• Published on May 20, 2018
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Comments • 549

  • DetectiveSharkpjms
    DetectiveSharkpjms Month ago

    You missed all the barrels btw well not every

  • RickyPro
    RickyPro 5 months ago +1

    At 5:30 I was like ‘JOSH THE BARREL!!!’

  • eyeball sam
    eyeball sam 6 months ago

    Josh i love your vids and the sidemens vids also sidemen clothing .com

  • Dhruvil Patel
    Dhruvil Patel 6 months ago +1

    Josh: We need barrels!
    Also Josh: Ignores barrel

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 6 months ago

    Is this game only on PC

  • Decster 21
    Decster 21 7 months ago

    At the start he’s like we gotta get the barrels and he let so many go it actually triggers me

  • s_ xm
    s_ xm 7 months ago

    This sounds stupid but thus game gives me anxiety because I have a really bad fear of the ocean

  • Dragon_ Nite
    Dragon_ Nite 7 months ago

    This is great entertainment m8, especially when you got attacked by the shark

  • Sanelisiwe Mdlalose
    Sanelisiwe Mdlalose 8 months ago

    In the crate you get stuff

  • Irfanmokh official
    Irfanmokh official 8 months ago


  • Squirtle HD
    Squirtle HD 9 months ago +1

    This game is so cool! I hadn't heard of it before but I absolutely love it now and am thinking of buying it, unless it's a free download but I'm not to sure! So thanks Josh! 😊 Also I love this series and your House Flipper series, I love that game to.

  • george leyland
    george leyland 10 months ago

    50:50 the barell!!

  • Güero De la Rosa
    Güero De la Rosa Year ago +1

    I enjoy this didn't think i would

  • Conner Clark
    Conner Clark Year ago +1

    if josh doesn't rope it on the first try he just says fuck it and it aggravates me..

  • john lloyd
    john lloyd Year ago +1

    Your video is so nice I love you😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Gumball zero
    Gumball zero Year ago

    how to download

  • J&E Freestyle
    J&E Freestyle Year ago

    By the way there is nets

  • Wil Harrison
    Wil Harrison Year ago

    Do you need a good pc to run this game

  • Whoman
    Whoman Year ago +1

    good video

  • Benedict
    Benedict Year ago +1

    The crate is like the barrel u break it to get the stuff inside

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme Year ago +1

    14:20 gets dehydrated starts drinking salt water #notsmart

  • xAerooo
    xAerooo Year ago

    This has literally turned from the good old raft to that stranded island game where you start on a life round boat

  • Jadyn Rojas
    Jadyn Rojas Year ago

    what are the minimum requirements to play this without lag

  • Armando pdx
    Armando pdx Year ago

    we love you mate keep up the good job

  • Allice YT
    Allice YT Year ago

    Get a grill to cook your food

  • pell0463 pell0463

    you are so dum you surrunded by water not A SHARK

  • Alanne karoline
    Alanne karoline Year ago

    BR aki mermao

  • Burneri
    Burneri Year ago

    how can he suck this much given that he has played this before...

  • Emma Harris
    Emma Harris Year ago +1

    You do know that you could get a spear in the beginning instead of the paddle you made me rage so hard!!!!! 😡

  • Dorota Eckardt
    Dorota Eckardt Year ago +1

    In the beginning it just hurt me to watch you play

  • blancomega
    blancomega Year ago +1

    55:00 can someone translate please?

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Year ago

    Love ur vids man keep it up

  • Gio Williams
    Gio Williams Year ago

    I was legit so hungry when he got hungry, so I could feel the stomach grumbling in my own stomach it was nutty

  • Oussama EB
    Oussama EB Year ago

    nice Bro

  • MrExtragamer
    MrExtragamer Year ago

    Music in this game is nice

  • Enes Zngn
    Enes Zngn Year ago +1

    Very good video

  • thomas payne
    thomas payne Year ago

    Dude saw long vid and quick uploads straight subscribe

  • Taylor Lopez
    Taylor Lopez Year ago

    I was waiting for Josh to start singing " maybe there's a shark in the water" song!!!

  • Bradley Lewis
    Bradley Lewis Year ago

    How could you not see the barrels floating close by when you was in your crafting inventory, like for the first 15 mins. Ain't watched it all yet to see if you still do it

  • Joshua Nattrass
    Joshua Nattrass Year ago

    I Love This Series! Thanks Josh!

  • coltino99
    coltino99 Year ago +1

    no nets to catch stuff?

  • ThatOneBounced
    ThatOneBounced Year ago

    mighty zerkaa providing us with lovely gameplay

  • qT Highs
    qT Highs Year ago

    Does anyone realise that one of the plastic objects is a container/Milk carten. Why would you even scrap it cus can't you use it for drinking it would be more easier than crafting a cup. (Sadly the devs didn't realise that).

  • SeanUU
    SeanUU Year ago

    45:30 josh is a fucking muppet for a solid minute and a half

  • Alfie
    Alfie Year ago

    I'd love to play this game in VR.

  • Jevin111
    Jevin111 Year ago

    Is it me or did Josh not hear the music?

  • Skyy Anderson
    Skyy Anderson Year ago +4

    I've never been so frustrated watching someone play something LOL I was like yelling at my screen telling you to do stuff LOL once you get the hang of it it's so much fun.

    • Snowman 666999
      Snowman 666999 Year ago

      I didn't know if I should've laughed or cried when he ate the raw fish and started drinking seawater

  • Rachel A.
    Rachel A. Year ago

    When a shark bites your raft:
    Everybody: "HOLY SHIT WTF!"
    Josh: "Do you mind?"

  • sam perry
    sam perry Year ago

    Get Simon in plez

  • Tay aka MC AF
    Tay aka MC AF Year ago

    I'm glad to see you're back in this great game, Josh.

  • Ben La
    Ben La Year ago

    You are the best you tuber I have been watching you for 3 years you are the best out of the sidemen

  • Eddy McSandbag
    Eddy McSandbag Year ago

    My friend and I bought the game after seeing you play it and so far its real fun

  • Emilio Greenwood
    Emilio Greenwood Year ago

    can you make a spear drive it away

  • Jgally_18
    Jgally_18 Year ago

    He really acts like such an idiot. Its just a matter of looking and using common sense

  • The Panda Slap
    The Panda Slap Year ago

    Watching you play this is like watching a baby trying to figure out how a spaceship works 💀🤬🤬🤬

  • Ian Turvey
    Ian Turvey Year ago +1

    Try fortnite fucking basted

  • CJ cas
    CJ cas Year ago

    lol i subscribed to your channel cuz u play this before your main channel ia the only one i subed to

  • Midgyy
    Midgyy Year ago

    How come I never get a notification on these sorts of videos so I’m always 2 days late

  • T Roundito
    T Roundito Year ago

    Great for when your on a come down at 4am.

  • Ted Power
    Ted Power Year ago

    Watching this whole video is torture