Top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • Top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories.
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    Have you ever experienced something in your life that was so strange and unexpected that it made you question your own reality? Well you may have encountered whats known as a glitch in the matrix - an event that just does not add up with how the world is supposed to work. If it ever happens to you, it can be truly terrifying. Its happened to other people and now you're gonna hear their stories. My name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories

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  • potatissås mä fläskkarré

    Like 2 years ago me and my friend had a sleepover cause we should go to a consert together. My mum told us the night before that she would wake us up at 8 o' clock. The next morning she woke us up and both me and my friend started looking at our phones. Both saw that the clock was 9 and we was like: wait, shouldn't we wake up at 8?
    So we asked my mum and she answered "Yeah, the clock is 8, what's the problem?"

    We both looked back at our phones and the clock was 8, we looked at each other in horror, my mum told us that we must have been wrong, but we where sure about what we've seen. To this day I'm still not sure what it was but it was sure creepy

  • Mimi Silly things
    Mimi Silly things 6 days ago

    🙁idk but there times i dream or felt I've been in the exactly the same spot. And i brush it away like it wasn't anything and the next time i noticed i felt I've been here again 😐.idk why though

  • Henry Radley
    Henry Radley 9 days ago

    dude I had a friend who had no idea his mom had an orange car. I thought I was mad so i asked friends of mine and they all knew his mom had an orange car. When I went to confront him about it he thought i was mad. When I did for a second time he thought he was going mad. Unfortunately his mom sold the car before we ever talked about it. I knew it was his moms car I'd seen her driving it, and many other people did too. Maybe a glitch in the matrix or my friend swapped himself with another him from an alternate universe.

  • mr._baum
    mr._baum 9 days ago +1

    But where is the evidence

  • Abrarul Haque
    Abrarul Haque 10 days ago


  • ϻαrlεΥ
    ϻαrlεΥ 10 days ago

    useless video...its all about the views and money

  • Joe McMullen
    Joe McMullen 10 days ago

    ive got a couple or actually ive got one and one of my sisters sister was in the back garden chilling one afternoon,walked into the kitchen put a pizza on at say 1205 on the kitchen cooker(she cant remember the 'times')so far so good.went back out into the garden,sat down again she says and everything around her went sort of 'electric' was how she described it ,then her watch which was an analogue one made a whirring noise so she looked at it and it rewound itself ten minutes.she thought thats v weird went back into the kitchen and the cooker clock was 1155! ..and the pizza wasnt in the oven,it was still in the fridge.
    mine-i was in the back garden having a cigarette,looked up and from there you can see the kitchen window and living room at the same time-kate the wife is doing the washing up at the sink in the kitchen AND shes standing in the living room-she waves from the kitchen BUT the one in living room looks like a cardboard cutout as in its kates shape but blacked out.i was astonished and wish i had tried to communicate to the kitchen one what was going on.but i didnt-i walked upto the living room window(so i can no longer see the kitchen window)knocked ,and the shape turned round,walked towards me,waved and walked into the kitchen.i raced inside white as a sheet,kate never felt anything strange but said shed just walked into the kitchen from the living room.

  • Ńıcølë Śėsè
    Ńıcølë Śėsè 11 days ago

    It happened to my nanny(yeah nanny I'm not a spoild brat okay don't judge,it was a long time ago when I was like 10 or 9 cause my mom is rarely home and that's why I need a nanny...maid...babysitter or something)I was still at school and when I came home she told me (she didn't directly told me and she even tried to change the topic but she eventually spilled the tea)that she saw me walk up the stairs she even tried to call me but i didn't even turn around so she just let 'me' be.I was so freak out😂
    Even her husband saw 'me' too....

  • 1mig lim
    1mig lim 11 days ago

    More please!!

  • PinkiethePanda
    PinkiethePanda 12 days ago

    When I was in college, in the first week of my second year there I made a friend called dotty, during a break one day I went down stairs to the print room and happened to pass dotty in the corridor, a few moments later I passed her again, but she was wearing different clothes? After break I asked her if she had an identical twin sister in the college, she said that she DOES have an identical twin sister, but she’s in prison...

  • librarose79
    librarose79 13 days ago

    One time my grandma called our home yelling at me. I was like what's wrong? She claimed she just talked to me on the phone a few minutes earlier and asked to speak to my mom and I told her she "kicked the bucket". At the time I didn't even know what that saying meant and my mom is very much alive. It was so weird. I told her she must have dialed the wrong number but she insists it was me. It wasn't.

  • rise up
    rise up 14 days ago

    I barely noticed his hat I thought that was his hair the whole time 😂

  • rise up
    rise up 14 days ago

    Even that lassie dog looked scary behind that tree lol

  • Asj Johnson
    Asj Johnson 14 days ago

    wow, I found #2 really creepy. Those are some cool stories. Much more interesting than I thought the video would be.
    One time, I was brushing my teeth at the kitchen sink while looking out the window. I saw what looked like a bright star, close to where the sun sits, and figured it was Venus. I asked my dad, "Hey, is that Venus?" and he looks and says it is. He walks away. As I continue to brush my teeth, 'Venus' suddenly seemed to begin slowly drifting upward. I figured it was just my eyes drifting from boredom or tiredness, since I've had that type of thing happen before. ...But then I had to duck my head to still see 'Venus'. I watched as it floated over the house until I could no longer see it. And wondered what it was.
    ...Now, many years later, I think the only reasonable explanation would be that perhaps it was a passing satelite that had caught the light from the sun. Maybe it seemed stationary at first because of how near the horizon it was.
    ...When I was a young teenager, I used to see these little, roughly hand-sized, shadows creatures, usually out of the corner of my eye. Just these little, flat blobs that would dart between shadows (faster than I would think anything natural could move). A friend claimed that she knew of them and thought they were friendly or something. But, I could only think of them as maybe being little demons or something, and I tended to have this feeling in the back of my head that there were things hiding in the shadows under the furniture at night, making me nervous about dangling my legs over the side of the couch.
    One day, my brother and I were visiting someone, and we were at the kitchen table next to a pair of sliding glass doors overlooking a large backyard. I just happened to be looking that way when, suddenly, a BEAR-SIZED shadow darted from the trees on one side to the trees on the other. ...My brother said that he just happened to glance that way at the same time and also saw it, agreeing that no animal that big could move that fast. (the only thing we could come up with was that, maybe, a large bird flew overhead and its shadow was cast just the right way to make it look that way. Though... I'm not sure it was the right time of day for a shadow at that angle.)

  • Legionlegion Shanekeath

    It has 666 k views

  • Mx Memes
    Mx Memes 15 days ago +1

    Omfg, I watched this when it was 666k views

  • Elizaveta Hedervary
    Elizaveta Hedervary 15 days ago

    Was her name




  • Pete Le Boydre
    Pete Le Boydre 15 days ago

    When I was 15 my mother passed away the night this happens I was awoken from a voice saying what are you going to do now that we have taken your still plays on my mind now.

  • No One
    No One 16 days ago

    Not too long ago, I was eating with my friends during lunch at school. My friends and I always sit in somewhat of a circle in the band room (yes, we’re band geeks). I like to sit in a chair while one of my friends, Kaci, likes to sit on the floor. I usually finish eating my food before her, and when I had finished eating, I had to return my tray to the cafeteria. I saw that Kaci was still eating (bc she also had a tray and I’m kind enough that I would have taken it back for her), so I just headed down to the cafeteria. When I got to the open doors of the cafeteria, I saw her walking towards me as she was heading back to the band room. I stopped right where I was and stared at her with my mouth open and my eyes wide in surprise. She asked me “What?” as she saw my expression and I explained to her what I had just experienced.
    When I look back at it, I think I didn’t see her leave, but I don’t quite remember that. I would have saw that she had left before me, yet I’m pretty sure I had gotten my food before her. (I’m a quick eater and she’s quite the opposite) Idk, I try not to think about it to much.
    There was also another time where I thought I had seen an airplane that had paused in midair. I was riding on a back of a golf cart with my sister. I soon asked her if she had seen the same thing and she said yes. Again, I’m not to confident if what I had seen was real or not. There was a lot of trees that blocked my vision of the airplane as the golf cart moved along. Also, the airplane was high up in the air on a clear blue-sky day so I didn’t have a reference point to tell if it was moving or not

  • sonic heroes
    sonic heroes 16 days ago +2

    It's probably just a Genjutsu

  • Aro Rose
    Aro Rose 16 days ago

    There's a tradition in my country that if you keep looping on a same place, turn your upper clothes backward. It will stop the loop.

  • Qasim Mustafa Ali
    Qasim Mustafa Ali 17 days ago

    Early bird April Fool maybe? 😂

  • I do not exist
    I do not exist 17 days ago +1

    I was just think about a ‘glitch in the matrix’ story then this video popped up on my recommend woah

  • Thais Schwartz
    Thais Schwartz 17 days ago

    #2 got into Wizarding World

  • John Sannucci
    John Sannucci 17 days ago

    Someone tell me where he got his shirt from please 💯😊😊

  • Hope dontmope
    Hope dontmope 17 days ago

    Am I turtlely enough for the.. turtle club?

  • Claudia Corsini
    Claudia Corsini 18 days ago

    The strangest thing that uh happened to me was I was at the pool and all the lifeguards were like the same (the were triplets)

  • Emerald Nation
    Emerald Nation 18 days ago

    0:01 my parents went to the grocery store and never came back

  • Natalie ET
    Natalie ET 19 days ago

    The driving stories...

  • Greg Galindo
    Greg Galindo 19 days ago

    Who else just saw the movie US?! 😭😭

  • Angelina Savini
    Angelina Savini 20 days ago +1

    A lot of these are more paranormal activities than a glitch

  • Paul Hord
    Paul Hord 21 day ago


    *HATE COMMENT* 23 days ago

    make more of this

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 23 days ago

    #5 is actually an alien abduction theory.
    When youre taken they drug you. When they are done youre dropped off where you were picked up..
    Similar thing happened to me.
    I was taking my garbage cans to the road around 930 in the moring i started to walk back to my house and next thing i know is that its dark. When i looked at my phone it was 8 at night.

  • The rancid potato #5
    The rancid potato #5 24 days ago

    why it look like he got a mullet with that hat on

  • Jamie Bennett
    Jamie Bennett 25 days ago +1

    I was in my basement about 17 years old playing online as I used to do. Happy healthy. Mentally stable. Heard a hello from a woman behind me. I froze in fear afraid to turn around for a second ... The sharply turned around... My mass murderer wasnt there... Thank god lol... I searched the entire house. No one was there. Wish now that I wouldve said hello back. Id totally have a convo with a ghost

  • JohanUUU
    JohanUUU 25 days ago

    2:50 could be the radio

  • Legendary Zelda
    Legendary Zelda 27 days ago

    Don't look directly at Danny's shirt.

  • Nat Ford
    Nat Ford 27 days ago

    Fascinating but not scary. More please.

  • Alex Avendano
    Alex Avendano 27 days ago

    Yo when I was in middle School I remember playing on my phone during breakfast then putting in my backpack. I didn't take it out the whole day until I got on the bus and I couldn't find it I thought I lost it somehow, when I got home, my phone was on my bed it freaked me out.

  • TOX1FOX3
    TOX1FOX3 28 days ago

    I have experienced some "Matrix glitch" more like some demonic thing: When I was 12. It was the middle of the night, around 2-3 am, I woke up because I heard my 2 brothers and sister screaming, mummy help me, help. To my surprise I wasn't the only one who woke up so did my mum, my mum looked into the room to see if the children were still there, and they were so we walked down the short hallway into the living room, and peeked out the window, before we peeked out it still sounded like the children, and when we looked we heard the sound of cats meowing, it was three cats, after that night I never really cared about what me and mum experienced, simply because my mum never said a word to me and I was 12. How ever now being 16 I asked if she still remembered that day, and she said yeah, we revised the story and I realised that my mum went outside to chase the cats, and told me that after that she also prayed and preach as she thought that was the devil's work. TRUST ME it was one of the weirdest experiences in my life and the most complicated to process.

  • 1
    1 28 days ago

    Glitch in the matrix

    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
    John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

    Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
    John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

    The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.

    Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

    Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

    Both were shot in the head.

    Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
    Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.

    Both were assassinated by Southerners.

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    Both successors were named Johnson.

    Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
    Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

    John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln was born in 1839.
    Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939.

    Both assassins were known by their three names.

    Both names are made of fifteen letters.

    Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.
    Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.

    Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.Glitch in the matrix

    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
    John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

    Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
    John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

    The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.

    Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

    Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

    Both were shot in the head.

    Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
    Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.

    Both were assassinated by Southerners.

    Both were succeeded by Southerners.

    Both successors were named Johnson.

    Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
    Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

    John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln was born in 1839.
    Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939.

    Both assassins were known by their three names.

    Both names are made of fifteen letters.

    Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.
    Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.

    Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

  • Benjamin Vlcek
    Benjamin Vlcek 29 days ago

    Honestly I love your videos ❤️

  • AbsoluteGacha
    AbsoluteGacha 29 days ago

    what if these r just dreams/nightmares lol

  • Brandi Pritt
    Brandi Pritt Month ago

    My dad and I were driving around in my town and we went up a few roads and it took about 10 minutes. When we drove back it seemed as if all the other roads disappeared and we went down one. We got back home in literally 20 seconds. He and I looked at each other and asked each other if we had seen that. It freaked us out

  • SquadAF
    SquadAF Month ago

    I’m not calling these stories fake but I want some pictures or something to creep me tf out

  • Emm Pedno
    Emm Pedno Month ago

    there is no such thing as a "matrix' except in the mind of a deranged person

  • Briley alves
    Briley alves Month ago

    i used to be a chain smoker, cigarettes are such a force of habit after awhile. one time i went to light my morning cig and i took the first drag. it was about 10 AM because i had an alarm for 9:45 AM. i was on my friend’s porch on my phone so while i was checking my notifications from the night while i as asleep, naturally the cigarette would be between my fingers and behind my phone with my pinky finger under the phone to maintain my grasp. as i brought that hand back to my mouth to take the second drag, there was nothing. for a split second, my brain assumed that it just went out cause i held it for too long or perhaps i just didn’t light it all the way even though i know i did since the first drag was fine. that’s when i realized the cigarette was never even lit in the first place. it was a brand new, not burned cigarette. my mouth tasted like a smoking cigarette even tho i had not smoked since earlier the previous evening and brushed my teeth as i was staying w some family friends and didn’t wanna be impolite. as we all know, chemical changes can not be undone. i was so confused and thought maybe i was going crazy. that’s when i relit it and looked at my phone, the time was then 9 AM. i will never understand what this meant or how it happened. something that sounds so simple really fucked me up for awhile. it was like i was transported or taken back in time...undoing the tasks i had previously made. my notifications came back as well. it was like i hadn’t checked anything or sent texts back....the conversations were unread and untouched and not replied to. freaky.

  • billy johnston
    billy johnston Month ago

    Danny cut your hair!

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips Month ago

    Every story gave me chills fuuuuuu

  • xmixaplix
    xmixaplix Month ago

    So a few years ago my coworker and I were walking to the elevator with a guy wearing a yellow shirt and brown pants in front of us during the afternoon. We were talking as we made our way to the elevator that had just open but the guy went in and it closed on us so we figured we catch the next one. No sooner did it close, it had open up again so we went inside. As the door closed once we went in, my coworker asked me, "wasn't there a guy that went in ahead of us?" I acknowledge and replied, "yeah, and wasn't he wearing a yellow shirt and brown pants?!" He confirmed the attire so we did indeed both saw what we saw. We were spooked because you see...there's only 2 of us, that 3rd man just simply vanished. We tried to believe that maybe the elevator went up or down 1 floor but the problem is, it had just closed and reopen; there wasn't enough time for it to do any of that. To this day, we still were not sure what we saw.

  • Ines Gajdek
    Ines Gajdek Month ago

    I had a glitch too. In my family we have specific order where each of us sits at the table even if we are not eating all together we always sit in our spot. The thing is that one day we were going to have lunch and I went to sit on a chair that I thought was mine but it wasn't. It was my brothers chair but I was so convinced that it was my chair that we almost started fighting and everyone were like "you never sit there your chair is this on the other side". I was obviously very confused and still not sure how that all happened.

  • The Chicken Nugget - Vlogs

    So the time thing kinda happens to me itll be lets say 11:30 ill look back 20ish minutes later itll be 11:25 or so

  • Johnny Herrera
    Johnny Herrera Month ago

    There have been reports of time travel. But at this moment we cannot send a human as our bodies will have symptoms that we cannot prevent at this time. Hence #1 who did pass through a loop and one of his symptoms, burning feeling. Also #2 is the only story to support our fabric of rewloty is being regulated. Some how, some way. Matt Dillion was in a movie where he changed one decision and apparently changed his fate that he should have never had. This movie shows that there is an organization of people who work to keep the order of reality. The smartest minds of our world has even admitted that if you break down our reality, it can even come down to 1s and 0s. #StayWoke. You can go through a loop when there is a certain combo of electric charges. When in one area, can cause unpredictable reactions. We are conducters of electricity. Thats how we can travel.

  • Ahmad Iftikhar
    Ahmad Iftikhar Month ago

    I sometimes get memories of my near future... And Everytime it happens in opposite, this way I know what's gonna happen... And I'm superscared by it...
    Another thing, I don't know why I see the planets and space in dreams.... I see planets colliding and any planet forming solar eclipse with the sun... I see the same type of dream after a specific period of time... And I'm not kidding...

  • Dreary Deary
    Dreary Deary Month ago

    trippy mac demarco shirt. i see you!

  • Claire Fossey
    Claire Fossey Month ago

    Don't use stock pics. If you have no photo evidence then just talk. Makes you look fake.

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown Month ago

    top vid.

  • Mike gang
    Mike gang Month ago

    One Time I was walking down the street with my dog with my pit and saw someone that looked just like me and same kind of dog

  • Que Tip
    Que Tip Month ago

    Hey the matrix! What is this a fan story....oh wait wrong matrix lol

  • Cam Noelle
    Cam Noelle Month ago

    One time my sister & I was doing our makeup in our mirror and her mascara fell , she bent over to go pick it up and when she got back up the mirror was delayed a good couple seconds. Like she looked in the mirror and the mirror was a couple seconds late. I thought i was Crazy but she saw it too. I have no explanation

  • be ess
    be ess Month ago

    Yes I did. The logo Gillette always was, but during the spring of 2016 it was Gilette, then bounced back to Gillette...

  • Morgan Greg
    Morgan Greg Month ago

    Well me and my friend were talking about the matrix then we saw people in black everywere after my friend is acting weird then a month later he was acting really weird thinking we were in the matrix after he saidit was a prank butt it wasnt i knew

  • real situ
    real situ Month ago

    This is, more horrific then matrix

  • Alvaro San Martin
    Alvaro San Martin Month ago

    So glad you cut your hair.. 😂

  • alyssa cook
    alyssa cook Month ago

    can you please make another one of these

  • alejandra deanda
    alejandra deanda Month ago

    Something similar happened to my mother and family members. None of them had kids and they were all adults. They past under a freeway and heard babies crying.... there we’re no children in the car and no other cars there.

  • Bom Is Queen
    Bom Is Queen Month ago

    Voicemails/phone call scary stories and mirror scary stories terrify me!

  • Dacity
    Dacity Month ago

    One time I threw a hard plastic fishing ball into a bush and a good 3 seconds later the ball came out faster than I threw it and busted my lip and had to get stitches, scary thing was is there were no trees that would be able to ricochet.

  • Johanna Capera
    Johanna Capera Month ago

    Reddit user “ you’re a moron “ lmaoo

  • A Muse In the craftroom

    Maybe a glitch....not sure. I got married in Vegas at the Valley of Fire. There were only 10 of us plus the minister. I have a wedding photo that is a candid shot of our whole group. Everyone in frame. No idea who could have taken the shot, and the camera timer was never used. We didn't even have a tripod with us.

  • dm jeni
    dm jeni Month ago

    I think the dead uncle one could be a premonition brought by an unusual means other than how most premonitions are.

  • sid g
    sid g Month ago +2

    i have a lot of deja vue...(however its spelled) always have and i'm a very vivid dreamer and i think that those two are somehow connected..usually when i have the deja vue its always the feeling that i have dreamed about that moment.....

  • roo255
    roo255 Month ago

    Can anyone give me the link to the reddit thread from number 10?

  • Mason Leighton
    Mason Leighton Month ago +1

    Back when Danny was Jesus 😂

  • Prabhul Krishna
    Prabhul Krishna Month ago +1

    These all are just fictions

  • Dakota Robinson
    Dakota Robinson Month ago

    Dude number 8 literally terrifies me. I don’t know why.....

  • Warren Wolf tail
    Warren Wolf tail Month ago

    Make another one plz

  • Princess SugaKookie
    Princess SugaKookie Month ago +4

    Omg, so I have a story. Once (I was 11) I had a nightmare where this one lady kept trying to kill me. It was super realistic, which made it worse. About a week or two later, I was in the car with my mom. I saw a red car (Which the girl in the nightmare was driving) And... The girl was in that car. Not a hallucination, everyone else saw her. She waved at me and smiled as she was driving by. I was looking back, to see the car again. But it was gone. Like I said, everyone else in the car also saw her, not a hallucination.

  • William Mulvihill
    William Mulvihill Month ago

    The best one that ever happend for me is for no reason me and my ex happend to be at target and back to the future was on sale and impulse bought it and while I do not know the exact date the movie shows at the very first screen but it was the exact date expect for the year even the day of the week was the same

  • Obsidian_One1 The Obsidian

    Oh yeah? Here is a glitch for you. Prove it!

  • phillip Bowls
    phillip Bowls Month ago +1

    Stories! That's all. Proof or gtfo

  • Zack W
    Zack W Month ago

    You know you're white when he tells the story of the alleyway and your first thought is, next time I'm going down that same path

  • Super shark gamer -SSG

    I have a story
    We was in a car It was 18:53 I slept for seven minutes and then I was woke by a bump in the the road now it was 18:47 and then suddenly a bright light appeared the car was normal everything outside was bright though and we nearly fell in a ditch (a hole ) and now it was 18:58 and the night before I dreamt about travelling in time.

    • Username
      Username 6 days ago

      +Super shark gamer -SSG Oh sorry I was half asleep when I wrote that reply

    • Username
      Username 6 days ago


    • Super shark gamer -SSG
      Super shark gamer -SSG 7 days ago

      Username sorry about that I was half asleep when I wrote this

    • Username
      Username 7 days ago

      dont reply to me

  • fredworthmn
    fredworthmn Month ago

    1996 timeframe here in the USA I experienced a series of changes, one where a friend only drank Coke one day and when he came to visit he only drank Pepsi and told me he never liked Coke. I started a new job during this time and had been looking for a man I had once worked with. One day I was walking along the route I normally walked but his name was on a desk which had not been on the desk before. When I asked him about it later he stated that he had always sat there. I would have noticed. Nothing major like these videos, but enough to shake me up. About 3 more small but weird things like that happened over about a month. I figure it was the "rapture" or something.

  • pure drones
    pure drones Month ago +1

    On my way to school I saw a bird that was stuck flying directly above a tree🤔

  • Salvatore DeLuca
    Salvatore DeLuca Month ago

    There are multiple dimensions that constitute the fabric of time , and they are slightly ahead in time as we know it. Occasionally there are instances in which it runs into each other and that’s how we explain deja vu and how you almost know about things ahead of time. Einstein’s theory of bending time. Kinda like the movie deja vu

    YOUNG_BEAN • Month ago +1

    Your shirt scares me

  • Ivan-Daniel Mondragon-alfaro

    Your hair is pretty scary lol. Love bro bro!

  • Leonardo cook
    Leonardo cook Month ago

    I should be going to bed whatever one more episode!

  • Charlie Boy
    Charlie Boy Month ago

    This one time I went to a taco stand around 2am ....and they were. Out of tacos.....nooooooo😋😋😮😮😮😮😮

  • Ava LaRoux
    Ava LaRoux Month ago

    #2 that's called disassociation it happens all the time to me and other people with various mental Illnesses including depression, bipolar, PTSD, borderline personality, schitzophrenia etc. It's normal if your brain doesn't have the right neurotransmitters.

  • Dusty Glover
    Dusty Glover Month ago

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  • IOM 2013
    IOM 2013 Month ago

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  • Mari Marichat
    Mari Marichat Month ago +2

    I swear something like this happen to me I swear to my life

    So my mom was talking to me but this werid things happen I can't explain it but I saw my mom washing the dishes it was like every thing was fast forwarding In a dream and my mom was looking at me while washing the dishes smiling like she knows what am seeing then it stopped and repeated backwards and went back to my mom talking,A few hours passed and I saw my mom washing the dishes smiling at me like in that frase I was going through I never been so freaked out my life I swear i think I traveled to the future while standing watching my mom talking to me like every thing is normal while looking at the kitchen seeing my mom washing the dishes idk if it makes sense but it's so freaky it was like datavu experiencing right in front of my eyes I swear it was real

  • Chipotle Lover
    Chipotle Lover Month ago

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  • Monarquista Rebelde

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