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Stacey Abrams: Hypocrisy Between Kemp And Walker In Georgia Is 'Unconscionable'

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia Stacey Abrams discusses with Nicolle Wallace her reaction to the latest in the Herschel Walker scandal and how she intends to take on Governor Brian Kemp as Election Day approaches.
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Comments • 1 266

  • Gloria Gruca
    Gloria Gruca Month ago +90

    Fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith

    • Roe Jogan
      Roe Jogan Month ago

      @Peggy Mason she lost by much more than one vote

    • Peggy Mason
      Peggy Mason Month ago

      @nandy Yep, he should. We don't want that fascist as president. He needs to be barred from ever running again or serving in any government office anywhere.

    • Peggy Mason
      Peggy Mason Month ago

      @Roe Jogan And your point is? She lost by ONE VOTE. And who was counting votes? Kemp. Tell me he was honest. I do not believe he was.

    • Roe Jogan
      Roe Jogan Month ago

      @Randi Bagley-Goodwin Herschel walker purged voters?

    • Randi Bagley-Goodwin
      Randi Bagley-Goodwin Month ago

      ​@nandy Yes. He most definitely should.

  • Laurie Gogas
    Laurie Gogas Month ago +260

    Love Stacey and her straight forward, intelligent, truthful talking points and answers. When was the last time you heard a republican give an honest and insightful interview? Rhetorical question ..

    • Wilrs Jasac
      Wilrs Jasac 20 days ago


    • Elizabeth Stanley
      Elizabeth Stanley Month ago

      @David PageYou just lost Tulsi Gabbard...one of the few sensible patriotic Americans in today's Democrat party. The party of no common sense is no longer the party of JFK.

    • Raul Sanches
      Raul Sanches Month ago

      @David Page bot

    • Raul Sanches
      Raul Sanches Month ago


    • ECBH
      ECBH Month ago

      @Thomas Bayles could be, but since there hasn't been an election yet, I had not considered that. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
      I think Gerrymandering is a crime, and it and the Electoral College should be things of the past.

  • mam564
    mam564 Month ago +69

    Stacey Abrams is a powerhouse! If I lived in Georgia I would definitely vote for her!

    • Peggy Ivey
      Peggy Ivey Month ago

      She cost Atlanta a big loss of money for business due to her running her mouth to move the baseball playoffs from Georgia!

      TYRONE PERKIN Month ago +2


    • Dave Jones
      Dave Jones Month ago +3

      I live in Ga. and I'm definitely going to vote for her!!!

    • Dead Golfer
      Dead Golfer Month ago

      You'd vote for an election denier?

    • Mattyjay88
      Mattyjay88 Month ago +6

      So you would vote for a psychopath that says a 6 week old fetal heartbeat during a ultrasound is a manufactured sound?

  • Judy Mawhorter
    Judy Mawhorter Month ago +167

    Stacy Abrams is one of very few that I really think her heart is in this. She has it all so right. Wish her the very best.

    • Peggy Ivey
      Peggy Ivey Month ago

      There is no voter suppression.

    • David Goldman
      David Goldman Month ago

      getting rich on morons stacey. loves her sheep. lied about voting in ga. hates ga

    • Randi Bagley-Goodwin
      Randi Bagley-Goodwin Month ago

      ​@Dodie Odie What has she said that is not factual? I'll wait.

    • Randi Bagley-Goodwin
      Randi Bagley-Goodwin Month ago

      She is one of the few. She raised so much money and took care of medical bills for impoverished people in 5 or 6 states, since 2018. She has done more good for this state, while she isn't employed by it, than that damned Kemp has done in his life. And this abortion bill he's so proud of has got to go. It's just another way for the good ol' boys to keep women down.

    • Dodie Odie
      Dodie Odie Month ago

      @TYRONE PERKIN Ain't no lovin' in lyin', Baby. Ain't no lovin' in lyin'.

  • Alisha Dennis
    Alisha Dennis Month ago +106

    Thank you for this shows guest Rep Maloney and Georgia Governor Candidate Stacy Abrams.
    They are going in the right direction to help our country to be safer, prosperous, growing in democracy, not trying to destroy our well being, voter rights & our civil rights!!!! 🌹 We need them !

    • Ron Taylor
      Ron Taylor Month ago

      Hahahahaha what ??? Are you paid to say that ??
      I know this is msnbc but to use the word hypocrisy and it’s not involving Stacey abrams is just wild and wrong Trump denied an election - it was wrong but this hack did it years before he did and somehow msnbc covers this as her opponents are hypocrites??
      Hahah good luck with that ! She has noo chance of winning.

    • Silver
      Silver Month ago +2

      Why ever do you think Adam is serving tge people's interest?
      Did you know in 1973 Congressional members were paid $43,000 annual?.
      Did you know those same Congressional members in 2022 are paid $174,000 annually?
      Did you know the same Congress raises their own Salaries?
      In the last forty years the Congress has increased their salaries by 400 + per cent?
      Has your salary increased at the same rate?
      Did you know the Congress has kept minimum wage below the property guidelines?
      Did you know the Congress gave themselves a 21 per cent wage increase in 2022?
      Did you know in 1973 the cost of a home in New York City average $20.000?
      That same home now will cost $240,000 and that not even a good neighborhood.
      Explain if you can, what kind of person cares more about a woman's choice to terminate her child, then
      the unborn human beings Right to life?
      Why ask yourself; From their actions, holding down minimum wages, increasing their salaries but not tour, exporting good American job, allowing the banking industry to use the depositors saving without paying the depositors fair interest?
      Maybe you should get another T-shirt; with the slogan;

    • Rohan Kurian
      Rohan Kurian Month ago +1


    • Eric Kasap
      Eric Kasap Month ago +1

      ow many times did she push the Big Lie: 2018 Georgia Gov election was stolen?
      a) 20 times, b) 30 times, c) too many times count.

    • Polarbearsrus
      Polarbearsrus Month ago +5

      One cure, blue tsunami! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • Sher Stiles
    Sher Stiles Month ago +40

    Stacey!! You are strong, you know issues, you have what is good and needed for the people as a prioroity..WE NEED YOU making sure Electors need to know their rules and refulations. Electors need to be held accountable for any and all misconduct and lie😢

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago +17

    To vote against these two guys is a no-brainer plain and simple!!

    • E
      E Month ago

      Abrams is a feminist

    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      And when she loses again, she'll drown herself in gravy and once again sell the Big Lie: That the Georgia Gov election was stolen.

    • Polarbearsrus
      Polarbearsrus Month ago +1

      One cure, blue tsunami! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • the the
    the the Month ago +131

    What a disaster it would be if this wonderful , good , and honest woman (Stacey Abrams) is not elected in Georgia ....again ! Give her the win and see the wonderful things she will do FOR THE PEOPLE !!! VOTE BLUE !!!

    • David Goldman
      David Goldman Month ago

      @Bovinityleak that is total lie. and are you a china or Russian troll

    • Bovinityleak
      Bovinityleak Month ago

      @Dan Rogina we are ALL living on the corporate plantation of america dan. The difference is that some of us would like to change it. I know this is a shocking and radical idea to you.

    • Bovinityleak
      Bovinityleak Month ago +1

      Lets see if kemp wipes the voter roles AGAIN to save himself.

    • hitek 9Too
      hitek 9Too Month ago

      @B Bodziak Black men aren't voting for her, so play this southern Republician thing.

    • David Goldman
      David Goldman Month ago +1

      just like Chicago. ny city. la. yep just what we need. crime. taxes and stupid policies

  • Mike's HomeDronen FPV
    Mike's HomeDronen FPV Month ago +55

    Stacy Abrams is so adorable, intelligent and kind...Rooting for you S.A.❣💯💫🌇

    • blueguise23
      blueguise23 Month ago

      She is not.

    • Elizabeth Stanley
      Elizabeth Stanley Month ago

      I doubt Biden really won GA.

    • BigHomieMac34
      BigHomieMac34 Month ago +1

      She's the reason Biden won Georgia. I hope the people down there do the right thing.

    • Robbie Jones
      Robbie Jones Month ago +1

      And when she loses (again), 100% guarantee that she'll (again) spew the Big Lie: The Georgia Gov election was stolen.

    • Ralph James
      Ralph James Month ago

      How many times did she push the Big Lie: 2018 Georgia Gov election was stolen?
      a) 20 times, b) 30 times, c) too many times count.

  • Ruth Slone
    Ruth Slone Month ago +35

    Yay Stacey!! You are the woman we need to keep democracy alive. Brava!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      And when she loses again, she'll drown herself in gravy and once again sell the Big Lie: That the Georgia Gov election was stolen.

    • Robbie Jones
      Robbie Jones Month ago

      And when she loses (again), 100% guarantee that she'll (again) spew the Big Lie: The Georgia Gov election was stolen.

    • Dead Golfer
      Dead Golfer Month ago

      She's an election denier.

  • Drake Mia
    Drake Mia Month ago +11

    Stacy you go girl you know how to spell it out to the people and how to fight for all Americans rights and freedoms vote blue .Stacy will do the best job for all Americans

  • Ms Berries
    Ms Berries Month ago +11

    I'll be voting for Stacey and Raphael 💙💙

    • RPD BU8
      RPD BU8 Month ago

      Get everyone you know to vote, it all comes down to the numbers turnout

  • adriano lehman
    adriano lehman Month ago +13

    hey Nicole i really like your show and watch everyday but one governors race i dont hear about is ours here in new mexico where the republican nominee is anti womens rights, a former television reporter who has scrubbed his web pages of his anti choice policy opinions. why does manchetti want to gaslight new mexican women? please expose this man!

  • highserenity49
    highserenity49 Month ago +68

    Love love love this strong, active, intellegent woman........Hope to see her go far in USA politics.....

    • highserenity49
      highserenity49 Month ago

      @NPC Man - I SUPPORT THE CURRENT THING Says the obese man who supports an obese man while he sits in his mothers basement.


      The only time Stacey is ever active is when she is devouring her food at the buffet.

      TYRONE PERKIN Month ago

      @Jennifer Crosdale WE NEED HER IN GEORGIA FIRST OFF

    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      Strong, Active? Maybe when it comes to shoving donuts down her gullet.

    • Robbie Jones
      Robbie Jones Month ago +1

      Given her morbid obesity, low probability that she has 10 years left.

  • Ti Gq
    Ti Gq Month ago +5

    Come on Georgia! His recent bribe with a little money he sent out, which was held up, shouldn't be the get all. You deserve someone who will work with you not against you.✌💜

  • Gail Spencer Lamm
    Gail Spencer Lamm Month ago +72

    Wow this is a smart woman. Go Stacy!

    • Lucifer G
      Lucifer G Month ago

      Must be smoking Crack

    • Metalbear 81
      Metalbear 81 Month ago

      She's a liar, hypocrite, & grifter, makes money off of Victimhood Culture

    • Robert H
      Robert H Month ago

      @Jake Lloyd look who's talking a cave beast

    • Mary Budd
      Mary Budd Month ago


    • Jake Lloyd
      Jake Lloyd Month ago

      @Sally F Trump is 76, while Abrams is only 48. By all the available medical data we have, at her weight she will not make it into her 70s without serious physical health issues.

  • Jim Brogan
    Jim Brogan Month ago +135

    Go Stacy! I wish I lived in Georgia! I'd vote for you!

  • Fred Gonzalez
    Fred Gonzalez Month ago +71

    “ I'm tired of hearing about being the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live.” Stacy Abrams.

    • Roe Jogan
      Roe Jogan Month ago

      @Nancy gibson so Manchin and Sinema?

    • R Montrose
      R Montrose Month ago

      @Nancy gibson How is that sucking more money from the government?? Blue = More Crime, Illegal's, Drugs and Geo Political Worries! Vote RED

    • Fred Gonzalez
      Fred Gonzalez Month ago

      @Nancy gibson yes, indeed, here are some of Joe Biden's successes: recession, high gas prices, shortage of baby formula, rampant crime, deadly open border police, fentanyl crisis, high-interest rates, a massive 13.1% CPI, looming housing collapse, massive 8.3% inflation rate, human trafficking crisis, and international crisis!

    • Nancy gibson
      Nancy gibson Month ago

      Vote blue,make a better life for yourselves

    • R Montrose
      R Montrose Month ago

      Stacey is a joke! If you want Illegals, Homeless, Crime, Drugs and Weed Shops running ramped in Georgia vote for Stacey!

  • India taina
    India taina Month ago +62

    Stacy Abrams, you're going to win these elections!

    • Bovinityleak
      Bovinityleak Month ago

      If kemp doesn’t wipe the voter rolls again to help him scooch by.

    • Shirley Mclean
      Shirley Mclean Month ago

      @michael bailey my thoughts about California, New York, Chicago and many other 🤷‍♀️

    • Shirley Mclean
      Shirley Mclean Month ago

      @India taina keep on dreaming 🤣

    • India taina
      India taina Month ago

      @michael bailey don't count on it

    • India taina
      India taina Month ago

      @Shirley Mclean in your dreams

  • susan thompson
    susan thompson Month ago +7

    Lord help Stacey Adams to win!!

  • Baxter Brookies
    Baxter Brookies Month ago

    She's amazing!!! I do wish the message was more positive and uplifting calling on people to come out and be heard at the polls.

    ABILITIES FIRST Month ago +172

    This woman spits facts like legit, nonstop, truly unbreakable woman… Please please Georgia , let’s get this right this time.

    • Wi To
      Wi To 21 day ago

      Didn’t she say ultrasounds used faked recordings of heartbeats? Where did she get that?

    • Shlep Messing
      Shlep Messing 21 day ago

      @Rick Keeton You losers don't even know what fascism means. You realized calling everyone "racist" got old and CNN told you to start using "fascism". Bunch of morons.

    • Robert Arthurs
      Robert Arthurs 23 days ago

      @Rick Keeton Btw sweetie I'm not from here I just stayed after the war.

    • Robert Arthurs
      Robert Arthurs 23 days ago

      @Rick Keeton It's Skanky Abrams I was referring to sweetie, that's what she's called here in Georgia, or Fat Albert. Apparently Trump is just on your mind.

    • Rick Keeton
      Rick Keeton 23 days ago

      @Robert Arthurs
      I think that’s pretty rude of you to call Donald Trump skanky?😂
      Isn’t it about time for you to get back to your travel trailer at your campground? Doesn’t your sister/wife have the possum stew ready for dinner Cletus?

  • Nathan Mead
    Nathan Mead Month ago +3

    I really hope that the whole "hypocricy" thing gets thrown out really, really soon. Yelling about it suggests that you expected anything different...and anyone who doesn't expect the Republicans to do the opposite of what they demand of others really, really needs to stop. You can't shame them into feeling bad about lying to your face, because you keep believing them over and over and over, so why would they do any different? You need to fight them on the real battlefield, not the one you dream about. They've spent 50 years fooling Democrats into pursuing some sort of "reasonable" approach to politics, and that's why they have the Supreme Court, and an essentially unbreakable lock on the legislature of more States than I feel comfortable thinking about. Unfortunately, it might honestly be too late. When people like MTG, Boebert, Moe, etc...can get elected, and when people like Oz and Walker might end up in the actual real life Senate, we're living in a country with an awful lot of people who're very willing to force their version of America on everyone in range of their rifles.

    • Pelle Storck
      Pelle Storck Month ago

      I agree. There's no need to cheat like Republicans but play a bit dirty and use their weapons against them.
      If states can decide who gets to vote then make it a priority in all blue states to supress red voters. I mean scoring 100 on an IQ test would eliminate 90% of them..

  • John Downer
    John Downer Month ago +95

    Best thing about Abrams is that she gives details and proof in her argument.

    • Malachi
      Malachi Month ago +1


    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      Where is her proof of her Big Lie: The 2018 Georgia Gov election was stolen?

    • Ralph James
      Ralph James Month ago

      Did she ever provide proof of her Big Lie: The 2018 Georgia Gov election was stolen?

  • Nena Enriquez
    Nena Enriquez Month ago +10


  • lox ho
    lox ho Month ago +5

    Kemp: Treason? That's awfully tempting, Satan, but I want to sit this one out.

  • Native Texan
    Native Texan Month ago

    Love Stacey Abrams! I wish her well!

  • Rose Faulkingham
    Rose Faulkingham Month ago +3

    I haven't heard anything from the GOP about how there going to fix the economy, crime and the boarder problems.

  • jennifer wiggins
    jennifer wiggins Month ago +146

    Go Governor Stacy Abrams!!!❤️🎉

    • Bovinityleak
      Bovinityleak Month ago

      @Sancelle Vance because the ignorant just cant help their little selves.

    • Metalbear 81
      Metalbear 81 Month ago

      She hasn't been elected, & won't be, she runs on lies & Victimhood Culture, she would be the worst thing for any Political position

    • Dre Hardin
      Dre Hardin Month ago +1


    • Raul Sanches
      Raul Sanches Month ago +1


    • Richards Family
      Richards Family Month ago +1

      The judge saw through Abram's FOLLY... the 2020 election enjoyed the HIGHEST voter turnout in HISTORY! Even agents from Mexico, China, Russia & Iran VOTED for Biden & Dems! 🎪🤡🎪

  • Margaret Scranton
    Margaret Scranton Month ago +10

    Blind to what their job is!! Anyone else would be fired! Keep that in mind🙏

    • Cory Vernon
      Cory Vernon Month ago

      Or they would never have been hired...

  • Carol Livingston
    Carol Livingston Month ago +10

    Go Stacey.

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago +2

    Every time I see STACEY she smiles and speaking with grace and dignity and intelligence and respect period.. And to me that's speaking Volumes. Georgia Vote Blue and for Stacey. Edit We can not let Kevin McCarthy in control of the house for one minute Thanks.

  • Suheily Silver
    Suheily Silver Month ago +23

    Georgians all women of Georgia please make it to the polls this November 💯💯💯💯💯 we cannot let anybody of government dictate our bodies... Stacy Abrams and Raphael Warnock need to lead us into 2024

    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      And when she loses again, she'll drown herself in gravy and once again sell the Big Lie: That the Georgia Gov election was stolen.

  • Phillip Mootoo
    Phillip Mootoo Month ago +85

    The bell and message of Stacy Abrams should be rung all about the land these next few weeks,every one should fight for the right to vote by voting D up and down.

    • Mary Budd
      Mary Budd Month ago


    • Earl Eldridge
      Earl Eldridge Month ago

      That is not going to happen, nobody voting on abortion. You should have picked a cause that involves alllllllll those voting men. And liberal newsflash......only women can get pregnant. And most of votiing Americans either are not will not or do not care to be pregnant. Smart women do not use murder as birth control. Teach prevention not abortion.

    • Raul Sanches
      Raul Sanches Month ago

      @Polarbearsrus Dems own congress and the white house. Everything sucks. Why not give them the supreme court and every government agency in our society so we can finally be the Centralized Uniparty Utopia that N. Korea is? All hail the democratic party

    • Polarbearsrus
      Polarbearsrus Month ago +4

      One cure, blue tsunami! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot Month ago +19

    Tell ‘em Stacy, Vote blue for democracy🇺🇸

    • Bob-Bob Loblaw
      Bob-Bob Loblaw Month ago

      And when she loses again, she'll drown herself in gravy and once again sell the Big Lie: That the Georgia Gov election was stolen.

  • Andre Barrett
    Andre Barrett Month ago +46

    I'm from Michigan but I'm wearing a Stacey Abrams t shirt and praying she wins. If we lose our democracy to the extremist we might look like Ivan the Terribles Russia in a few years. Let's Vote 💙 Blue in 22 !!

    • T REX 1
      T REX 1 Month ago

      @Randi Bagley-Goodwin A democracy is mob rules wake up

    • Randi Bagley-Goodwin
      Randi Bagley-Goodwin Month ago

      @T REX 1 A Constitutional Republic IS a form of democracy. Look it up. Learn something.

    • Dave Jones
      Dave Jones Month ago

      @Jude Williams 👍👍👍

    • Jude Williams
      Jude Williams Month ago

      @Dave Jones OK

    • Geoffrey Mayrand
      Geoffrey Mayrand Month ago

      She wants to govern people she hates , makes no sense to me.

  • mags mags
    mags mags Month ago +1

    Stacey has integrity, we need more like her

  • Writer
    Writer Month ago +2

    Stacey Ambrams is one of the very few politicians that I admire and trust.

  • Letha Johnson
    Letha Johnson Month ago +1

    Love you Stacey keep up the good work

  • Dan Ozmatlan
    Dan Ozmatlan Month ago +145

    We love Stacey Abrams and she doesn't need to sell herself or play the Republican attack game 🙏 be yourself Stacey! 👍

    • hitek 9Too
      hitek 9Too Month ago

      @JasonDrvmz Preach! It's time to get back to patriachial leadership in the black community.

    • JasonDrvmz
      JasonDrvmz Month ago

      @B Bodziak how don’t I have what option?

    • B Bodziak
      B Bodziak Month ago

      @JasonDrvmz Well, you don't have that option in November, so why ignore what's there. Jeez

    • SMS
      SMS Month ago

      @JasonDrvmz Of course you don't care you're a Republican.

    • SMS
      SMS Month ago

      @B Bodziak Did you read through the whole thing? Of course not. Look again it's both.

  • Nebraska Jones
    Nebraska Jones Month ago +2

    Stacy Abrams is a bloody legend!

  • SUSAN Francis
    SUSAN Francis Month ago

    We Love Stacy Abrams and we
    Love you Georgia!!!

  • Randee Hughes
    Randee Hughes Month ago +2

    I’m a 61 year old white women and for the first time in my life I have been trying to get re-register in Texas and have lived here all my life. Still don’t know if I can vote in November!

    BEASTMODE Month ago +4

    She’ll lose by like 5 😂 her favorables are as bad as Walker’s in polls and I’ve only seen like 2 of her signs around here

    • Mr Comptable Charlo
      Mr Comptable Charlo Month ago

      Sign is not voters, in 2018 Stacey won the governorship, Bryan Kemp purged and suppressed the election

    • JaeLo23
      JaeLo23 Month ago

      Which predicts nothing. Stay home if it's in the bag for the red hats made in China.

  • Meliora Cogito
    Meliora Cogito Month ago +3

    In Canada you become a registered voter simply by filing your tax return-and marking the appropriate checkbox on your return. You can also register at a polling place on election day simply by presenting federal (military/public service) or provincial photo ID with a utility bill with your name and address on it (or rent receipt if your utilities are included with your rent). You can also have a someone who knows you, attest-punishable by imprisonment if made falsely-to your residency within the riding (district) you wish to vote.
    The manner in which so many _Repuglican_ officials go about trying to interfere in the constitutional rights of their fellow American citizens to vote is not only cynical of the constitution and its guarantees, but for those professing a morally righteous religious foundation in their beliefs, it is also immoral in the face of their _anthropomorphic deity myth_ -meaning only 'fire and brimstone' awaits them in the afterlife, to which they rightly deserve as hypocrites.
    Conservatives are immune to irony and allergic to self-awareness.
    Voting is like driving a car: if you want to go forward, select “D”; if you want to go backward, select “R”.

  • Alexander Prince
    Alexander Prince Month ago +47

    She is so brilliant.

    • T J
      T J Month ago

      I think she is stunning and brave.

    • Jake Lloyd
      Jake Lloyd Month ago +1

      You spelled hungry wrong.

  • Tracy Phillips
    Tracy Phillips Month ago +168

    She’s the only adult in the room. Republicans have turned me sour on being a republicans. Never again will I be fooled by this hypocrites.

    • Peggy Ivey
      Peggy Ivey Month ago

      She will destroy Georgia! Stacy will have a heart attack soon. He did not stop people from drinking water while waiting to vote! That is a dam lie. Special interest groups can not approach voters under the pretext they are just passing out water. Those groups are there to influence the voters!

    • M Taylor
      M Taylor Month ago

      @Roe Jogan The Federal courts cited Kemp for gerrymandering and voter suppression. 50,000...yep...that might about cover his damage.

    • The Wolf of God
      The Wolf of God Month ago

      @Relentless Living All, which makes Republican concern theater. Audits prove statistically and practically insignificant fraud, maybe the threat of jail simply makes it not worthwhile and or controls simply work?

    • Relentless Living
      Relentless Living Month ago

      @The Wolf of God what state requires voting ID?🤣🤣

    • The Wolf of God
      The Wolf of God Month ago

      @Relentless Living where does she advocate for this? She is against a voting ID which is pointless given, state IDs, Drivers License, passports etc. when you live on the margins cost of and extra I’d is significant. If the Right is serious make them free and have systems in place so every eligible voters get one and I don’t think you’ll get objections.

  • Name GoesHere
    Name GoesHere Month ago

    Hope you win by a large margin and of course "Thoughts & Prayers" to Kemp after he loses that he can move on

  • robbie keen
    robbie keen Month ago

    absolutely love miss abrams. so intelligent and i could listen to her all day/night. her constituents will be blessed to have her fight for her state and every state too.

  • checks and balances
    checks and balances Month ago +2

    I’d remind everyone every time you introduce stacy Abram’s that she’s a YALE LAW school graduate / go Stacy !! 👍🏼

  • Mark Biernbaum
    Mark Biernbaum Month ago

    Love your show, Nicole. And I think Stacey us right- you are the most thoughtful host on MSNBC. You always ask great questions. Many thanks.

  • Dea
    Dea Month ago +1

    Much respect for Stacey.

  • Shirley Mclean
    Shirley Mclean Month ago +5

    Is she going to talk about the lawsuit brought by her "voting rights" organization that was dismissed by a federal judge appointed by "Peace" President Obama, who ruled that nothing in Georgia's electoral system violates the US Constitution or the Voting Rights Act? 😅🤣 😂

    • Shirley Mclean
      Shirley Mclean Month ago

      @Pelle Storck 😅🤣😂

    • Relentless Living
      Relentless Living Month ago

      @Pelle Storck no df! That was an abama judge that ruled. Because no one is being oppressed you df

    • Pelle Storck
      Pelle Storck Month ago +2

      She did. That was because of a recent supreme court ruling. You know, the guys appointed by your Dear Leader..

  • queen Kool
    queen Kool Month ago +1

    Stacey Abrams is brilliant. She is actually qualified for the job, and she is humane. It's mind boggling how republicans prefer to have immature deranged people making decisions on their lives.

  • laura myers
    laura myers Month ago

    Love Stacey Abrams

  • PapaSom
    PapaSom Month ago +1

    Georgia be brave! PLEASE, Elect Abrams as governor! With both parents from there and significant family still there. Georgia’s On My Mind!

  • Miss Robinson
    Miss Robinson Month ago +2

    Vote Abrams!!! Vote for your freedom, vote for your right to your own body, vote for a better Georgia. Keep moving forward!

  • Stucardo Hunter
    Stucardo Hunter Month ago +2

    I'm Georgia citizen, born and raised. We've come together before and showed the nation that we're not going for the bs! We saved the nation by turning a red state Blue! Let's do it again and show the Maga Republicans that no will destroy the rights of our women to choose! No will take are deny us from voting! We are Blue!

  • Teresa Barnett
    Teresa Barnett Month ago +4


  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson Month ago +3

    Legislators pass laws to control YOU. They never intend the laws to apply to them.

  • Judy Chandler
    Judy Chandler Month ago +2

    Stacy will do great things for Georgia..She's not into crazy conspiracies, and dark money ; she's into leading people with honor & integrity..That's why I love her ..She would have my vote in a heartbeat if I lived in Georgia.

  • sn tg
    sn tg Month ago

    Stacey Abrams is so impressive and genuinely seems to care about all Georgians. I hope she wins the Governorship.

  • Rick Mercedes
    Rick Mercedes Month ago +1

    Love Stacy Abrams

  • Emmy M
    Emmy M Month ago +4

    Stacey has my vote 💙

    • Dave Scott
      Dave Scott Month ago

      You are alone lol Check the polls 😀

  • david lopez
    david lopez Month ago +4

    Go Stacey!!

  • Betipiny Obur Ayang

    Stacey Abraham. You're an amazing leader. KEEP IT UP

  • JoAnne Johnson
    JoAnne Johnson Month ago

    Abrams for Georgia!❤

  • Jay Roy Sims
    Jay Roy Sims Month ago +1

    Lord, let me pray:
    May Stacey Abrams win her election next month, and may the GQP get a big "smackdown" in November.

  • Jar Head
    Jar Head Month ago +4

    Vote Blue across the board. Fight for Democracy. Vote vote vote.

  • HeartDoc Andrew
    HeartDoc Andrew Month ago +2

    "Stacey Abrams (says) Hypocrisy Between Kemp And Walker In Georgia Is 'Unconscionable'" so let's "Convince It Forward"

  • Raythedude 1
    Raythedude 1 Month ago

    Gotta love when msnbc brings on the left wing election denier

  • Oma Vic McMurray
    Oma Vic McMurray Month ago +2

    ‘Rule for self is different for everyone else’ is a powerful statement these days, its what playing out in way too many republican arenas.

    • JasonDrvmz
      JasonDrvmz Month ago

      Self preservation is the first and only rule of life, speak for “yourself”. 😂

  • Robin Washington
    Robin Washington Month ago


  • Robie Robinson
    Robie Robinson Month ago +10

    Extremely disturbing Draconian policy

  • Mary Larson
    Mary Larson Month ago

    Unite the States and save democracy Georgia! Stacy Abrams will do right by Y'all.

  • Jacqueline Jackson Fabre

    Every state needs a Stacy Abrams as governor, period point blank, especially Georgia.

  • MargoS
    MargoS Month ago

    What a wonderful human Stacey is.
    There's so much corruption although our government. I hope she will win her bid for governor.
    I wish I could vote for her. Alas, I live in CA.💃

  • Espine
    Espine Month ago +48

    Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia Stacey Abrams deserves to be GOVERNOR because *She is the Soul of the State!!!*

  • By Faith
    By Faith Month ago

    WOW, As they used to say, "Power to the people".

  • wanda smith
    wanda smith Month ago +3

    It just proves that people of means no matter what will have access to abortion. The abortion ban only effects poor women.

  • Calvin
    Calvin Month ago +1

    Stacy talking about hypocrisy..amazing

  • Umberto Verbita
    Umberto Verbita Month ago

    Mz Abrams, thank you! I will pray for you! May God bless you and protect you. Your die-hard fans from Indonesia.

  • Edward Roche'
    Edward Roche' Month ago +1

    Herschel Walker never had a plan in his life. The coaches told him what to do every step of the way. He's not doing so good on his own. He believes too many fantasies.

  • sue mccord
    sue mccord Month ago +2

    Stacey For Governor! VOTE BLUE EVERYTHING!

  • Beth Van
    Beth Van Month ago +7

    💙Vote Abrams!💙
    Counting on you, GA!

  • dnate697
    dnate697 Month ago +1

    Oh, I love you Nicolle:)

  • Dick Balls
    Dick Balls Month ago +1

    Stacey Abrams talking about hypocrisy regarding elections is incredibly rich.

  • T J
    T J Month ago

    I like this Abrams character. She pioneered "stop the steal". Also, she made millions of dollars from running for office. If that doesn't convince you, she was in Star Trek.

  • jeff vaughn
    jeff vaughn Month ago

    Yeah and Kemp wants to say "we gave the poorest Georgian's cards blah blah" well im here to tell you, that you can't really use them anywhere because of the way they handed them out and the restrictions they put on them..

  • Kiffany Cody
    Kiffany Cody Month ago

    Let's go Stacey!

  • Dean white
    Dean white Month ago

    Go Stacy!! Vote BLUE 💙💙

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago

    "Our" basic reproductive freedoms is not on the line. You do not have a constitutional right to end a life through abortion. Basic, is using protection, waiting until marriage, and so forth!

  • RE Cole
    RE Cole Month ago

    Love Stacy 💕

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago

    I agree with virtually everything Stacey Abrams says, but I don’t think it’s true that no other Georgia state officials ever committed treason. There was the little matter of the Confederacy and the Civil War.

  • Cognitive Dissonance: Christianity and Political Choices

    I certainly want Stacey Abrams to win this seat. However, I’m not certain that folks are committed enough to vote for Stacey who will work to make life better for Georgians. Many voters are personality driven and not policy driven. Hence, the choice of personality is what will determine their claim to what they believe.

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago +23

    I also feel that the hypocrisy between Kemp and Walker is unconscionable. And I think that people who throw their support behind These Guys should be ashamed of themselves. No one and I mean no one has the right to tell any woman what she can or can't do with her body when it comes to Reproductive Rights. The female body is very unique this is why when a woman gets sick and has certain female issues they always advise her to go to see a gynecologist. The entire idea that someone can put a woman's health in jeopardy for whatever reason when it comes to a fetus that she's carrying is also unconscionable!!

    RAC RAC Month ago +22

    I like to listen to people like her.. they help me calm down before bed.. restoresome of my hopes..and trust that always some folks are prepared..self disciplined
    ..called/assigned and committed
    for such a time as this ..and in trying times past.

    • RAC RAC
      RAC RAC Month ago

      @Jake Lloyd 👈something wrong here

    • SUSAN Francis
      SUSAN Francis Month ago

      @Jake Lloyd
      You’re unable to get a woman to date you, hua?
      Nothing to say, except
      How boring

    • Jake Lloyd
      Jake Lloyd Month ago

      There's nothing like the soothing clap of lard-filled a**-cheeks to put anyone into a coma for the night.

  • Ernesto Xavier
    Ernesto Xavier Month ago +1

    Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.
    Frederick Douglass

  • Sheila Plowman
    Sheila Plowman Month ago +1

    Thanks Stacey 💖
    Vote 💙

  • Eddie Gardner
    Eddie Gardner Month ago +2

    Stacey Abrams for governor; Rev Warnock for Senator!