Cool RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Zebronics Transformer

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • Zebronics Transformer | RGB keyboard | RGB Gaming keyboard | RGB Gaming Keyboard | RGB Gaming | Cheap Mouse | Budget gaming mouse and keyboard | Gaming | 3200dpi mouse
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    In this " Zebronics Transformer RGB Keyboard and mouse combo " video, I unbox , test and explain the features of the budget cheap RGB Gaming keyboard and mouse . It comes with a 4 light modes, very good design and build . I talk about premium Zebronics Transformer RGB Keyboard and mouse combo features, build .
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    This video covers
    Zebronics Transformer RGB gaming Keyboard and mouse Unboxing
    Zebronics Transformer RGB gaming Keyboard and mouse Design and build
    Zebronics Transformer RGB gaming pros & cons
    Watch this completely to get the idea if you should buy Zebronics Transformer RGB gaming Keyboard and mouse in india.
    Please do ask if any queries about this budget cheap rgb gaming keyboard and mouse
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      Need help i have one lg 24inch gaming monitor and need another monitor should i go with curved monitor or a flat one

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    This or redgear manta?

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    What is the different between premium and others

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    Deepak Joshi 4 months ago

    is it waterproof

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    is it compatible with ps4?

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    Sir u should also give the link of ur tshirts... Its all are Dope👌👌👌

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    What's the use of forward and back button in mouse..?

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      Well it is just switching on the camera ans talking i can do that , but just want to make a diff here. These type of videos takes days to produce given the shots , scripts and edits , i just want to focus on quality than quantity 😊

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    using this product got from market in 1200/- its awessome love to type now

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    That's a very helpful review. 👍
    Techshan, Wishing You and Your Family Good Health, Happiness and Success in the coming Year and Always. Happy New Year !

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    That's A bang for the buck

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    Jagdeep Bhatt 8 months ago

    Nice combo in a reasonable price..

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    devaki velmurugan 8 months ago

    Can you put the review of samsaung a7 phone??

  • ashwin kumar
    ashwin kumar 8 months ago

    Bro is there an option to buy the mouse alone?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  8 months ago

      well not this exactly but they have a few other models similar ones

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    Nice budget gaming keyboard.. Thanks for sharing.

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    your editing skills are also premium 😂

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    anto pious 8 months ago

    We did enjoy... Shawn were you able to see the letters in a darker environment with the backlight?

    • anto pious
      anto pious 8 months ago

      @Tech Shan is it 😯 ? I will keep in mind and thx for your concern. 😀

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  8 months ago

      In ok light no issues . However Frankly who switches of the light and uses computer or does typing . I personally wont recommend that for the goodness of the eyes .

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      Happy New year Aman 👍😀

    MUSICIAN ARYAN 8 months ago +8

    You can also have breathing mode in keyboard by just pressing Function key + Light keys together

      MUSICIAN ARYAN 8 months ago

      Yeah...but we can't expect more in this price segment.. It's having premium quality and built so I've no complain for it😊

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  8 months ago +2

      yep.. hope they had done a few more like free flow, blink etc

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    Techshan where is the unboxing video of zenfone Max Pro M2 The detailed review

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  8 months ago

      no plans to cover it as bran didnt want to send me a unit and i have no plans to buy that model and review it at this point given the launch happened long back ..

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    Pricing is the big plus.

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    Good looking keyboard for a budget... But your triple monitor gaming setup is 🔥🔥.. by the by awesome video...

    • Tech Shan
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      Glad you loved the video ❤️ o h yeah gaming is just awesome on multiple monitor setup

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