Pretty Woman in class for teachers part 2 Shopping

  • Published on Oct 24, 2009

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  • Robert Trepagnier
    Robert Trepagnier 8 hours ago

    Love it

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 14 hours ago

    Class is always nice to see someone who is confident and educated and treats a woman like a woman this is Christian Grey (Edward) is when he doesn't treat Vivian like a piece of shit!! You put 50 Shades Of Grey against Pretty Woman whom would you choose!

  • jack dhagger
    jack dhagger 3 days ago +1

    Who ordered pizza..???

  • Christian Cullen
    Christian Cullen 4 days ago

    The start of modern feminism. Be a slut and you will still have a Prince. And therein lies the problem..

  • Cleverson Freire
    Cleverson Freire 7 days ago

    Daam!!! Beautyfull woman😍😍

  • Starlight7
    Starlight7 8 days ago

    one of e best romantic movie ever!!!no big overspilling plastic surgery..Julia Roberts you are sinfully awesome ..😍😍😍

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 10 days ago

    supposed to be a take on Pygmalion...

  • Stacy Thomas
    Stacy Thomas 10 days ago +4

    Big mistake. Big. HUGE!!
    Best. Line. Ever.

  • Suzie Paris
    Suzie Paris 10 days ago

    Favorite clip of all

  • Make It Do
    Make It Do 12 days ago

    The shopping scene in this movie always reminds me of the scene in Sleeping with the Enemy where she tries on costumes with Ben.

  • Kalani .H
    Kalani .H 13 days ago

    Okay but I had the same problem with the Sotheby’s and now everyone is like Knowing I’m awesome

  • Zeneide Josefa
    Zeneide Josefa 14 days ago

    Cadê a tradução meus queridos?

  • Bahma Siva
    Bahma Siva 15 days ago

    Tha manager looks familiar

  • Dana May
    Dana May 15 days ago

    He was so hot looking.

  • Niki L
    Niki L 16 days ago

    This was one of the best scenes in the movie

  • Jody Wilke
    Jody Wilke 16 days ago

    One of Julia Roberts' best movies! A real class act--and Richard Here isn't too hard on the eyes, either. My favorite part is where they're getting ready to go to the opera, and she's looking at the jewelry, and he closes the box, as a joke--they both crack up. Hilarious!😄💒

  • Sandra Mekic
    Sandra Mekic 17 days ago

    That’s so true all about $coctumer serv 0000

  • Di Bn
    Di Bn 17 days ago

    Nuts...!!...what's real life if you are running after those clothes....Anyhow she is beautiful but worthless...

  • Breeze Thompson
    Breeze Thompson 18 days ago

    Not pretty

  • chill chill
    chill chill 18 days ago

    Who order pizza...Iol

  • Dredo
    Dredo 20 days ago

    funny movie

  • Bella Lu
    Bella Lu 20 days ago

    This is my all time favorite movie!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • M 626
    M 626 21 day ago

    Who ordered a pizza!?

  • Christine Lazzaro
    Christine Lazzaro 26 days ago

    love this movie, classic

  • Melania MoneyPenny
    Melania MoneyPenny 26 days ago

    goddamit tho those clothes have not aged well the shoulder pads! love that black dress though.

  • Margaret
    Margaret 28 days ago

    And banks definitely treat you differently depending on the size of your bank account. I have had both sizes so I can tell. Not all banks but years ago I noticed it in one.

  • Patricia Silva
    Patricia Silva 28 days ago

    Love this scene at shop,best when She back at that didnt give her any atention because She was simple dressed,happen same to me,Unfortunately I've never had a Edward in my Life,a rich Man and well-settled when it comes to spending. Only at movie find easy.are rare. Most of the rich men,in real Life are all complexed about that.most of them judge people are interested in what they have, not what they are.

  • Bert Halloway
    Bert Halloway 29 days ago

    I love the way she got to put the snobby one in her place

  • Mike R
    Mike R Month ago

    You know costansa

  • Auttaporn Saisuwan
    Auttaporn Saisuwan Month ago +1

    This movie,I like so much and can not explain.I knew that very good.

  • Britt Weasley
    Britt Weasley Month ago

    i always laugh with the bra part and pizza part!

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt Month ago

    the TIE and PIZZA... classic scene!!!

  • CoolBeans4U
    CoolBeans4U Month ago +4

    When he put that phone up to his ear lmfao looked like a damn brick!!

  • Bob Sch
    Bob Sch Month ago

    In deutscher Übersetzung haben beide schönere Stimmen

  • Wollyolk Wollyolk
    Wollyolk Wollyolk Month ago +2

    Richard Gere!!!!!!!!!!! My dad looks like him... lol but he would never spend an offensive amount...

  • America Nation
    America Nation Month ago

    Why do sales women act like their Shit doesn't stink?
    They're just sales people depending on sales from other women spending money, it's so retarded!

  • IlyasAb
    IlyasAb Month ago +2

    a girls dream lol

  • Anhelic101 Angel
    Anhelic101 Angel Month ago

    2:20 😄😂

  • Leesh Sparkle
    Leesh Sparkle Month ago


  • matrix49A
    matrix49A Month ago

    He needs bigger breasts and thicker legs to wrap around my ears...

  • George Vreeland Hill
    George Vreeland Hill 2 months ago

    I live in Beverly Hills and this movie is pretty accurate.

  • yushi911
    yushi911 2 months ago

    We are in 2019 and the first shut where she wear the white and the blue mini skirs is still was the cheqp set but timeless. The other expensive sets are dated.

  • cahaps
    cahaps 2 months ago


  • Samantha Cayetano
    Samantha Cayetano 2 months ago +9

    I love Richard Gere in this movie. He was so elegant and handsome.

  • Heather Young
    Heather Young 2 months ago

    Prostitution is illegal immoral stupid movie

  • Shadow Manymules
    Shadow Manymules 2 months ago

    Make over?! Oh we're going to turn this whore into a pretty woman. BIG MISTAKE BIG!!!

  • sarah sad
    sarah sad 2 months ago +1

    such a bulshit... guys aren't that generous to their wives... and he gave his card to a prostitute 😳

  • Sally
    Sally 2 months ago

    she is just gorgeous

  • Yobill Lin
    Yobill Lin 2 months ago

    The store manager " take off your tie,give her the tie "😂😂

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    You can clean up real good with money

  • Adwaita Bhaduri
    Adwaita Bhaduri 2 months ago

    What does it mean??? You work on commission??

    • Adriana Stern
      Adriana Stern 2 months ago

      When a salesperson works on commission they get a % of what they sell. Hope that helps :)

  • Katie Perry
    Katie Perry 2 months ago +1

    Why does she make me think of Meghan Markle..??

    • ChooseYour Poison
      ChooseYour Poison Month ago

      @Katie Perry "Get a life? Brain cells?" Coming from a person who hates on someone she's never met, believes conspiracy theories, and thinks name-calling is intelligent debate - the irony meter didn't just go off the scale, it walked off asking for danger money.

    • Katie Perry
      Katie Perry Month ago

      @ChooseYour Poison I think you need to get a life. And a few brain cells.

    • ChooseYour Poison
      ChooseYour Poison Month ago

      @Katie Perry Aaaand there it is; name-calling. I'd have been quite disappointed if you left that out. Congratulations, you managed the tin foil hat quadrella. Thanks for playing - it's been most amusing. My best wishes to you, because frankly, you need them.

    • Katie Perry
      Katie Perry Month ago

      @ChooseYour Poison I haven't got time. I have a life! Figure it out for yourself if you have half a brain! But if you can't see MM for what she really is, that is unlikely!!

    • ChooseYour Poison
      ChooseYour Poison Month ago

      @Katie Perry Really? Going for the trifecta, I see. So far we've got slut-shaming, class snobbery, and now you've thrown in conspiracy theories. Please do elaborate, this is all most fascinating. *leans back, grabs popcorn*

  • Stephanie Sturla Ekperi

    Hi do u remember me? No.. I was here yesterday you won’t wait on me?
    Oh yeah,
    You work on commissions right?
    Big mistake.. Big.. Huge..
    I have to go shopping now !!!
    Clap back bitches on your faces.. 🤣🤣

  • Loren Wood
    Loren Wood 2 months ago

    What’s with the hats! She goes to a fancy store and they all try and peddle her formal millinery as if she’s going to a wedding. If I was working in that store I’d be throwing mink coats at her

  • Hazi Dead
    Hazi Dead 2 months ago

    The miniskirt she came with was better than all the expensive shit

  • Not the Doctor
    Not the Doctor 2 months ago

    I wonder how much an obscene amount of money for clothes would have been in the nineties. Some of the dresses they were showing her were hideous

  • F L
    F L 2 months ago

    What a beautiful love story between a lonely man, and a whore.

  • Erwin Martinez
    Erwin Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Erwin 2,,❤❤❤

  • Raiden3
    Raiden3 3 months ago

    I want to be as wealthy...

  • Alice Johnson Four Eyed Pig

    I really wonder how much is obscene? Like fifty thousands?

  • Sessa Cawley
    Sessa Cawley 3 months ago

    0:52 It's Paolo

  • kinali yapincak
    kinali yapincak 3 months ago

    They're not looking at you, looking at me. Lol

  • Lulu Garcia
    Lulu Garcia 3 months ago

    A gentleman it's a man who knows the value of the woman he 💘 there's nothing worth more than her presence in his life she gives him oxygen to breath without her he becomes a dried up tree.

  • Zeinabi Gugunava
    Zeinabi Gugunava 3 months ago

    ბებიშენისამ,სულ საკრედიტო ბარათებს ელოლიავებიან!კაი გამახსენეთ,ხვალ უნდა ვაფურთხო ერთ მაღაზიას

  • Philip Howard
    Philip Howard 3 months ago +5

    That phone that Richard Gere was using was super big and was probably very expensive back then now did anybody can get a smart phone if you can come up with 50 bucks a month

    • Claudia Bothner
      Claudia Bothner 2 months ago

      Philip Howard: Yes, and anybody can get a beautiful cell phone cancer too to match NWO.

    • Veronica C.
      Veronica C. 2 months ago

      My first cell phone in 1997 was the size of a regular house phone and you could make and receive calls only, no texts. It was also a hassle to lug around.

  • Brittany Bailey
    Brittany Bailey 3 months ago

    Can I just get an Edward I don't want your card or your money I just want Edward in general

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey 2 months ago

      @Claudia Bothner that's just it. It's a fantasy. Nothing serious. I don't really want him. Just the idea of him. Knowing he's out there somewhere is enough.

    • Claudia Bothner
      Claudia Bothner 2 months ago

      Brittany B: Well, could you match Edward? Ppl sometimes fantasize about getting, less eager to be giving, or ponder whether they have something the other person, needs.

  • I Should Know This
    I Should Know This 4 months ago

    The right store and the right city for that matter.

  • Joey 23
    Joey 23 4 months ago

    Edward should have brought Vivian to the shop where she had been ignored and made them wait on her after being apologized

    • Janay
      Janay 3 months ago

      I know what you mean but the thing is though - the people from the first shop wouldn't have deserved her money. Plus - I think Edward wanted her to have her shopping experience with people who were naturally a bit kinder and open to her as she first walked in, the kind of people who didn't instantly shun her for her clothes, but appreciated her smile and kind aura instead.

  • Dianne Mercado
    Dianne Mercado 4 months ago

    people are plastic so naturally they like plastic ( credit cards)

  • janet wahl
    janet wahl 4 months ago

    LOL Each and every time I see the clip of a Julia go back into the shop and talked to the sales lady who was so rude and mean to her is still so true and so wonderful all these years later. Cracks me up every time I watch it. You really judge a book by its cover. True believer in those words.

  • glorious glorilyn
    glorious glorilyn 4 months ago +1

    This is one of my favorite part in the movie...I like it when Julia said "big mistake"😄

  • AdrianJayeOnline
    AdrianJayeOnline 4 months ago +1

    "I like him so much " LOL

  • Jazmin A
    Jazmin A 4 months ago

    Hello can anybody tell me where I can watch this movie for free please and thank you

  • Chris hughes
    Chris hughes 4 months ago

    Big mistake, big, yuuge

  • hannah davis
    hannah davis 4 months ago

    I love it when I have had a good week working to spend I just go crazy .Get purse filled with fifty pound notes . Going to the till saying I only deal cash you can still get raised eyebrows etc . As we are all saying don't judge a book by cover or acent . Happy shopping oh and I sometimes j don't spend I just like the asstiants thinking I'm going to get lots. Then saying to my friend they really don't have what I want in here then say goodbye with a smile on my face. Oh this would happen only to snooty ones .

  • B King
    B King 4 months ago

    Give her the tie.

    Who ordered pizza???


  • rejoicemultimediaimages

    It was a big mistake that none of us recognized Julia was transgender woman back then. Of course many of us still don't know or ignore the fact. That's not the only reason this movie made me regret to watch but also the whole cinderella story of it was based on no matter what you do, you can be successful if you get a good cinnection & it is all about money. Julia's role was a call girl who was selling her body for money which isn't good life but the movie convinced us to believe that it's okay what kind of life you live as long as you become rich. What a cover up! The movie was nothing but justifying imorality & encouraging homosexuality by using transgender person for roles (there could be more of them besides her) & misleading people to live life in sins & tempted into more bad things. People, there will be a judgement day of God after death. Don't be decieved. Most of Hollywood movies promote so many deminic culture that pushes you away from God & heaven thru its sinful & evil agendas. What you see isn't everything. You should see the purposes behind their stories. It's not just entertainment they are offering you but distruction is what they have against you. Plz read the Bible. Devil in the world try to blind you from the truth with lies but God reveals the truth & wants to set us free. The truth is Jesus. He loves you!

    • Bluesbr0ther
      Bluesbr0ther 4 months ago

      It sounds like you have some personal experience on the transgender matter.
      You probably even liked it.

  • Mr.R L
    Mr.R L 4 months ago +3

    ...."and we'll help her use it sir" 😂 oh dang I still dig this movie 👍 it's on right now as a matter of fact on channel 768 Freeform , but I wanted to watch this part again

  • Viviyan .abirhm
    Viviyan .abirhm 4 months ago

    Owww first time I hear my name viviyan that is .my name that time befor 19 year am so happy am from Ethiopian no anyi wan like my name whan press ask me my name viviyan am sohappy only me viviyan in hole school and cantry because of that l love my name

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse 4 months ago

    She should have a lot bags

  • ipmala
    ipmala 4 months ago +1

    An all time CLASSIC.

  • Amber Crosland
    Amber Crosland 4 months ago +3

    Best lesson ever taught ! Lol

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria 4 months ago +2

    Hats bring back the hats in 2019!!

  • rammmin1
    rammmin1 4 months ago

    Know how corrupt capitalism. God is money here, people .

  • Waya525
    Waya525 4 months ago +2

    I used to make and sell high end chokers at a Native arts show here in LA. Most of my customers were grunge looking rockers and they always paid cash. You can never tell a book by its cover.

    • ChooseYour Poison
      ChooseYour Poison Month ago

      I used to work for a cruise line and the people with serious money almost never showed it - they would come on board in ordinary clothes and order a Coke at the bar. The people with the expensive clothes, dripping in jewelry and ordering Krug were the wannabes who had made a paltry few hundred thousand.

  • Janina Reichelmann
    Janina Reichelmann 4 months ago +2

    1:10: Well her name is not Mary Francis, but Mary Frances...

  • emily rose
    emily rose 4 months ago +2

    her hair in this movie is GOALS 😍

  • Nikki Beacth
    Nikki Beacth 5 months ago +1

    Awesome times.

  • Jolanta Nn
    Jolanta Nn 5 months ago

    To chyba nie jutro przejze uważniej

  • tony 'too sweet' swann
    tony 'too sweet' swann 5 months ago +3

    'who ordered pizza!?'(now that's sucking up) Louis Vuitton at the Galleria gave me a glass of Moit' champagne!

  • tony 'too sweet' swann
    tony 'too sweet' swann 5 months ago

    'who ordered pizza!?'(now that's sucking up) Louis Vuitton at the Galleria gave me a glass of Moit' champagne!

  • Anja
    Anja 5 months ago

    The Managers Name is Hollister...

  • Ray polaris
    Ray polaris 5 months ago +4

    That's what women want. A rich man.

    • Jody Wilke
      Jody Wilke 16 days ago

      Not every woman wants a rich man--some of us want someone who's nice, a Christian, who's romantic, who buys you flowers and candy on your birthday, takes you out to dinner, loves animals--and I'm just getting started.😄💒

    • Claudia Bothner
      Claudia Bothner 2 months ago

      Ray P: No, but a Man of character, with something to admire. She might go for materialistic things if his love is too cool, weak, egoistic, lazy: money is 2d best, consolation prize.

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 5 months ago +5

    I like him so much.

  • abjsf69
    abjsf69 5 months ago +3

    Spectacular movie !!!!
    My absolute favorite of all time !!

  • Dean Flet
    Dean Flet 5 months ago +11

    The end of the video where she said you remember me and other women said no well do you work on commission then walks out saying Big Mistake best part and so true never judge a book by its cover lol

    • Claudia Bothner
      Claudia Bothner 2 months ago +1

      Dean Flet: Well, she's not much of a book apart from pretty face and body. Cheap book, no style. R Gere though!

  • Lisa Davie
    Lisa Davie 5 months ago

    It's crazy how the Regent Beverly Wiltshire hotel has The Pretty Woman experience within the hotel when they didn't shoot any of the movie in the Hotel. I watched a Recent interview with Richard Gere that happened to be in the hotel and he said it's the first time he'd ever been in hotel...It was all a set.

    • EK
      EK 5 months ago +1

      The room was a set...the lobby scenes and exterior shots were of the actual hotel.

  • Lisa Davie
    Lisa Davie 5 months ago +6

    Julia Roberts was just so likable in this and Well Richard Geres probably one of the most handsome men to walk the planet...Gorgeous.x

  • jade fire
    jade fire 5 months ago +197

    I know every other girl was in love with Richard Gere in this film, but I was in love with "Bernard, the manager of the motel" (Hector Elizondo's character) . He just seemed so genuinely sweet. Him and the nephew of the the shipping magnate, David, he was not half bad looking either.

    • Suzie Paris
      Suzie Paris 10 days ago

      Me too

    • Jumbo Storm
      Jumbo Storm Month ago

      He was in American dad

    • Glo Kash
      Glo Kash 2 months ago

      Bernard was the manager of the HOtel

    • conatcha
      conatcha 4 months ago +7

      You're right. Bernard is a great character, really lovable...

  • Hélia Alves
    Hélia Alves 5 months ago +6

    "Big mistake. Huge."