected, I heard the call ending sound effect. Right in the next second my phone rang again, and when I looked at the screen it said "Dad" was calling me. I didn't even think of it in that moment, but not he nor anyone else could've called back so fast, the phone was still at my ear when it rang again. So I answered the call and I was like "did you end the call, dad?" but there was only this weird static sound and a very deep distorted voice which was constantly talking in a slow, robotic manner but I couldn't make out what was said. It freaked me out right after about 30 seconds so I ended the call. After a few minutes I called my dad and I told him ok this happened, did you call me back in this time or what the heck was that. He said no, he was disconnected too when he was in the middle of talking. He tried to call me back though not right after, but about 1 minute later and the system message said "the number you have dialed is not in service." Meaning my number. Now this was the part that really freaked me out. We still have no idea what this could've been. Though maybe all this was just a glitch in the phone network I never heard anything like this happen to anyone. I still get goosebumps when I think of this

  • Julián Balderas pesina

    Glitches in the matrix are always scary as fuk you can always accidentally fuk up your present o loved ones

  • Lon M
    Lon M 3 months ago

    Today I was on the interstate and there were 8 different white cars,suv, and trucks coming onto the interest. First thought they all were with a company, but then they all separated it was odd. I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Elisa Barahona
    Elisa Barahona 3 months ago

    I think i experienced a glitch i was going to work and i seen i white jeep i look to the left to move lanes and the white jeep turned orange i looked around and there was no other jeep then 2 minutes later i seen a gray Camaro and i seen it clearly but when it pulls up to a restaurant its a gray gt mustang i was confused

  • A Tired Loser
    A Tired Loser 3 months ago

    My Fish Randomly Grew Skin On It's Eyes.

  • MC_H4YD3N Hayden K
    MC_H4YD3N Hayden K 3 months ago

    This is my story:
    In 2017, I had a dream where killer clowns were following me home running at me then a few days later thats when killer clowns started to get popular and stalking pEOPLE idk if this is just a coincidence

  • vKim Ale
    vKim Ale 3 months ago

    Isn't she Park Si Yeon (0:43) in the Nice Guy kdrama? 😃😃

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 3 months ago

    I felt like something had happened when I was a child. But is afraid to talk about it. Knowing no one is going to believe me.

  • Nathan Gil
    Nathan Gil 3 months ago

    This video should be called the Mandela affect

  • Kaitlynn Causer
    Kaitlynn Causer 3 months ago

    This used to happen all the time when I was younger but I would feel really tired and when I “woke up” I wouldn’t remember that I even fell asleep and also I would wake up in different places and not remember how I got there