My Favorite Laptops of 2018!

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
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    Asus VivoBook F510UA:
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    Acer Aspire 5:
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  • Jonah Schilt
    Jonah Schilt 3 months ago

    This is the craziest laptop we’ve ever looked at! *forgets about predator 21x*

  • Khac Hung Le
    Khac Hung Le 3 months ago

    "Sponsored by Intel"
    fuck the hp envy x360 13
    (the secret winner)

  • Huey Kratos
    Huey Kratos 4 months ago

    When is the 2019 version coming

  • EqualsCubed Gaming
    EqualsCubed Gaming 4 months ago

    For some reason, my fav laptop is the Lenovo Yoga 530-14arr, I use it and it's good even for demanding tasks like video editing and moderate gaming.

  • omar arreola
    omar arreola 4 months ago

    MacBooks are the best designed laptops out there. I could look at them all day during work.

  • najeeullah khan khan
    najeeullah khan khan 4 months ago

    We are very sadly with you

  • bruce kruger
    bruce kruger 5 months ago

    I'm here from stroyboth

  • Slime Squad
    Slime Squad 5 months ago

    Is this only me who came here from watching his video on storybooth?😂

  • Omkar More
    Omkar More 7 months ago

    no dell xps? you must be kidding me

  • uneasywaffle
    uneasywaffle 8 months ago +1

    **accidentally drops laptop**

  • Cahmi
    Cahmi 9 months ago

    Which one is better? Asus Vivobook F510UA (with 128GB SSD version) or Acer Aspire 5?

    FLICKPASS 9 months ago

    i dont like the mackbook doe

  • Ivan Kisyov
    Ivan Kisyov 9 months ago

    lol got my aspire 5 for arround 500$ on black friday it even was the i7 model

  • Jordan Myers
    Jordan Myers 9 months ago

    My laptop is crappy heavy and huge.

  • Greatest Assassin
    Greatest Assassin 9 months ago

    U forgot overpowered

  • hrodj forge
    hrodj forge 9 months ago

    Do gaming laptops please
    Like so he can see this

  • Tan Kai sheng
    Tan Kai sheng 9 months ago

    Austin Do u recommend the acer predator helios 300?

  • Ethan Howell
    Ethan Howell 9 months ago


  • myroblyte
    myroblyte 9 months ago

    3:13 austin says this and laughs knowing full well that he's mysteriously ripped under that sweatshirt, making him, in fact, a buff nerd

  • isaiah barthelus
    isaiah barthelus 9 months ago

    “1- The SouljaGamingLapTop”

  • Mr. PiNGY3EET
    Mr. PiNGY3EET 9 months ago

    For 600 you can get up pavilion gaming with a gtx 1050 ti

  • diptanjan sarma purkayastha

    Is there anyone who loves the name Razerblade but hates their logo?

  • Nahal A
    Nahal A 10 months ago

    Someone send him another shirt

  • GreatBoring Channel
    GreatBoring Channel 10 months ago

    acer swift 3?

  • Derpmander
    Derpmander 10 months ago

    My new HP Pavilion (I think it’s the 14-ce0518sa) has something like that hinge on the ASUS, it lifts up a bit and is a dream to type with since it has a metal bottom part

  • Tejanth
    Tejanth 10 months ago

    where is the dell xps

  • L4wless174
    L4wless174 10 months ago

    wheres the msi laptops?

  • ConcaveOdin2559
    ConcaveOdin2559 10 months ago

    Can you get the first one in aluminum instead or leather?

  • Skogurts Yogurt
    Skogurts Yogurt 10 months ago

    Did anyone else think that their phone turned off after the abrupt cut to black ending

  • E L
    E L 10 months ago

    What about Huwei matebook x pro

  • Roberto 1230
    Roberto 1230 10 months ago

    You have never talked about the Huawei matebook x pro

  • Marcus Robledo
    Marcus Robledo 10 months ago

    All...your favorite laptops... are the ones Intel sent you? No matebook, no xps, no hp envy which you loved praised. I have to unsubscribe unfortunately. A video with this title and especially to start 2019 should NOT have a sponsor giving you the laptops. Is another video coming next week titled "my ACTUAL favorite laptops of 2018!" ...truly annoyed

  • Merki
    Merki 10 months ago

    I think Acer Nitro 5 is better than Aspire 5 for just $700 or less

  • KingLou XIII
    KingLou XIII 10 months ago

    this dude has a fucking Mr. Ed grill .Those teeth!!!!!!

  • Techno Maniak
    Techno Maniak 10 months ago

    In my opinion the best laptop of 2018 for pro users is MacBook Pro 15, but the best laptop for the most of the people is MacBook Air

  • pineapplejuice harry
    pineapplejuice harry 10 months ago


  • Valentina Volkov
    Valentina Volkov 10 months ago

    Hi Austin I want to know if you can help me to find a budget laptop (top 1000$) for photography editing, that supports Photoshop and Lightroom whithout problem.
    I was thinking of a MacBook Air 2018 (obviously is not that cheap) but if there exists any windows laptop that is cheaper it would be better.
    Thanks and hope you can help me :)

  • not in use
    not in use 10 months ago

    Hey v sause Austin here

  • pSyk
    pSyk 10 months ago

    Sponsored by Intel. What a joke.

  • Devon Manowski
    Devon Manowski 10 months ago

    Build the ultimate nvidia shield

  • mohammed khan
    mohammed khan 10 months ago

    funk apple

  • Xavier Zymantas
    Xavier Zymantas 10 months ago

    5:02 The Surface Go remains a Surface No. Just don’t buy one, don’t waste that money.

  • Martijn Slingerland
    Martijn Slingerland 10 months ago +1

    No acer is better than an Asus

  • Conrad Pulliam
    Conrad Pulliam 10 months ago

    I have a frickin iPad 5th gen 🙄😤

  • Help Me Reach 1,000 Subscribers

    hEy GuYs ThIs Is AuStIn

  • MexxMenGames
    MexxMenGames 10 months ago +1


  • Tuxedo Pig
    Tuxedo Pig 10 months ago

    Dell g series?

  • DillyC_11
    DillyC_11 10 months ago +1

    Hey this is Austin guys

  • IDumStar
    IDumStar 10 months ago

    Do you think a 180w power supply will work with GTX 1050 , i3 7100 , and 8gb ram?

  • Big Bad Boi
    Big Bad Boi 10 months ago

    Sponsored by intel (doesn’t even give rog back)

  • Big Bad Boi
    Big Bad Boi 10 months ago

    Aspire 5 isn’t good enough. Spend 150 more to get a hp pavilion gaming. It has the same processor but also nvidia GeForce gtx 1050 too and 1 tb of storage just for the base model. You can get up to 2 tb and gtx 1060 as well as a core i7 8th gen.

  • Pingo XD
    Pingo XD 10 months ago

    Which keyboard should i buy ? miniStreak RGB or Ducky One 2 Mini

  • Bryant DelaFay
    Bryant DelaFay 10 months ago

    Hey I saw you in that chicken and waffle place, But i didn’t wanna interrupt your meal. Have a nice day

  • Karmen Fnassah
    Karmen Fnassah 10 months ago +1

    hEY GuYs tHiS Is AUSTIN

  • ARS
    ARS 10 months ago

    5:40 A cut-touchpad

  • Pingu Pingu
    Pingu Pingu 10 months ago

    Can you take a look at the Casper G750 .

  • aditya makharia
    aditya makharia 10 months ago

    Xps 13 wtf

  • Great Gox
    Great Gox 10 months ago

    It's time for how to build a gaming PC 2019

  • TheSparkTime
    TheSparkTime 10 months ago +1

    Sonsored by Intel.. again! Do you work for Intel or what? What people can do for money..

  • Dabbing Rifle
    Dabbing Rifle 10 months ago

    I have the acer aspire E 15 which is pretty much the same as acer aspire E 5 but it cheaper with 100 dollars