How to build a Billion Dollar app? | George Berkowski | TEDxCityUniversityLondon

  • Published on May 5, 2015
  • Apps have changed the way we communicate, shop, play, interact and travel and their phenomenal popularity has presented possibly the biggest business opportunity in history. George gives you exclusive access to the secrets behind the success of the select group of apps that have achieved billion-dollar success.
    George Berkowski is an entrepreneur who has built businesses in manned space flight, online dating, transportation and mobile apps. His new venture is IceCream ~ a Camera app that never runs out space (and a lot more fun features).

    He is one of the minds behind the internationally successful taxi hailing app Hailo where he led the product team until September 2013. George studied rocket science and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and business at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris. He was Chairman of MIT’s Enterprise Forum in the UK and is heavily involved in the UK and US startup scenes. George now divides his time between London and Silicon Valley.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Joseph Eklund
    Joseph Eklund Day ago

    he cant spell

  • Maya Doss
    Maya Doss 6 days ago

    Mansa Musa was "history's richest person"

  • Kunwar Bhargava
    Kunwar Bhargava 13 days ago

    My earphone's left side is damaged so i thought this video doesn't have sound..thanks to comments 😂

  • brookwest
    brookwest 16 days ago

    Mansa Musa was the Richest person ever and Arthur Hubbard is the second Richest with a net worth of 925 Billion Dollars by creating the anti Gravity Triangle Space Ship. You will never hear about this guy but he lives right now. Google him he was worth 526 Billion Dollars 5 years ago.

  • Kevin CFC
    Kevin CFC 19 days ago

    My left ear made a billion dollars but my right ear went bankrupt with a debt of a billion

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 21 day ago

    Actually, the richest man that ever lived was mansa musa misa mesa

  • michael mc k
    michael mc k 23 days ago

    Tesla smelt it

  • E Ml
    E Ml 25 days ago

    Funny how just 4 years ago nobody saw quite how wealthy Jeff Bezos was to become. He may not be at Rockefeller's level yet, but it seems silly to say he never could be

  • tony Wilkinson
    tony Wilkinson 28 days ago

    Can’t spell Rockefeller

  • The Mastermind
    The Mastermind 28 days ago +2

    I spent half the video tweaking my headphones🎧 wires...till I read the comments 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

    • Scooter1
      Scooter1 25 days ago

      That’s definitely not your username

  • RanDom JamAican
    RanDom JamAican Month ago +6

    He is not the richest man in history 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Richard Whitaker
    Richard Whitaker Month ago

    I'm making the next billion dollar app right now as we speak

  • shaq the beast
    shaq the beast Month ago

    Thanks for the video ,made me change the way I used to think

  • Henok Gebeyehu
    Henok Gebeyehu Month ago

    To become a billion dollar company, you have to be disruptive. Develop something that addresses an issue that has not been solved yet.

  • Zenebatos
    Zenebatos Month ago

    Rockefeller isnt the first or history's richest person. Mansa Musa was. google him.

  • Space Derby
    Space Derby Month ago

    i got the best idea for an app that will change our world. there will be less deaths in car accidents and companies will increase their production. I need to get someone to develop it though.

  • princessdyn
    princessdyn Month ago

    History's richest person was the emperor of Timbuktu, west Africa, present Mali. Good presentation though.

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar Month ago

    I think my air pods are not working !

  • WinterGirl
    WinterGirl Month ago

    But I have no people skills and have never worked in a team, not since school. Didn't all these app billionaires have smart teams around them helping keep the servers from breaking or something? (See, I'm clueless).

  • Kalifo
    Kalifo Month ago +4

    who else is ready to take over the tech industry

  • Ron Clarke
    Ron Clarke Month ago

    Sorry sir but Mansa Musa is the worlds richest person to ever live. So you meant to say was no one would probably be richer than Mansa Musa. Oh yea, he had $400,000,000. Thanks and have a great day!!

  • STRIX dances
    STRIX dances Month ago +1

    Never heard of UK apps

  • Nelson
    Nelson Month ago

    Wait this audio problem is not limited to headphones? I didn't notice it until I started reading the comments. Maybe that's the goal?

  • Xwlap -G
    Xwlap -G Month ago

    My left ear is gone crazy

  • Netanel Avraham
    Netanel Avraham 2 months ago

    the conclusion is: if you want a billion dollar app just think of a service people need constantly and costs and think how to make it free or close to that.

  • Isaac mondragon
    Isaac mondragon 2 months ago +2

    Nice! In 7 years from now i will have my first operating app that will revolutionized the world! I don't know how to build apps now but i will start learning today!

  • George Benichou
    George Benichou 2 months ago +1

    as usual if you listen to people some of them will raise you up !! and some people will put you down ??? why ??? think !! again and again !!! think !!! the best way is to follow yourself !!! as all successfull people always do !!!

  • Jv Saxopeal
    Jv Saxopeal 2 months ago +2

    Do you know Mansa Musa? If you have incomplete knowledge read another book.

    • Jv Saxopeal
      Jv Saxopeal 14 days ago

      Reprogramming Mind. Of course nobody has completed knowledge but the oil businessman was not the richest. One man destroyed the entire economy of Egypt with his pocket change. “Nobody was as rich...or will be that rich” (Im paraphrasing here) is a limiting idea. It is creating a certain narative. If you look outside your circle, a whole new world of possiblities can happen. Sometimes other cultures are discredited and their desendents are placed in a box.

    • Reprogramming Mind
      Reprogramming Mind 15 days ago

      Who has complete knowledge?

    GUMZO YULE 2 months ago

    Mansa Musa is the richest person in histry, look up

  • Diamond GuyYT
    Diamond GuyYT 2 months ago


  • jordan salvador
    jordan salvador 2 months ago +1

    The richest person in all history was actually Richie Rich.

  • shameonyou17
    shameonyou17 2 months ago

    Did he spell Rockefeller wrong????!!!

  • Jose Alas
    Jose Alas 2 months ago

    John D Rockeller ?

  • Home Business University
    Home Business University 3 months ago +1

    In dreams begin responsibilities. W. B. Yeats

  • Zain Zafar Sial
    Zain Zafar Sial 3 months ago

    Nothing new -_-

  • Alan Quarrie
    Alan Quarrie 3 months ago

    How many people have excellent ideas but don’t have the money?🤨 and could possibly make you Millions $$$$

  • Gradius2k
    Gradius2k 3 months ago

    I did the billion dollar app. I got so tired of that huge pile of money that I decided to BURN IT ALL! Now I'm a very happy person! Yep, money for nothing.

  • Donivic Hastle
    Donivic Hastle 3 months ago

    The reason i don't watch TEDanything

  • Anselminos
    Anselminos 3 months ago

    pls fix audio :D

  • UX Sherlock
    UX Sherlock 3 months ago

    "I think the presentation was good. It gives one an idea of where ideas could take a person. Persistence is key. I believe it's about execution too. Perhaps George could mention which specialists one needs to build an app and how to launch it in his next video. Do look out for my apps in the near future fellow people".
    ~Partho Roy AKA UX Sherlock

  • Zinc Campaign حملة زنك

    well, i believe that this is how Alpoks company built itself..

    JESSE VERNON WHEELER 3 months ago

    King Mansa Moosa left the chat...

    XOXO VOXO 4 months ago

    omg this is soo crazily accurate..this applies so well to 2019

  • Aqua Marine
    Aqua Marine 4 months ago

    Is there anyone here who has made billions already from this video 🤔

  • llClassifiedll
    llClassifiedll 4 months ago

    John D Rockefeller is not “history’s” richest person lol. It’s actually an African man who goes by the name Mansa Musa his net worth was $400 Billion.

  • TheConanRider
    TheConanRider 4 months ago

    I'm going to build an app that normalises audio. Wait, there is already applications for that. You wouldn't know from watching this video.

  • ismail 01
    ismail 01 4 months ago

    No!! i can't watch the whole video No Way!!

  • Elijah Wright
    Elijah Wright 4 months ago

    Mansa munsa was worth a trillion dollars during his lifetime he’s the richest man to ever live.

  • Robert Haines
    Robert Haines 4 months ago

    New drinking game: take a drink every time he says "actually". I lost count at 30.

  • Robert Haines
    Robert Haines 4 months ago +1

    01:05 -- who is "John D Rockeller"?
    (I *think* they're missing a syllable)

  • ravi singh
    ravi singh 5 months ago

    nice video

  • Smartified
    Smartified 5 months ago

    America is always 100 steps ahead of the world

  • AJ Siciliano
    AJ Siciliano 5 months ago

    Buddy spelled "Rockefeller" wrong lmao

  • Marat Nugmanov
    Marat Nugmanov 5 months ago

    Who is Rockeller?

  • neno peno
    neno peno 5 months ago

    i like pablo escobar more

  • Ovidio Jasso
    Ovidio Jasso 5 months ago

    Am at only 1:40 and his lack of vision is depressing, he said we won’t ever see a richer person than Rockefeller. But humanity has still many new markets to explore.

  • Lore
    Lore 5 months ago

    because americans are not real people lol

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  • Crazy KING
    Crazy KING 6 months ago +2

    I stopped blaming my speakers 🔊

  • André Mariano
    André Mariano 6 months ago

    not a great talk tbh

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    Vishal Kumar 6 months ago

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  • Pablo Nox
    Pablo Nox 6 months ago

    Chandler Bing now doing Ted Talks?

  • Durgesh Kumar
    Durgesh Kumar 6 months ago

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  • Peter Mugendi
    Peter Mugendi 6 months ago

    you left no1 billion dollar app from the list. Facebook

  • Aru Chi
    Aru Chi 6 months ago

    An inspiring video indeed. People often sit and convince themselves that whoever is out there making a lot of money is better than they are, or they got lucky with unique opportunities, or someone just handed them enough money to start at least (me included), but in just few minutes, he showed us that any of us can be that rich through simple steps:
    1: Smell an opportunity [look at existing problems, recommend solutions, MAKE these solutions]
    2: Be persistent [it may take years for you to succeed, but giving up is never a solution]
    3: Listen to people [see what they need, offer them an answer]
    4: Whenever you feel like you have no idea what kind of app you want to build, remember it could be anything from gaming apps, messaging apps, or even delivery apps!
    5: There are billions of people out there who are making a lot of money who came from modest families, people who aren't already rich, just like me and you. Keep that in mind while putting the effort into succeeding
    Thanks for updating the video.. P.S: my ears still hurt from the audio tho Cx

  • Umesh Devani
    Umesh Devani 6 months ago

    No sound , fake video

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    sarvottam sharma 6 months ago

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  • Anwar A.
    Anwar A. 7 months ago +1

    my left ear is getting smarter

  • Shashwat Pandey
    Shashwat Pandey 7 months ago +6

    Audio can be fixed by slightly removing the headphone jack out, try if it works for you.

    • R
      R 4 months ago +1

      Shashwat Pandey
      Nice. But it gets quieter when I do that.

  • Aryaman Goel
    Aryaman Goel 7 months ago +23

    90% of comments: Roasting him about the audio problem
    10% of comments: I still can't make a billion dollar app

    PIYUSH MASKARA 7 months ago

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  • Angrygumballl
    Angrygumballl 7 months ago

    The cost of a start-up app is $100,000.... help fix that problem.

  • Sarla Singh
    Sarla Singh 7 months ago

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  • Paul Dacus
    Paul Dacus 7 months ago +2

    1:18 John D Rockefeller actually died May 23, 1937. His peak net worth was $400B in 1913, in 2017 inflation-adjusted dollars according to Wikipedia. Perhaps one reason we'll never see anyone as rich as Rockefeller, is the US government did not collect income taxes until 1913, long after Rockefeller had made much of his money. When he died, his tangible net worth is estimated to have been $26M, he had given the vast bulk of his earnings to philanthropy.

  • SCL75
    SCL75 7 months ago

    I just want to hear the meat of the issue.. not who became wealthy

  • Tarry Masters
    Tarry Masters 7 months ago

    Some things i had no patience for, the power of an Android in usage.

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    "تطوير الوسائل) "لا تغيير المنهج والأصول)

  • Drak's l Subjective art-ing & reasoning.

    14:31 understanding the change💖👍

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  • MGPps 1
    MGPps 1 7 months ago

    Am I the only one recognizing that they wrote Rockeller instead of Rockefeller? 1:10

  • Saroya Jay
    Saroya Jay 8 months ago

    How can that guy be "the World's First Billionaire" when throught history there were richer people than him

  • Novi co
    Novi co 8 months ago +1

    My left ear is a billionaire

  • Jarrod Nicoson
    Jarrod Nicoson 8 months ago

    rockeller?? lol

  • bizkitgto
    bizkitgto 8 months ago

    America is the place to make money, incentives are there. Europe is too socialist, government takes everything.

  • Ally Manning
    Ally Manning 8 months ago

    This video is pointless. Don't waste your time.

  • Pikachuwhereareyou - Gaming

    I came here and it said 666K views 0_0

    Edit: Where the volume at?

  • Simphiwe Ntsindiso
    Simphiwe Ntsindiso 8 months ago +117

    How many ppl are here because of ideas?

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  • Chi Ho
    Chi Ho 8 months ago

    solve a society problem, implement that solution into that app, convince an investor of a big company and boom you are there.

  • Asco Corp.
    Asco Corp. 8 months ago

    billion apps owners first of all invested hundred millions for marketing credited by billioners :):

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 9 months ago

    TEDx has gotten into clickbait, cool... (There was ZERO substance to this video lol)

  • anthony
    anthony 9 months ago

    my left ear is gonna go build a billion dollar app now

  • Michael Aguirre
    Michael Aguirre 9 months ago

    my right ear feel lonely

  • Jānis Grīnvalds
    Jānis Grīnvalds 9 months ago

    Useless talk about figures, but not about the actual topic. Wasted time.